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Former Assemblywoman Audie Bock Yells at Maribel Heredia to "Get out of Here!” During Her Outgoing HUSD Speech

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | Audie Bock, the brazen former Green Party assemblywoman, yelled fiercely at outgoing Hayward school board member, Maribel Heredia last Wednesday during her final speech as a board member with a roaring “Get out of here Heredia!”

Bock was seen sitting in the back physically upset over Heredia's speech. Heredia spent nearly half her speech praising President Barack Obama's re-election over Mitt Romney and the Republicans and how it marked a new future for America that's witnessing a dramatic increase in the minority population. Heredia considered this new future to be representative of the Hayward school district. Bock, whose now a Republican, was seen getting up from her chair muttering loudly, “This is garbage,” before she briefly left the room, stopped for a moment, and then opened up the chamber doors to shout at Heredia. Heredia stumbled for a moment over her words before resuming her speech.

The thundering call for Heredia to leave was a final arrant reminder of Heredia's suffering political career that's been under fire since engaging in a salacious affair with fellow board member Jesus Armas. Both board members received plaques upon their departure from the board despite the controversy that plagued the final months of their time on the school board.

A few other members of the audience, frustrated over Armas and Heredia’s affair, were seen leaving the chamber as well whispering to me that they would return after Heredia and Armas were gone.

Last Wednesday was Heredia and Armas's last day as board members of the Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) and were given an opportunity to give a final speech. Both were recently exposed by this publication for engaging in a secret affair, a potential HUSD by-law and Sunshine law violation. Neither ran for re-election shortly after the story was posted in July. Both were replaced by John Taylor and Annette Walker. Luis Reynoso won re-election as well, a common critic of both Armas and Heredia.

“Heredia is a disgrace to this community!” Bock told The Citizen, “They are no longer board members! They shouldn’t even be allowed to give a speech.” Although Armas and Heredia were stepping down after not running for re-election this season, their replacements had not taken the oath of office yet. Bock apologized for her outburst during public comments.

Bock disclosed that she had supported Heredia for her run for school board in 2008 even donating funds to her campaign. Since then Bock says Heredia has maintained no communication with her despite her support. Another candidate that Bock supported though was board member Luis Reynoso who even swore him in for re-election on Wednesday night as requested by Reynoso.

Bock's outburst isn't out of character for the former assemblywoman. She's been known for stirring up the hornet’s nest in Hayward. Bock was recently elected to the Fairview Fire Protection District (FFPD) Board of Directors to the dismay of the President of the board, Catherine Ortiz-Carden, who told The Citizen that she was warned about Bock’s bellicose attitude.

Bock was upset that she had not been immediately inaugurated because of a vacancy notice posted in September when Mike Preston left the FFPD board, but was temporarily filled by Mike Miraglia. The vacancy notice said that the appointee would serve until November 6, Election Day, but could continue to discharge his or her duties until a successor was qualified. Although Bock’s election results were certified by November 21 the board traditionally swears in its new members on the first Friday of December but Bock entered the board’s work session meeting on November 26 with fury, swearing that the board was not in compliance with its vacancy notice and that she should had been sworn into office that night. The board’s legal counsel, Mary Hernandez, told the board that they did not have to swear in Bock until December 7.

Bock is an interesting character that made headlines in 1998 when she won a seat in the Assembly as the first ever elected Green Party member. Bock said shortly after her election the Green party “drove her out” of the party and the “Democrats turned on her,” when they pitted Wilma Chan, now a member of the Alameda Board of Supervisors, against her and defeated her in 2000. Bock drew some criticism at the time from the Green Party for taking funds from Chevron and Tosco. Bock then sought the Governor’s seat as a Democrat in 2003 during the Gray Davis recall only gaining a little over 3,000 votes.

Bock has made quite a transition over the years switching from the Green Party, to the Democrats and now the Republican Party. She was even endorsed by the struggling, largely unimportant, Alameda Republican Party for her run for FFPD. When she stormed the FFPD work session last month a few members of the Alameda Republican Party were in tow.

Following her lost for re-election for Assembly Bock became more disillusioned with the Democratic Party and eventually made the switch to Republican. But Bock wouldn’t dive into much more detail what encouraged such an ideological shift from the Green Party, commonly considered far left, to the Republicans other than disgruntlement because the Democrats did not support her re-election.

Bock has been window shopping for a political seat in Hayward for years now. She even ran for Hayward Parks and Recreation in 2008 and Hayward School Board in 2010. The relatively unknown FFPD isn’t Assembly but it’s the only elected seat in recent years that Bock had managed to wiggle her way into and bringing with her trademark tongue lashing rhetoric.


I am so glad that people like Audie Bock speak what the weak leadership of the Hayward area should have been doing.

The call for resignation for Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia should have happened from mayor Sweeney and the city council, specially from latino "leaders" of Zermeno and Salinas. Shame that the so called non-white population that Heredia is applauding in Hayward is not the most honorable.

My hat to Bock for reminding the community of how crooked these people really are, and they continued to sit on the board after all of their dishonorable conduct.

Bock is an idiot! Who "transitions" from Green to Dem to GOP?? Somebody without any convictions. Is her next step the Nazi party??

to 11:02 I was at the meeting at the FFPD and president Ortiz sounded very strange complaining about stalkers. I think FFFP needs a thorough cleansing and finally we might get one. No more secret meetings. Go Audie Go.

11:02 the diff is Audie has balls and Sweeney, Zermeno, and Salinas have none.

Actually Heredia was praising the democratic party win over the republicans. But, nothing Heredia said nothing about her adultery not even "I Am sorry community of HUSD for being so adulterous".
Good ridens Armas and Heredia. Lisa Bruner you are next.

That's is correct. Story was revised slightly to clarify this point.

Audie is a good example of the best of the Green Party. Unfortunately, after you talk to her a while you realize that she is not Green but a Brown Shirt looking for the rise of the National Socialism in America. This is sad.

6:18 your facts are way off. Bock is anything but a socialist as I have heard her in her campaign often enough. If anything she is more of an ultra-capitalist.

I am at a loss why Lisa Bruner and the HUSD gave Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia a plaque for good service. Are they serious? What am I missing?
Lisa Bruner needs to be recalled NOW.

Some of us could not stand the hypocrisy and had to leave the board meeting until Armas and Heredia left the dais. So long, Armas. Farewell, Heredia. Now leave town!

Lisa Dummer has to be recalled soon people. Damage.

Heard this morning at Sabinos in SL, that a newly elect School Board member, was late for her very first meeting and was a phone in,(on a lousy connection),for a second meeting, although this was a training meeting for new / incoming board members still her track record of not make meetings is already in place. Hopefully the Salinas trip is more important because ...????

I just saw the meeting online. Mrs. Brunner nominated herself for president and no one seconded her motion. She begged for a second. That was horrible for her. I would join the recall campaign.

Lisa Bruner must GO. No more stupid people.

Lisa Brunner your time is up. Go to school and get an education prior to sitting on any more school boards.

Slight correction. Audie Bock ran for both the HARD board and the HUSD board in the same year, 2010. Just shows how badly she wanted to hold some public office, ANY office, again. Good luck FFPD.

Bock is a certified nutcase. Reynoso is a worthless representative of our children. He just spouts nonsense and adds nothing towards a solution.

Finally read the meeting minutes. My gosh did Heredia go on and on about stuff that had nothing to do with the board...So far I like the new board president.

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