Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stark Makes The Case For Re-Election One Month Too Late

CONGRESS | Mark this under things Rep. Pete Stark’s campaign should have said before Election Day last month:

In a wonderfully sentimental Op-Ed piece for Roll Call, Stark’s long-time Chief of Staff Debbie Curtis laid down the case for her bosses re-election, albeit, nearly a full month after he was narrowly defeated by Congressman-elect Eric Swalwell.

From helping institute COBRA to enacting the “Stark laws” limiting physicians from viewing patients as profit centers to the Affordable Health Care Act’s passage two years ago, there is quite a bit of meat on Stark’s four decades in Congress. Too bad voters were never reminded of these facts.

The piece is similar to Stark’s concession statement where his accomplishments over the years were clearly presented. However, it was a day or two too late, it seems. An appreciation written by Stark’s teenage son, Fish, also did a better job of telling voters about what they are about to miss—a true progressive in Washington.

There is one particular reference in this farewell that bears noting. It involves the constant drumbeat made by Swalwell portraying Stark as a foreigner to his own district. In fact, the often repeated line was easily the biggest lie told by any candidate in the entire East Bay, yet there was never any push-back on the issue by Stark's campaign. Curtis lays out the truth here:
Unlike many lawmakers who have forsaken public town meetings, Stark has never shied away from hearing from his constituents. He has hosted monthly public meetings over his entire career. He even refused to cancel them during the infamous August 2009 health care overhaul debates — believing that people deserved to be heard, even if the forum would be unpleasant.

I was at nearly every one of those town hall meetings, including a few in late 2009 that many lawmakers chickened out rather than face angry constituents. Some were full of Stark’s self-deprecating humor, others with vicious invective being spewed by Tea Pary adherents. Yet, when Swalwell kept repeating the lies of Stark being a stranger in his own district, in the absence of a correction, even I wondered if those town halls were a figment of my own imagination.


  1. Eric told the truth and is being maligned because it is his turn to shine in the sun. The old man belongs to the past. Whatever he did that might have been laudable is history. He now needs to go HOME to Maryland and sit on his rocker.

    We'll see how long Debbie stays with him from this point on.

    A new day is at hand, including a friend for Israel. Stark gets the prize for never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity when it comes to standing head and shoulders with the only democracy in that part of the world.

    So long, Pete. Don't look back, because we've already forgotten you!

  2. When is Corbet going to start her campaign?

  3. Good riddence you old senile nut. Yeah he represented the dumb portagee's of San Leandro and Hayward real well. No wonder Tavares loves the creep.

  4. Look, Stark was either out this year, or in 2014.

    Some folks want to believe if he had only gotten "his story" out, he would have held office until turning 100.

    No, the reason his story was never told is because the candidate was no longer sharp and focused enough to see his own campaign picture. Failed to see the shifting sands. Failed to pay close attention to the new half of the district.
    A classic case of where a a candidate's own blindness and inability to change caused his downfall.

    For a dozen reasons, it was time for Pete to retire. I see they are tearing down Warren Hall at CSUEB.
    That building went up right about the time Pete took office. Now it is set for demolition.
    Warren Hall, Pete Stark, they have to be removed before they collapse. Neither is still sound.

  5. 7:52...are you a complete fucking moron? you sound like every other hawkish asshole that wants to start WW3 in the mideast.

    and leave Eric alone?... hahahhaa. awww...so he catches lightning in a bottle and expects to get a free ride? I don't think so.

    1. I want to know what Eric's address was during the campaign

    2. I want to know why Eric is now doing the full disclosure dance on the spring break video he did. Uh, hello?....anyone else think a douchebag from Dublin that goes down to Mexico and tries to replicate the "Girls of Spring Break" shenanigans deserves to have been elected?

    3. Oh, where is the Ex Mrs. Swalwell? Back in Minnesota?

    4. Family values? Anyone know where the "other" Swalwell brother is?

    Swalwell folks, you guys are in for a BIG surprise soon :)