Monday, January 28, 2013

After Poor Results In 25th Assembly Delegate Elections, Wieckowski Asks For Re-Vote, Risks Alienating Minorities

ASSEMBLY 25 | Winners of the 25th Assembly District delegates election say Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski’s office is attempting to overturn the results, which critics say will disenfranchise many of the Fremont and Santa Clara County minority groups whose opposing slate of candidates successfully won 9 of the 12 seats two weeks ago.

At issue is at least 40 non-Democrats and decline to state voters who may have been among the over 400 votes cast Jan. 12 when party faithful chose all-important delegates to the next two Democratic Party convention. Candidates often run on slates under the direction of party leaders. They also underscore the importance for some forward-thinking elected officials, like Wieckowski, who have an eye on procuring crucial party endorsements for future runs for higher office. Most believe Wieckowski will run for the state Senate in 2014 after four years representing the Fremont area in the Assembly.

However, Wieckowski’s slate of candidates was nearly swept away this month--a serious, but not fatal blow to his reputation. Now critics are labeling an attempt to overturn the results led by his firebrand Chief of Staff Trisha Tahmasbi as sour grapes. Wieckowski’s office filed a complaint with the party’s Compliance Review Commission on Jan. 18 seeking to overturn the election and allow for a re-vote. The deadline to submit testimony and evidence is Tuesday, Jan. 29.

In the complaint, signed by Wieckowski and Alameda County Democratic Party chair Robin Torrello, among others, it claims chatter Jan. 12 among attendees that some without the party’s affiliation had already voted. This led a group to sample the credentials of ballots already cast. The letter alleges over 40 non-democrats registered a vote, a clear violation of party bylaws.

Some of the winners, however, say the Tahmasbi’s allegations are hypocritical since most of non-Democrats were brought in by Wieckowski’s office and actually voted for the assemblyman’s slate of candidates. “After we won, the assemblymember's chief of staff did not like the results and retroactively called for voter registration to be checked,” the group of winners said in an email to party officials. “This is rank hypocrisy because many of the illegitimate voters were ones that voted for the assemblymember's slate.”

The group was also upset when Tahmasbi allegedly erupted in anger the same day and threatened to alert the state Attorney General to prosecute ineligible voters for perjury. They also believe she should be censured for her alleged actions. “Many of the Asian American voters who have heard about this are dismayed, frightened and intimidated. They are concerned about the impact to their reputations when they feel they are innocent and have been maligned for no fault of their own.”

On Monday, Tahmasbi said the allegations are “completely ridiculous and contradictory.” “Why would we encourage non-democrats to turnout for a democratic delegate election, and then threaten to pass their names along to the Attorney General's office for voter fraud?” said Tahmasbi. “One can easily see the absurdity in those dueling accusations. We had nothing to do with either.” She also believes none of the non-democrats who may have voted did so maliciously, but were misinformed about the rules.

One winning delegate, who chose not to be identified, said the convener of the election was alerted the Friday before about rumors the Wieckowski slate might bring non-democrats to the vote. The convener downplayed their concerns, they said, but upon arriving at the hall, some were surprised to also see members of Wieckowski’s staff facilitating the election process. “We have been cheated by the assemblymember and stabbed in the back by his chief of staff,” said the delegate of the district’s large Asian American constituency.

Several sources say they believe Tahmasbi’s actions are unwittingly undercutting her boss’s reputation in south county and Santa Clara County even as many of the non-Wieckowski delegate winners are among some of his strongest supporters. Tahmasbi’s arm-twisting has caused tension in the Fremont area as recently as last September when some supporters of Fremont Councilwoman Anu Natarajan, then running for mayor against the fellow Councilman Bill Harrison, blamed Tahmasbi for their candidate losing the party’s endorsement.


  1. Word in the town is - Trisha is capable of doing this if it is important for her political future. This has happened in the past but looks like she went a little too far this time in sheer desperation and frustration.

  2. I love Trish, she is the best.

  3. Trisha Tahmasbi is causing more damage to her boss than his voting record. He tolerates her evil tactics. In the private sector there would be a revolt. The Human Resources department in the Assembly should monitor staff. They need to place them under corrective action when they unwittingly undercut their boss's reputation.

  4. For someone that finished a distant third in her run, despite having the Dem Party and Labor support, at City Council a few years ago, Trisha thinks she has a bright political future. If she keeps up her heavy handness, she'll never be elected to anything.

  5. we can see a tint of anti-south-asian sentiments from Bob's team.. He wants them to write checks but does not want them to get power unless they bow to him..like in feudalistic society..He also believes in divide and rule British principles..He intentionaliy splits the community and creates fights...he is very determintal for the DNC party !!

  6. As someone who voted at the ADEM, I am uncomfortable with so many non-Dems voting in this election. If I can recall, a group of large men were screaming at Tahmasbi. Also, it was Chris Stampolis who brought forth the motion to report the non-Dems to law enforcement, not Tahmasbi.

    It's unfortunate that the race card is being played here. If you are NOT a Dem, you were NOT allowed to vote.

  7. Also, Bob's slate inluded Filippinos, Chinese-Americans, Indo-Americans, and an African-American. The other opposing slate was almost made up of one ethnicity. So I don't know why the race card is being used against Wieckowski.

  8. As Chief of Staff to the Assemblyman his 2014 election should be her top priority. Supportive delegates is the first step, that's poly-sci 101. She failed, badly.

    I did not attend this delegate election but have participated in previous delegate elections. If I remember correctly, when checking in your name was checked against voter registration records to ensure eligibility, then you received a ballot. How could non-democratic voters receive a ballot?

    Asking the state party for a re-do is an announcement that the Assemblyman can't manage his own district. A major embarrassment and a clear, strong message of weakness that has now been broadcast to his 2014 opponents.

    Are we sure she has her bosses best interests in mind? That's certainly not the message I'm getting.

  9. Untrue. The other side included Muslim American, Indian American, African American and a Caucasian woman. Seems pretty diverse to me. Unless you don't recognize diversity which is possible since you are either a Trisha cohort or a staffer.

  10. 9:33, to answer your question. Apparently the Party wanted to move the line faster so they encouraged NOT to check every single voter.

    It would have been fair if every voter was checked. That way you could have prevented messes like this.

  11. 933 apparently you haven't participated in previous delegate elections.
    The California Democratic Party rules specifically state that not everyone should be required to go through a registration check. Obviously, there were organizers there that took advantage of that fact, and ushered in dozens of ineligible voters.
    Asking the party for a re-do is a signal that the election may have been compromised and needs to be re-held. Other than the slate that was swept in due to bending the rules, you'll be hard pressed to find many others that don't support a re-election.

  12. Who the hell gives a rat's shit about any of this?

    Life will go on. I promise you!

  13. Trisha is a loose cannon in the district and in the Capitol - Wieckowski should let her go before she alienates all his support. She should have worried about the votes before the election by organizing a slate and the votes to win. Complaining and asking for a re-do is childish and unrealistic.

  14. What ever happens, please, don't ever ask to see the ID's of those that vote in these party meetings.
    NO, NO, you need to just trust everyone.

    After all, that is the party position when it comes to showing ID at the ballot box in June and November.
    Trust everyone, NO ID ever. Because getting a ID is anti-something, and many Democrats can't afford to obtain a official ID.

    Remember, Trust, Don't Verify...

    Thus the results of these district counts should be accepted. Otherwise you are going against official party philosophy for all types of elections.

    Remember, Trust, Don't Verify.

  15. No one says IDs must be shown. But you can bet from this point on, every delegate election will require every participant to pass through a registration station to look up their name/address, and verify registration.
    Trust, but verify.
    Democratic delegates must be elected by democrats. People were outraged that evening, by the fact that trust was violated and integrity of election was compromised.

  16. 9.33
    20th AD and Cupertino,Saratoga AD elections checked each voters registration. If the party rules didnt allow then why did they do checking for everyone and cause long lines. I guess the party can bend rules when they see fit.

    You may want to check on the green dots that were handed out to her voters that breezed through without paying. How much was collected that day. $'s may come up short.

    I like your democratic values, fairness but where have you been when Democrat after Democrat been screwed by Trisha becasue she did not like the direction the wind was blowing. Now she wants to run Ong's campaign against Quirk. Tri-sha Tahmsbi needs to go..I hear Siberia is looking for a chief of staff for the Governor of one of their provinces......

  17. Marcus L :
    "A group of large men screaming at her". Very interesting. Can you tell some more on this. What we heard was that she starting accusing the winners for getting the non-democrats and blaming them for the losing of the candidates and they just responded to her. I thought that there were issues in the last elections in 2011 also, but they were never challenged since she was able to get her people elected.

  18. Looks like there are more media inquiries are coming in from NBC, Argus, CNN, KGO, NPR, Mercury News, Chronicle.
    Public is interested in this and wants to know what is going on.
    I wish i was there and would have provided my insight, but from the article and the comments it appears that someone is crying over spilled milk. We vote for and give money to our assembly member in the hope that he will be supporting the people of his district but doesnot look like that is happening or is being presented by her chief of the staff. BTW isn't the chief of the staff supposed to be in Sacramento, and the District Rep is supposed to be the one working in the district. Who is the district Rep for Bob? i have never heard or seen him in this district working to get to know the different communities in this AD and pass their needs to the Assemblymember. Or is that the responsibility of Trisha also? Wish we start recording all the elections from here on so that the recordings are available in case of any such challenges so that i can see what happened next time and decide whom not to vote for.

  19. How about I show up at the meeting where the vote is taking place for the 25th district.

    I say I am Joe Blank from Fremont and I give you a address so you can check my name and party affiliation. Of course I am Bill from Oakland and just came down for this meeting to vote for a certain slate.

    Sounds like there would be NO checking up on me to see who I am or what my real residence is.
    But folks above, say NO ID's can be looked at.
    Their only "Trust and Verify" is to look up the voter rolls. The same rolls I can choose any old name from since less than a tenth of one percent of voters will show up at this meeting.

    How about if I say I am Bill O'Flannigan and yet I appear to all, to be fully Chinese. Do you still look at the voter roll and accept me as Bill O'Flannigan? Never even daring to ask for my ID?

    What a silly system. This District election process deserves to be in the mess it is.
    All because you can't break the party rule and actually ask for a silly ID... Just like you'd be asked for at nearly every other place in the world of business or governement.
    I seem to remember needing my ID just to get my library card.

    This current messy dispute is well deserved by ALL parties involved.

  20. The party provides guidelines, suggestions and recommendations and doesnot provide laws that cannot be changed based on the circumstances.
    Looks like the party trusts everyone but the same people when get elected stop trusting everyone. Yet to see a govt. office missing the security scan.
    The party behaves differently in different ADs ? Don't think so, it is the Convenor who should be taking the responsibility of ensuring fair elections and interpreting the party rules appropriately - whether he decides to verify everyone or not.

  21. The foundation of the Democratic values are based on trust and respect. This is why we do not want to check ID's.
    It appears both these values were blatantly violated by Trisha . I understand she has been doing this clinically for past couple of years to avenge her political defeat(maybe even her mentors) by targeting few folks . I heard she has prepared her exit strategy and will assist ONG. If that happens I will never support ONG or any candidate she works for..as that will reflect the character..
    My sincere request is that she is TOXIC for any party or group . She should be made an example as to how we respect our opponents and work with every community in a productive manner after elections are done.. We need to avoid her at any cost or it would be a fair assumption that folks working with her maybe supporting her unethical and negative strategy for their own means.

  22. 11:50,
    I just remember folks yelling while the Convener tried to restore sanity in the post-election discussion.

    All I'm saying is that if it is found that too many voters who were not eligible to vote voted, then that might have tainted the validity of the election. Can we not agree on this?

  23. Politics is like the tv show survivor. You must outwit, outplay and outlast your opponents. Looks like Ms. Tahmasbi was outwitted and outplayed at the delegate election. Now it's just a matter of outlasting her, shouldn't be long now.

  24. 2:11
    If something fishy was going on and a spot check was initiated the election should have been stopped when she noticed a significant of independents voted. It was allowed to continue and no one complained till minutes before the results were announced. Maybe she was unclear how the results would turn out.
    Normally most would agree with the notion of a tainted election but not when the accuser and her cronies are masters of deception and have a history of rogue.No one cried and agreed when she ran interference in every single election in which a minority was involved.

  25. January 29, 2013 at 1:52 PM
    " The foundation of the Democratic values are based on trust and respect. This is why we do not want to check ID's."

    Oh pleez. ID's are not requested because they have become bound up in some politically correct notion. Including these absurd claims that poor folks can't get ID's, even though they need them for just about everything else in daily life.

    I ask again. I show up at the election. You've never seen me before. I am Chinese with a distinct accent and I declare my name to be Patrick O'Farrel. I suppose you just stand there and say thank you for voting Patrick?
    Or reverse it...I'm Irish with a thick accent and I declare myself to be Bharat Dhananjay and you simply say thank you Bharat, here is your ballot.

  26. Anonymous 3:12, I'm looking forward to your claim that ACORN and the Black Panthers stole the election for Obama again.

    In the real world, there are indeed many, many millions of U.S. citizens who do not have ID's. This well-done, frequently cited study from 2006 estimated that approximately 11%, more than 21 million Americans, did not have photo ID:


    You are very wrong when you claim that "poor folks..need (ID's) for just about everything else in daily life." It is likely that, in whole, the poor, elderly and minorities, the Americans who are most likely to have no government ID, do fewer things that often cause workers to ask for ID's than people in other demographics. But yes, tons of Americans get by without a government-issued ID, and no, you do not need an ID to get a library card, board a plane, or vote.

    It's funny, people who wish to deny people without ID's the right to vote are often the same people who feel that government is too intrusive and has too much power. Hey, when you're trying to deny citizens a basic right, cognitive dissonance is a small price to pay.

  27. 4:00 PM , Perfect example of political correctness at work.

    A person suggests that the party might do well to use a common sense method of determining who is appropriately voting in the 25th District and YOU suddenly suggest they are claiming that ACORN and the Panthers were stealing the election for Obama.

    You are a classic memorized politically correct type. Look, its not me who is stiring up the trouble with the disputed vote in this situation.
    I'm just so sick and tired of your type branding anyone with a different opinion as some right wing hack. You probably were among those saying all the crap about Swalwell, while seeing Pete as our only viable savior. We know the type, having lived so long in the PC box, you can no longer see reasonable and rational solutions outside of that closed box.

    Apparently you haven't gotten a library card lately either.
    Just called Oakland, San Leandro, and Hayward libraries.
    ALL require a California drivers license or a California ID card.

    Seems you haven't flown much either. Give a call to the airport or any of the airlines.
    Ask them if they want to see your ID when flying.

    Seriously, you really do seem to live in a box.

    Now, back to your rants, associating anyone you disagree with as a Tea Party type, probably a gun toting type, who is of course also against all things progressive.
    Sounds so much like the talking points we heard if anyone suggested possibly supporting Swalwell againsts the chosen prince.

    Hopefully according to your desires, when the much needed comprehensive immigration bill is passed, you will work hard to make sure that during enforcement, that no one will ever be asked for ID's by employers.
    I'm sure you'd agree with that provision in your version of a bill.


  28. It would be very interesting to know what happened in the endorsement of Fremont council member Anu Natrajan, as mentioned in the article. Were there any ir-regularities there also? Was it not challenged since Trisha got what she wanted?
    So is it the new norm now that make sure that you control the elections and all the proceedings so that you are aware what is going on and when the results are not in your favor, challenge the elections. Easy for a person who is running the show since they would know all the ir-regularities that happen.
    Looks like the winning delegate mentioned in the article had fore warned that there might be some issues in the elections and the convener, under the control of Trisha, chose not to do anything. And now the winners have to pay the price of the failure of the convener, Trisha and other staffers of Bob who were controlling the elections.
    This is power politics, where the person with power and muscle trying to get the things turned their way or atleast try to do that.
    Wonder why am i paying taxes, if my money is being used to hire useless people like Trisha who donot know what community engagement, involvement, motivation and mobilization means.
    Very poor judgement on the part of Bob Wieckowski to select her and have her run the show.

  29. Marcus L:
    You remember people yelling but you donot remember why they were yelling - very interesting.
    Ever hear of "action and reaction" theory.
    If their response was a "reaction", then the action must have been something nasty from Trisha, which she is very well capable of.

    If their yelling was the "action" then they must be her own team members who were yelling at her for not getting them what she promised on any cost - a delegate position.

    Very surprising that you are not mentioning about Trisha's reaction, since she is very vocal about her threats and feelings. Looks like she became saintly on that day, highly unlikely.

  30. The delegates who won were all Indo-Americans lead by Yogi CHugh, Romesh Japra, and Dharminder Dewan. They created a power play to get the delegates and secure them for Ro Khanna when he runs in 2014 for Congress against Mike Hond.
    Yogi Chugh, Romesh Japra, Dharminder Dewan, and most of the delegates who won belong to a group called Federation of Indian Association: http://www.fiaonline.org/
    FIA has made the news several times as they have broken off in various groups. THey are a very divisive group. They claim to bring people together, but they usually intend to divide people and hurt others. See link here to one story (many more available): http://sepiamutiny.com/blog/2005/06/06/a_house_divided/
    This same group controls the Fremont Hindu Temple:
    SInce then, they are now trying to control the democratic clubs and local political organizations. The founders are former republicans but they switched parties and founded the Indo-American Democratic Club.
    Now, they are trying to take over the delegate elections and the local democratic party in South county. We are all for community empowerment, but we are not for bullies or gang tactics or cheating the system to get what you want. I think WIeckowski and his team are doing the right thing and trying to correct what has been done wrong.
    These thugs need to learn to work with everyone. We don't want gangs running our elections.

  31. Despite all the complaining a wrangling we're seeing here and previously in the November election, isn't it wonderful we're finally having some real competition in our elections.

    First Swalwell and Stark, and now potentially Khanna and Honda.

    Only a few years ago none of this would ever have happened. It seems its still taking some time for insiders to get used to actually having competition.

    Hard to forget that ALL the incumbents and the state party leadership campaigned against both fair redistricting and "top two". That said tons about their true intent to hold fair elections.

    Now elections hold some real meaning.

  32. 6:38pm.
    I think I heard some of these names before. I dont know them but I recall receiving a fund raiser invitation for Assembly Member BOb with their names listed on it. I didnt go because I could not afford the $500 - $1000 they were asking everyone to contribute to Bob's campaign. They are nuts wasting their own and the communties money. I guess their money is good money but who cares if they are a gang. Lets take it and run. No problem.

    Also, isnt Ramesh Jopra, a CDP delegate appointed by Bob Weikowski. I think he is one of the 4-5 slots that he gets to appoint. Bob mentioned that on the day of the election when he spoke.

    I also saw some pictures from this week at some event these guys did in Newark and they received a certificate or some award from Assembly man Bob and Senator Corbett. I think I saw a few pictures on facebook. Why did they give them an award if they are a gang.

    Maybe they didnt take permission from his Chief Staff Trisha and her goons.

  33. Anonymous 6:38 PM:
    You make me laugh. You must be one of the disgruntled Wieckowski staffers who belongs to the trisha gang and is a puppet in her hand but you need to get some facts right. Let me present them for you
    (1) In his speech on the day of the elections, Jan 12th, Bob very proudly claimed Romesh Japra to be one of the delegates that he appointed and mentioned that he was very proud of the work that he has been doing in the community.
    (2) Bob wieckowski and trisha have been time and again requesting them to hold fundraisers for him and asking for money and support every year, including in 2012 elections
    (3) Bob wieckowski was present in the “Celebration of Democracy” event organized by FIA just two days back on Jan 27th where he gave a resolution to them from State of California acknowledging and commending the work that they have been doing not just in their community but for the betterment for the city of Fremont. You might want to talk to him into asking to get the resolution back and I am sure they would be more than happy to do that.
    (4) These are the same people he was hugging on stage and appreciating them for all the hard work that they do.

    Very surprising that the same people who were great leaders of the community and Bob allies are suddenly being described differently here.
    The writing is very clearly on the wall – you have to be a puppet of Trisha Tahmasbi to be respected, otherwise your image will be tainted overnight. And I am sure that you are one of those otherwise you wouldnot have tried to tarnish the image of the Assemblymember in indicating that he believes in behaving differently with same people under different circumstances.. Would love for you to negate anyone of the points that I mentioned above and go look at the pictures of the event on the 27th where he was proudly displaying his resolution on stage and commending the organization and its leaders.

  34. Very well said -- Hats of to you for the facts !!

    Now the case is very clear about Trisha & her gangs motive behind the slandering of Indo-AMerican community leaders !! Hence, her reaction. Btw they also happen to be very professionally accomplished as doctors, engineers, scientists, owners of jack in the boxes, restaurants, real estate and run businesses worth few million dollars. So I guess these well accomplished professionals must be aware of the rules of engagement.

    These leaders have been working for the Fremont community for last 25 years day-in-day-out sacrificing their family time to build such great institutions for our children to cherish their heritage and culture.

    Now the ball is in Bob's court to see for himself what kind of a team he has build and how its dividing the community on ethnic lines. They have no respect for the community work and social services that are not even linked with politics. The community work done by all FIA's is a long list and invloves helping battered women, homeless, unemployed youth, culture etc.. They have been doing this kind of selfless work even before she moved to Fremont.

    btw, the Indo-American may have different organizations(different FIA's, TIE, IADF etc) but they all respect each other and belong to one big family. having different organization is not a negative but positive sign of growing involvement of the community. To slander such noble selfless efforts reflect the hollowness and immaturity and sets a very wrong precedence.

  35. 4:00, woops, sensitive much? Look, you're not a Democrat so I guess I can understand your chortling over the CDP result here, but that doesn't give you clearance to misinform people.

    They want you to have ID's at the airport, but this is from the TSA website:

    "We understand passengers occasionally arrive at the airport without an ID, due to lost items or inadvertently leaving them at home. Not having an ID, does not necessarily mean a passenger won't be allowed to fly. If passengers are willing to provide additional information, we have other means of substantiating someone's identity, like using publicly available databases." More here:


    Same for the library; they want you to have one, but if a library tried to deny a person one without ID and without working with them if they provided other evidence of their City or County residency, the person would get one if they persisted and/or rattled cages. They would get a card, or the library could get a lawsuit.

    For example, you appear to have contacted a misinformed Hayward Library staff person. From the Hayward Library website:

    "Come to the Accounts Desk at either the Main Library or Weekes Branch Library with identification that shows your current address:

    - California ID Card or driver's license; or
    - Utility bill, rent receipt, or mail that shows your correct address." Full page here:


    Almost all the restrictive Voter ID laws which Republican-controlled State Legislatures made in 2012 in order to win Romney the election (many of those Legislators said in public that defeating Obama was a reason they passed the laws) faced lawsuits; almost all those restrictive laws were modified to come into compliance with the Voting Rights Act and other laws. Amongst the successful suits were that voters were allowed to show library cards or other confirming info as alternatives. Here, Memphis successfully sued the State of Tennessee on this direct issue:


    Riddle me this: if you can't get a library card without a drivers' license or state-issued photo ID, how did the complaining citizens get their library cards?

    TEA Partier or not, it would be fine if you would make your arguments on the merits, not made-up bologna.

  36. I hate Wieckowski he is a spineless, cheating piece of crap and so is anyone that works for him. His chief of staff is one of the most racist and despicable people I have ever met.

  37. The Party's bylaws state that only registered democrats can vote in democratic delegate elections. That's the beginning, middle& end of the story. Doesn't matter who brought 'em, doesn't matter how they got there, doesn't matter who they voted for once they arrived. If non-democrats cast ballots to decide the race, there should be a reelection.
    Wieckowski isn't the only one who asked for a reelection is he? All party leaders are speaking in one voice on this. So they are all corrupt?
    And Tahmasbi is a women of color and a racist? She has single-highhandedly orchestrated the demise of dozens of candidates? That's incredible, unrealistic& an easy way to avoid taking a closer look at other factors that played a role in all of these election results. Campaigns are won& lost w communities& coalitions.

  38. Naive 11:33 pm

    A great majority of campaigns are won & lost by endorsements and money. The candidates that are able to secure these are more capable of getting their message out. The Dem Party endorsement and Labor Council endorsement in Alameda County are gold. There are very few cases where candidates can overcome the official Dem Party endorsed candidates. That's why this is such a big deal. And this is why Trisha tries to exert her influence so much.

  39. 11.33pm

    Your point is well taken. It may come down to a re-election and it may be the only way to put an end to this drama. CDP will do what is right and everyone will have to respect the decision.

    A few things for you to consider –

    Party Leaders signed the complaint. Signing on to this was an act of desperation since they want to be the ones that decide the political favorites not anyone else not a group of people they can’t control or influence a 100%.

    No one should ever shy away from a re-election. You win once you can win again. It will be a test of who can organize better.

    But here is what you are missing. Trisha knew very early in the day that the election was not going favorably for her slate. She should have stopped the election but she didn’t, why? Because she knew that the only way to overcome the embarrassment and maybe even her own job was to cast doubt and taint the election. She waited till the very end. She is manipulative knows how to structure the commentary and is a political operative. Her survival depends on Bob staying in office. She did what she needed to. Its politics and I understand that. The question is at what cost?

    Regarding Trisha orchestrating the demise of dozens of candidates. Thats a stretch. Maybe 4-5 at the most.

  40. I had the pleasure of serving with Bob W. on the Central Committee years ago: I really and highly doubt that Bob or anyone affiliated with Bob would bring in non-Democrats. The fact that the allegation was thrown back at him suggests, to me, there's some there there when Bob brought this up first. So, yeah, people should re-look this thing: let's get it right not because it helps or hurts anyone but because it's the right thing to do.

  41. I had the pleasure of serving with Bob W. on the Central Committee years ago: I really and highly doubt that Bob or anyone affiliated with Bob would bring in non-Democrats. The fact that the allegation was thrown back at him suggests, to me, there's some there there when Bob brought this up first. So, yeah, people should re-look this thing: let's get it right not because it helps or hurts anyone but because it's the right thing to do.

  42. 9:49 PM "woops, sensitive much? Look, you're not a Democrat so I guess I can understand your chortling over the CDP result here,"

    I'm tired of this crap. Every time a person says something that you preceive as not being in line with the official Alameda County Party talking points, you declare them to NOT be a Democrat.

    You are part of the same narrow minded cadre of insiders who said that anyone who didn't support Pete Stark, chosing Swalwell instead, were really Republicans or Tea Party members.
    Well my friend, you got your ass kicked in November when many Democrats did NOT vote for Pete Stark and instead elected another Democrat.

    I've been a registered Democrat for over 40 years and ONLY now do we get a real choice that isn't fully controlled by the narrow interests that have been running Alameda County politics for decades.
    The same narrow minded types like yourself who gave us Nadia Lockyer, Mary Hayashi, and who kept a declining old man, Pete Stark, when he could no longer ever appear in public without multiple gaffes.
    Even then you told us that REAL Democrats` must vote for him. Well, we didn't and its about time you woke up to the new reality.
    We want choices. If Khanna runs against the Honda, great!

    You can take your "proper Democratic thinking" and shove it.
    We no longer have to vote in your "politically correct" officially designated manner.

    Regarding the ID's at the airport.

    They want you to have ID's at the airport, but this is from the TSA website:

    "We understand passengers occasionally arrive at the airport without an ID, due to lost items or inadvertently leaving them at home. Not having an ID, does not necessarily mean a passenger won't be allowed to fly. If passengers are willing to provide additional information, we have other means of substantiating someone's identity, like using publicly available databases."

    So in the meeting and voting for the 25th district, for those very very very few who don't have a driver's license or CA ID, you could easily use those other mentioned means to ascertain if they were who they said they were.

    But for you, the offically acceptable "politically correct" view is to never ask for ID's..

    Tell me, when the new comprehensive immigration bill is passed, exactly how are employers going to determine if a worker is legal and employable?

    I suppose you would oppose any use of a ID.
    Beter check around first, to see what the official Democratic party leadeship says is the proper policy NOW. Wouldn't want you to say anything that wasn't official policy..

    Perhaps you can check with Pete Stark, as he has more time on his hands these days.

    Expect more turmoil as a huge number of long time Democrats and Declines to State voters finally break free of the Democratic Party Insider monopoly that has been in place for decades.
    WE have zero respect for the way you have been running the party for years.
    We have zero loyalty to your gang(s) and we have absolutely no need for your politically correct talking points.
    We don't like or respect Assembly Speaker Perez nor Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.
    We don't feel the need to vote for Bill Lockyer's wife just because he puts the pressure on the Central Committees to endorse his wife.
    We're tired of all that crap.

    And yes, we are Democrats. Get used to the real diversity of the party.

  43. 843 am glad we're starting to take the rhetoric down. which 4 or 5 candidates are you talking about. Do they, themselves, have anything to do with their own poor showings at the polls? Any other reason why they may not have secured the party and labor? Ever stop to think it may be about the quality of the candidate?

  44. Re-election - absolutely makes sense. But my only concern is that will reward the people who didnot follow the party procedure, rules and guidelines and failed miserably in conducting a fair elections. Could have stopped it anytime, but deliberately chose not to. The mastermind of this chaos - Trisha can tell why.
    I have been voting for so many years in these delegate elections but a few of the firsts that i saw.
    "Green round sticker" on your dress qualifies for you to skip the registration check and no questions asked.
    The volunteers handing the ballot said to me "$5 is a suggested donation and it is ok if you donot give it". In the past we had to give it or had to sign some kind of form. Nothing happened here.
    Surprisingly the winning delegate had informed the convenor that this chaos might happen and it did happen, but the convenor was unprepared and appeared to be shocked or surprised.
    And inspite of this, they won so to me it seems that the elections results are not diluted much since the team which was not regulating deliberately, lost. Or was it a pre-determined plan to challenge the elections in case the team lost. As far as my memory goes, i donot remember ever that an Assembly member lost the delegates in his AD with such high margin. So this looks like a way to avoid embarrassment.
    I will come and vote again if the re-elections but i donot think that i will vote for any of Bob's slate this time since now i have doubts over the integrity and honesty of his machinery.
    All these years we thought that it was standard for the assembly member to have his staff run the elections, but now i think that it no longer keeps the elections neutral since he endorses a set of candidates, some of who are his staff members also. An unfair advantage for his staff, but who cares, that is what happens in local politics - you control you win.

  45. The whole thing is b.s. In the real world this counts for nothing and NOBODY cares.

  46. 11:19--

    The problem is that Trisha Tahmasbi, a sociopath has been the 1 deciding what constitutes a quality candidate and then imposing her BS beliefs on the cronies her machine has worked to elect (I'm talking to you, Vinnie Bacon; You won because it was your third time running, so why do you feel like owe the party anything? Ann Crosbie; who is a descent person otherwise but got her appointment to the ohlone college board by some arm twisting by corrupt Robin Torello and Trisha, Bill Harrison; the former Republican we were told was the "progressive" candidate even after voting on opposite sides of Bob Weiskowski throughout contentious votes, Jan g Hill; who was recruited to the ohlone college board against a son of our community Ishan Shah who just wanted to serve, etc). The candidates that won did have their own meritts, as did the candidates who lost, but I sure do not want a SOCIOPATH deciding who gets the democrat party endorsement. She has introduced a gutter politics mentality and must be called out. Steve: I encourage you to look at the candidates I stated and their accent to their positions and you will find a SOCIOPATh control freak who is obsessed with power behind them all

  47. Anon 10:25 am,

    If you're a Democrat, I have no idea why. The position you seem to take on regular election Voter ID is opposed by the Democratic Party platform. That's because, if State-issued ID were imposed as a requirement of voting in regular elections, a substantial portion of the public would be improperly disenfranchised. Going back to the Brennan report, potentially around 11% nationwide. My man, that's not "very very very few". And if you think you're going to lead some conservaDem revolution and get that part of the platform ripped down, you and your WE are welcome to try.

    You seem to hate almost every major elected in the Party and the local leadership of the Party. I have no idea what your problem is now with the Legislative leaders. Your criticism of them is substance-free.

    You're waving Stark's scalp around, acting like the revolution led by your WE is just around the corner. Meanwhile, almost all other regional Party-endorsed candidates, many of whose guts you also hate, were victorious, and the Democrats have supermajorities +2 in each house of the Legislature. Yes, you've diagnosed real problems with the popularity of the CDP among the voters.

    Your posts are bothersome because it's always so PERSONAL for you. Your complaints are about your bitter views of certain leaders, not the governance they help execute, about which you appear to have few useful opinions at all. But I guess I can understand you feeling butthurt today, since you were dead wrong on your airport and library claims and seem to be willing to talk around those mistakes of yours all day.

  48. 11:19AM
    Names are not that important. You know who they are.
    People ran interference, spread partially correct information, played by suspect party rules, spread lies and manipulated others to believe in bogus talking points. They knew that the candidates would be in a situation in which it would be difficult to recover from. Perception is a dangerous thing and it appears to work well in a county where destroying a political opponent has become a sport.

    It's not the candidates qualifications that I am concerned about when making my point. At least in the case of one candidate some had decided 2 years ago to punish for not playing ball. One has to admit it was done very well. You hurt the candidate where it would make the biggest impact. Effective but a dumb poltical move. It alienated many and probably put in motion a toxic situation which has the potential to erupt if unchecked.

    The election may have had the same outcome that some originally wanted but since some had their finger prints all over and they will blame them. It will be difficult for them to absolve themselves no matter how they justify it.

    Karma is a bitch. It bites back when you least expect it. Seems like the 25th AD Election fiasco is one of the outcomes of that toxic situation. No one wins, many get hurt and life goes on.

  49. Bob Wieckowski is one of the most honorable men I know and a halfway decent thespian. He will be a better choice for state senate in 2014 than Mary Hayashi by far. Trisha was a breath of fresh air as an Ohlone College trustee, and is a dedicated worker committed to voter rights. She is fiercely loyal, and although she may at times allow a little too much of the Persian Pitbull aspect of her personality to show through, accusing her of racism against her fellow South Asians is ludicrous.

  50. Bob, you are a very decent man but I am sorry to tell you that you have lost control of this situation. Where is your leadership. Isn't it your expectation that your COS have the skills to make your constituents one big happy family? Shouldn't that person be a uniter and not a divider? Did we have such problems under Dutra and Torrico? Their COS's were wonderful folks.

    Accountability is the key. Why is your COS so very deeply involved. She is not a elected person. You are and as your constituent, it is my expectation that you and only you interact with us. You need to fire your COS right away. If not, it is very likely that we will fire you. Suggest that you entertain this thought first before you entertain the idea of running for Senate.

    Thank you

  51. Great commnents, Chinmoy. Bob should also know that Trisha's reputation in Sacramento is no better. Bob may be conflict adverse, but time to lead.

  52. Trisha Tahmasbi is a great person. She fights hard for values she believes in and is a good Democrat. You always know where she stands, unlike the Yogi Chugh's and Anu's of the world who try to be in everyone's camp. Bob is also a great leader worthy of being our next senator. This is a classic example of interference run by Yogi Chugh and company - the most divisive person in Alameda county. Then he says he's being blamed - that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

  53. Anon 7:09 Thanks. As I indicated and I am sure you will agree that Bob is a very decent person and is extremely well liked. But I agree with you that he is also conflict averse. However, in his position it needs more from him and that is decision making in the interest of peace and progress. And with his COS this has been a very "consistent" pattern of behavior. It was very good of Bob to have given her a second chance after here scandalous actions during her run for the Council. But then comes a time when we need to put all that behind us and move on.

    I am waiting to see Bob defuse this situation skillfully

  54. oh if you people only knew just how bad this situation really was.

  55. There are no angels in all of this. There is no "good" and "bad" because frankly life isn't that easy. There is a mini war going on between Quirk/Corbett vs Bob/Trisha and a lot of people are getting played for saps and frankly I resent it. It's time for the 4 of them to grow up, stop the games and get to the business of representing the people of their districts. There will be plenty of time for them to kill each other in the next election.

  56. Anon 9:10 Very well said. It is also time that if these folks do not show some leadership and quit working like they are on some High School Committee, then it is time to eject them and elect in their place real folks with proven record of service to this country like Garret Yee and others. What non sense is this.

    And then we have all these folks, who do not have the guts to reveal to reveal their identity and indulge in these petty issues!!! Figures how our politics has degenerated. looks like the Democrats have become too complacent and it is time to bring some Republicans into this mix to save our cities and local politics.

  57. whomever posted that Bob is at war with quirk and Corbett obviously has no idea what they're talking about. The 3 of them have been running concurrent and coordinated campaigns for quite some time now. Equally ridiculous is the notion that Tricia is working for Ong. Where do people come up with this stuff?

  58. Anony 10:12
    Trisha was over heard in AD20 elections saying that she will be running the campaign for Ong in 2014. Is this another statement far away from truth and just pressure tactics or is this true?

  59. 8:46 "You seem to hate almost every major elected in the Party and the local leadership of the Party."

    I believe I mentioned Speaker Perez and Senate President Pro Tem Steinberg in particular. Yes I dislike both of them. Their attempt to shove things down our throats, telling us who would be best for us locally achieved new heights when only months ago they told us that Mary Hayashi was doing a fine job for her constituents and the we should follow their advice elect her to be our supervisor.

    Perez--- "Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, said Friday that he's confident Hayashi will "continue to ably serve her constituents." (after her arrest and conviction)

    Steinberg--- "Mary brings experience, values and leadership to Alameda County. Mary's work on behalf of women's health, children's mental health and affordable health insurance for working families has earned your vote for County Supervisor."

    Oh yeah, I love the Democratic Party leadership, who don't give a rats ass about what they try to shove down our throats.

    As to the ID card issue, I have zero problem with a longer term funded program to provide any poor person with a state issued ID. The problem with the ID issue in the 2012 election cycle was that Republicans wanted to enact the requirement in the short term.
    With a funded outreach there is no reason why every person should not have much needed ID. The opposition to it is as misguided and partisan as was requiring it in a immediate basis for the past election. The problem with it was in the timing, not in the overall idea. As usual it was played up by both sides...leaving a common sense solution off the table.

    However I dispute your saying it is not required by the library or TSA. IF you attempt to pass either of those without a ID, they then require more intense proof of who you are and where you live. Go ask the library and TSA. Try to get by either of those without a ID and you will be subjected to much more questioning.

    The same kind of questioning that everyone failed to use in the 25th district election. That failure that led to the squable seen above.
    In that situation, a person Republican from Palm Springs, or Redding, could walk into the meeting and vote for the 25 Dist. Heck, they could come from Alabama, or even from Australia or Zimbabwe.
    No one could question or demand proof of anything.
    How absurd is that. But NO, you fall back on the HOLY SCRIPTURE of never asking for a ID. How stupid and backward. Only makes sense when measured against "politically correct dogma".

    But what is most bothersome about your posts is that you just assume that all Democrats much fall in line, and walk the official talking points of the party. Follow the likes of Perez, Steinberg, Hayashi, Lockyer, and Stark.
    No, we don't have to think like them.
    If we see something stinking to high heaven, we don't have to sit by and observe the party rules or official position.

    We were told by party leaders to vote out the new redistricting and told to NOT even have a independent redistricting commission. The State party leader, John Burton went all over the state, hand in hand with the Republican Party leader and campaigned against the new reapportionment commission.
    Then he did the same thing again OPPOSING the "top two" system that is now in place.
    No doubt you opposed both those measures aimed at opening up the election process.

    Only because of those two measures did we have a fair election in the 15th CD. Only because of those measures might we have competitive election in CD17 in 2014.

    Decline to State voter are the fastest growing group.
    IN CD 17, 32% of the voters are Decline to State. Those folks along with a good chunk of disatisfied Democrats are more than happy to oppose the party robots who parrot everthing the leaderships sends on down.
    For too long they held a vise-grip on politics.

  60. Anon 1:33 am:
    "Trisha was a breath of fresh air as an Ohlone College trustee" - interesting. Just wonder why she never ran for the position after her term as an "appointee" was over. And BTW all of us know how the appointments are done.
    She ran for city council in 2008 and came a dismal 4th . Wonder why she never ran for an elected position again. Is it because she is good at Power Politics and bullying around to get her mission accomplished, knowing very well that people might succumb to her pressure tactics but not support her in general elections..
    Bob you need to show some leadership and start getting this district together since under your leadership the district has been diluted, divided and bullied by your COS.

  61. The tail is not wagging the dog. Both Alberto and Robert clearly controlled their offices and had the final word in both policy and tactics.

    AS 12:02 said, Trisha would have been better off running for reelection. People were trying to talk her out of the race, it would have been easy for her to cut a deal in 2008 to get appointed to the last 2 years of Bob's council seat if he were elected to the assembly in 2010. She ran for council to give Bob a 3rd vote, so he could have a policy impact in 09 and 10. Loyalty. Often counterproductive.

  62. @10:12 - I am not claiming to speak with any authority. But it would seem like a pretty counter-intuitive move for her to jump off her current gravy train to go work for someone she just spent the last year trying to defeat.

    However, I can speak with first-hand authority regarding her tactics and her overall character as a human being.

    That being said, I wouldn't put anything past her.

  63. 12:01 pm,

    I'll start out by addressing your first point: what Perez and Steinberg do in leading our Legislative Caucuses and Statewide campaigns is approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000 times more important than their endorsements in a County Supervisor election. The local Dem Party leadership turned away from Hayashi in that campaign, and she was trounced. But you're still angry, and the Perez/Steinberg testimonials become more important than all the other things they've done. OK...

    There are many problems with Voter ID laws. The first one is that there is almost literally zero documented cases of voter fraud at the election polls. The recent laws seeked to address a problem that does not exist in reality, and caused a much greater problem: a citizen would have been denied their right to vote if they did not have state-issued photo ID. At this moment, it's likely that would be around 10% of elegible voters. Even if that were reduced to your "very very very few", would it be constitutionally acceptable or morally right to deny even ONE eligible citizen the right to vote if they had not gained that ID? That is simply a core Democratic Party value.

    The most likely to currently lack ID are among the least powerful: the poverty-stricken, elderly and minorities. This is particularly important to supporters of the Democratic Party, since our platform supports programs which attempt to defend those groups from malnutrition and promote their ability to have lives of dignity.

    It becomes clear when hearing from those who support these voter ID laws think there's something shady/wrong/lazy about people who don't have ID. Talk about living in a box! There are millions of Americans who, through infirmity, financial circumstance or other causes, do not drive. They have no need to test and pay for a drivers' license if they don't need it. It is important to remember that it has been ruled unconstitutional to make people pay for the right to vote. So, these laws proposed to make financially strapped State and County governments finance not only the electoral process, but also a brand new program of requiring around 20 million Americans to gain and keep an ID they might only need every other year. This, in response to a problem which does not meaningfully exist in the real world of elections overseen by Registrars of Voters. In the States who made and executed their laws least faithfully to the franchise, they were trying to make citizens pay for their ID, which is clearly illegal.

    It's extremely important to get that discussion out of the way, because the consent of the governed, an irreplaceable part of the way the United States works, is directly threatened when the right to vote becomes impossible for some citizens to exercise. The right to vote must not be contracted; it should be expanded. Methods to do so are in the current CDP platform, on Page 16 of the document:


    Does this AD 25 experience invite further discussion and possible improvement of the security of these elections? Absolutely yes. Does that mean that ID is the only answer? No.

    I would be sincerely interested in your answer to these questions:

    Are there any parts of the Political Reform section of the current CDP Platform with which you disagree?

    As a Democrat, how do you feel about the fact that every State which attempted in 2012 to take away the right to vote from select Americans were Republican-controlled in the Legislature and Governor's office? What does that communicate to us about the legitimacy of those laws?

  64. Personally, I give no credibility to comments posted by "Anonymous." If someone has something of substance to post, he should have the confidence in his opinion to back it up with his name.

  65. Yeah, folks, listen to Teresa K. Francis.


  66. Really??? That is obviously not me. Like I said, if you have something of substance, you should feel confident enough to sign your name to it. I am a fremont citizen in the 25th District who has never been arrested.

  67. Yeah? and you should include all your connections so that the average reader knows where your opinions come.

    Teresa K. Francis
    "Certified Law Student at Law Office of Robert Wieckowski"

    So apparently you are employed by or connected to Robert Wieckowski.

    Personally I feel people speak more honestly when they do so anonynmously.
    Otherwise they feel pressured to fall in line.
    A huge "group-think" is at work in local politics.

  68. Haha, it's no surprise that the only people who can come to her defense are either her own employees (who apparently have nothing better do-- yay for scoring a gov't job!), or Wieclowski's employees, or folks who previously had a prickly relationship with her and are looking to get back on good terms with her by bragging about doing this (Don't do it! It's a trap! She really always hated your guts!). What's that saying about blood relatives and paid staff?

  69. Actually I have my law degree and am no longer a law student. I do work for Bob in his law office that practices bankruptcy law. I do not nor have I ever worked for Bob in any political manner but do support him politically. I did not come to Trisha's defense or state any other opinion than to say if you are going to make negative comments about someone maybe you should back it up with your name. If it makes you feel better to slam me for posting my opinion about anonymous comments, feel free to do so. I am not politically "involved" other than to support Bob by volunteering if and when I can and to be interested in what goes on in my district. I am a hard working wife, mother of seven kids, five who attend Kennedy High School in Fremont. I am not privy to many of the political comings and goings in Fremont or 25th Assembly District. 99% of my conversations with Bob are regarding our clients from the law office. I do however teach my children, or try to, that if you have something to do then have the confidence to put your name on it which is what I did here. I have not defended nor insulted anyone here.

  70. I understand and appreciate your position Teresa. However, it is worth noting that politics, much like organized crime, can be a dangerous business if you "speak your mind" too freely and openly.

    There are lot's of folks who are very nice and personable in their private lives, but when it comes to politics (their profession) they can be petty, childish, threatening, and vindictive.

    I think it's safe to say that outing ones self might not always be the most prudent course of action if you are an elected official, candidate, or campaign staffer; as opposed to the average citizen voicing their opinion. Retribution can come swiftly and forcefully if you aren't careful.

    There may also be a lot of folks who really like and care about Bob, just as you do. They care enough that they feel as if his reputation (and the well-being of the 25th) may be compromised by the actions of his COS.

    The big question that only Bob himself can answer is whether or not he condones and encourages this behavior while pretending to be clueless about the situation, or if he simply lacks the backbone to stand up to one of his own employees.

    Either way, when your own party begins to cannibalize itself because of the divisive tactics coming forth from your representatives and then begin to question not only your character, but also your ethics, it's never a good sign.

    To your earlier point though: yes, there are lots of private citizens out there who have their own anonymous axes to grind; some perhaps not based in any reality except that in their own minds. They just want to stir the pot to see what floats to the top.

  71. Teresa : I guess that you must be against the "witness protection". You also must be proposing to start publishing the names of the people after the november elections in terms or who voted for whom.
    If not, then you must respect the opinion of individuals whether there is a name associated with it or not. When you are reciprocating a vindictive persons actions who has a history and has nothing else to do, being anonymous is better to go.
    Why do we want to associate a name or face with a feedback? The feedback should be considered on its merit.
    Being an outsider to politics, reading the above chain of comments, didnot get a very good feeling about bob and Trisha. And considering Bob is now trying to get another tax increase (measure B1), wonder why we voted him in the first place. He needs to cleanup his district first before he starts to venture into anything else.

  72. Teresa K. Francis says: February 1, 2013 at 4:17 PM \ "If it makes you feel better to slam me for posting my opinion about anonymous comments, feel free to do so."

    Perhaps you'd better go back and read my 1:10 PM post. If you consider that as a "slam" then I really don't know what to say.

    I would only say this. If everyone here was required to post their full name, then the conversation here would dry up rather quickly.
    The other problem that you may not have even thought about is that there is NO way to prevent anyone who wants to from posting as anyone.

    I can make a post saying I am Teresa K. Francis and I think crack cocaine should be legalized along with teenage prostitution.
    Then what are you going to do about that post.

    Ask former San Leandro mayor Tony Santos about people posting here under his name.

    So, its not so easy as you seem to think.

    Now, you really don't want crack cocaine legalized, do you?

  73. tony santos here, ya'll!

    By MW:

    Na, really just me, in the guise of Steve Cassady pretending to be Nate Miley and really Coke-head Lockyer on my way back to making a comeback.

    Too wild, even for me!

  74. At 7:18 pm Tony Santos was busy investigating why Afghan Care moved from Fremont to Hayward while sponsoring the Union City sister cities project, so that was definitely not him posting. And Nadia would have spelled Cassidy's name right. Its another conspiracy.

    Rodney Bloch

  75. Anyone else notice how Steve failed to offer a balanced story here? He's got about 9 paragraphs from a few upset Indo-Americans that are trying to help Ro Khanna and settle their own past losses, and he's got one sentence from another source. He didn't try to call the convener of the meeting, he didn't try to call other witnesses, he didn't call Party leaders, apparently he never even called the Assemblyman for a comment! Just a never-ending-one-sided-story from a handful of residents hell bent on igniting racial tension in hopes of creating a wonderful diversion. I for one applaud him, and those from the Indian community that were able to coax him into printing such an entertaining account!
    So people here should reveal their affilitations, while others should be left to anonymous tactics?
    Yes, yes they should!
    Chinmoy Roy is a former employee from the Anu Natarajan Campaign, and a talented operative for Ro Khanna (and apparently Garrett Yee?). But kudos to him for being the only one who has the balls on this site to make unfounded accusations under his real name! We thank you Chinmoy!
    And those who didn't want to reveal their names for fear of retribution, not to worry! It's obvious to even the most untrained eye that the other posters on here that are posting multiple times under the anonymous hat are also operatives for Ro Khanna. We truly thank you for your commitment to vindictive, repeat, negative, unfounded low blows. It's almost as if you've employed the very tactics you claim to despise! Keep up the good work!
    Wieckowski is easily reachable. Has anyone tried to talk with him about these appauling, earth-shattering concerns? Has anyone pointed out the vulgar and unnacceptable fact to him that the Democratic Party continues to support winning candidates? Or have they been blinded by his attempts to usher in legislation that helps the poor, our students, working families, and our public employees?
    Say it ain't so.
    Shame on you if you have let the progressive record of a hard working legislator overshadow the bruised ego of a few disgruntled losing candidates!
    We must ban together to settle their petty scores!
    (And their continued failed attempts at one-upmanship)!
    If this is just a taste of what our future could hold, count me in! Ro Khanna for Congress 2014!!!

  76. Anony 10:36 :
    You must be Bob and Trisha's staffer who believes in villian worship. You post as anonymous and complain about others doing that. Very amusing. Bob and trisha were shit scared after losing elections for their political future and went running to file the complaint. Did Bob ask anyone for their comments? Why would he, since his COS must have shared her plan with him and thats the reason he had his staffers run the show.
    Convenor was Trisha's chick and failed miserably in conducting a fair elections since he danced on Trisha's flute.
    Trisha putting her fellow paid staffers on the ballot - what kind of democracy were they planting with puppets? Racist like you and Trisha should be barred from this AD which is a mix of ethnicity and continue to be divided by the backward thinking, low lying, hideous people like you.
    "Disgruntled losing candidates" - True for Trisha and Bob. Who went running to file a complaint retroactively? Who was sleeping while doing validations and letting their own people thru? Who didnot have the guts to defend his decision to file the complaint denying a voice to Asian American community? Assembly member feeling threatened in his district - probably the first time it ever happened. thats why he was poking his nose in Bill's constituency but lost that too. And you call him forward thinking, LOL. Or is "Trisha the loser" up to something in this district? Bob ditched Asian American Community, Bob ditched Bill Quirk, Bob striking deals with Eric hence ditched Elan Corbett. Who's next?
    AD25 - Democracy at its worst courtesy Bob and Trisha.

  77. Anon 10:36 pm You don't sound right to give me kudos for revealing myself while you continue to hide your identity. It shows how confused your thinking is. Where did you pick up this non sense that I am a former employee of Anu Natarajan's campaign. Are you even aware of my political relationship with Bill Harrison and why I sat out the Mayoral campaign? When you make such asinine remarks, it leads me to believe that you do not even know who I am. You are also too young to remember that I advocated strongly for Larry Sweeney. Do you even know who he is. It is folks like Larry who continue to silently serve the community and has stopped caring for the support of his party, the Democratic party. Do you know that during Steve Cho's recent campaign for Mayor, two of his campaign co-chairs are leading Democrats? Please do not spout non-sense here without knowing the facts. You sound like a political upstart due to some patronages.

    With regards to Bob, he is not that street smart as his predecessors, Dutra and Torrico were. He selected a controversial person as his COS who is under a cloud for having used questionable practices during a run for public office. The actions of his COS may be subject to scrutiny by Sacramento. It is not wise to mix a salaried position such as that of COS who is paid with taxpayers' money while that person conducts a political campaign from that position. Politicians are wise to keep those two separate. His continued support of the activities of his COS seriously puts into doubt his credentials for running for CA Senate.

    And who is Ro Khanna? Why do you think I should be knowing him? Have you seen me in any of Ro's events? How does he figure in this discussion about Bob and the activities of his COS.

    As I said, you know diddly squat about me and quit giving me kudos for doing something that you don't even practice. Instead of spending your time posting here, your time would be better spent watching the swirl of your toilet bowl.

  78. Anon 4:45 pm Feb 1

    I agree with what you say. And that is what the sad state of affairs is about the politics of Fremont today. Hint: What was the name of this US Senator who stood in the well of the Senate and addressed his President as "Mr. President, what did you know and when did you know it." which party was he from and which party was the President from.

    We don't have that in our politics in this country today. And it is unfortunate that the low level of politics has permeated in our city today and we Democrats stand by and not only cheer the clowns but some of us even join in.

  79. Wieckowski needs to drop all his ties with Torrico and become his own person. Not only is Trisha a toxic staffer inherited from torrico, but Wieckowski is the agent of service for Raquel's kids - the non-profit that Torrico started with his wife Raquel.

    Problem being Raquel's Kids business license has been suspended for failure to file tax returns to the FTB OR failed to file the required statement of information to the Secretary of State. Why? Torrico raised more than $30K from AT&T, insurance companies and wineries - but there is no official accounting of where the money went. Worst of all, Wieckowski is registered as the official agent for the non-profit!

    Rumors have it that the money was spent on items not part of the non-profits mission. Maybe Wieckowski can answer that question?

  80. That's a pretty serious charge to make based on rumors. Do you think Assemblyman Wieckowski is going to answer any questions from this blog? Why don't you call his office and ask him your questions regarding this issue, and then report back to us?

  81. On losing Bob can file a complaint to express his pain and agony over his losing control.
    How do we apply for a refund for the money that we contribute towards Bob's campaign since he has failed miserably in his job in this district? I can use that money for the tax hikes that Bob is proposing.

  82. Anon 9:39 This is non sense and rubbish talk. Torrico is past and so is Dutra. Let us not drag them into this.

    At issue is how competent is Bob in representing us and fulfilling his duties in representing us. His judgement is very questionable for having made a mistake of choosing his COS who was and continues to be mired in controversy and under a cloud. And then Bob proceeds to make a second mistake by continuing to keep his COS on the job. The COS is someone who should be the one mollifying his constituents. But the reverse is the case.

    His judgement on the choice of his COS also has an "appearance of impropriety" when his COS is drawing a salary at taxpayers' expense while at the same time indulging in political activities such as campaigning for Bob.

    And lastly his judgement is in question because as the EBCitizen report says, he is asking for a re election, not a recount!!!! Where is his sense of judgement. Was he asleep at the wheels when the election was held. What was he doing in the planning meetings. Was he awake, was he absent, what was he doing. As alleged by him, how did these people who were ineligible to vote manage to infiltrate the wall of rules and regulations for the vote?

    How can you speak to a person who has not demonstrated that he is reasonable and upto the job. And Chinmoy wonders why people are not revealing their names. Chinmoy is not aware that if people reveal their names, their personal safety may be compromised. Yes indeed, it has come to that with the Democratic party politics here.

  83. 1146am does it matter how the ineligible voters were able to infiltrate? why do you and khanna representatives continue to insist that a process that was potentially undermined should be allowed to stand with no questions asked? simply because khanna loyalists were elected? given his intent to run for congress and represent what is right, he should have been leading the charge to investigate the final results. instead he is among those who make pathetic excuses for possible invalid results, because it suits him. what else will he be willing to bend the rules on? what else will he be willing to look the other way on?
    the democratic party will make the final decisions, not anyone affiliated with the slates.

  84. I am getting tired of reading the same BS and accusations. Could everyone move along?

    Bottom line: love or hate her Trisha is very helpful to Bob W and has helped him focus on his policy issues and become more business friendly. Bob had a large number of Bills passed and he has become more successful. There is no doubt that this due to Trisha T's work. The only reason Trisha needs to intervene is because Bob does not want to get involved in politics.
    I like Trisha and I admire her hard work. She works 24/7 to make Bob successful. The reason all of you are hating on her is because of her success.
    Move on...let's wait for the results of the investigation and reconvene this discussion.

  85. 12:23pm

    If you are getting tired of the same BS and accusations stop coming here and reading these posts.

    No one has an issue with Bob and his policies. Some may. It is a new district and som epolicies may be at odds with the sentiment of the new district.

    The politics - sickening. Maybe he should get involved rather than let Trisha run his political game. Makes him look weak. The blames falls on him even if TT runs the political game. In the real world the buck always stops at the boss's desk.

    Define success. Your definition of success may be at odds with many in Bobs district. If you call gutter politics, politics of intimidation - succces, then God bless you.

  86. This has absolutely nothing to with her success. In any any other scenario, We would be applauding and excited to support a courageous, young, female leader who is really the power behind all the glories.

    The problem is that she's divisive, extremely paranoid, and vindictive. She has no qualms about employing "below the belt" tactics when it suits her purposes, spreading - anonymous - whisper campaigns about individuals she is displeased with at a given moment (did you hear? He's a former Republican! Run for your lives!!!), and the poor rubes believe her because she makes honest party loyalists feel that the fortress is being attacked.

    So now she's taking credit for assembly member's legislation? And somehow we're supposed to believe that her doing her job makes up for the toxic nature of our politics? Then what exactly does the assembly member do if she's the one doing everything?

  87. www.whosarrested.com/kentucky/pike-county/pikeville/pcdc/2317079-teresa-k-francis

    wow Teresa ho can someone with arrest record have any credibility.

  88. We suspect that if you didn't believe she was successful, you guys wouldn't be tripping all over yourselves to try to find a way to disparage her and the Assemblyman anonymously and behind their backs. Profiles in courage, the lot of you.
    Not that the accusations of 6 or 7 sexist, racist disgruntled posters should be discounted.
    Some of you anonymous posters seem like you have a stake in local politics or the party, but seem too chicken to deal with Wieckowski or Tahmasbi directly. Perhaps you haven't even been to a Dem Party meeting? It's shameful for people to be calling into question the elections of leaders like our own Mayor Harrison, Ohlone Jan Hill, Council Bacon, and so on. Those are all leaders that have, themselves, been involved in the Democratic Party for years and years, and continue to be integral leaders in the local Party.
    So you found yourself on the other side of the Democratic party and labor a few times in the past, and lost? I'm sure it's easier to blame one person than to evaluate why your candidacy was not able to secure these endorsements, which are decided by hundreds of delegates, union members, and activists. And I suppose it's even harder to evaluate your numbers at the polls, which is decided by thousands of people, not one local activist.
    It's understandable that you're worried so early. You were irresponsibly painting an inevitable picture, and embellishing your position. Now, the President, Dem Party, Congressional Leaders, and Labor have recently declared early endorsements in your race, against you, and the easiest thing for you to do is to play the blame game. Letting people, like 1:57pm, advise you that you can win democratic hearts and minds while attacking the party and local volunteers, well then, perhaps you'd better prepare for more disappointing news.
    But good luck to you just the same.

  89. 2:58 pm, please pay attention.
    We already arrived at the conclusion that is a different Teresa K. Francis. Nice try.

  90. 1:57 pm:
    Politics by its nature is divisive. You're on this side, or that side. We all pick candidates to support, and then do what we can so they win. All of us. Including you. At this moment you are playing in races, picking sides, and working for some, and against others. And you are engaging in your own divisive whisper campaign by posting on this thread. No hiding behind double standards. You don't have the stomach for it anymore? You can ask if Starbucks is hiring any baristas.

  91. Well, I've nearly lost track of what is said or has been said in this thread.

    Now, having said that, I do have a question for the poster 1:57 pm above.

    You write "You can ask if Starbucks is hiring any baristas."

    What exactly is that suppose to mean?
    I've read your post twice and can't figure out why that statement is inserted.

    What are you saying about people who work at Starbucks? Where about 90% of us have coffee on occasion. What are you saying about the people who serve us?
    I'm curious.

  92. "divisive, extremely paranoid, and vindictive"

    This statement can be applied to many of the posters including the king and queen of divisiveness, paranoia, and vindictiveness - Yogi Chugh& Anu Natarajan

    Isn't everyone a little paranoid in politics?

  93. When Anu was running the United Democratic campaign in 08 she was doing everything she could to help Trisha against the Chanters. What a difference 4 years makes.

  94. "Isn't everyone a little paranoid in politics?"

    Judging by this comments thread, the answer would be yes, with "everyone" including the CDP supporters and those pretending to be CDP supporters here. Look at this mess of a thread- you all really unpiled the clown car, and for no practical purpose at all other than to take anonymous, completely unverifiable shots at each other. Are these comments going to change anybody's behavior for the better, or will they merely add new resentments? The answer is obvious.

    Whatever "side" you're on here, I'd encourage you to be more thoughtful about how you proceed. I know we're all human, but that doesn't mean publicly indulging our worst instincts.

  95. Anony 10:36 on Feb 1st is Trisha Tahmasbi. You can tell by her style of writing and the fact that she points to yellow and brown people and yells "enemies". And then refers to her boss as a progressive stalwart. Crazy Bitch!!!! Stop trying to defend yourself online. The problem with online is that people let out their true natures. And your's(a crazy one) is clearly in your post. That indian guy didn't work for Anu Natarajan. The only people that worked for her was a couple white ladies and one pakistani and asian kid. And stop getting your friends to post online.

    Teresa K.Francis lets not lie. Of the times I've visited Wieckowski's office I see his little political staffers running back and forth from the law office. I once asked where they were going and they said the "Law office where we take care of 'personal business'"-Staffer that wears too much gel. Like sending out political information on their state paid time. Yeah you're not politically involving yourself. Let's not lie and let's not put you're reputation on the line for such a nasty person.

    Jesus, let me just say it Trisha Tahmasbi you will never find out who this is because there are so many people you have caused to hate you. Too many people know your political secrets. You are a sad little girl that never could find love from the people you wanted it from most and that turned it into pain and anger. You're like a dog with rabies one that won't stop. You're such and evil person that I bet your own mother would cry. If you read this understand that its never too late to change. I think you might have been a decent person at least once in your life.

  96. 9:33 am Sunday - if your claim is true about staff going to the law office to work on campaign related work during state time, then take some photographs of staff doing so and then file a complaint with the assembly rules committee. If staff did not take vacation hours to do so, it would be against the law.

    This string of comments shows how toxic the COS has become and Wieckowski should either keep her in Sacramento or fire her.

  97. I feel sorry for Ro Khanna. His campaign friends are responsible for this one-sided story and string of comments. Again no matter what you ask your sour grapes to post here you will be up against the Party& Labor. The question is to what degree will others jump on that train? From the looks of the strings above, I can guess at least one group of volunteers that you've alienated.

  98. To the earlier poster youre right, the anonymous posts seem to bring out the worst in people. many serious charges here, comments of spite.
    funny thing no one appears to have the guts,strength,maturity,or resources to say any of these to anyones face. so what do you expect to accomplish by hiding on this obscure blog? youre probably not as anonymous as you think. hope everyones had their rabies shots!

  99. More clowns, zero productivity. Great. Good thing that there's a margin of error for the Democratic Party in this AD, making all of these comments the equivalent of finger-painting by preschoolers. If this were a swing District, we could eventually lose an important Legislative District as a result of the wasted energy from all the hurt fee-fees 'round here.

    Because, here's the hilarious thing. What policy advocacies separate the Wieckowski and Khanna supporters?

    Is your answer "Almost none?" Well, then, you have a keen understanding of how pathetic this all is.

  100. 1:01pm
    Other question is what policies separate Wieckowski/Honda. None.
    But your point is taken, and most respectfully agreed with. Wasted energy, no results, and quite immature.

  101. The title of this article should have been "Hey everybody! Let's trash Bob and Trisha." The article itself sets the tone for the subsequent, nasty comments. Bob and Trisha are criticized for their actions while the other side is allowed to be quoted anonymously. We're told that Bob risks 'alienting minorities' with his slate which actually had one white male and one white female out of 12 people. Anyone who knows anything about this story knows that the group opposing Wieckowski's slate was predominantly Indo-American. That fact is conveniently left out of the article.

    Let's look at the facts. From what I've heard, which is repeated by several people on both sides, the AD 25 election was a complete clusterf**k. So, Wieckowski and party chair Robin Torello asked the State party folks to look into a possible reelection. That's it! Is this sour grapes on the part of Wieckowski? Perhaps, but that's the end of the story.

    From this, we're now told that Bob has an out of control chief of staff, that Trisha is "SOCIOPATHIC", that she's offered to run Jennifer Ong's campaign, and now we're even being told which anonymous posts are hers, etc. Someone just wrote this to her - "You're such and evil person that I bet your own mother would cry." It's true that Trisha is known for playing political hardball, but I hardly think her behavior warrants the level of cowardly, anonymous attacks seen here.

    I'll give Chinmoy props for speaking out as himself but he completely misses the point of the article. We're talking about which people to appoint as delegates to the Democratic party convention, not how to replace elected Democrats with Republicans (or with Republicans who masquerade as Democrats such as Garrett Yee). Like it or not, Democrats should be the ones deciding who their delegates are.

  102. Anonymous 12:53 all you need to know is that I'm a constituent. One that is scared of the COS. Yes that is right I am scared of the people employed by the state to address my concerns about where I live. That is not the way a relationship should be between a constituent and the people that represent them. So if you ask why I'm anonymous its because of that. So if you ask why its because the COS is a bully and I don't want to lose my lunch money. Also if you're going to make a point don't contradict yourself by posting anonymously. Has the rabies gone to your brain are you sick?

  103. aref aziz congratulations on your new position in assemlyman jim beall's office!

  104. Haven't seen him in a while, but next time I do I'll tell him you said hello, Zuhal.

  105. C'mon we all know your depth chart goes deeper than that. I think the 25th assembly employees, of the people, should take a physics lesson from their friend to the north Assemblyman Bill Quirk. He could teach them that you can't observe an atom without changing its direction. Just like when people see how petty the COS is she should try to change her attitude. But the sum of the parts is dumber than the building blocks. The basic premise here is that its not hard to smell bull shit, especially if you see the bull and a heaping pile of shit next to it. There is no question where it came from. But we're people, and I'm assuming these people haven't left their humanity behind, we can clean our shit up. If only they would clean up their shit instead of trying to manipulate more people with shit still on their hands. Politics as usual....

  106. I'm rather disgustedly all of the comments and attacks on this blog post. Shame on everyone - is this what you people have become? The Ro/Anu/Yogi people are no better than the Wieckowski people. These series of exchanges will definitely do more harm than good. Is that what everyone wants?

  107. The only Yogi that I support is a bear from a cartoon. I seldom like to (Ro)w down the Niles river. And I think we need Anu set of rules about comments. DO you see how easy it is to just throw unrelated people's names out their. Its obvious that there are people in this thread trying to shift the focus from Wieckowski and Tahmasbi to random people in Fremont. Has anyone's mother never taught them that if they have nothing nice to say they should say nothing at all.

  108. As I have said earlier, those Anonymous folks showering me with accolades for posting with my real name doesn't sound very kosher. You got to say something in which you genuinely believe and are willing to stand behind, then come out and be proud of your opinions. However, when you deliberately express a spiteful or hateful opinion and know full well that it is it is a shameless opinion, then you hide behind. I support all communities, those born and raised here and those that we have the benefit of having brought other cultures from overseas. I am not afraid of being displaced both economically or politically.

    We have nonsensical folks in our Democratic party leadership in our city as well as the county. We had County leaders actively encouraging Republicans to switch parties, seeking their donations after the switch and now when their power is challenged by these folks they behave like "political prostitutes." when this was going on, I seriously thought to myself why the County Democratic party leaders were soliciting the Republicans and what was wrong with long term Democrats like many of us.

    So I have a fundamental issue with the Democratic party leaders in the County and city. and then off course there is a "appearance of impropriety" with folks like Bob using his COS in both capacity. I know Bob personally. He is a very smart man and I would be surprised if he has not given this issue some thought while continuing to have his COS function in both the spheres, as his COS as well as his campaign chair/worker or whatever.

  109. It took Democratic Party Chair Robin Torello almost a decade of consistent badgering to get Haggerty to switch from Republican to Democrat. She should be applauded for her persistence. Big Tents and all. And there's room in the party for war hero eagle scout college board trustees as well.

  110. Chinmoy Roy - it is common practice and legal for staffers to work on political matters for their boss' benefit during non-state time. In fact, most staffers began working for their bosses during campaigns and then got hired to be staff.

    Regarding Trisha - it is evident by the number of responses to this story that she crossed a line through her actions and words that reflect badly on Wieckowski. I haven't seen this many comments since Nadia Lockyer and the Armas/Heredia articles.

    It is important for Wieckowski to address this issue himself and apologize on behalf of his staff for the actions of his COS - because rightfully or not - she has angered a large segment of people within the party and throughout the community, including elected delegates that will determine the endorsement of her boss for the 2014 election.

    You can't build coalitions and support with a staffer who continuously alienates a segment of your base.

  111. Robin duh ho whorillo had NOTHING to do with arrogant Haggerty's switch! Scotty boy looks out for himself. Period. He found it advantageous to himself.

    He's a whore unto himself who doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone other than his reflection.

  112. Is it even possible to get elected in Alameda County as a Republican???

  113. Anon, 3:36P; your comment is very interesting to me since you just proved my point as to why I have problems with the Democratic party honchos at the Country and the city.

    We just had a historic Presidential election where we had for the first time a President re elected with such a high rate of employment. Mr. O couldn't have achieved that feat if he spent his time in office to working with the Republicans and trying to make them Democrats, something you applaud Robin for doing. Instead, Mr. O, the biggest community organizer, did exactly that: organize the community and took his and the party's message out to the voters. And he is leader of the entire party. Our county leaders instead are not doing so and instead rubbing noses with Republican leaders and trying to bring them over. And that is the issue. Way off base. Now you are a free person and you are entitled to hold opinions which to some including myself sound very misguided. But people and not party leaders are the core of any democracy. Yes indeed, the Democrat party tent is very big, but also note that many of us in that tent also know why we support the ideas of the party. We don't expect our party honchos to be headed in the direction they are headed.

    Now going back to Robin, with all due respect since she is a woman who earned her way up to the position she now holds. She was the one, who two years ago personally went and welcomed Japra into the party and took his sizable donation. She needs to think hard before she signs on to the petition to the party to revisit the elections on whatever grounds she and Bob have to make that request. Knowing Dr. J very well, I know he is not the type of person that expects anything in return for what he has done. And the minimum that we are obligated to those who won the elections along with his is not even think that the people who voted for them did so fraudulently. I don't hero worship any person (Bob, Dr. J, Robin etc.) But I do care for and will stand upto the democratic process. I do not support folks who claim that the Republicans stole the elections in 2000 nor do I support the claim now that the delegates who won (our own fellow Democcrats) stole the election also. For doing so speaks of "rudderless politics."

    And Anon 3:49, it is the "appearance of impropriety" that all politicians from Obama on down observe in not mixing up their campaign staff with their operational staff. After reading your opinion, it seems to me you have your head on your shoulders and hence hold a very balanced view. I do agree that Bob needs to take charge and unite everybody instead of dividing then that his COS has very successfully managed to do.

    Anyway, enough said. Let us hope that Robin and Bob does the right thing for preserving democracy since it ultimately benefits this country and off course with it the party too

  114. "Regarding Trisha - it is evident by the number of responses to this story that she crossed a line through her actions ..."

    I wouldn't be so sure. You can hold Trisha accountable for the ONE action that is talked about in this article. All of these posts, and all of their wild accusations about Trisha, could be written by only a few people. These are likely the same people that are mad at her because they are the ones being challenged by the potential reelection.

  115. Anony 10:41:
    Trisha Loser Tahmasbi has provoked a lot of people by her callous attitude multiple times. The situation in this story was probably the tipping point with the statement - "no more".

  116. No mas! No mas!


  117. Congratulations Trisha! 117 comments about you and counting!

    Come on Bob! At the minimum keep your COS up in Sac dealing with legislative issues and capitol politics. Her involvement in the district is polarizing at best.

    If she wants to be the next Assemblymember she needs to quit and up her community profile. She already showed she needs more than just the party snd labor endorsement to be a viable candidate. Stop trying to be a king maker and instead talk to the average voter.

  118. What? Trisha running for assembly. What a joke ! If this is true then politics of this district is being flushed down the toilet. Any other democrat will be a better one than her or else look in the republican camp. She is a serious trouble to the future of the party and Bob in this AD.

  119. Looks like the shananigans of TT came to an end and the slate endorsed by Bob and masterminded by TT lost again. Same result after waste of party and tax payer money and after forcing a re-election in hope of victory for Bob's staffers and moving the location to San Jose - another indication of how much he cares of the majority of his constituency.
    Wonder how this is going to impact Bob's Senate race. Looks like he is in some serious trouble .

  120. Hey Dharminder,

    It's not a big deal. Calm down.

  121. Don't blame me. I voted for Bob in Nov. 2012 just like Trisha did.

    Bob, good job. Keep it up. I can see the CA Senate at the end of the tunnel.

  122. 11:18,

    The 20th and 28th ADs checked every single registered Democrats because every single voter's registration was challenged.

    Party Rules state that voter verification can not be done without someone challenging a voter's eligibility.

    They did this is direct response to the disaster of AD 25th's election.

    Neither Assembly District wanted to participate in "racial profiling" so all voters were challenged.

    Over 40% of those that wanted to vote were rejected due to ineligibility.

    Obviously this says something.