Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alameda County Supervisor Miley: ‘It's A Culture Of Lawlessness In Oakland’

ALAMEDA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS | As a former Oakland City Council member, resident and current Alameda County supervisor for a portion of the city, Nate Miley is worried about his crime-riddled city.

“It’s a culture of lawlessness, I think, in Oakland,” Miley said during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, “and it’s pervasive in different parts of the city.”
Sup. Nate Miley, center, with Oakland
Councilmembers Pat Kernighan,
Libby Schaaf.
Miley’s comments came on the heels of the furor by some Oakland residents over the City Council approving a police consultant contract with celebrated crime fighter William Bratton, along with a package of resolutions for additional police officers, civilian crime lab workers and the short-term use of 10 Alameda County sheriffs deputies. The latter was slated for approval on the supervisors’ agenda for Tuesday.

Miley said he offered a letter of support last week to the council’s for its move to stem the seemingly continuous flow of violent crime in Oakland. The use of sheriffs deputies is not a long-term solution, Miley said, but a prudent short-term expenditure for the city, “because there’s just too much disregard—disrespect—for property and lives in the city.”

The long-time supervisor, often prone to bellicose statements, criticized some who last week spoke in favor of very limited numbers of police officers in Oakland or for dwelling on the fact some bad apples exist at all police departments. Those who violate the public's trust should be held accountable, he said.

“That doesn’t mean sometimes we don’t have law enforcement officers because someone is acting inappropriately,” he said. “If we throw out all law enforcement there would be chaos because, I think, there are some idiots out there and evil people who will take advantage of that situation. Now, this is Nate Miley talking and you may not agree with me and I really don’t care if you agree with me or not.”

Miley also said residents in other parts of the county equate the video this week of sideshows on the Oakland portion of Interstate 880 with the strongly-held perception the city is out of control.

Later, Miley urged the city of Oakland to partner with the county’s proposed state-of-the-art crime lab at 2901 Peralta Oaks Court. Two grand jury reports have sharply criticized Oakland and Alameda County over the lack of progress in processing a large amount of backlogged cases. Miley also hinted Oakland should partner in the future with the county’s Sheriff’s Department in organizing police academies for both agencies.

“The politics in Oakland have to stop because people are dying,” said Miley. “It’s got to stop because enough is enough.”


  1. Yes the Politics in Oakland needs to stop Miley! Why don't you do us all a favor, "Retire and get the fuck out of oakland you corrupt ass!!!

  2. Even when Nate kind of makes sense he goes and makes himself sound like an asshole. Was there even anyone there arguing with him? Disagreeing or agreeing?

  3. Miley's remedy for violent crime in Oakland is for OPD to contract with the county sheriff? They same outfit that terrorized innocent protesters in the streets? Just so I understand it right.

  4. "same outfit that terrorized innocent protesters in the streets?"

    This is the attitude that has led to the current lawlessness in Oakland.

    Nitpicking the police while the gangsters and professional anarchists run wild.

  5. By MW:

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and similarly even Nate Miley, and such as in this instance, is right once in awhile.

    However as far as disrespect for society and the law and totally out of control crime rates, for years Nate Miley was one of biggest backers, protectors, and enablers of Yusef Bey when Bey was: one, grabbing amd kidnapping teenaged girls and holding some of them for extended periods, and sometimes even for years, as his slaves; and two, with his band of thugs terrorizing certain neighborhoods.

    And then when the information on some of Bey's criminal activities, and including the kidnappings of teenaged girls and imprisoning them for years as his sex slaves and also as unpaid slave labor in his businesses, became so well and publicly known that it could no longer be denied, Miley then posed for the cameras with his arm around Bey to: one, "educate" the general public to the "fact" that Bey was still a wonderful person; and two, show that he himself still supported Bey.

    In fact it is a shame that Jim Jones did not survive the Jonestown Massacre, since if Jim Jones had survived the Massacre he ordered and that resulted in the deaths of approx eight hundred people, the Bay area is full of politicians who are such extreme demagogues and charlatans, and such as for instance Willie Brown and Nate Miley, that it is not much of an exaggeration to say that they very likely would have continued to support Jim Jones even after he had ordered the Jonestown Massacre.

    In fact to give an illustration as to the extreme and total nuthouse the Bay area is, the Bay area chapter of the American Cancer Society gave its Humanitarian of the Year Award to Willie Brown, in other words to the guy who over the last several decades has gotten far more money from the tobacco companies than any other politician in in the entire country.

    And of course while Jim Jones was still in the Bay area, the local politicians, and such as Willie Brown and SF Mayor George Moscone, and also the SF Chronicle, strongly supported Jones, and in fact even acted as though Jones was one of the most wonderful people of all time.

    However getting back to Nate Miley specifically, over the last several years there have been few people in Alameda County who have contributed more than Miley to a culture of general disrespect for the law and for public safety.

  6. Nate is a hella-ho! He cut a deal with Nadia 'Skank' Lockyer and later Dick Valley to put his kid on the county payroll in District 2, Board of Supervisors. Chris Miley is a nice guy, but that is NOT the point.

    Old Nate said at the time that he could have hired the kid himself, just like Scott Haggerty has had his sister working for him since 1996, but he wanted to avoid the 'appearance of impropriety.'

    He is so full of shit. Perfectly legal to hire your own kin, Nate. Instead, you got in bed with two whores for District 2 and arranged a quid pro quo.

    Such a loser!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Nate for your comments!

  8. Miley needs to STFU. Why does Oakland get 3 Supervisors when the rest of the County is paying for the welfare losers in Oakland????

  9. Get rid of all the County supervisors..Miley and all are useless. A complete lack of leadership in hard times.

  10. If they continue to make comments like that, will there be potential owners or renters in some apartment in legaspi village? Like who would want to live in a shameful place? I don't see the relevance of commenting that way, why not do something about it instead.

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