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Citizens, Special Interests Grapple With San Leandro's Proposed Pot Dispensary

SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | The San Leandro city council hosted a work session for public input Tuesday night concerning the medical cannabis dispensary ordinance recently drafted by staff with a few hundred in attendance to speak on the controversial issue.

Attendees were relatively split over marijuana dispensaries with some warning of an uptick in crime if the dispensaries were to come to San Leandro, worried over potential exposure of the drug to adolescents as well as citizens driving high on marijuana. Others spoke of the drug’s medicinal benefits with one speaker speaking passionately about his mother’s illness relieved enough by marijuana to make her a bit more active again. Some were outright advocates of legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use and lambasted the war on drugs.

Rick Trullinger addresses the City Council,
Feb. 12, in San Leandro.
PHOTO/Natalia Aldana
Although a few hundred gathered at the San Leandro Senior Center about one hundred of those attendees were members of the Chinese Evangelical Heritage Baptist Church who stacked the room and flooded council members’ emails with identical messages to advocate against potential San Leandro medical cannabis dispensaries.

“We as a church reach out to teenagers to help make them realize that God, not drugs, is the answer in life. Having a medical marijuana dispensary would only encourage juvenile delinquency,” said Pastor Alan Fong of the Heritage Baptist Church. Another religious attendee shouted enthusiastically in the microphone, “I don’t need drugs to get high, I get high off of God!” The Heritage Baptist Church members clapped uproariously for the religious anti-cannabis dispensary speakers.

Other opposition speakers followed off the heels of San Leandro Police Chief, Sandra Spagnoli’s presentation that warned of ancillary criminal affects like robberies, assault and murder but pro-medical cannabis speakers cited studies, including one by the think tank RAND, that showed medical marijuana dispensaries did not induce higher crime levels and spoke of its medicinal benefits.

Although, Spagnoli had previously disputed the RAND study citing a study by the California Police Chiefs’ Association that challenged the RAND report, which the group later retracted. RAND is re-analyzing their study and will re-release their results when the new study is completed. But another study funded by the National Institutes of Health also released a study last year that said medical dispensaries did not create an uptick in neighborhood crime.

San Leandro resident Marga Lacabe, Feb. 12, 
speaking in favor of pot dispensaries.
PHOTO/Natalia Aldana
Although, despite concerned citizens and a large religious special interest out in force, another special interest was present to lobby its support for medical marijuana.

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) has been pushing for unionization of the medical marijuana industry this past year and Dan Rush, special operations manager, has been one of its leading advocates. Rush, with a graveled voice and brusque demeanor presented his argument with a common theme. “Every drug dealer in San Leandro wants you to have a ban,” said Rush. He reiterated a regular pro-marijuana argument among advocates that regulated, transparent and taxed marijuana would make it difficult for drug dealers to stay in business. He also added he is a resource in the new upcoming analysis by the RAND Corporation.

During the work session break, Rush confronted Councilmember Benny Lee to pressure the new District 4 representative to vote for the medical marijuana dispensary ordinance and lobby his unionization efforts of the burgeoning business.

The UFCW, usually a retail union, has been pushing its way into the marijuana business hoping to bolster its union’s numbers and influence in a potentially large, legal market in the near future. They backed the legalization efforts of marijuana in Colorado and have lured some medical marijuana dispensaries into its fold in Los Angeles. San Leandro’s potential dispensaries, two at most, are another potential expansion for the UFCW.

But a council still divided over the ordinance may stunt those efforts. San Leandro had drafted a ban for medical marijuana dispensaries last summer but after a court case told Los Angeles County that it could not ban medical marijuana dispensaries because it violated state law, then San Leandro’s council became antsy over potential litigation. The council changed direction and asked staff to draft an ordinance that would allow regulated dispensaries. Based on regulations enacted by Oakland and San Francisco, staff presented its draft last fall that allowed up to two dispensaries, but must remain 1,000 feet from “sensitive” areas like schools and senior centers.

Both Vice Mayor Michael Gregory and council member Jim Prola reminded people they welcome medical marijuana dispensaries to come to San Leandro. Prola, as he has done before, cited numerous studies that medical marijuana does not increase crime nor significantly raise traffic accidents. But not to be outdone in evidence citation, Lee cited his own studies derived from a web page hosted by the federal government that still classifies marijuana as a “Schedule I” illegal drug and been waging a national crackdown on medical marijuana.

Although Lee hasn’t given a straight answer if he will vote for the ordinance he has said locales don’t have the resources to deal with prescribed Schedule I drugs like the Federal or State government can but wants to see something done to grant these mechanisms. This is Lee’s first time discussing the ordinance on the council since he was officially inaugurated last month.

Councilmembers Ursula Reed, Pauline Cutter and Mayor Stephen Cassidy who regularly sat on the fence, encouraged staff to draw up an ordinance to allow dispensaries after the Los Angeles court case encouraged that council to take things slow. Another court case dealing with the legality of banning dispensaries, Riverside vs. Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center, is now being brought to the California Supreme Court and all three council members want to wait for the Supreme Court’s decision.

The same council members have been weary of recent raids by the federal government of dispensaries in San Jose, Oakland and Los Angeles and do not want to attract Washington’s watchful eye to their city. But staff has said before that because of the low amount of dispensaries allowed, they would be less likely to attract a raid than Los Angeles, which boasted up to 800 dispensaries until many were raided. The raids influenced Los Angeles County to seek a dispensary ban.

Diana Souza, the most stalwart anti-medicinal cannabis dispensary member of the council, reiterated her staunch opposition to the ordinance and advocated for a ban. Souza cited a petition that had up to 600 signatures and the many emails she received in opposition to the dispensaries. Although those emails sent to the council were not from various citizens but instead mostly from the Heritage Baptist Church, as identified by The Citizen, and most were identical with only a different name attached, according to Prola and Lee. Some even were from citizens not from San Leandro.

The medical cannabis dispensary issue will return in the coming months to be discussed before both the Board of Zoning Adjustments and the Planning Commission.

EDIT:The article mistakenly referred to the case the California Supreme Court is hearing arguments on as the Los Angeles County case but instead it is Riverside.


90% of Jim Prola's re-elect campaign contributions are from the unions. Has Prola's vote been bought by the unions.

One of the speakers against dispensaries in SL, who voted Prola, pointed right to Prola's face saying he gave her false infomation about state laws already not allow banning Marijuana while knocked on door during his campaign.

The only false information given at the meeting was by the chief of police, who said that the AG's guidelines require dispensaries to be primary caregivers (they don't); that the Monitoring the Future says marijuana use is up among teens (it isn't); and that the RAND study's data was repudiated (it wasn't.)

Jim Prola's wife Diana Prola, president of SL school board, supporting Marijuana, role model?

Janet Palma, SL BZA board member at-large appointed by Cassidy, made public comment that evening she is a marijuana user.

Agree, recall Prola, he came to our neighborhood told us the BS banning marijuana is not allowed under state law during his campaign. No wonder unions gave Prola endless campaign contributions.

Support marijuana ordinance on ballot. Elected officials forgot their constituents voted you.

Natalia - good photos - one of them is OMG.

Marijuana Dispensary ordinance needs to go to ballot.

Reminder to elected officials we voted you to the seat and be able to recall.

Unions wrote many checks to Prola

$2,000 from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades PAC
$500 from the District Council of Iron Workers PAC
$500 from U.A. Local 342 PAC Fund
$500 from Sheet Metal Workers Association, Local 104
$500 from Good Jobs PAC
$250 from Waste Management
$2,500 from the San Leandro Police Officers Association
$1,500 from UNITY PAC
$1,000 from IFPTE, Local 21 PAC, which represents city employees
$500 from MAPA PAC, AFSCME Local 1001
$500 from AMSCME District Council 36 PAC
$500 from Construction and General Laborers Local 304 PAC
$500 from Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
$5,000 from AFSCME Council 57 PAC
$1,500 from Marina Inn of San Francisco Bay
$1,000 from California Teamsters Public Affairs PAC
$1,000 from International Association of Firefighters Local 55
$1,000 from Deputy Sheriffs Association of Alameda County PAC
$1,000 from Electrical Workers Local 595 PAC

No pot stores in our hoods, go to Oakland.

Mayor, councilmembers - we do not want any marijuana dispensaries in the city of San Leandro. We vote "NO", majority rules!

Since when unions ruling over San Leandro communities and our local officials!

Hermy Almonte refused money from the labors & unions. Now we know the truth unions are behind marijuana dispensaries, Prola surfaces his true color.

I live in district 6 din't vote for Prola, now calling his removal from council seat. You were elected to listen to your contituents not the unions!

Picture says a thousand words. Public comment that evening said that marijuana makes the person chill, smoke more, really relaxed and eat more. It really shows.

Can a property owner refuse renting to a dispensary business?

By MW:

Some of San Leandro's politicians "know" that the presence of medical marijuana dispensaries will not increase the rates of violent crime.

However a few years ago when the members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors decided to approve and have medical marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated areas, they also "knew" that the presence of those dispensaries would not increase the rates of violent crime.

However there have been shootings, and in some cases murders, at and around those dispensaries, and that have been directly related to the presence and activities of those dispensaries. And yet even after those repeated shootings and murders, the members of the AC Board of Supervisors have still refused to admit they were wrong.

So why are they continiung, and come hell or high water, to support the presence of marijuana dispensaries, and even after the shootings and murders. In other words, frankly I am wondering if some of the members of the AC Board are receiving under the table bribes.

We, San Leandro communiities must come together supporting marijuana ordinance on ballot and recall elected officials careless to hear the contituents.

Very dissapointed with Prola's behavior. our commuities Will never vote him again, matter of fact, recall is around the corner!


Support ballot for pot shop dispensary ban. No pot shops in San Leandro.

Support Ban on ballot, no need any more potheads in SL.

Marijuana smells like skunk spray, it aint Chanel No.5

Just came back from trip to LA,Calif. Saw several shops in strip malls with green crosses. Our driver pointed out they were "marijuana shops and are nothing but trouble." He told us several stories about problems they are causing.
In some of the areas we visited we could smell marijuana,it was really bad. If tabacco causes cancer, what in the hell is marijuana going to do to you?
Prola, your wife sits on the school board you ass!

Should have said VOTE OUT PROLA!!! No pot in San leandro!!

Lets gather signatures RECALL PROLA; VOTE BOTH PROLA OUT.

SL president of school board Diana Prola "wannabe princess Diana" supporting "classified drug I".

Not suprised school boardmember Diana Prola supporting her husband's idea for pot shops in San Leandro. A San Leandro school boardmember/teacher was arrested for DUI during the Christmas season. He is still serving on the board.Prola publicly prasied him for his courage for telling about this at a past school board meeting. He only told cause he knew if would make the news. Great role models here, drive drunk and now drive high.
Recall ALL elected city council and school boardmembers that support this.

Mothers Against Driving Doped says no Pot Shops! Legalizing dope legalizes driving doped.

Maybe Diana Prola will help the school district pass out marijuana to students at that health clinic the school district wants to open at the former Girl's Inc site across the street from San Leandro High.

Remember Nadia Lockyer higher than a kite!!!!

Extra, Extra, free marijuana at the student health center. Come and get your free marijuana. Thank you Prola for doping and dumbing our student education.

DIANA SOUZA FOR MAYOR! RECALL MICHAEL Gregory and Jim Prola and any city council member that votes for this!
Get rid of school board members that support this too! Attention all school board members No dope in San Leandro.
Vote all dopes out of office.
DIANA SOUZA FOR MAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermy Almonte took money from Cassidy. How smart was that? Hermy would have voted for everything Cassidy wants. Hermy too was bought and paid for, glad he's gone!
We need leaders not followers!!

Are they inhaling at city hall or just stupid? VOTE all dopes OUT of office. Schoolboard members too. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING! NO DOPING AND DRIVING!
Michael Gregory and Jim Prola soon to be gone! RECALL RECALL RECALL RECALL RECALL RECALL RECALL!!
More to follow??

Jim Prola just lost all his mayoral vote to Diana Souza! Prola is recalled by the contituents.

Vote both prola out!! No marijuana in San Leandro. SL citizens/parents have the right to vote ban marijuana.

5 members of the City Council voted to not ban it in summer 2012. Mayor Cassidy, Vice Mayor Gregory, and Council persons Cutter, Prola and Reed. Council persons Souza and Starosciak voted to ban. Prola and Reed were re-elected in November 2012 in spite of their vote, and Starosciak was replaced by Councilman Lee who has not said for sure if he favors a ban or not. There will be 4 Council seats up for election in 2014, but don't hold your breath and expect much change. San Leandro has become a heavily Democratic and very progressive town. The Democratic party and the Bay Area is in favor of Medical Marijuana. Get the strongest ordinance you can get and forget the ban.

The proposed ordinance contains restrictions on the location and operations of dispensaries. Notable restrictions include limiting the allowable number of dispensaries to two, requiring a Board of Zoning Adjustments conditional use permit approval, locating them only in industrial and commercial zoning districts, and requiring certain security measures including guards. In addition, the dispensaries cannot be within 1,000 feet of a school, library, youth center, park, recreation facility, or another dispensary, or within 500 feet of a residential zone.

For all the ban proponents, if the CA Supreme Court says "no", whats your plan B? If you care to read the proposed ordinance, here you go. Still wonder if mj dispensaries should meet all requirements placed on pharmacies; being medicinal in nature and considering how it's presently scheduled by the feds.

Prohibition didn't work with alcohol. It created gangs and violence. Pot needs regulation and control just like prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco. They are all far more harmful than pot.

Plan B is recall Prola and anyone who support mj!!

Cassidy, Gregory, Prola, Reed and Cutter were right. Souza and Starosciak were wrong. Nobody knows Lee's position yet. Recall Souza because the majority of people want medical options. Keep Cassidy mayor!

Vote Cassidy Mayor in 2014 and recall Sooza now.

re-elect Cassidy, recall Prola and Souza.

Recall Diane Souza . This will stop her from running for Mayor in 2014. She has no compassion for the sick and the dying.

I will never vote for Diana Souza again. I will vote for Cassidy, Gregory, Prola, Reed and Cutter again though. Marijuana is a prescription drug for many ,that we should be able to get at a pharmacy which are dispensaries for drugs.

Which "real" pharmacy taking marijuana prescription?

No Cassidy, No Prola, no pot stores in SL.

No Diana Souza--the people want medical marijuana

The Mayor's race in 2014 will be Cassidy vs. Souza. Gregory may run if Cassidy doesn't. Prola has told people he won't run for Mayor. Most of the people in San Leandro that I know will vote for Cassidy because he supports medical marijuana.

Gregory is not Mayoral material. Souza and Prola can be better mayor than Cassidy. Most ppl in SL will not vote anyone support mj.

My family would vote for Prola, but he says he won't run. So we will vote for Cassidy unless someone better decides to run. We would NEVER vote for Souza.

Most SL communities will NEVER vote for candidates support Marijuana.

Prola won't run because he is smarter than Cassidy.

You're living in the past. Jim Prola and Ursula Reed were just re-elected in spite of their support of medical marijuana. Cassidy, Gregory and Pauline Cutter will get re-elected too because of their support for mmj. This stay at home mom who suffers from lupus will vote for them. There are many residents who have a legitimate need.

Thanks to Prola looking at the big picture, Cassidy unable to play tricks or take an advantage of Ranked Choice Voting system on two way race.

anon 12:42 When was the last time you saw a two way race for San Leandro Mayor?

It could very easily be a 4 or 5 way race like last time.

Current mayor probably recruiting a troop of candidates for second or third choice votes. Prola should join the race.

Good comment from San Leandro Patch:

Jim M
36 minutes ago
I'd like to see better vetting of the patients. I have a hard time believing that many people really need the drug. Many friends in Oakland point out sore knees work for prescriptions. We should be honest and admit there are many people who just want a safe way to get high. Let's clean up the act first.
Also how will this play out with the Federal Government? Harbor Bay and Oaksterdam are examples of their policies. If this drug is such a miracle, why not have delivery support from real doctors and pharmacists?
I recommend reading Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market by Eric Schlosser.
You can pick it up at the library or your local book shop. But since San Leandro does not have a book shop, you can go to Main St books in Hayward and order it.

Better comment from San Leandro patch

Marga Lacabe
4:22 pm on Saturday, March 2, 2013
I am sure there are people who use medical pot recreationally, but I don't know that from a public policy point of view we would actually want to encourage people to get their pot from street corners, where they contribute to the black market and all the crime associated with it. I think that's one of the reasons why now a majority of Californians are in favor of legalization. People are going to use it recreationally no matter what, the question is whether we want the criminal elements that prohibition encourages. Of course, the police does want them - once marijuana is legalized in the state, we'll see the crime rate go down and there will be less jobs for cops.

The dispensary ordinance proposed for San Leandro is quite strict, and it would not lead to the type of dispensaries that the Justice Department is going after - those that have thousands of members and look like there might be for profit.

As for your question, well, the answer is simply that doctors and pharmacists cannot be involved in distribution because it's illegal for them to do so. We can argue as to why that is - my bet is that it's based on the political/economical power of the pharmaceutical companies that will lose a lot of money if there is a mass exodus from opiates to marijuana -, but as patients need a note from a real doctor to get it, it's not like doctors are reluctant to prescribe it.

See what happened with non medical use, look at the picture of Marga Lacabe above.

I've just read this topics posted comments. My friends and I will vote for Prola if he decides to run. If he doesn't we will vote for Cassidy. We will never vote for Souza because she is too right-wing for San Leandro.

Bob Glaze for mayor 2014! Move over Cassidy and Prola.

Glaze will come in last! He was part of the Council that gave away the City to all the vested interests. He was also part of the Council that created all the long term debt that has put the City in a problem for years to come. He was also part of the Council that messed up the Bayfair deal. Shame on Glaze.

Police standoff at S.F. pot dispensary


The latest field poll shows voters in the Bay Area favor legalizing pot by a 2-1 margin! We want regulated and controlled dispensaries.

Schedule I drugs must be controlled and regulated under schedule I drugs rules.

Wake up people. Marijuanna is legal in some states now and it will be legal in California in either the next election or the one after. The time when a handful of people can tell the rest of us how to live is over.

What I don't see here is any human compassion. As a Registered Nurse for almost 30 years and my current position as an Oncology (Cancer) Nurse giving you and your loved ones chemotherapy to prolong your life - marijuana in cookies, brownies, etc.- is sold at these stores -and give extreme relief for nausea and depression. This has been documented in scientific studies. I personally took a neighbor - stage 4 lung cancer patient to a clinic to obtain her "pot card". and enabled her to prolong her life in comfort. Think again. It could be you.

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