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Mayor To Hayward: With Better Schools, Your Home Could Be Worth $100k More!

HAYWARD | Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney says the city is going nowhere fast unless it improves its consistently flagging schools.

“We’re at the bottom,” said Sweeney, while pointing to a chart before residents Wednesday at a neighborhood state of the city address. “We’re the lowest performing school in Alameda County. Take a long look at that. This is a big problem.”

State of the City, Jan. 30, Southland Mall
PHOTO/Natalia Aldana
If the city’s schools could merely rise to the level of its neighbor, Castro Valley, roughly in the middle of the pack among Academic Performance Index (API) scores in Alameda County, Sweeney believes many of the city’s financial ills could be instantly solved. “I would wager if Hayward schools were performing, at say, the levels Castro Valley schools are,” he said, “we wouldn’t have a structural deficit and you’re houses are probably worth $100,000 or more and our future is probably limitless.”

Like most cities, a majority of Hayward’s annual revenue comes from sales and property taxes. The steep decline of both in the past few years is a major reason why Hayward plowed ahead with deep cuts to services and staff following some of the largest deficits in the county.

Hayward’s moribund, but potentially prosperous downtown, however, may be the victim of “unrealistic expectations” when it comes property owners’ demands for rent, Sweeney said. While the city’s industrial areas may offer businesses bargains, Sweeney believes downtown property owners, some of whom live locally, he forcefully noted, are holding out for greater rent demands, while empty storefronts are scattered across the city.

When it comes to education, the Hayward Unified School District has been at or near the bottom in student API scores for the last five years, says Sweeney, yet the mayor and City Council’s hands are tied in making more than incremental progress since the school district is overseen by a separate elected school board. “However,” said Sweeney, “it’s on all of us, because we put those people in office.”

But, Sweeney is skeptical about the current leadership at the school district led by Superintendent Donald Evans. “I’m not sure the school district is clear about their priorities.” He added he is unsure there is accountability from the school superintendent down to teachers on a clear directions for the school district.

The schools will not improve, says Sweeney, unless residents communicate with the school board in a “vigorous manner” and parents strive to take a more hands-on role in their children’s education. “There needs to be a constituency that is willing to raise holy hell,” Sweeney said. “If there is not, then it’s going to be tough.” However, Sweeney noted the lack of outrage by residents over the affair last year between two sitting school board members, which allowed the board to virtually run out the clock without ever dealing with the issue in a public manner.

“We now have two new members who could make a difference, but, we’ll see,” said Sweeney, referencing Annette Walker and John Taylor. “I think we all try to be hopeful after each election, but how many times have we been burned?”


So why do we favor some neighborhoods with Title One funding and build a state of the art school (i.e. Burbank) and give the kids in a low income neighborhood special ameneties and yet other, more affluent neighborhoods still have old schools and don't receive the educational upgrades that Title One schools receive? Shouldn't education and all students receive equal treatment and funding?

Maybe we should allow students attend a school by a lottery draw, and not allow favortism by boundries.

" “We’re the lowest performing school in Alameda County."

Lower than Oakland?

I'd like to see that comparison.
Either way, thats hardly what ones goal should be, to be "not last".

Of course, everyone knows, even if the Hayward Schools had double the money, their outcomes wouldn't equal Pleasanton's.
But I don't think its popular for the schools or the mayor to say that.

From my first post, the schools I am concerned with were also not modernized under the "Leroy Green Modernization in 1998" and should be focused on upgrades in building improvements and educational media improvements, Longwood received huge upgrades, but other sites are pulling for dollars and cents.

Hayward Unified is below Oakland in part because they are closing schools in the flatlands and sending those kids to hills schools that should be 800-900. Oakland hills schools score in that range. They API scores average all the schools.

Yes, Oakland school scores are better than Hayward. With few exceptions, Hayward schools are at the bottom. Maybe this is necessary to move up the ladder, but it seems silly to me. Castro Valley schools have actually declined in the last five years and the area has become older. They are also starting to experience some racial issues there. I think one of Evans' prime goals is to improve the scores of black students. This is fine with me as I think it will help everyone. I noted the mayor is talking about what is wrong. He didn't say much about how to fix the problems.

By MW:

If certain Bay area cities and towns, and including Hayward, were truly serious about making major improvements, and including to their school systems, they would stop electing and appointing incompetents and various politically correct jokers to policy making positions and positions of authority, and instead they would put in positions of power people who were willing to speak the truth and to then also act on it.

However far too many people in California, and especially in the Bay area, and including in Hayward, are not interested in the truth, but only in being politically correct and in saying and repeating whatever lies, garbage, and nonsense they think sounds neat and cool.

And that is far and away the biggest reason California, and especially the Bay area, and including Hayward, is in a major decline.

***However, Sweeney noted the lack of outrage by residents over the affair last year between two sitting school board members, which allowed the board to virtually run out the clock without ever dealing with the issue in a public manner.****

Sweeney you are a WIMP. Where were you to criticize the Armss-Heredia affair while they serve on the school board. Are you not the mayor of Hayward.
Hayward is crappy because of a crappy mayor.
With a better Hayward mayor the Hayward homes could be worth $200,000 more. Time to push out the do nothing politicos like the mayor and the other wimpy city council of Hayward.

True true ... Sweeney is a very weak mayor. Let's fire mayor Sweeny if he cannot lead to improve Hayward. If he blames the ills on the school board then why do we need a mayor and city council? 2:37 this is a wimp haven for politicos and I am sure is like that every where.

Sweeney is trying to deflect the poor state of affairs on someone else instead of taking responsibility for its own problems. He ran in 2006 stating the city should work closer with the schools so each can improve. 6 years later - what has he done to bridge the two government bodies?

Sweeney's problem is he micromanages everything to a point that nothing gets done. Downtown is a ghost town - a failure on his watch. Southland mall is increasingly becoming unsafe. South mission blvd businesses have moved out leaving a ghost town feel. Instead of working with other agencies (CSUEB) to develop student housing along mission, restaurants, shopping, etc... He points the finger at HUSD and says they are the reason. HUSD has issues, no doubt, but mayor - you got your own problems!

Sweeney biggest joke if you think Sweeney is strong mayor. We keep on getting burned every time he and his council gets elected. That Sweeney has got to be the biggest joke for a mayor.

Weak mayor Sweeny is right nothing but a police and fireman union whore.

If the Mayor has done such a weak job why did no one challenge him? He has been elected to Council, the State Assembly and then Mayor. He continues to have a broad level of support. Don't like the elected official and think you can do a better job then run for a schoold board seat, a position on Council or the Board of Supervisors. Or would you prefer to sit back and be critical?

Mayor Sweeney is part of the political whore machine. Not all of us are part of the whore machine to be elected.

Maybe Sweeney should run for the school board. Each position that Sweeney has run there nothing memorable the he has fought for. Mr. wimpy Sweeney is consistent.

Mr. wimpy is right mayor Sweeney. These people get elected because of apathy from participants. Maybe the rest of us do not want to be machine political union whores.

To the commenter way above. As a product of Castro Valley schools, I was actually surprised CVHS was just above middle of the pack. This was not a positive for me that the mayor wanted to be as good as CVHS when that school district may be past its prime.

Mayor Sweeney's term expires next year. Who should run for Mayor?

If Sweeney really wanted to change the schools, all he'd need is 3 other council votes.

Hayward has been a charter city since 1956. Every city council in a charter city has the right to dissolve their school board and assume the authority themselves. Noone ever does.


to 11:44 if that is true I do not think anyone on the Hayward city council wants to mess with the school board. As I see it there are people on that school board that are very smart and speak very well with much more credibility. The wimp factor is much higher with the Mayor Sweeney than and the school board. I don't think anyone on the city council want to have some anyone from the school board run against them.

If Sweeney was serious he would offer concrete workable solutions that include working in a positive way with the elected school board. Five schools either built or substantially rehabilitated in the past few years. What is Sweeney's claim to fame as a politician for more than 30 years. Nada, nothing, to hang his hat on, yet he suffers from this need to constantly blast the schools without one concrete idea about how to turn things around. What a shame.

If Sweeney does not run Piexoto will likely run as the establishment candidate with support from Sweeney/Plummer and maybe unions and the mobile home community. Could be a relatively well funded status quo candidate. Don't look for many new ideas for the city or schools from Piexoto. Salinas will seek out the Latino and youth vote but may not be able to raise the needed funds. A new face in the race would be refreshing.

I don't think Sweeney can run again. What new faces? Anybody in particular?

Of course he can run again. There are no limitations on running.

it might be new faces but the democratic machine runs this community.

Mayor Sweeny the do nothing coward for Hayward he cowtows to police unions, firemen union, city unions, and you name it. The prime political whore Mayor Sweeny.

That Democratic machine gave us Sweeney, Hayashi, Nadie Lockyer, and Quirk. I will always be a loyal Democratic but gee whiz, we must do a better job and not automatically support only those candidates who are part of the machine. Our party has suffered mightly over the last few years with the caliber of people we have endorsed. We need to change the formula used to endorse candidates or oust the local leadership.

Let's out the mayor sweeney and city council of peiosoto, jones, zermeno, salinas, mendal Hayward. This bunch has been the lowest bottom feeder democratic machine operatives.

Sweeney standing next to the "F" minus is indicative of his long political career.
Former Teacher
Former Councilman
Former Assemblyman
Current Mayor

How appropriate. No ideas, no leadership, no presence.

Mayor Sweeney ..the F- mayor..lol
The importance of being earnestly incompetent in leadership at anything he has ever attempted..
Zero accomplishments.

Go away Sweeney and take your useless city council with you. The buck never stops anywhere near hayward city hall for anything...lol.

By MW:

QUESTION: I live in the East Bay and would like to considerably increase the value of my property. How can I do so?

ANSWER: Paint both inside and outside, remodel the kitchen and bathrooms, make the front lawn look real nice, AND GET RID OF THE PRESENT BUNCH OF USELESS TURKEY POLITICIANS, AND INCLUDING ON THE SCHOOL BOARDS, WE PRESENTLY HAVE RUNNING THINGS.

Halliday is a joke as a city council another useless wimpy politician. The product of the machine just like all useless politicos in this area.

Interesting how both Sweeney and Salinas have used their influence as elected officials to get tons of city money for local non-profits which they head. Sweeney as Director of a group called Spectrum and Salinas as Director of an organization called the Kid's breakfast club. These guys stay at the public trough and provide little in the way of leadership for our city and neither one has done anything beyond supporting new raxes, to generate new revenue for Hayward.

The feeding at the community trough is worse than you think. Marc Salinas has a wife working as a director making well over $130,000 at the Hayward school district that also is worthless. Both Salinas and Sweeney use resources of the Hayward school district to run their programs. The community needs to dump these so called community leaders. Salinas and Sweeney are scum.

Reynoso is not in Hayward he is Fairview but he would be my choice as he is the only politico not a puppet to anybody. I am not sure if the voters already trained to vote for machine made candidates would want someone that bold and aggressive to make things right. I personally would be disappointed since I just voted for him to continue to be on the school board. I am fed up with people using school board to run for other seats. Improve what you got elected for then you can run for other seats

I am fed up with all this bs that Sweeny and Council have done nothing in Hayward. Fed up is right. Period.

been here 30 years and fed up is part of being in sweeneyvill

Hayward Mural Program

Great story in today's Daily Review about Hayward's mural program. What an Awsome and creative display of excellent urban, graffiti resistance art. Thanks Greg Jones, city staff and the superb moralists. A very positive "Hurray for Hayward" story. Please include photos in the next quarterly City newsletter. Thanks

How do your start a new discussion topic on this website?

11:03 the fluffy stories stay with the crappy daily review newspaper.

Here I want hardcore local news that the daily review refuses to cover. Like how Armas was kicked out of the board or the affair of Greg Jones and Anna May.

The daily review will never mentioned the EBCitizen because EBCitizen is doing what the newspapers are supposed to be doing.

I am fed up too for the wimpy wimpy Hayward city council and Mayor. Greg Jones and Mendal are wimpy too. Ana May is an idiot.

I understand. Not stories we may be interested in , but stories that interest you. Positive stuff is part of our community. Censorship hmmmm!

Hard stories that expose the likes of Jesus Armas and Sweeney is what needs to be published.

Not when a firehydrant or walls were painted.
Or how many times we had airplanes land today safely in Oakland.

Censorship is when the daily review refused to report on the affair of Jesus Armas sand Maribel Heredia on the school board or why those two losers did not want to run.

The daily review can keep on writing fluff stories on painted walls and firehydrants.

I agree with &:18, Tavares give us the hardcore news, and tell us what the corrupt wimpy leadership is doing. And yes Greg Jones and Ana May are idiots too.

That's yesterday's news. Hayward is more than the negative Tabloid stuff that some seem to prefer but good stuff that make us a better community. Murals by the way represent more than painted walls and fire hydrants, but express a positive physical and social feeling about Hayward. Too bad that naysayers want to paint us only in a constantly negative light.

Can you use a different adjective? Wimpy is such a wimpy word. How old are you?

Salinas is piece of work. He claimed to be a professor when he ran for council, claims to represent the entire city council with his constant emails while using money from city funds for his programs. Wonder if he is working on behalf of all Hayward residents?

Cant' think of anything this guy Salinas has done for Hayward, but he will cite all the things he claims to have supported when he runs again. Claim credit for everything, but never accomplish anything and still get paid.

I thinks Mark Salinas gets an F- minus just like Sweeny for dweebs of lousy community service. Bunch of losers.

as ineffective as Mr. Salinas is he will still be considered a good candidate if Sweeny doesn't run for re-election. In this town it matters not that our elected officials do nothing but strut around glad-handing people. Hayward deserves what it gets.

Glad-hand...To be overly friendly with a stranger in order to gain an advantage.

We need somebody with lots of balls that does not cowtows to anybody unions included and you are right Hayward deserves what it gets of these Sweenes and Salinas and Jones and Zermenos and Halliday and Mendal...all machine whores and losers. I wish I could move out of this area.

Seriously Hayward people, did you really expect anything from the Sweeney council of Zermeno, Salinas, Mendal, Peixoto, Jones and Halliday to improve Hayward? Historically you people enjoy voting for political machine candidates that are endorsed by the mafias of the employee unions of the city: police, firemen, etc,. How do you think Hayward has a police chief that is double dipping she makes $500k a year. You people in Hayward have no one to blame but yourselves.

lol... the picture of Mayor Sweeney labels him as the F- mayor of Hayward...lol.

So how do we get at least a C- mayor or maybe in lala land an A+ mayor?

1:24 The Hayward police chief collecting from pension 250k and salary from Hayward of 250K is not double dipping it is legal, get your facts straight that is not double dipping.

collecting pension and pay is not double dipin

I wish you could move out of the area too. You're such a downer.

Interesting. A good candidate for what reason? Not being honest about his profession, double dipping into public money for his council salary and funds for the organization he heads; not providing leadership; not serving all of Hayward; and being an egomaniac who likes to hear himself talk. Credible candidate really?

to negative critisizing double dipping..that is just how things get done stop being a downer

To 3:46. No it isn't just how things get done. Many cities have prohibitions against such shennaggins. You can't be a Hayward taxpayer and condone this behavior. Change would be very good for our city.

Funny if everyone moved who had a different opinion than the one espoused by 3:46 they would be the only one left in town.

All of you are downers the city has god things like the murals. So what if the mayor sweeny or council salinas have business on the side. It is legal for extra business and it is not double diping.

Some really good things including more than 5 new or substantially rehabilitated schools, improving test scores, new housing developments like Stonebrae, great golf course; new homes in downtown area near public transit; new landscaping on Mission/Foothill and on and on. Some things are good, some are bad. Our goal should always be to be better. Won't be easy with the group now in charge. I do believe the new school board will do a good job.

Maybe some basic re-education classes for parents on the English language and math to better tutor their children. Or mandatory motivational classes to educate parents on the importance of education and how it benefits society as a whole.

i only want to talk about the great things hayward has done with murals. The rest is old news because it goes on all the time.

Where else can an artist display their talents for the world to see 24/7 365. With no change out at the end of the month. You must be good and many of the Hayward mural artist are very good. And you don't have to pay or wait in line to see their work.

Get rid of the corruption that exists with the former director of maintenance who has a relative that is doing all the concrete work and went on to take a position with Headstart and has his partner from a former place of employment that took his position to escape an investigation of nepitism, who may be receiving kickbacks. I believe this may be an organized crime system taking place. I take my hat off to Dr. Reynoso to being a watchdog on district spending.

The politics of perception not necessarily legality. Are other non-profits seeking support disadvantaged because these two have more influence and give the money to themselves. They should resign from the non-profit or resign from council.

Grand Jury investigation! Who wants to blow the whistle? Quit the the wallet padding of the fat elephants and the system of dictatorship and tierany ( Lord and Master).

Has Sweeney ever asked what influence the teachers union has on the quality of education in Hayward schools. Told recently by a parent that Castro Valley schools have taken a downward turn. How well do non-union influenced school districts do compared to Hayward?
Believe that parents who use dishonest means to send their kids out of their home district should be severely punished since it takes away money from the local district.

Mendal at the Hayward city council sends his kids to the Sunol school district. Oh, I guess the council is not here to support Hayward schools.

Sweeney how about that you little F- mayor.

One challenge that all schools experience is absenteeism. It's a big problem.

F- mayor ..do you mean F minus or F***
When you speak of Sweeney

Has anyone ever asked Mendal why he sent his kid(s) to Sunol? Lockyer did that with their child too. Used the excuse that it was for work and child care reasons. So I guess when the kid(s) get to be teens the same excuse will work????? It is so very easy to criticize when you don't have to do anything to resolve the problem...Right Mr. Mendal and Mr. Sweeny???

Why don't you ask him yourself? His email address is on the city web site.

I have emailed both and NO response from wimpy sweeney and wimpy mendal.. the wimpy clones

maybe would be better if you use the word spineless instead of wimpy

I think spineless Mayor Sweeney is more appropriate, and actually the entire city council like that too.

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