Friday, February 22, 2013

NOTES: Rookies Mendall, Jones Seem Like Rising Stars In Hayward

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL//NOTES | The key to a Hayward renaissance has always focused on curing its struggling school district, but its future also lies in rehabilitating the areas around the South Hayward BART station. It is not only an unsafe neighborhood, but it is also no good reason to visit other than hopping on the BART trains and virtually escaping to another Bay Area locale.

Greg Jones, Al Mendall
The Hayward City Council last Tuesday pretty much admitted as much while sorting out problems with parking around the BART station. “This is a tough area of town,” said Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney, who also challenged BART to cooperate with the city to fix this downtrodden part of town. Sweeney said any new revenue from charging for parking had no clear priorities attached to them or which entity gets first dibs on the proceeds. “What about lighting, graffiti, garbage, street sweeping? It sounds to me like there are some issues her to be resolved.”

“There’s some trust going forward here that some of these needs in this part of South Hayward will be taken care of,” Sweeney bluntly said Tuesday night in the direction of two BART officials in attendance. “I hope you will not disappoint us.”

JONES: AIDING AND ABETTING? On two occasions Tuesday night Councilman Greg Jones sounded like he was laying out blueprints for bag guys to commit crimes in Hayward. Jones said creating demand for parking near the South Hayward BART station would likely push more people to park their cars on nearby Mission Boulevard. “This isn’t an advertisement,” said Jones who grinned when he grasped what he was inadvertently saying, “but cars will get broken into.”

Later, during discussion of a moratorium on Internet sweepstakes cafes, Jones again laid out a possible loophole for businesses offering these types of gaming products by noting they could circumvent the ordinance by limiting them to four computers. However, this time Jones led the way in shutting down its possibility by successfully adding a friendly amendment to the motion, lowering the threshold to one computer.

RISE OF MENDALL AND JONES The council two newest members, Greg Jones and Al Mendall, shined Tuesday night. Not only did Jones act decisively with keen insight on what the proposed moratorium on sweepstakes business might not achieve, but Mendall also peppered discussions throughout the night with thoughtful questions. He also showed an innate desire to jump in front of issues rather than sit in the backseat.

Maybe it’s that or Mendall was just enjoying the psychological advantage of standing over his colleagues on the dais Tuesday night. Due to a bad back, Mendall stood for the entire four hour meeting. Either way, the new kids on the block are forcing a positive change in the council’s hierarchy, which may make someone like Mark Salinas seem like yesterday’s story.


Mendall rocks. Jones has an albatross at home- Miss Anna.

More like uncovering the real wimps in Hayward. Nothing changes here. Where are all the iron steel politicians.

More losers at city council. What ever happen with Ana May and Greg Jones I thought they had self respect and would go away. And Mendal another wasted seat like Sweeney and Halliday. We need to get terrible politicians out of here.

Salinas is a whore of the extreme lefties and labor. No use for him.

Jones is way too conservative for Hayward

Questions from both, but new ideas, none, a bit of confusion by Jones, and always negative Sweeney. Perhaps kids, a few successes, a business, or even a dog would have made him a more positive person. He is certainly bad for Hayward and will live a miserable life as he gets older. If this news about the new members is all they have to offer heaven help us all because they are presumed to be the best we have on the current council.

Charges for Bart parking at South Hayward likely means downtown Hayward will be next. How will the city deal with resulting spillover to parking at the city owned 3 story garage. Are charges on the horizon? Lucky's is already having some problems when the Bart parking is full. How will the city use its new revenue? Maybe more money for Sweeney/Salinas non-profits.

Actually that is Mendall's natural demeanor. Standing up and looking down on everybody.

Jones, Mendall, Salinas he three stooges all wimpy and no guts to change the city.... all in the council are union labor whores. They owe favors to police union, fireman union, and all city employee union. Maybe we need another utility tax to pay the pensions of more unions because the council cannot stand to union stealing from the citizen. Oh but I forgot those fireman and police unions put the council in there. We need to get these whores out. Mayor wimpy Sweewney is awful too, I agree. They all are period.

Who should run Hayward? I want names not name calling.

No one of integrity will run because the unions will win again. Just ask the police and fireman union who should be the next mayor and council. And you get the same as they say above weak, wimpy whores like Mendal and Jones.

Most of Hayward's 300 plus police officers and firefighters do not live in Hayward. They take more than $30 million a year in salaries and benefits out of our community. Complaints about lack of quality housing, amenities, safety are bogus. It seems to suit many doctors, lawyers, high paying IT workers and others employed in government just fine. Yet these public safety people are ashamed to live in the community that supports their families. And they control who gets elected to spend your hard earned tax dollars. What a shame and a disgrace.

greg jones and ana may will do anything to get elected. we need tp get these political whores out of hayward.

No question the City Council is the problem. Hayward suffers from the Detroit syndrome. The Sweeney era has decimated Hayward. He embraces a rabid anti-business radicalism. He rules the city with an iron fist behind the scenes. He strong arms the Council continuously. Nothing can get better until he is gone. Even then his replacement will still be a union stooge. The blight and suffering will continue to spead like a virus until all the good people are gone.

Well said 9:14. Enough insecurity and need to control even when the city suffers. It all about Mike. Business by pass Hayward, Auto dealers have left in droves, no one wants to rent vacant stores downtown, schools that Sweeney promised to fix years ago are still not good, sales tax revenue is down. Total lack of vision and leadership, just a need to control. Any breath of fresh air that might exist on council is suffocated by Mike. Too bad for the city.

Gloom and doom. I guess there's no hope for Hayward. Boo hoo:(

no hope while fthe same type of loser mayor and council get elected and i agree to all above that the unions thst dont live here control the elections for all of hayward inclufing the school board..... no more sweeney or jones or mendal or salinas or zermeno or halliday or peijoto they all cowtaw to unions for shame

9:50 Seems like they typed from a cell phone but ditto for me.

This Hayward area is the haven for union political whores that are just ripping us off. Too much kowtowing to employee unions. We do need to get the council out but I am afaraid too much apathy in Hayward will kee these people inpower. Hayward gets what they deserve with Sweeney,Jones and Mendall, and et. al.

DITTO TO 12:15

Sounds like somebody ran for council and lost.

Anybody who thinks that unions are a bad thing needs to educate themselves.

what the police and fireman unions are doing hayward is shameful...they are controling the elections for mayor and council....shame shame...

I don't question the unions for attempting to influence elections. It would be great if more of taxpayers money stayed in the city.

Saw the food trucks at Mission and Foothill today. It was very busy. Great idea city of Hayward.

I saw the old flyers from the last election to elect Zermeno, Mendall, and Jones...great job policemen and firemen unions for continuing the controlling of Hayward.

To bad we don't have mayor Reed form San jose in Hayward he has balls.

Yes thank you for bringing food trucks to take business away from my restaurant on Bst. These trucks do not have lease payments, property tax, water bill, sewage bill, or pay for the utility tax for the fireman's pension. Thank you Hayward for killing my restaurant business on Bst. I concur above with all and lets trash the mayor sweeney and his council hunchmen of jones and mendall. Good job police and firemen is right. lol

Trucks are only there 1 day a week. Must be another reason business isn't that good.

one day a week what is "one seventh of business?" the city council asks. It seems that we have people in city politics that do not understand what it is to los e 1/7 of business. Yep shame there too.

the mayor and council have no clue on how to improve business in hayward. i agree to get sweeney out and his allies.

Who are you going to replace the mayor and city council with? Any names? Or are you just using this blog to vent?

Too much venting here from all of you on for or against the mayor and council. Let me just say that it does not matter who runs as some people have pointed out that historically our public service unions "influence" our elections to see who gets in or not. In reality the people are to blame for not being more proactive to root out the manipulating of local elections by special interest groups. I think enough is enough of such "influencing".

Stop complaining no one gets elected unless the unions approve.

boohoo if you don't love hayward then leave

Why not work to make it better? Make government more inclusive, reduce the influence of unions and associated costs, how about ideas to attract creative development along Mission/Foothill, what do we do to improve older neighborhoods, what about more programs for youth, how can we become more successful attracting new job generating businesses, etc. Leaving is not an option making our city a better place is the only option.

The unions don't vote for Hayward politicians the citizens of Hayward vote for their reps. Not everyone that has been endorsed by a union has won their seat. So stop being anti-union and educate yourselves.

I represent the police union and we are proud to have everyone that got elected at the mayor and city council in Hayward to have been supported and endorsed by our union. I am sure our firemen brothers feel the same way.

We are able to influence elections only because we are united. If you do not like unions supporting government then leave Hayward as the above blogger mentioned. Love it or leave it.

I too am very proud of my union activities and not embarrassed to say that the candidates we support we spent money on them. That is how it works. Our union brotherhood must be protected.

What a stupid nonsensical response from someone who likely lives in Dublin, Tracy or some far away place. Change is the watchword and change will surely happen. Surprised that this antiquated mind- set still exists. Love it leave it. Most police and firefighters have already left. Obviously they don't love it.

As a police officer I feel safer for my family in Dublin. I work here but I don't have to live here.

Ok City Council. This officer says Hayward is not a safe city. Wonder if you all agree? What needs to be done to make it safer so our police officers will live here?

You don't have to live here but it would be great if you did and returned some of our tax dollars to Hayward.

SFPD...most live in Marin County. It's very common for city staff, teachers, police depts., fire depts., not to live in the city that they collect a pay check from. This is old news. It's been happening for a long time.

If a police officer doesn't feel safe in the city that he's suppose to keep safe then he's not doing his job.

There are female officers and firefighters? Correct?

Hmm! Wonder where Dublin's police officers live. SF has serious constraints on family housing and housing costs. Hayward has no such limitations. Apples and avocados.

I live in Dublin and I work in Hayward as a police officer and my friends that work in Dublin as police officers also live in Dublin. Hayward is just too rough for my family. I see nothing wrong for our union to help elect local politicians that support our unions. Some get elected but always the ones that get our police unions support get elected. Thank you for teh community for supporting unions.

We police brotherhood love Jones and Mendall we supported them and they got elected. Zermeno we supported him and Sweeney and they got elected too. Unions are good.

Was Halliday not a good choice or is it a Brotherhood thing?

I too am a police officer and we do not refer ourselves to the Brotherhood.

See February 27 at 12:04. Happy to hear it is not used by all officers. And thanks for working to protect our community.

Steven you could not have chosen two of the more cowardly people on the hayward council. Jones and Mendall is true they are wimpy people and represent what is wrong with Hayward.

Are you calling Hayward residents ... too rough? and you're a police officer that is supposed to protect us. I raised my family in Hayward and they are wonderful young men. I guess it wasn't too rough for us. This stereo typing of bay area cities causes a lot of division. Why don't you rethink your attitude towards the city that you're suppose to protect or transfer to the Dublin Police department? This is one of the reasons that it's hard to trust the HPD.

The following excerpts were taken from area police logs:
IDENTITY THEFT -- 12:01 a.m. An identity theft was reported, 100 block of Civic Plaza.
DUI -- 12:50 a.m. A suspect was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, Dougherty Road and Willow Creek Drive.
PROSTITUTION -- 1:16 p.m. Disorderly conduct/prostitution was reported, 7400 block of San Ramon Road.
BURGLARY-AUTO -- 1:17 p.m. Property was reported stolen following a vehicle break-in, 2800 block of Dublin Boulevard.
GRAND THEFT -- 5:11 p.m. An arrest was made for grand theft, 7400 block of Dublin Boulevard.
STOLEN VEHICLE -- 1:09 p.m. A vehicle was reported stolen, 5500 block of Demarcus Boulevard.
IDENTITY THEFT -- 2:20 p.m. An identity theft was reported, 5300 block of Ironhorse Parkway.
BURGLARY-AUTO -- 4:53 p.m. Property was reported stolen after a vehicle break-in, 3100 block of Finnian Way.
BURGLARY-AUTO -- 6:33 p.m. Property was reported stolen from a locked vehicle, Central Parkway and Grafton Drive.

Wow!! It's scary knowing that the "Brotherhood" supported Sweeney, Mendall, Jones and Zermeno. What have these men promised to do to support and protect the Brotherhood?

WE need a new city council and mayor. No more machine weak character politicians that are supported by service unions. Out with Sweeny, Jones, Mendall, Halliday, Zermeni, Peixoto, Salinas they are all such cowards and all losers.

I tel you it makes no diff since the police, fire, teacher unions they run the city council and school board. Is just how is. period. All machine made crooks.

Believe "brotherhood" reference is just a figure of speech and merely a reference to all union members.

This conversation is interesting. It is obviously a problem that police and firefighters don't live in the city. Obviously, is better if the police and firefighters are a part of the community. Can the city makes this a requirement? At least, preference should be given to new hires who already live in Hayward. There should be a minimum.

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