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Corbett Shook Swalwell's Hand; Bill Left Nadia At Home; East Bay Dems Gossiped

Prelude to 2014: Rep. Eric Swalwell and State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett greet each other Mar. 21 at the Eden Area United Democratic Campaign St. Patrick's Day dinner in Hayward.
PHOTO/Shane Bond
ALAMEDA COUNTY//DEMOCRATS | The Eden Area United Democratic Campaign St. Patrick's Day dinner served as the backdrop for the first encounter between congressional opponents that will likely be best remembered for the limp corned beef and cabbage served. Despite the event being set closer to Easter than St. Patrick's day it didn’t matter because while the Irish fare lacked seasoning so did the first encounter between Rep. Eric Swalwell and his likely 2014 opponent in the 15th Congressional District, State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett.

Little occurred as Corbett introduced Swalwell, admittedly 30 minutes late for the function that put her in the position of stalling the crowd after Assemblyman Rob Bonta energetically bounced onto the stage, gave a few impromptu words and leaped away. San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy, trying to show his liberal cred, walked around with an Obama ball cap atop his curly Irish fro.

“Thank you for the filibuster,” said Swalwell upon his arrival. The young Tri-Valley Democrat curiously jumped straight into a campaign speech heard many times the past six months that now includes his short list of accomplishments on Capitol Hill. Swalwell’s ability to swoon Democrats on “this side of the hill” is crucial to re-election. The perceived more liberal side of the district looks warily at what kind of Democrat Swalwell really strives to be. However, with that in mind, the inclusion in his stump speech of working in a bipartisan manner, was curious and potentially a glimpse into his mind on political cruise control. In fact, this group of hardcore Democrats does not think working in a bipartisan way is possible with an uncompromising GOP and wholly distasteful to deal with the orange-tinged android named Rep. John Boehner.

Swalwell talks to Hayward Democrats Mar. 21. PHOTO/Shane Bond
Among the chatty and catty Alameda County Democrats last Thursday there was some talk of The Citizen's interview with Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) who said he be "open" to supporting a challenger for Swalwell if the moderate didn't join the Progressives. Even though Ellison scrambled to soften the edge of the comments last week (he called Swalwell “a friend”) the sentiment by such a high-profile progressive seemed to harden already deep skepticism over Swalwell’s Progressive credentials.One Democrat told The Citizen Ellison’s words could be a boon for Corbett to win over potential donors looking to fund the more liberal candidate.

After the group of speeches (State Treasurer Bill Lockyer was also in attendance and, no, Nadia was not there) Corbett and Swalwell could be seen chatting with Democrats in two spheres which never seem to have crossed orbits. While most have known Corbett for years from her time as San Leandro mayor to representing the area in the State Legislature since 1998, Swalwell’s demeanor looked stuffy and unsure. In addition, he now travels in these parts, at least, with a posse of Tri-Valley acolytes who seem to wear their tighty-whiteys a size or two too small. On numerous occasions, a few appeared to feign interest in the constituent’s comments to Swalwell, while casting a sharp eye on whom may be plotting to ambush him with an unscripted question.

In short, there was mushy corned beef eaten by Democrats four days after St. Patrick’s Day in a musty hall near a shuttered Banchero’s Restaurant. Corbett and Swalwell shook hands, Bill left Nadia at home and whole bunch of bitchy Democrats furnished me with loads of gossip totally unrelated to the race for congress two years hence, yet all together pertinent to their own designs for knocking down political rivals a peg or two or maybe even three. This is how we roll in the East Bay.


Loads of gossip? Come on Steve...give us the goods! ;)

By MW:

So Bill Lockyer did not bring Nadia with him to the dinner!!!

To be perfectly suspicious about it, quite likely she was back on drugs, and therefore in one of her mentally retarded trances in which even the softball comments and questions from even a friendly group of her fellow Democrats would have overwhelmed her and left her unable to properly respond.

In such a case it certainly would have been best that Nadia stay hidden at home, and rather than out in public, and especially since evidently the media was at the dinner.

Swalwell was at the Castro Valley Lions Club St. Patricks dinner; he showed up casually, shook a few hands, gave his campaign speech about being a Congressional towel boy and then...left.

Probably had to fly back to D.C. before flying back home...what happened to spending most of his time at home?

Our boy is doing just fine. Thank you very much.

Sounds like that dinner was held at Carpenters Hall behind Banchero's.

Just wondering but did anyone talk about what has happened to the careers of 40 year old carpenters who used to work in residential construction.
Are they still getting work, or have they been replaced under our new more open system of worker substitution.

If a common carpenter can't make a living, what does it say about how our Democratic legislators are fighing for the long time local resident working man?

Or have those workers lost out to the need for coalition politics?
Actually I think that entire topic is something that is verboten to discuss in progressive party circles. The orphan behind the curtain.

Don't imagine many members of the carpenters union were schmoozing with the political insider crowd.
Thinking they haven't seen much consideration for their workplace environment for a couple decades.

To the first commenter. I'm just whetting your appetite. Keep reading. Maybe March Madness isn't only for college basketball

Anon March 26, 2013 at 7:35 PM,

I'm a strong progressive and local Democratic Party leader, and I'm totally willing to take on your topics here.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors and local City Councils, almost all of which are dominated by Democrats, frequently support Project Labor Agreements and other policies which not only protect decent compensation and working conditions for carpenters and other construction workers, but also bring in public sector building projects on time and under budget.

Job opportunities for construction workers and many others were destroyed by the financial markets dive of 2008 and the related collapse of the housing market. Local Democrats fought against most of the deregulatory policies which brought on those crashes.

Look at the job prospects for residents in the East Bay in comparison to the Central Valley areas dominated by Republicans. Compare the current unemployment rates and livability of Alameda and Fresno Counties, for example, and tell me how Dem Party-supported "coalition politics" are responsible for the unemployed carpenter in Hayward.

Did you watch the California Legislature in the last decade? There were no coalitions between Democrats and Republicans at all. The GOP Caucus was completely intransigent, completely fine with preventing California carpenters from helping repair our crumbling infrastructure, all in the name of keeping taxes as low as possible for the megarich and corporations while the Republican-controlled Federal government of the early 2000's reduced taxes even more, depriving our State of even more revenue.

Democrats have held the majorities in the State Legislature in recent years, but they have not had the power to execute their agenda until the current Legislative session, when they hold the 2/3rd majorities and the Governorship which are needed in the post-Prop 13 world.

Any gosip about Banchero's? Still would like to get hold of the recipes they used.

My family still loves, loves, loves Ellen Corbett.

Was Steve Cassidy wearing a wig? Please clarify. ;)

I love how folks refer to swalwell as "our boy"... you got the boy part right. kid is a little beeyotch.

Who cares about Cassidy and what he wears. Larrry Fine look a like. One term mayor.

You're an idiot. Oh but wait, you admit to being a progressive.

It looks like Corbett was trying to steal Eric's watch and ring. What a lush. It's quite hypocritical for the pro-homosexual marriage and pro-abortion crowd to have dinner honoring a Roman Catholic Saint. But, then stupidity is inate with Democrats.

Here we go again from the extremists who voted for Swallwell. The Republican, Tea Party, sexist, white male group who feel insignificant. Ellen will beat Eric like a drum in 2014 and then you can start your whining and crying. LMAO

Sorry loser, but it is the bent wristed, fey, metro sexuals who feel insignificant. So why don't you go find Ellen and cry on her shoulder. Her fatass will be finished if she tries to run against Swalwell. Why would the people who kicked out the senile Stark want to put the incompetent Irish lush Corbett there?

By MW:

Since this article includes a reference to Bill Lockyer, some people might remember what he wanted to do a few years ago to certain whistleblowers who had complained that the then recent repairs on a major Bay area bridge were seriously defective, and especially after a contractor produced paperwork "proving" that the whistleblowers' complaints were supposedly without merit.

Well now it is being reported that some fairly recently installed bolts on the Bay Bridge are seriously defective, and in fact some have even snapped in the process of being installed. So therefore I hope that the contractors involved in the bridge repairs have provided money to Bill Lockyer and/or his associates, and so that way no one will go to prison for murder if in a future earthquake many people are killed due to defects in the bridge.

In fact when items in regard to the erraticness of Nadia first began to come out, Bill then "informed" us that Nadia's only defect was that sometimes she took one drink too many. More specifically, he continued to try to cover up the fact that she, in other words the candidate he had arranged to have put on the AC Board of Supervisors, was actually a world class nitwit and also an extreme and totally out of control drug addict.

And yet Bill Lockyer is the guy that we have repeatedly entrusted in all sorts of major positions, and including Treasurer of the state of California, and perhaps soon to also be our State Controller. In other words if we vote for Bill Lockyer even for dagcatcher, then we the voters are even more extreme idiots than Nadia is.

Bill Lockyer is an incompetent, lisp talking low-life. This sham marriage to that junkie was only to kiss up to the welfare leeches amongst his base who questioned his manhood. He needs to go, and go away. He's done enough damage to not only California but the entire nation. He's a dirtbag right to the core.

A lot of the people who blog on this ebcitizen seem like they have to put others down to make themselves feel better. Is that the only way you can make a point? Are you so insecure that you can't have an intelligent conversation? Steve you really should do away with anonymous postings. I would start using my real name again if you forced everyone to do the same. It would probably eliminate some of the more extreme statements from all the brave ultra conservative bloggers who prevent any meaningful dialogue.

I agree with the poster above and that's why I will be voting for Ellen. When you have such extreme followers, like Eric does, it scares me, and stops me from supporting who the extremists support.

Ellen in Washington D.C. scares me, which is why I'm voting for Eric.

Ellen is moderate on fiscal matters, but progressive on social issues and that represents most of the voters in our Congressional District, which is why I will be joining my wife in voting for Ellen.

If you're joining your wife in voting for Ellen, the only reason is because you're an emasculate, hen pecked husband who left your manhood in your wife's purse. Grow some balls, put on the pants and be the MAN in your marriage.

I think the reference was to the other wife. There will be two wives voting for Ellen.

Such discrimination!

The blogger at 12:14 and others of his ilk will be the reason Erik loses. There are too many pig-headed males in congress and not enough females. That's why nothing gets accomplished. I hope I live long enough to see at least 50% of Congress be female. Maybe instead of fighting all the time, there may actually be compromises! Then and only then will Congress function appropriately. Ellen Corbett=female power. Run Ellen--we love you. A female voter

Yeah, all we need is more Ellen Corbett's in Congress then the Trial Lawyers can be unleased to sue everyone at will, overemotional airheads will cry fake tears on camera to get their way. Only an elderly, overweight loud mouthed woman would support Ellen.

Anon above --do you really need to put someone down to make a point. Are you an adult or a high school student? You must be a very insecure person. You are certainly a male, because females don't do that. You are also proving the point that more females are need in the House of Representatives and costing Eric votes. I definitely agree with anon 9:36.

Females don't call names? Sure sister, I believe that. Just Like I believe that Ellen is intelligent.

I too believe Ellen Corbett is intelligent and that's why she will win. She is far superior to most of the posters on this blog. She ran one of the best campaigns ever when she won her 1st term in the Senate. BTW I am an independent and a male and I too believe we need more females in Congress because they try and find a win-win solution instead of being so hard-headed an stubborn. Yes I'm generalizing but I think even you know I'm probably right in most cases.

Oh yeah, Ellen isn't stubborn? She's an over emotional airhead who wants to create a law for everything she finds "unfair". She's a loon and will lose for sure.

Don't bet your house on that because you will lose, just like Eric. BTW can't you make a point without calling people names. Very intelligent.

A lot more intelligent and creative than Ellen The Weeper Corbett.

I can tell by your postings you are not more intelligent than Ellen, you are maybe more intelligent than Eric though if you are his friend or staffer.

Really getting tired of the Ellen 'Whorbett' reference.

PLEASE keep remarks polite, refrain from demeaning comments even if true. Enough is enough!

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