Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rep. Keith Ellison Says He May Help Replace Swalwell In 2014 If He Doesn’t Join Progressives

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.)
CONGRESS | Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison told attendees at a fundraiser in Oakland this past Saturday he and other progressives will be surveying California to potentially fund candidates or incumbents via the Progressive Action PAC to help bolster Democrat's numbers in 2014. Swalwell will likely be pushed by Progressives to join them and if he does not he may face opposition in the liberal wing of his own party to replace him.

Swalwell’s victory last November cost the Progressive Caucus a staunch liberal in Pete Stark, and Ellison hopes to fill the lost seat with another one. “We will lean on him [Swalwell] to do progressive stuff and make him declare to be on our side,” Ellison told The Citizen, but added that if Swalwell doesn’t play well with the progressives then he is open to replacing him. Ellison said he didn't have anyone in mind that he would like to see run against Swalwell but Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett will be Swalwell's likely challenger in 2014. Furthermore, no specifics were given about who the Progressives would support for Congress in California. In addition, Republican House seats in California and abroad will be prime targets for Progressives, said Ellison. Half of the House seats lost by the GOP majority last year came in California.

Ellison is the co-chair of the Progressive Caucus and local Rep. Barbara Lee, is the caucus’s whip. In addition, South Bay Progressive Rep. Mike Honda, who may be facing a younger re-election challenger in Ro Khanna in 2014, is the vice chair.

Rep. Eric Swalwell
But between the two staunch East Bay progressives lies freshman Swalwell, who thus far has not joined the progressive caucus and whose stances on issues reflect a moderate blue dog. Swalwell was backed by former Blue Dog Caucus member and former Rep. Ellen Tauscher. Shortly after, Tauscher’s congressional ally, Rep. Steny Hoyer, appointed Swalwell as an assistant whip. Hoyer and his congressional allies have been known to split with Progressives on entitlement cuts. While Hoyer has been willing to leave entitlement cuts on the table, like Social Security and Medicare, Progressive Caucus members like Lee and Ellison have pledged to never back such cuts.

Most of the fundraiser event was Ellison discussing progressive politics, the importance of grassroots organization and his history as a young American disillusioned with politics until he came to believe that change could be made through public service. Ellison was the first Muslim to be elected to office in 2006 and his district borders with Rep. Michele Bachman’s district who falsely linked Ellison to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison also won plaudits from Progressives two weeks ago while appearing on Fox News commentator Sean Hannity's show, when he called the host, "the worst excuse for a journalist I've ever seen."

Shane Bond is an East Bay Citizen contributor.  


Can't wait to see Swalwell piss his pants when Ellison finds out how many people of color Swalwell sent up the river as deputy DA.

Welcome to the real world outside of Dublin, Eric. You've just been put on notice by the co-chair of the Progressive Caucus.

"Ellison told The Citizen, but added that if Swalwell doesn’t play well with the progressives then he is open to replacing him."

Looks like Swalwell is gonna catch another lucky break when these self described "progressives" try to label him as not being "progressive" enough. That leaves 75% of the electorate feeling closer to Swalwell than to the Barbara Lee/ Berkeley crowd.

They just can't see it. They get in a gathering, patting each other on the back, whipping themselves up into a frenzy, then make some idiotic statements.

Oh yeah, Oakland and Berkeley are JUST like Castro Valley, Fremont, Dublin, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Livermore, Union City and Hayward...

Go ahead Ellen, fight for that progressive endorsement.

the campaign is starting early-can't win for losing-more than likely swalwell is a one termer- tony santos

But how do we know its the real Tony Santos and not the impersonator?

F--k off, Ellison. You and your imam can go pray--far, far away.

This asshole didn't do shit to help Swalwell get elected and now he thinks he's G-d, I mean Allah. Not in this lifetime.

Ellison couldn't think straight, even if his head wasn't up his ass.

Bring it on in 2014!

Anonymous 9:05 must be a white male conservative who knows Swalwell will get beat by a smart powerful woman in 2014. If it's not true, why else would he get so upset? LOL

Ellison, why don't you stay in Minnesota, we don't need you. Swalwell is doing a pretty good job. He knows how to listen to his constituents and is respectful, something which Stark lacked.
Sounds like more dirty politics! Glad I don't live in Minnesota. Ellison find somthing else to do with your time.
This is why Stark lost. People are tired of the same old shit. Corbett on her way out too.

Ellison, there a saying "if every one thinks the same, than no one is thinking."
Swalwell in young, new, courteous, ambitious, smart and a welcomed change.
Ellison, worry about Minnnesota!!
Stark lost, voters made that happen. His time had come and gone. Ellison, get over it!!

Ellen wins handily every time she runs. Watch out Swallwell lovers--he's toast

The term progressive as it pertains to one's political values is a term often used in this blog. Can someone please give me examples of what a "progressive" wants this country to look like. What does a progressive believe in? To me Ellison comes across as a big government can solve all your problems kind of guy. Please educate me.

Look up the words progressive/liberal/moderate and regressive/conservative/extreme in the dictionary.

Decide for yourself which you want to be--I've made up my mind.

Anonymous March 14th 11:07,

Anonymous 9:07 is a racist, ignorant white male conservative. Fixed that for you.

As for Ellison, he's a national leader of the House Progressive Caucus. He want's to build his Caucus' power; that's why he came to California last week. The TEA Party Congressional Caucuses also travel around the country, trying to gain new TEA Party members in the House and Senate. ALEC, The Family Research Council, the Club For Growth, the NRA and other radical, obscenely well-funded conservative organizations are trying to push policy to the radical right every single day.

Take a look at Texas' new Senator, Ted Cruz, for evidence of this. This guy is McCarthy reincarnated: a radical Randian who uses misinformation and vile lies targeting others, even his colleagues, as his preferred methods of rhetoric. In every way, he is the perfect Senator for the TEA Party movement and the organizations which provide the astroturf funds for it.

It's simply unacceptable for a Blue Dog Dem to represent AD 15. Swalwell has time to perform in a way which fits his overwhelmingly Democratic District, but that's the point. Ellison and his Caucus wants to influence Swalwell's actions. It would be political malpractice to avoid using the tools avaliable, particularly since "moderate" and more conserative powers who want to shred Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and many other vital programs are trying to influence Swalwell with some of the same tools. In fact, the statements from more conservative commenters on this very thread are just a different method of trying to influence Swalwell.

Fortunately for the pursuit of good public policy, Ellison has much more power than all of us on this blog combined.

5:00 PM....

I repeat, thank God for the "top two" system we now have in place. No longer will extreme candidates have such a easy ride in November.

Too bad it isn't in place all across the nation.

Betting next article written by Shane Bond is a retraction sure to be requested by Congressman Ellison.

Whole article sounds like it was written by "Anonymous March 15, 2013 at 12:27 PM" -- no direct quotes indicating Ellison brought up Swalwell absent no doubt biased questioning by a biased ebcitizen.com reporter.

Check this out -- http://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/pacgot.php?cmte=C00513176&cycle=2012 -- Ellison's Progressive Action PAC donates to Democrats running against Republicans. No way the waste a dime on a safe Democratic seat.

Wish as Shane might, no members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will come to the rescue of Ellen, who can't even set up a working website . . . corbettforcongress2014.com looks like it was created by the same person who did Pete Stark's oppo research.

Not so fast. Don't forget about Ro Kanna http://www.rokhanna.com/

Love love love Swalwell!! Corbett is done. As a female voter I believe it's time for Ellen to find a real job. She's done NOTHING, but we will hear from her when she wants money and endorsements, just like she always does. Bye bye Ellen.

Corbett has no one to blame but herself, she could and should have run against Stark. People were tired of this man ALWAYS being rude and obnoxious to his constituents. I saw him do this to people many times and I was embarrassed for him. Stark became a mean and grumpy old man. Ellen should have had the smarts to see it was time for him to go.

Congressman Swalwell, has a good ring to it, got where he is with no help from elitist left-wing, Labor whores. If he doesn't screw up by moving over to the whores' camp, then he'll be back again.

Ellen Corbett, Keith 'Allah' Ellison, and the other extremists can then continue thinking with their heads up their asses. Nothing new there.

Praised be moderate, pro-death penalty Democrats!

Anon 3/16 1:26,

You'll be horrified to hear that Swalwell has held good, solid pro-Labor positions in Congress so far. He recently hosted a Labor gathering in Hayward with more than a dozen Locals in the room, and had Rep. George Miller at the event with him. Eric thanked Miller for showing him the ropes in D.C. and for being a House member who he could count on for good advice.

Whoops, guess it's time for you to get out there with petitions to run a recall campaign against the whoremonger, right?

If he sways too far, he'll be gone. Bottom line, is that there will be no return to the days of Fortney or the extreme lefties of the OLD district.

Also, you need to learn, sonny/daughter, there are no recalls against members of congress.

What has Corbett done?????? NOTHING ever!!! Just spends money. Bought expensive furniture. Drives and repaired CARS at tax payers expense(more than one car) got away with this for years. Uses staff as if they were her servents.
Always asks for a hand out when running for office, but NEVER gives a dime when asked for her support. Attends some functions, if she's given her tickets and if it's around election time.
Doesn't attend meetings, but still gets paid!!
Travels at tax payers expense and the list goes on!! Who wouldn't love all the perks?
No courage to run against Stark. Ellen your done!

Wake up, Swalwell beat Stark. Voters made that happen. Voters are tired of not being respected.

Love Ellen, and my family will vote for her. Bye Bye Swalwell! Bye Bye Tea Party!

Swalwell will be defeated in 2014 by Ellen Corbett. Must be really hard to take if you are a white male conservative!

Ellen Corbett will get her fat ass handed to her on a platter. She no longer has the dummies in San Leandro to vote blindly for her. Swalwell isn't perfect but he's a hell of lot better than some San Leandro Airhead.

Aqui! Aqui!

Ellen needs to get a REAL job, stand by her man, and bake some G-d damn cookies!

Thanks 12:24am, this female San Leandro voter agrees. Ellen really hasn't done much. Not all women voters will support her or continue to support her. Her track record is not good. Sorry Ellen, but it's true.
Stark was replaced by voters and Ellen can be replaced too.

We can almost sense the fact that the above anonymous bloggers are scared that Ellen will trounce Eric in 2014 by the crude and sexist tone of their remarks.
She has NEVER lost a race and remember most of the new District voters have voted for her in large numbers before. lol, lol, lol

I agree with the 2:03 post--If you have to make sexist remarks or call people names, you have already lost.

Anon March 16, 2013 at 5:23 PM,

Yes, I know House members aren't subject to recall- I was being sarcastic in response to some pretty bombastic statements.

A question for you: the assertions of those who hate the Labor and liberal movements are very undefined when it comes to policy. What, exactly, would be the sorts of things Eric could do in Congress which you would call going "too far"?

Anon, 5:23, let me take this one.

If Swalwell jumps aboard the giving the illegals amnesty--as he is skating around saying at the moment--bandwagon, and if he decides to do most of labor's bidding when it goes against the greater good [remember, they are absolutely a special interest], then these would be two very defining issues.

As far as this moderate Democrat is concerned, the jury is still out. Swalwell has time to continue to pick his issues, and fights. IF he goes the Keith Ellison route and starts to cowtow to the ultra leftists, then all bets are off.

Frankly, I don't think he will be a disappointment from my perspective. Pretty hard to be any worse than ol' Pete.

Bottom line: time will tell.

By the way, I do think Corbett should learn to bake; certainly couldn't hurt her any. I happen to know that state senator Jerry Hill bakes, too.

For all you jackass Ellen kissers, she LOST her frist race for City Council to....Linda Perry. Now go put that in your hash pipe and smoke it. Corbett will be trounced by Swalwell, plain and simple.

I agree with anon 2:16 The more you swear and bluster means you must feel Ellen is a real threat to Eric. If you are one of his staffers you are not helping his cause. If you graduated from high school, you should be able to get your point across in an appropriate way. You sound like an extremist to me. I know many in our area wanted Ellen to run last time, and we will vote for her in the congressional race. You may vote for whoever you want, but you're hurting your candidate when you call people names. Go Ellen---We Love You

Amen to the above 10:05. I live in the District and will vote for Ellen because of some of the crass comments from Eric's staffers and followers.

and from a earlier "tony santos"

March 14, 2013 at 7:19 PM Reply the campaign is starting early-can't win for losing-more than likely swalwell is a one termer- tony santos

Whats My Line--- Will the real Tony Santos please stand up----
(I realize this is probably lost on readers younger than 50 years old... perhaps 60 years old)

Tony has always supported Stark and he did last time to. This is how low Eric's staffers will stoop. This is why my family will vote for Ellen Corbett. We are tired of the name calling, sexist remarks, and outright lies of the Swalwell crowd.

That's not true--he supported Stark--I just talked to him. How low can you go?

I agree with anon 1:50. The more Swallwell supporters swear and bluster and lie means you must feel Ellen is a real threat to Eric. If you are one of his staffers you are not helping his cause. If you graduated from high school, you should be able to get your point across in an appropriate way. Many of Eric's supporters sound like extremists to me. I know many in our area wanted Ellen to run last time, and we will vote for her in the congressional race. People may vote for whoever they want, but you're hurting your candidate when you call people names and outright lie. Go Ellen---We Love You

My husband and I will continue to vote for Ellen and will gladly walk precincts for her. No, we are not staffers. She has helped us with problems in the past and we trust her.

Sometime around Friday, it appears, Swalwell's staff did what they normally do--they began posting phony pro-Swalwell comments. This would be fine if not for their consistent fear of the EBCitizen whenever we show up at his events. They're amateurs and often behave like the press crew for Tea Party officials. For instance, physically blocking and pushing a EBC reporters away from Swalwell. Apprently, they didn't want to discuss issues that were not pre-canned and propgrammed to correspond with Eric's robotic hand gestures. I get the same responses when I attend Tea Party parties at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. Fear of the truth.

All I can say is that if the 'real' Tony Santos did in fact support Stark over Swalwell, then he definitely deserved to lose to Cassidy, and for other reasons, too.

Swalwell has been a good congressman so far.

I hear Eric might join the Progressive Caucus. If Eric joins the progressives, he might have a good chance against Ellen. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. I wish he didn't take so much money from the developers though. I bet the Republicans now regret voting for him. I'll bet the Tea Party is furious.

Former SL Mayor Tony Santos did not make those comments about supporting Swalwell. Nevertheless, Santos doesn't even live in Swalwell's district.

Since Swalwell is a moderate it would be interesting to see him join the Prog Caucus. I'd expect him to join the New Democratic Coalition first though.

Ellen Corbett in 2014 will win because only a small part of the District is new. She won easily for Senate in most of the District.

Ellen Corbett will try, certainly make the runoff, and then come up short. Incumbency and a solid moderate voting record will ensure Swalwell's re-election.

I'm not sure he will have a moderate record. Even if he does don't sell Ellen short. I believe she will win about 55%-45%. It's a lot harder when you are competing against someone who doesn't keep making mistake after mistake. I know a lot of people will vote for Ellen in our area.

Ellen will win just like 'Supervisor' Hayashi!

Hayashi pleaded no contest to a crime! Even you should be able to see a difference.

I'll dumb it down as much as possible for you:

Hayashi was projected to be a real force. Not only did she lose the election, came in THIRD.

Corbett is being inflated as the same. She, too, will lose.

Get it now?

Also, you need to learn basic civics, sonny. No recall mechanism in the Constitution for a member of congress. Take an night school course, or two.

Anonymous 5:09
Do you realize how stupid you sound? I agree with the blogger who said you can't compare Corbett to Hayashi. Get some help--you make NO sense.

Sorry you just can't comprehend easy to understand English.

Wishing for Ellen to have a chance and actually having one are two very different things. The fact that you can't follow a very, very simple analogy is woe to you.

You, too, if indeed someone else than the 'original' poster, need to get some schooling too.

At the end of the day the stupidity of your above comment speaks volumes about you and your lack of education and understanding of civics.

You are indeed to be pitied if not ridiculed, too.

Eric your staffers are costing you votes!

What a disgusting, and prejudiced view to invoke by anyone who doesn't care for Ellen Corbett to be cited as 'Eric's staffers.'

I have never volunteered or worked for either his campaign or in his congressional office, but have been labled as such. Such narrow-mindedness.

Clearly, anyone posting pro or con statements for or against the other will hardly be influenced at all. Democratic party officialdom and organized labor can't stand the fact that not only did Stark lose but that the 'young upstart' bested him.

To date his record is less than spectacular but clearly in line with the district as a whole. What so riles 'East Bay Citizen' and all of his haters is the fact that he won. There is nothing short of becoming a flaming radical leftist that would suffice, and then even that would not satisfy the 'establishment.'

Swalwell ran on his own platform, which got him elected, and if he remains true to it without wide deviation then informed voters who have no chips to on their shoulders will reward him with re-election. If he strays too far, left or right, then all bets are off.

I really wish you Eric bashers and Ellen cheerleaders would take a lesson from this moderate Democratic Hayward grandmother and use your time and this forum for posting constructive comments that don't antagonize and defame anyone with whom you might not agree.

It's mostly Eric followers who have been doing the bashing, calling people names, and making sexist remarks. I'm a female Ellen supporter who lives in the District and consider myself a moderate voter politically. I can assure you my family will be voting for Ellen partially because of Eric's Tea Party supporters and the extreme comments of the conservatives who feel they have to use profanity to get their point across.

I agree with the post above. If you go back through the comments, you will see that 9:25 is correct. It will show that most of the nasty comments were from Eric supporters, and thats why my wife and I will be voting for Ellen Corbett. You are the company you keep.

What an ignorant statement, "can't wait for Swalwell to piss his pants when Ellison finds out how many people of color he sent up the river...."

Swalwell was a prosecutor, as an FYI, that's the person who represents the citizens, you know -victims of crimes. Swalwell prosecuted murderers. Make your dumb ass comments to the families of the victims and see if they care about the bad guy being sent up the river.... Also, I can assure you that Ellison (who you make out to be the new messiah) would distance himself in a heartbeat from anyone making such a statement. By the way who is Ellison?

It is obvious you are easily influenced by others. And amazingly by those you don't even know.... It is certainly a sign of weakness and easier to criticize those who have the balls to take on the verbal cancers of this Country.

Ellen Corbett.. How easy we forget, like Stark, she too has a poor voting (attendance)record.

Ethics: Recently Corbett had over a $1,000 worth of work done on her state owned vehicle (paid for by taxpayers)just weeks before she took advantage of the option to purchase at a well below blue book price.

During the first and only debate, Stark was the first to speak and immediately stated that Swalwell had taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers as a City councilman for Dublin.

Stark's remarks were indicative of old school politicians. In other words, plant the seed and create doubt in the mind of the voter. And to follow the course set by the old regime he would apologize when challenged by the media.

Unfortunately to some, Stark's comments did what they were meant to do, "create concern about the opponents integrity".

In the end Stark was exposed. He did not live in his district. Instead, he lives on 6 1/2 acres of waterfront property in Maryland. He would stay with his in-laws ( wife is 38 years younger) in San Lorenzo when he did come to the district, which was seldom.

Swalwell questioned Stark's ethics when it was learned that he collects Social Security for his 3 minor children (11 year old twins, and a 16 year old). Stark who is 81 claimed that he is entitled to collect Social Security (since retirement age 62.), and that because SS states if you are at the retirement age and have minor children, you are eligible for financial benefits (monthly)for each child. The actual monthly amount he collects for the children is unknown, however, the minimum according to SS is $605.00 per child...

Swalwell believes that changes should be made to the SS system which would limit the monetary benefits for children of multi-millionaires. Stark's estimated worth is over 27 million.

My 85 year old mother receives $300 a month

As for the developer issue, Swalwell was not on the council when talks first began. In fact one developer had been working with the City since 1996. And lets not forget that there are five people on the Dublin City Council. Swalwell as the junior member at the time would have had little influence, if any, over the other members.

Your commitment to Corbett is respected, however, she was going to wait until Stark retired in 2014 before running. In view of this, why would she want to wait another 2 years and allow Stark to continue with his obnoxious behavior, an ongoing blatant disrespect towards constituents, a poor attendance record in Congress, knowing full well Stark did not live in his district, was non-productive (last submitted bill was in 1996), called a woman a whore, told an African American he was a disgrace to his race, and slammed another member of Congress about his family. Why would you want to let this person continue for another 2 years. Did Corbett believe she would be a shoe-in?

It was Swalwell's familiarity with Stark's poor record of Congressional service (Corbett was well aware long before Swalwell) which was highlighted by his lack of attendance at a meeting in which Swalwell attended in D.C.. Needless to say, Swalwell was not impressed with Stark. Swalwell believed it to be more important to address the Stark issue in 2012. Not wait until 2014.

One other note: Corbett bought her "government vehicle at a significant discount after making repairs at taxpayers'" expense. In Corbett's case the repairs cost $2,037. Repairs included a 55 point inspection, and GPS update.

The story about "lawmakers taking advantage of car perks" appeared in the December 6, 2012 edition of the "Bay Area News Group".

In another year and a half, Corbett can join ol' Stark in the rocker on the porch. He'll make the lemonade and she can bake the cookies.

They can pass the time bull sh--ing like other old timers.

At 2:21, the League of Women Voter's forum was not the first debate. It was the Hayward Demos that had no coverage from major media outlets. Only EBCitizen and The Pioneer had something on it. You can read about that here.


Look at Swallwell's campaign financial records--he took money from the developers. The record speaks for itself and was reported by Swallwell. So much for your lies trying to cover that up. It's these type of tactics from his supporters that makes me want to vote for Ellen Corbett.

Swallwell also took money from Republicans and the Tea Party supporters- that is why we will be voting for Corbett.

No. You'll be voting for Corbett because there is nothing Congressman Swalwell could do curry your favor. You were a stooge for Fortney and you'll be there for Corbett.

At least Rep. Swalwell knows how to bake!

Another sexist comment from a Swalwell supporter, and that's why Ellen Corbett will get my vote, and I predict, the majority of female votes in the District.

Hey, if Swalwell does know how to bake, that's bonus points for him. Why should it just be that women are bakers.

What a sexist statement from a radical sexist in the comment before. Ellen will get your vote since you live in the same household!

According to the local paper Swalwell can't even reply to his constituents until 2 months after they've written him.

What's the matter staffers? Too busy feeding your fat asses to jump on a computer and type out a response. Or too busy partying up with your tea party backers?

Birds of a feather...

I think Ellen should have this in the bag unless one of Stark's old staff come out swinging....

I agree. Bag'lady' Ellen needs to learn to bake before she's anywhere near ready for the big leagues.

Can you repeat after me?: CONGRESSMAN Eric Swalwell, our distinguished and intelligent representative--whether you like him or not, jerk!!!!!

Hey anon 12:21 and 4:56
I didn't vote for Stark but I will vote for Ellen Corbett. When you say at least Swalwell knows how to bake, you were implying Ellen didn't. You're a total sexist pig and you know it. With friends like you, Swalwell will lose for sure. Keep on oinking.

Yes, you did vote for Stark. Sorry, schmuck, but not one of the rants on this or any other site will make an iota of difference as to who one will support more than a year from now.

Be sure to tell that to Ellen as she bites her nails during those long nights ahead. Back to your trough.

ANON above-I hope people like you will keep supporting Swallwell. Sexist pigs and tea baggers will definitely cost Swallwell the election-Yea Ellen Corbett

Why don't YOU learn to bake!

Ellen couldn't box her way out of a paper bag.

Anonymous 2:04--grow up and quit acting like a child. Anonymous 12:44 was right. You are a sexist. If you think you are helping Swalwell, you are wrong! I'm a female voter who is undeclared that voted for Eric and is now convinced Ellen Corbett will get my vote in 2014.

And I am a pro-Swalwell 64 year old feminist grandmother. Try not living in a glass house before you cast stones.

How dare you call me sexist, you simpleton!

Anon above--you are not a feminist and you are a sexist--and you are a LIAR!

Looks like we have discovered that the male poser at 11:21 has a temper. Back to Placer with you!

I'm a senior female. I am a moderate that's registered declined to state. I know a sexist when I read one. No feminist would use the words you do. I did vote for Eric but will vote for Ellen Corbett this time and I believe most women will.

Swallwell has surrounded himself with the Tea Party conservatives, mostly sexist republican males. He will lose because those of us who live in the District love Ellen Corbett and she has helped many of us as State Senator.

My family and I will be voting for Eric in the election--more than a year and a half from now!

He will still lose to Ellen Corbett in 2014 and it won't be close!

Only place he'll lose is in your dreams!!

You truly are a pathetic creature.

Of course Ellen knows how to bake. Look at that fat, bloated ass on her. She didn't get that huge butt by eating yogurt. Look, Ellen's only support is amongst the loser Left; hippies, drug addicts, illegal aliens, lazy government workers and wannabe government workers like Steve Tavares. She'll lose big time. And there's nothing you pot smokers can do except say; "oh we'll run Nadia next time"

Ellen doesn't have the airhead elderly woman vote of San Leandro anymore. The Linda Perry crowd can't help you fat ass. Find a real job, you overemotional airhead with bad hair, poor make-up and a propensity to cry at the drop of spilled milk.

While I don't support Ms. Corbett, this over the top vitriol must stop. It does no good for either 'side.'

Here! Here! My wife and I voted for Eric last time, but because of the tone of the people who support him, we will be voting for Ellen in the next election. We don't like people who the extremists support. You ARE judged by the friends you have.

To the poster above, I would caution that the Corbett people have been no less vocal and just as antagonistic as the Swalwell forces.

As for being judged by one's company, that might be a disqualification for EVERYONE on this site.

Food for thought.

Go through this stream of posts and you will see most of the extremists, swearing, sexist remarks have been from Swallwell supporters, and that's why many of us will be supporting Ellen in 2014. Plus many of us feel that we need more women in Congress because of the stubbornness of both sides. Women seem to be able to compromise more and work toward solutions instead of calling people names.

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