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San Leandro Councilwoman To Run For Alameda County School Superintendent

San Leandro Councilmember Ursula Reed
SAN LEANDRO | Two-term San Leandro Councilwoman Ursula Reed says she intends to run for Alameda County superintendent of schools in 2014.

The current holder of the seat since 1999, Sheila Jordan, is eyeing retirement in two years, making Reed the first potential candidate to replace her.

Reed, who won election to the District 2 San Leandro council seat in 2008, won a tight three-way race for re-election last November over San Leandro school trustee Morgan Mack-Rose decided by ranked choice voting. If elected next year, Reed would only serve half of her second term in office. She says running another office so soon after winning re-election shouldn’t rankle constituents. Instead, they should view it as an opportunity for their children.

“Right now I’m a full-time educator and a full-time politician, so I have to split my life two ways—city and schools,” says Reed, who believes the superintendent job is best suited to her resume. And when it comes to her consituents, she won't forget where she comes from, she says. “Not only would it make sense for all the kids in Alameda County, but because I have a preference and special allegiance to San Leandro, it could only help the students of San Leandro.”

Sheila Jordan
In addition to her stint on the San Leandro City Council, Reed has been an educator for 27 years, serving as principal of Markham Elementary School and vice principal at Bret Harte Middle School, both in Hayward. She also served a number of different positions at the Oakland Unified School District, including human resources, labor relations and student services.

“I’ve been in education this whole time,” says Reed, who insists she was not thinking of running while Sheila Jordan is seated in the superintendent’s office. Reed says she was first approached by some community groups in Hayward who urged her to contemplate a run for county superintendent of schools. However, in the past few months, Jordan has been rumored to be angling to groom a number of protégé to replace her in 2014.

Running a county-wide race is different and quite costly as opposed to the council races Reed has run in the past and less focused on blanketing the entire county in mailers. Reed says she has tabbed noted East Bay political consultant Doug Linney to run her campaign. Linney, viewed as one of the rising stars in campaign consulting helped Alameda County Superior Court Judge Tara Flanagan win her election to the bench last June without the need of a November runoff.


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I have known Ms. Reed for almost 20 years. She was a bad administrator then and still is. Her way of handling special needs students is to have them taken off on a 5150 when they are only 9 years old!
She has no empathy or compassion unless it serves her own purpose. I hope people will look into her history in education in this county.

She was just fired from HUSD as HR director. She was the worst director I ever worked under. Just plain awful. This the same person that was begging for her job back from HUSD. Now she wants to be county sup oh mine...we are in hell.

I don't know much about Ms. Reed, but it looks like she knows how to win elections and has an excellent consultant.

Based on the comments above she would be in good company and continue the legacy of self serving corruption.

There are hundreds of educators in Alameda County who have more "educator" credentials than Ursula Reed.

So why should she be put into the very top spot of the County Schools?
Is it only because she is political, or more skilled in running for office, a skill most educators never have to develope in their field.

Hardly seems that the best choice to administer the schools should be chosen because they have experience being a politician.

It is not to be overlooked that a strong motivation for running is that a person in the STRS pension plan can DOUBLE their pension by winning just one term in office as county Superintendent.

I don't follow San Leandro politics. Is she a top leader? What about her experience in the Hayward schools?
Was she really "let go" (fired?).
If so, why?
How many people did she lead in that position.
Five or six? or hundreds as would be the case as county superintendent.

Please, lets not make this important choice of education leadership based on the fact that one person has political skills and can hire a top campaign manager.

Yes she was "let go" or "non re-elected" or fired, and yes she did beg for her job back. It was not the first time that HUSD dismissed her. Being dismissed will not look good during a campaign..questions will come up.

Corruption with dumb people strikes again. Reed should have never been rehired at the Hayward district.

Sounds like Mac-Rose posted above comments. You lost Mac-Rose, get over it. Voters wise to you. Spend time with your boyfriend.

I believe Ursula is a good person and takes the time to listen to the community; she is unlike most typical politicians, which will sit on the fence unlikely to take a position in order to try and obtain votes from either side. I have met Ursula at community picnics, a war veteran's memorial, and community meetings and I will tell you Ursula cares about our community and will take a stand to protect it ; we need someone like her to help protect our children and schools.

I fully support Ursula and will let everyone know in my community to vote for her.

We will be in BIG trouble if someone as dumb as Reed gets elected at the county level. If you thought Jordan was stupid, wait until you see in Reed in action. She was a principal to one of my kids years ago and she was the most meanest uncaring person I have ever come across that deals with children.

I hope Ms. Reed is reading these posts. Maybe she will think long and hard about running for the county superintendent position. Maybe she will see that she burned a lot of people in the past and they might come back to haunt her. Karma is a bitch Ms. Reed!

I support Ursula Reed in her campaign. She truly believes that the students come first. She is very caring and wants the best for our students. I believe she listens to both sides and makes the best decision for the kids. Ursula cares about the community. We need someone who cares.

Good Luck to you Ms. Reed!

A few real facts would be useful here.
Is there any public information about her dismissal from her position at at the HUSD?

What is the official term for her being initially let go and then rehired, and then was she let go again? Also, what is the actual name of the position involved and how many staff members ever reported to her in that position?

I'm unclear on this series of episodes and her history with the Oakland and Hayward schools.
Is she currently employed in a school district?
If not, then why not? After all she isn't that old is she? What is her age?

Very few facts here. No timeline of her career.
Perhaps EBCitizen should tell the rest of us Alameda County residents a bit more in-depth information about this aspiring edcucator/politician.

On the San Leandro City Council Ursula Reed consistently IS a fence sitter. She always waits to see which way the wind blows. It's agonizing watching her try and make a decision. That's why she almost became the first Councilwomen to lose her re-election bid. The County needs someone much better than Reed!

As I read these comments, I am disgusted that people would write such misinformation about good people whose main interest is the success of students and their families. I had the opportunity to work under Ms. Reed for several years, and have seen first hand her compassion and desire to help families and her employees. She is the kind of person you need in this kind of position. I can't but believe this is someone trying to sabotage Ms. Reed, maybe because she made them work.

This is so disturbing. I can barely get my thoughts together that in America there are still people who are intimidated by educated, compassionate people of color. I have been fortunate enough to know Ms. Reed professionally and personally and through the years she has never changed her views on the necessities of students.

I formally worked in the same organization with Ursula. I find the negative comments made about her to be not only untrue, but also defamatory. I have only had positive interactions with Ms. Reed both on a professional and personal level

Yep Reed is a professional fence sitter and she was a lousy principal. I can just imagine how lousy she was as HR. Too bad we don't really know why she was let go from Hayward schools. Once a bad apple always a bad apple.

Ms. Reed is a heart warming person who has helped me and others during the time of need. She has a strong will and will assure to do everythong possible to reach her goals but never stepping over anyone. She is a strong woman that has a positve soul and means well for all those around her. I recommend that you have a few words with her to see the real her.

Obviously some negative comments to Ms Reed wrote by Mac-Rose and her pimp Ja boyfriend and some written by the Loser Lacabe couples.

Oh Boy, here we go!

"Anonymous says: March 29, 2013 at 12:32 PM Reply This is so disturbing. I can barely get my thoughts together that in America there are still people who are intimidated by educated, compassionate people of color"

Pardon me for being ignorant, but as one who has no idea about Ms Reed's ethnic background, can you please tell me in exactly which of the above posts you find someone's response indicating they are upset or intiminated by Ms. Reed's identity, racial, religious, or otherwise.

Come on now. Lets have it. A few comments and out of the blue we hear this charge.

Please, show us the sentence in the post that generated such a charge.
Unless I see something, I have to think the person who puts forth such a charge is the one actually interjecting race into this topic.

Come on now, show me that post.

Come to a San Leandro Council meeting and watch Reed in action. You will see her hem and haw on controversial issues trying to appease everyone. If she's ever taken a principled stand on the losing side of an issue, tell us what it was. She always follows and never leads. How will that qualify her for County Superintendent?

Anything pertaining to Councilmember Reed's employment with HUSD would be heard in closed session since it is a personnel issue. She was recently the head of HR at HUSD. That is known. In fact, she took over for the wife of former school board member Jesus Armas.

I've been to a council meeting and I agree with the above statement. She barely beat Mack-Rose in the last election because she is so indecisive.

A few years ago when she was vice-mayor, she hardly showed up at city events. I saw other Council members much more than Ursula. She did show up at events more when running for re-election though. If she didn't have time to be vice-mayor, how will she have time to be Alameda County Superintendent?

Will someone who knows, please inform readers where Ms. Reed is currently employed.
Where and in what capacity, job title?
Number of employees under her direct supervision in her current position?

Apparently she is 48 or 49 so I assume she is not retired.

Nosy Mikey Katz and his Airbag wife are performing the Q & A.

Sorry Pal, I asked the questions at 4:19
I've never met that couple. I asked the questions because not all of us live in San Leandro and know anything about Ms. Reed.

reynoso is running for county superintendent too. he is writing lots of these comments.

I think reynoso writes the stories on ebcitizen

Actually Dr. Reynoso is running for state senate.
Too bad since he would be a good kick ass superintendent to clean up the whole county.

652, Ur social engineering style and questionaire sold you out. You want to know Ms Reed from bloggers... vs. researching from official resources, idiot.

Who's Reynoso, so kick ass, dont know him?

Reynoso is a republican


419 & 652 = same anonymous.
513 never mentioned the couples from San Leandro... you dont know the couples... but you knew they from SL...double idiot.

To point out Reynoso is republican not democratic only the pretend lawyer would do.

Reed is so stupid, she makes Mike Katz look intelligent and Marga brilliant.

Now that we know she was begging for her job back in Hayward does anyone know if she was kicked out of Oakland too?

The undercurrent of most of these comments is that Reid is a stupid BLACK woman, who lacks the intelligence to tie her shoe let alone run a school district. Bet you would all like to see her step and fetch it as she shuffles on back to her lean to and stops trying to be uppity. The Bay Area is one of the most racially driven and misguided areas in the United States.

11:26 and perhaps others, if their are multiple authors, seem to be on a intentional drive to inject RACE into this discussion.
One wonders why? Is there some advantage to run that up the flag pole?

I doubt this is coming from, or welcomed by, Ms. Reed or her close supporters.
Probably just some idiot with a keyboard who likes to stir shit.
Many of us here had no idea what ethic background she had or has. That is why these racial comments seem so absurd.

The only reference I see to racial attacks are the implied attacks from racial defense. Please I challenge you where anyone criticizing the stupidity of Reed mentioned anything of her race.

It seems Reed is pulling the race car. Race card = incompetence

Reynoso is not running for State Senate, and anyone who told you he was is simply trying to cloud issues. If he were to write on this blog he would use his own name...he has nothing to fear by doing so.
Ms. Reed is still employed in HUSD and will be there until the end of the school year; pink slips allow for employees to finish the school year.
I have read all of the above comments and until someone who thought they needed to defend Ms. Reed brought up race there was no mention of it. Is this a ploy to garner sympathy and support for Ms. Reed?????????? If it is well it's a piss poor way to do it.

12:27 You wrote
"Ms. Reed is still employed in HUSD and will be there until the end of the school year; pink slips allow for employees to finish the school year."

Are you suggesting or indicating that she has been given notice, a pink slip, and that come June she will be out of her job?
(not one of those false pink slips that the state requires every year for thousands of teachers, but which are seldom realized or completed)

So, are you saying she has been officially and actually told she is through, terminated, come June?

To most of the people in Alameda County Ursula Reed is an unknown quantity. People deserve to know the good and the bad in a person's history so that they can make up their own minds. To simply rely upon campaign literature is really stupid. The community who knows Ms. Reed needs to share their experiences,both positive and negative so that there is a broad spectrum of information regarding her educational and community history.

I voted for Ursula before but won't be voting for her again, because I don't think she has done a good job as Councilwoman.

I think we need to be aware of the Peter Principle.

The leap in duties and needed skills in going from the San Leandro city council position to one where you need to be in charge of hundreds of professionals is huge.

What in her administrative background has prepared her for such a leap?
Or is it so apparent to anyone that meets her that she is an exceptional leader.
If so, then what is this talk about her being terminated from her current HR post.
How many people were under her direct command in that position?

Anyone have the details on that?

If you listen to the San Leandro City Council meetings you will know she is a follower and NOT a leader. That's why she should not run for county office.

1122 The Lacabes are irrelevant leftovers. At least they tried, too bad. If they looked less constipated, people might like them.

Marga, have some fiber.

More like the Katz' ate all the leftovers.

What do the Katz's have to do with Reed. They are in Gregory's council district. Mike Katz will probably run when Gregory is termed out for Council.

Typical comments from people who indeed consider her race a factor and are trying to keep from appearing racist. They always get overly belligerent and defensive. Can't make a graceful comment.

A graceful comment is not possible for a rotten individual like Ursula Reed and race has nothing to do with it. Some people can be bad regardless of their race.

I think Reed is the one accusing people of being racist. Reed is using the race card.

What do Katz's have to do with anyone they dont even know or hardly know. These two nosy, wanna be celebrity bloggers disrespect and belittle everyone who disagree with them.

All I know is that Reed was so crapy in Oakland Unified and Hayward Unified that she was pushed out of both. She has go to be the dumbest person in education with the meanest streak.

I've attended a few San Leandro Council meetings and Ursula Reed is the weakest on the Council when it comes to making decisions. It's obvious she hasn't read all the material and has a hard time making up her mind on which way to vote. She likes to wait to see how other Council members will vote on controversial decisions and usually then decides to vote with the majority. I agree with the blogger who said she's a follower and never leads.

By MW:

While I am not familiar with Ursula Reed, however the huge differences in the large variety of opinions that have been posted on her have made reading those opinions very entertaining. So to the rest of you readers out there, please keep posting opinions on her.

I am a San Leandro business man and I am NOT impressed with Ms. Reed. She only shows up at chamber events when she is running for office.

San Leandro Chamber and its CEO serve only to the old boys's club like Galvin. What did the Chamber has done for San Leandrans?

San Leandro needs to attract more business to our city and make the new ones feel welcome. The Mayor and Council should be showing up at ribbon cuttings and grand openings of the businesses that come to our city whether they are chamber members or not. They all pay taxes to help our city's budget. If you don't have time for these functions and duties, you won't have time to be county superintendent which includes even more duties.

I will not vote for a fence sitter. But just to be right most all politicians are professional fence sitters they practically all have no spine and the ones that do do not run for public office.

Reed is the poster child for what is wrong with as a politician doing nothing and a fence sitter. No convictions just going along with majority. And that is what I see in San Leandro council meetings.

The ones do not run for public offices yet airbag all day long are cowards and no spine period.

The ones that do instead work on income because public service does not pay the bills.

Firstly, I am NOT Ursula Reed. She's very lovely, though, so I would take that as a compliment. Secondly, I always roll my eyes when someone uses the term "race card". It's usually someone who was indeed using nuanced language to imply a racial bias, but is angry at being caught out and trying to defuse. Having to deal with bigotry is not a card game.

I once attended a diversity training with a trainer from South Africa. She was White. One thing she told us is that "it is always about race."

4:57, Goodness, YOU are as bad as the original accusers, who never came forth with the original posts wherein the supposed racial bias appeared.

So now, YOU come back with a charge based on the first false accusation.

"It's usually someone who was indeed using nuanced language to imply a racial bias, but is angry at being caught out and trying to defuse"

In some ways you are even worse than the original post claiming such activity.

One wonders what a world you live where the absense of evidence is cause to redouble the accusation. Imagine your logic used in other areas of life where a completely innocent person proclaims their innocence.

How do you write such stuff.
(oh yes, my pointing that out will no doubt bring yet another post saying I must be racist due to pointing out your absurd post)

Anyone that would defend their performance by claiming racism must be a racist.

I think Ursula Reed must be the racist. If I remember correctly when she was a principal she was making charges of racism when the district let her go. I am sure she is probably making the same charges again for Oakland Unified and Hayward Unified.

Race is not a shield for stupidity. Reed get a clue.

I have waited years to laugh at Ursula Reed!!!!Thank you all for just giving me the opportunity to laugh has her pompousness.

This is truly the most ignorant tirade I've ever read and it appears to be a few people making all the posts. If you are going to talk negatively about a person, back it up with facts and not generalities.

Agree, as one who knows nothing about the woman, I've not even seen a good post explaining what her current position is and how many people she supervises. Whether she has been terminated as of a certain date.
Just these nutty comments about some racial angle.

Ursula got my vote and many more from many communities across the county.

I voted for reed before but never again.

Reed almost lost her last election and will lose for County sup. She's done very little for our city and almost never shows up at events. BYE BYE REED

Someone who tasted the sour grapes last year and cant get over it.

Has nothing to do with sour grapes. Ms. Reed may do very well on the City Council, but handling the fate of students county wide is a different story. She is not qualified; her employment at HUSD and probably Oakland Unified was due to "who she knew", not her qualifications.

Ursula Reed works as an HR director for HUSD and she was given notice not to return and that is a fact. She was even begging for her job back in public. I saw it when I was there helping a teacher. What is so difficult to understand that this is not a fact. Just like posting above. Anytime people are caught being incompetent the race card is used as defense by the incompetent people. Ursula Reed is too incompetent.

She is not a good Councilwoman. She came within whiskers of losing her bid for a 2nd term. She would have been the 1st Councilwoman ever to lose her re-election bid in San Leandro's history. She got less than 50% of the vote, but IRV saved her. Not that I'm opposed to IRV, because IRV saves the city money, but a fact is a fact. She's a fence-sitter and does not show up at very many events, except when she's running for office.

I've seen Reed listen and work with people. She doesn't argue with anyone who disagrees with her. She connects with people. I'd want Reed representing us because she is one of us.

Mack-Rose took it personal with some who supported Reed over her and acts snobbish with them. Many have seen this and this is no way to connect nor represent people.

Politicians should be one of us and not above us.

I will not vote for a fence sitter. Reed you need to go away.

A school district does not pink slip an administrator of Reeds level and have them keep working unless they pink slipped administrators in general. If she were to be fired for incompetence, she'd be shown the door the same day. Administrators are at will employees . . . get a clue people.

9:53 You do not know education. Get a clue all administrators in education that are certificated have a contract to work until end of year. Yes she was let go by getting notice not to return. I would assume because she was incompetent. Get a clue she was seen begging for her job back in public meeting of the school board. Plenty of witnesses. Explain that!! Reed is lousy at her job or they would have kept her I would assume.

Boo Hoo someone please explain more lies and claim racism to make Ursula Reed look good. Truth hurts and Reed needs to go far away from here.

Well Ms.Reed, I hope you read these comments and realize you will crash and burn. I, Ian Belgarde, could not be more pleased to see all this commentary to your personal failures and faults. You remember me, right? The ten year old you called the Hayward Police Department for instead of trying to handle the situation you were presented with? Hello again. Been a few years. If you could not handle a single ten year old student as a principal without police backup, then you most certainly cannot handle any sort of administrative or management position in any capacity. Again. I could not be more happy with the incredible amount of people you have burned over your long and pathetic career expressing their opinion of you on here.

mr. Belgarde, you are a very brave young man! I hope that you have been able to recover from such a horrible time in your life. Life really is amazing, it's not often that a person gets to make the public aware of what hurtful things are done to them as young persons, by people in authority. It is especially hurtful and harmful when this happens in an educational environment. After all, as a kid, if you can't trust your principal who can you trust?

You have NO IDEA how good it feels to get this off my chest 12 years later. All the hurt feepings I had for years finally out in the open. All the terrible karma Reed has accumulated through the years being poured out on this story. I feel vindicated.

Thank you Ian you are so brave. Ursula Reed is a witch of a principal and I am sure Hayward has more of those laying around. The school board needs to be complemented for giving her a notice to leave. How did the board vote on Reed does anyone know?

The board of education votes in closed session and then reports out their vote in open session. The problem is they do not identify the employee by name, or title, they only report an employee number. That is required under the human resources rules.

how much does Ms. Reed make as a San Leandro Council member? She currently makes well over $100,000 with Hayward Unified. Hmmmm maybe she is close to being one of those 1%ers that we all want to pay their fair share.

Can you tell us why police were involved?

If any of you followed the Council Race last year, Reed had the gall to say that $100,000 a years wasn't "a lot of money". She's a catfish.

Ian and his supporters, you can bad mouth all day long, but WHAT HAPPENED?

What is "5150" and who's the special kid?

What happened to Ian? Or what happened to Reed? Only Ian can explain/share what the eventual outcome was to his horrible experience with Ms. Reed was. As for Ms. Reed, within a year she was let go from HUSD. Thus began her saga in Oakland. With no one knowing her previous history in HUSD, she was hired back, thankfully not as a principal! Instead she was the "friend" of principals; I wonder did she advise them of the advantages of handling student behavior(s) by using the 5150 method? Given her proven insensitivity to children, I bet she did.

Why no one raised as an issue against Ms Reed then and until now?

Ian, based on your comments, are you a special kid, really?

5150. police code for crazy one on the loose. Danger to property, danger to others, and danger to themselves.

Which one was it, special kid, crazy one on the loose or this kid danger to others?

922: Only Ian can explain for himself yet are you spoke person for Reed.

Ian, why waited 12 years, where are your parents?

Did Ian tell his classmates to crash and burn when he was 9?

Reed is one bad puppy if she continues to take it out on a kid. Shame on you bad witch Reed. Pay back is a bitch. Only the Reed principal back then would mention the 5150. Is Ursula Reed in need of a psychologist?

Wow, comments and posts of these thread are mostly from the anger of 5150.
Why didn't the kid parents protect their kid?

1147 you need to calm down, are you the parents of Ian or are you Ian?

Ian, you can tell why 5150 was called upon, just tell like as it is. Time for you tell your story.

Same question, where the hell were the special kid's parents.
5150 was not irrelevant toward my kids, I wouldn't wait 12 years to speak under the name of ANON"S"

My entire story must wait. But long story short, I was causing a disruption in the office after being sent out of the classroom. Ms.Reed decided the best way to stop an ADHD child from singing loudly in the office was to call in a first grade instuctor to physically restrain me. In the end, she decided to escalate the situation to the point where the instructors were concerned is struggle so hard that I might hurt myself. Might I add that she made an administrative descision do deny me access to my ADHD medication?

The only reason I waited twelve years was because I had no idea Reed was still in any position of authority. I'd assumed that she had been sacked years ago. It would appear that I was wrong. I only want to protect others from Ms.Reed as I needed someone to protect me from her.

Under the definition of HUSD, I was a special needs child. I was an extremely intelligent child, a voracious reader and learner, as well as being ADHD. HUSD, and Markham Elementary, was entirely unprepared to handle a child like me, and so I was branded special needs and thrown into special ed with remedial children. Today, I am a proud college student, an active MENSA member, and a friend to many. It has taken a long time to undo the damage done by Reed and the district she used to work under.

Ian, How did Ms Reed deny your access to ADHD medication, why didn't your parents or school nurse on site to assist you prior 5150? Why didn't your parents act on behalf to follow through this incident, since you were only a kid?

the reason my grandmother did not protect me from the situation was that she was not informed that anything had happened until much later. In fact, she was not contacted at all until around 430 that afternoon, something like 4 or 5 hours after the police had been called.

Wow and Ursula Reed was still employed back again in Oakland and Hayward? The whole education system is broken. Why was Reed begging for her job back in Hayward? Reed now wants to run for Education County sup after being pushed out of Hayward 2 times and Oakland once. Those facts are tough to ignored. Reed cannot be allowed near kids again.

Again, my guardian (my grandmother) was not contacted during the incident. Ms.Reed didn't see the need to alert my grandmother that she was going to get the police involved. She was not contacted for almost 5 hours after the incedent.

12:48 even if parents did not act to do anything for what ever the reason (could not be reached, dead, cant speak English..etc.,etc.,) when Ian is at school, the administrator Ursula Reed had a legal obligation under "loco parentis" to do what is in the best interest of the child.

I do not think 1 5150 was the best thing. (if it was really done) Putting a 10 year old on handcuffs in a police patrol car and not notifying the parents in a timely fashion does not look good on any administrator!

....The term in loco parentis, Latin for "in the place of a parent""[1] refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on some of the functions and responsibilities of a parent....

The "loco parentis" concept is part of getting and having an administrative credential. If Ursula Reed had a administrative credential then she should have known what to do. But really most administrators in education are just crappy and some are worse than others, not that I am sticking up for the actions of Ursula Reed. What happened to Ian by Reed was just awful and hopefully it will never happen to any kid anywhere- by any principal. Let's pray to God.

Perhaps, Ms Reed do concerned you might hurt yourself. Were your ADHD medication on school record that you need them on daily basis?

I remember when my kids need to take flu or cold prescription during school hours must on school records.

1:06 I think you need to read 1:05. Even if the kid needed medication loco parentis makes much more sense. Now I get the post of 1:05... True Reed must be a piece of work for a principal. Is Reed a principal now anywhere?

Let say the kid hurting himself or herself and/or hurting classmates because " the administrator Ursula Reed had a legal obligation under "loco parentis" not doing the best interest of the child.
What do we say about that? Catch twenty-two.

Are you okay with your children are hurt by a child that school admin not acting the role of "loco parentis"?

1:20 Ursula Reed you need to get some sleep.

Ursula let me be clear. As a principal still you would notify the parents in a timely fashion and not 5 hours later.

Either way it was poorly handled. If cops had to be called for every time a kid wanted to hurt himself or others then all of public education would require an army of police to handcuff every child after every fight or thereat of hurting his or herself.

The key here Ursula Reed is that you over reacted. A good administrator would work to diffuse any situation and not to aggravate the situation.

I have been a teacher for over 17 years and I have come across many students that either wanted to hurt themselves or hurt others and not once did I ever have principal do a 5150.

I think the overreacting shows the complete lack of care for any child by Ursula Reed. Only a very mean spirited principal would do that. I am not voting for her for anything when she runs, and I will make sure that people read the posts here.

I still want to know why Ursula Reed was begging for her job in that Hayward school meeting. Is she coming back as an administrator or is she officially out?

Let say Ms Reed didnt contact the parents in timely manner, wouldn't police department contact parents as well... or unable to get hold of parents like 5 hours.

It is the responsibility of the Principal to be sure all of that gets done to notify the parent. In the past a seasoned teacher I have even had principals and vice principals that would go to peoples home and place of employment just to notify them for the welfare of their child.

Look Ursula Reed just simply overreacted and was just acting mean. Is that simple. The police do not have the emergency contact information that the principal has and by the looks of it Ursula Reed had all that and she just took too long to notify the parents. Complete incompetence and negligence. Does Ursula Reed really understand her role as a principal?

Can somebody please tell me why Ursula Reed was begging for her job in the Hayward board meeting?

131 read again of your own post, 17 years long teacher:
If cops had to be called for every time a kid wanted to "hurt" himself "or others" then all of public education would require an army of police to handcuff every child after every fight or thereat of hurting his or herself.

17 years long teacher, You basically saying hurting, fighting in school ground are no big deals, why don't you tell that to the parents of children were hurt, wounded, and killed on school grounds do not deserve police attention

Here in San Leandro are just loving all the truth come out about Reed. Bout time the real Ursula Reed is known. Ian thank you as you are very brave and thank you for pointing her out. I knew Reed was a piece of work but now I sure that Ursula Reed is just rotten.

1:56 you missed the point. Not all kids get hurt and yes they get dealt when they caused it but never an over reaction like Ursula Reed did. My 17 years teaching we had violence but never overreaction and all kids were all kids protected k-6. In public education we work to diffuse and not to aggravate.

Your cooky logic is just like Ursula Reed-- assume all kids are killers and call the cops on them.

I don't think Reed knows anything about diffusing a situation. So, do you really think Ursula Reed needs to keep being a principal?

2:05 I think Ursula Reed must have been a lousy principal by reading all these posts. Where do school districts hire such terrible overreacting psycho principals?

151 living in LaLa Land, which planet are you in.

"principals and vice principals that would go to peoples home and place of employment just to notify them for the welfare of their child".

209 My principals did notify like that in serious matters. I had good administrators and not anything like that psycho Ursula Reed that was just mentioned.
So please tell me I am curious too like previous posts. Why was Ursula Reed begging for her job back? We as the community need to know and yes agree Ian is very brave.

As hard as it is to believe there are some administrators that do this. Just a mile or two away from Markham and Ms.Reed I attended East Avenue. The principl at the time was a wonderful woman by the name of Mrs.Levy and she was absolutely wonderful for both me personally and for my family. She had made sure that my grandmother was in the loop anytime something happened and kept a close eye on me while I was at her school as well as long after. Her patience was never ending, and it was exactly what I needed at that time. She was a godsend to our family.

205 Thank you for extending your point, You "ass"um that I am cooky and I am not Ursula Reed.
You just overreacted as you mentioned you were trained not to...

To answer someone's question-Ursula Reed was told by Hayward she would be let go at the end of the school year. She asked for her job back and was told NO.

I want to know why Ursula Reed is deemed incompetent and why HUSD told her NO. Anybody?
One thing I agree that she way over reacted in that 51050 mess with that poor kid.

No one will ever know for sure why Ms. Reed was asked not to return for the next school year. You see she is protected by the confidentiality clause of all employee contracts in education. Unless she is convicted of a felony she can go on her merry way and never have to disclose to anyone what circumstances led to her being let go. Even HUSD cannot inform the next district she applies at why she was let go...Somehow that kind of protection just doesn't seem right to me.

She was also let go by the Oakland School District.

Misquote from
Anonymous April 3, 2013 at 8:27 PM

Wasn't Ursula Reed who quoted the $100,000. Was Darlene Daevu who said $100,000 wasn't much.

Was teacher or school administration aware of ADHD? Why would Hayward police cuff a 10 year old boy? What cause did police have to perform such extreme action on one so young? Easy to level accusations 12 years later, but such extreme actions by school and police over 10 year old boy may sound unreasonable unless danger to others and self is at stake. Police not under school authority, but they saw reason to do such. I feel sorry for Mr. Belgarde but he has ability to accuse when records of 10 year old are sealed.

1242 Totally agree, Mr. Belgarde, you should.

As posted by others it is a simple case of a very bad administrator, Ursula Reed overreacting. Reed is just not one of the good ones. Period. It does not matter if the 5150 overreaction happened 10 years ago. Unqualified individuals should not be principals even 10 years ago. Bye Bye Reed. Maybe you should try staying away from kids and go see a therapist. Someone that mean needs to go see a shrink.

This Reed is going down in flames...wow..somthign good happening at Ebcitizen.

I am tired of all these corrupt people getting elected and making lots of money from our taxes. Ursula Reed is not getting my vote again. I am so sorry I voted for her to the SL Council. I should have listened to my friends.

You are all being racist against Reed.

So while I do not want to identify myself because of retaliatory actions that may come my way, I will tell you what was up with Ian that day and others while he was under the "care and custody" of Ursula Reed and HUSD.
Ian was a very active, EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT, young boy, who became bored in his classroom. When he began to ask for more stimulating work, his classroom teacher ignored him. With ADHD, boredom and lack of proper directed focus leads the child to self-entertain. Whenever he felt ignored and his academic needs were unmet, Ian would sing. Many was the time the teacher would send him outside the classroom as punishment...for an ADHD child, no supervision means they are left to their own devices. If the out of the classroom did't work he was sent to the office, with nothing to do nothing to occupy him and so he would sing. If it got really annoying they would call "someone" from the emergency card to come and either babysit him in the office to take him home.
On this day, Ms. Reed and her office staff were exceptionally irritated, no method of "sit quietly young man" was working so they began to argue with him...called for someone to physically restrain him and then called the police because he was disruptive. When as a 10 year old with ADHD he didn't respond correctly or cooperatively to the officer, the principal and the officer decided to have him 5150'd for "evaluation".
Off he went to John George Pavilion in San Leandro to sit and deal with his fears and anxiety. until some light bulb went off in the Markham office and they realized they had been calling the home phone instead of the working guardian's daytime number. Four long scary hours later! So there it is, in short form; the saga of Ian Belgarde and the policies of Ursula Reed. By the way when it was all said and done, there was never an apology to either Ian or his guardian; because of course if he had only done what was expected of him no officer would have been called.

to 4:19pm so sad this goes on in education.

Ursula Reed you are a witch. Good riddens.

419 Who are you, are you telling the truth?
Show us the police report, it's all heresay.

Was teacher or school administration aware of ADHD? Why would Hayward police cuff a 10 year old boy? What cause did police have to perform such extreme action on one so young? Easy to level accusations 12 years later, but such extreme actions by school and police over 10 year old boy may sound unreasonable unless danger to others and self is at stake. Police not under school authority, but they saw reason to do such. I feel sorry for Mr. Belgarde but he has ability to accuse when records of 10 year old are sealed

Do you honestly think that I would post my name? Do you honestly think that the police and Ms. Reed filed a report? Do you honestly think that a 10yr old child's police report would be available for the public to view? A young man who had the courage to tell the public what was done to him, post his name and his picture, has no reason to lie.

For the poster at 5:13pm, The police and HUSD have a memorandum of understanding that allows shared authority. Check for yourself, HUSD has "resource officers" that are assigned to the schools. They are who respond to a call from a site administrator. They are the ones who decide what action should or shouldn't be taken based upon what the principal tells them. In case you don't know, school children have little to no rights to due process when they are in the confines of their school. They may and are be questioned without a parent or guardian present and without their permission. They can be cuffed and transported without a parent or guardian being notified until the child is at the local station; and then they can be questioned without permission again. There is not due process, no protection for these young children, particularly when the site administrator is someone like Ursula Reed.

What I find fascinating is as soon as someone posted that Ursula Reed was lovely, this blog retouched her picture and re-posted it so now she looks like she is possessed. Says a lot for the integrity of the blogger.

Mack-Rose supporters at it again trying to tear down Reed who is good to everyone and listens.

548 why talk now, where the hell were you when the boy needed your assistant?
You tell like you were there, right?

Yes I know first hand what happened to Ian. Do you really think that this is a fabrication? I did assist the family and together we got Ian out of HUSD schools. Unfortunately he was never totally separated from the long arm of HUSD until he graduated. You see even in the end, even when he was out of the HUSD confines, they controlled the purse strings and could force his return to the district any old time they wanted to. The administration in HUSD was and is filled with those who would retaliate if a family "blew the whistle". Even at such a young age Ian knew this.

This is the last time that I will be manipulated into defending/explaining/responding to the Reed lovers of this county.

Ian knew you, why couldn't you calm down Ian at the time?

To vote or not vote any candidates, as voters, we have the right to know the truth with evidence, can just heresay or don't you trust me. I don't know Reed nor you.
Reading some of your comments, you have short temper, are you a teacher?

Mack-Rose screwed up the school board with poor planning on Measure M without involving city and now expects city to pay for three times the original costs. Mack-Rose people, stop picking on Reed with your crap.

Thank you all for putting the truth out. Here in San Leandro we did not know that Ursula Reed she was pushed out of Oakland and Hayward. Now we know that she was a terrible administrator. No ne should treat kids the way Ursula Reed treated that Ian kid. Reed shame on you, with ch is right and I feel the same way. Good riddens Reed. She is a lousy councilwoman and now the past has come back to get her.

Why is Reed a witch? And what makes her a lousy councilman?

Truth... evidence please, otherwise all talks.

Who is Mack-Rose and her short school guard boyfriend Ja while she still married to her husband with two children?

Mack-Rose is a has been and just creating all these lies about a kid named Ian. I know Ursula Reed and she is the sweetest person anyone would know. She was not let go from Hayward or Oakland get your truth straight. Those are the true facts.

She definitely was let go in Hayward and she has told people that.

Sounds like an ineffective school board not understanding budgets. Harsh reality of not managing budgets results in employment cuts. No different than prior San Leandro school board lead by Mack-Rose mismanaging funds including Measure M and asking city to cover their costs.

4/4@10:19 Ms. Reed's contract was not renewed by HUSD. That decision was made in closed session by a vote of the majority of the Board of Education. It appears as if we are playing with semantics here. A decision to not renew a contract is essentially the same thing as "let go". She will not be back in any position in HUSD for the coming school year. If you have any doubts then call the HUSD district offices and ask.

Unemployment rate is still high across the nation over 5 years long, should we pick on them too, most of posts here deem enjoying.

I enjoy the fact of finally exposing Ursula Reed for what she is and pay back is a bitch. This is why I always treat people nice because as they say...

Always treat people NICE on the way up as later you will meet the same people on the way down.

Ursula Reed you reap what your sow. Me and my kids are lucky that you are not their principal.

12:38 I am in San Leandro and unfortunately we have to put up with the professional fence sitter Ms. Ursula Reed in the council but I am too lucky that she is not a principal here or works for our school district anywhere in the district.

Posts against Reed sound like they are from cheating on her husband while still married Mac-Rose and her good friend the wannabe lawyer that couldn't pass the bar Marga Katz. Katz lied and said she was a lawyer to get elected to Central Demo committee. Get a life ladies.Find something worth wild to do with your free time. People getting tired of you bullys. Get a job, volunteer or clean house.

Saga of Ian’s travails with HUSD.
I am Ian’s grandmother/guardian who lived through these horrible, horrible times with Ian. By the time we were done with HUSD, I felt I was sending my child into a war zone each day. I entered into this relationship as a very trusting person, as I think the majority of parents do. I assumed the school and teachers wanted the same thing for my child as I did.
Some history here:
Ian transferred into the HUSD from an excellent private school that only offered classes through second grade. Unfortunately, we lived in the district of HUSD for Markham with Ursula Reed as the Principal.
His first year there, third grade, I did my best to back up all of the actions taken by Markham until it became obvious to me the punishments were for very petty reasons. His medication for the ADHD was located at the office along with the schedule. Neither the teacher nor the front office could be bothered to remember the times. I bought him a watch with alarms so he could go on his own. That was ruled as too disruptive to the rest of the class.
He tested for the “gifted and talented” and aced the tests but because he was a transfer the tests were not considered timely for that year. He was bored to distraction and not learning anything new. This was a child who in second grade told his principal: “I am tired of the timeses, I know them. I want to learn the goes intos.” His principal then created a page of division for him each week as a reward. In first grade he was so excited to be able to read “chapter books.”
His fourth grade at Markham when he was not placed in the Gifted and Talented classes again, I went down to the District Office to complain after being unsuccessful with Ms. Reed. Ms. Reed’s actions were to place him in a remedial reading class although his testing said he was in fourth grade and reading at an 11th grade level. He assuredly did not need remedial reading however he found his first WONDERFUL teacher, Ms. Silva and she was our saving grace for that year. Not always but as much as possible.
By his fifth grade, he spent more time with me (suspended) than at school and that is exactly what they wanted. They suggested on more than one occasion, he should be “home schooled.” By this time I had come in contact with an outstanding Child Advocate who was able to help me with the numerous and confusing rules and regulations from the state.
With the help of the Child Advocate, and Child Psychologist Rebecca Payne of the district office we had a huge meeting at the school regarding Ian. I showed up to a meeting of 17 adults to hear about all of Ian’s transgressions. I forget exactly who all was there but I think they included everyone except the janitor and he may have been there too. The final straw was when she had him arrested for singing in the office. He was taken out in cuffs, the officer from Hayward Police Department drove through the playground three times to ensure all of the other students saw him and he was taken to the Hayward Police Department for a couple of hours. From there, someone with a brain figured out they didn’t want their fingerprints on this stupidity, and they decided to 5150 him. I got the call from the John George center, not from the school and not from the Hayward Police Department. By the time I got there, it was five hours from the time he had been taken out in cuffs.
To be continued

Mac-Rose and Katz keep stirring the pot witches. People in San Leandro wise to you. Mac-Rose you lost the election to Reed! Katz no one cares what you think. Everything you say is always mean and always lies!! Grow up witches.

He was taken out in cuffs, the officer from Hayward Police Department drove though the playground three times to ensure all of the other students saw him and he was taken to the Hayward Police Department for a couple of hours. From there, someone with a brain figured out they didn’t want their fingerprints on this stupidity, and they decided to 5150 him. I got the call from the John George center, not from the school and not from the Hayward Police Department. By the time I got there, it was five hours from the time he had been taken out in cuffs.
After all of this we were successful in getting Ian transferred to East Avenue where he again found a great friend in the principal, Mrs. Levy, a real jewel. However, Ms. Reed started showing up at East Avenue spreading her venom. Then Mrs. Levy took a job at the district office so all of his defenses at school ere gone again. We then got him transferred to Harder School and in the beginning things went OK. I showed up to pick him up one day when he had a temperature and guess who was standing at the desk spreading her venom once more? Yes….Ms. Reed.
Again, we go through the travails of how awful he was and all of the problems. The child advocate and Mrs. Levy from her job in administration were able to have him tested at Northern California Diagnostic Center for a total evaluation of his “special needs. We discovered he is very bright and has ADHD.
After all of this, we were successful in making HUSD do an out of district placement for which they were required to pay the costs. From this point on, with the exception of a couple of times when “Special Ed” at HUSD tried to force him back into HUSD, it has been clearly a healing process for Ian and for me. In my opinion, and I believe in Ian’s opinion, Ms. Reed should not ever be involved with children and certainly not with someone else’s children. She demonstrated to us she is a mean petty person.
We were delighted when HUSD let her go the first time and appalled to hear she was rehired in any position.
Many of you might ask why we didn’t sue. One, I couldn’t afford it and two there are very few attorneys who are willing to take on the public schools system and the police department. In addition, I could not afford a private school and child care. I want to stress, Ian was not perfect child but he was not the hardened criminal they tried to infer he was.
Are all parents aware you have the right to see your child’s “cum” file? Short for cumulative. In addition to that file is the “private and confidential” cum file. To see that one, you must put your request in writing and will get a whole lot of push back especially if your child is one THEY have decided to sandbag. I was astonished at the amount of garbage they had written in this file on Ian.
Do not ever sign the emergency forms where they have the right to provide emergency services. This is what they used to do the 5150. If there is an emergency, require them to contact you first.
Lastly, his “cum” file in its entirety was removed from HUSD but don’t feel too secure Ms. Reed, I kept a copy of EVERTHING. I apologize for the length of this, it was a horrible time for Ian and me and if we have done anything to ensure your child does not have to repeat any of this, it has been worth it.
Peggy Turner, Proud Grandmother of Ian Belgarde

I wonder how long it will take for one of the Reed supporters to claim that Ms. Turner is a fake? No amount of money or "favors" from anti Reed people would ever worth risking exposing your name for all to read. So forget it "Reed clones" Peggy Turner is alive and well and speaks truth to power.

Reed is bad news for san leandro and hayward

I know Ursula Reed and she a very strong woman that will never do anything like she is being accused of. Further, she was not let go from Hayward schools. If it was all true that she had 10 year old handcuffed and she got fired don't you think she would be here correcting the story. People these are all made up lies from the Mac-Rose people. Where is the proof?

Truth to power? Let's understand this. 5150 also put forth by police which says Ian is danger to himself or others. School aged children need to be in safe environments and one who is danger to himself can be danger to others. You may not like the harsh experiences of Ian or Ms Turner but have you considered the safety of other kids or is that not important? Just singing caused the 5150? I don't think so!

Ursula Reed is a bonehead, an airhead and nut.

Back to Ms. Reeds $100,000 or $110,000 salary last year for Hayward.

Do you realize that if she gets elected to just one term as county superintendent, she will more than double her lifetime pension.

The 2012 salary for Alameda Co. Supt. is $238,888

217% to 239% higher than her last and highest year's salary.
Thus boosting her pension by much more than double what she would otherwise receive for her future lifetime pension.

During a retirement from age 55 or age 60, this could easily amount to a EXTRA two millon to three millon dollars in pension.

There is little doubt about the financial motivation for Ms. Reed, a person who may have few other options in the field of edcucation if she has indeed been let go by Hayard this year.

A pension bonanza awaits her if she can just get elected. Millions of extra dollars are her prize during the course of a normal retirement.

OMG!!!!!!!4/5@7:17, one can only hope that something like this never happens to you and yours. It takes very brave people to air in public that which has happened to them! Ian and his grandmother have chosen to do this because they do not want Ms. Reed to be in such a position of power over the education of all of the students in this County.
Just to be clear. Ms. Reed was not let go because of the 5150, she was dismissed because she was unable to do her job in an efficient manner. As is probably the cause of her not being asked to return this time around.

I have known Ian for over 10 years; have been in classrooms with him, been around when he was sent to the office; been with him in non-academic times and he has never shown any actions that would cause anyone to deem him a threat to himself or to others. Some principals, Ms. Reed as one example, use such a serious tactic to control both the student and the parent/guardian. It is a scare tactic I have seen it done to other students in HUSD. There are few people in this situation that can risk the retaliation that would come upon them and their children should they attempt to file a complaint against the administrator(s)involved. Retaliatory actions are par for the course in HUSD. Students who have parents that complain find themselves targeted for failure. Employees that assist parents and students to complain are targeted for bad evaluations and other means of punishment from supervisors. Those who can, leave the district far behind, those who cannot afford to leave try to blend into the woodwork, never make waves again and hope that it will all go away.
Why do you think information about HUSD posted on this site is often done under anonymous? It is because if they are an employee and they are "blowing the whistle" they must protect themselves or face being without a job. How many of you out there would dare to print your name as you out your supervisor or your employer? I dare say next to none. And neither will I.

Reed has told others she was let go from Hayward--it's not a secret. You can choose to believe it or not, but why would she lie about that?

In reading these posts Ursula Reed must be a sociopath. Is she in need of psych services. Her behavior fits someone that needs a lot of help. This is the reason I have my children in private schools. People like Ursula are scary pychos.

145 You must not know Reed or you are Mack-Rose camp bitter over election loss to Reed. Mack-Rose left her family for a lover. What kind of mother would leave behind children they birthed? Only a woman who loved her lover more than she loved her children. A good mother would always hold on to children unless she's unfit or the children aren't as important. Child abandoning unfaithful Mack-Rose lost, get over it.

This isn't about Mack-Rose---It's about Reed and wether she would be a good County Superintendent-the answer is NO!

Just singing caused the 5150? I don't think so!

Ursula reed is not getting my vote for anything after this article. Why did we the voters of SL not find out of this hancufing of the kid during the SL council races. Me thinks the outcome would have been different cause i would not have voted for Reed or my home association would not have voted either. Too bad.

906 Those who supported opponents of Reed are still showing their vindictiveness. Readers need to know where this HATE is coming from so it is about Mack-Rose and those who have SPITE from the loss. It's from the old white is superior mentality who are desperately trying to keep a good person like Reed out of elected office at all costs through misinformation. They're threatened by you Miss Reed because you represent the future and they represent the past.

1109 you sound like a racist. I will not vote for Reed and i hope that does not make me a racist. Face it Ursula Reed's past has come back to haunt her and race has nothing to do with it. Only evil and stupidity. BY THE WAY I AM PROUD TO BE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN PARENT OF 2 BOYS THAT WILL NEVER SEND MY BOYS TO PIBLIC EDUCATION BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE URDULA REED AS PRINCIPALS.

1057 Do you really think just singing would get police to exact a 5150 on a 10 year old? This is the misinformation that's being put forth by prejudicial agenda from Reed's opposers.

I am sorry I misspelled ursula and principal. I am just so mad how often the race card is used by stupid evil people.

I love the comments that finally let us know what Ursula Reed is really like. A dumb racist principal that got prmoted by probably friends to an HR director position. The school district where she works needs to find who supported to that position too and fire those people too. All birds of feather flock together.

Looking at her picture Ursula Reed she looks evil and that is scary. Thank you all for putting out the truth on her getting fire from Okland and Hayward districts. Some one like Reed should have never been in as administrator in any capacity. She is an evil witch now I see it. Never again would I too vote for someone like her.

I bet Lisa Bruner and John Taylor from the Hayward school board is trying to bring Ursula Reed back. They are the 2 dumbest ones on the board. I was told that the vote was 3-2 to push her out. I want to know for sure who wants to bring back this bad HR manager.

you will never know who supports reed on the board that is all close sesion on the school board

Good ridens Reed that is good enough for me.

You all racist that can't stand to see a woman of color move up in the world. There is no proof that Reed was ever fired from any school district or that she mistreated any child when she was a principal.

From Ian Belgarde's grandmother again.
I repeat Ian was not a perfect child but he was a CHILD. Any parent that treated a child the way Ian was treated would have been in jail for child abuse.
Ian has become a delightful young man.
Peggy Turner, Proud Grandmothe of Ian Belgarde

I do remember this sad time. As a teacher in another district and friend of Ms. Turner and Ian I gave Ms. Turner information to help fight for her rights as a parent. I'm glad I work outside of HUSD. To me it is unbelievable this could have happen to Ian. I am so proud of the Man Ian has become. A tribute to his Grandmother Ms. Turner. Don't ever doubt the power of a pro active parent.

Even after this ordeal I doubt Ursula Reed has learned any lessons.

Anon 2:42- she has told people she was asked to leave- what don't you understand her own words. Talk about denial? Believe it!

6:34 How can you trust an unbiased article when the picture that was chosen makes Ursula Reed look cheap and evil. Why was not a better picture chosen? This is just a biased attack that looks racial and I do not like it.

people commenting to serve their purposes and expecting you agree like dashboard bobble heads.

Who told who and then who told what not are insufficient evidence.

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