Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wieckowski Takes It On The Chin Following Re-Vote For State Delegates

ASSEMBLY 25 | After cries of potential voter disenfranchisement by numerous minority groups following a decision to conduct a re-vote of the 25th Assembly District Democratic Convention delegates, a second vote surprisingly reaffirmed the results of the contested election last January.

Six more delegates in Fremont’s Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski’s 25th District were declared victors last week for a second time, according to Andrew Drabkin, a member of the California Democratic Party rules committee. Six other delegates were previously finalized two months ago.

In January, Wieckowski took the unusual step of contesting the Jan. 12 results after allegations numerous non-Democrats had voted in the election of officers to the next two state conventions. Opponents then charged it was actually Wieckowski who brought the voters in question to the election headquarters.

Wiekcowski’s slate of candidates—just two winners--was decimated by the large turnout of party regulars in January. For Wieckowski, who is a likely candidate for the state senate in 2014, the importance of receiving a majority of the delegates from his district increases the possibility he can grab the party’s crucial endorsement. The only other big-name opponent for the seat is believed to be former Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi.

Despite angering many in Fremont’s multi-cultural establishment with the complaint, the party called for a re-vote Mar. 10. However, the roster for the upcoming April 12 state convention is unchanged. Winners include, Daisy Chu, Jan Giovannini-Hill, Reshma Karipineni, Michelle Cosgrove, Reena Rao, Dharminder Dewan, Raj Salwan, Jara Danfodia, Chandru Bhambhra, Romesh Japra, Rajesh Verma, Veerendra Vuppala.

Last month, some south county Democrats expressed confusion over Wieckowski's move for a re-vote, noting even though his slate lost, nearly all of the winners are believed to be among his supporters. However, the small skirmish in AD25 may just need a little extra outreach from Wieckowski in the next year to smooth over signs of a small cracks in his own backyard.


  1. Bob did indeed take it on the chin. As Democrats, we do support free assembly of people in a manner of their own choosing. Hope Bob learns that he should trust his own judgement and instincts and not that of others.

    Hats off to the CA Democratic party for having taken the extraordinary step of intervening and conducting the elections to ensure fairness. Time for the County and city Democrats in leadership positions to yield to some fresh blood who would re strategize so as to encourage increased participation by party members.

    Proud to be a Democrat

  2. Has anyone asked Trisha how crow tastes? Or maybe she had a piece of that humble pie

  3. I love Trisha. Really do. She is hot.

  4. steve didn't 20 or 30 labor and democratic leaders, delegates, and party officials sign the initial letter to the dem party raising a concern? why do you fail to mention that broad coalition? you also fail to mention that the party's review of the registration process showed that dozens of non-democrats were initially allowed to vote. cheers to the democratic party for offering to host a re-election to uphold the integrity of the process. and congratulations to all of the participants and winners.

  5. I'm tired of this story. Much 'ado about nothing

  6. Anon 4:58 That is not the issue here. Please keep such comments off of here.

    Anon 7:10 if you are tired of this story, you shouldn't be posting here. Go find your fun somewhere else. But do not advise Bob to do the wrong thing.

    Anon 6:33, it didn't make any difference on who got voted in if during the initial vote many non-democrats were allowed to vote. The difference it made was that the first time, the folks that were entrusted to conduct the vote did not do a good job which caused the State Democratic party to intervene.

    So yes it is time to have a "Salwellian moment" and infuse some new blood in the leadership of the Democratic party in both the Alameda and Santa Clara party districts.