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Hayward School Board Member Claims Colleagues 'Attacked' Principal Over Budget

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso railed against fellow board members during last week's meeting over what he said was an “attack” against the principal of the Hayward Adult School and for Board President William McGee holding the principal accountable for not making cuts soon enough to stave off deficit spending. School board member Annette Walker followed suit with McGee last meeting to cut expenditures to the adult program to help rein in deficit spending that she noted was of incredible importance.

Last Wednesday’s board meeting had a follow up presentation by Ryan Whetstone, the adult school's principal over the state of the program and what he was doing to help maintain its sustainability. At the Mar. 13 board meeting a $375,000 expenditure that was allocated in the budget to help maintain fiscal solvency for the adult program until the end of the school year was cut out by McGee to help bring down overall deficit spending. McGee held the principal accountable for the budget of the adult program and said staff did not need to take the blame for the program’s inability to sustain itself after draining its reserves over the past three years. Walker said at the time she was inclined to follow McGee’s recommendation and the rest of the council passed the second interim budget without the expenditure allocated to the adult program.

At that time Reynoso left before the vote after he stirred up an argument over a previous board item and then stormed out of the board meeting. Reynoso came back this week to heavily criticize fellow board members over the tough questioning of the principal concerning the deficit. “I apologize for not being here the first time, I think it would have been done differently,” said Reynoso. “We have had people suffer for services because the district screwed up, the majority of the board screwed up, despite those problems we did nothing on that budget so for us to concentrate on one individual staff member, it’s very disrespectful.”

Reynoso later said board members were attacking and “lambasting” the principal over a deficit issue that he said the entirety of staff should be held accountable for. “We are nearly deficit spending $7 million,” said Reynoso speaking about the entirety of this year’s deficit in addition to the adult program’s $375,000 deficit that Whetstone said is more realistically at $600,000.

Walker and McGee responded to Reynoso’s harsh criticism by claiming that no attacks were ever made towards the principal. “I want to be sensitive to you as a first year principal and be sensitive to the students in the program, I support it and no doubt the board supports it,” said Walker to Whetstone, “But we are not talking about you, this isn't about you, it’s about the students...You are not in court here, we are not here to attack you.”

McGee chimed in later with harsh rhetoric to Reynoso’s accusation that he was attacking the principal, “I guess you are fortunate that Reynoso is here to support you because I am not sure where he is getting that we are attacking folk. I’m not sure where he is going with this because his whole stance before was to shut the adult program down.” Reynoso continued to claim that they were lambasting the principal but did not refute McGee’s claim that he supported shutting adult education down before.

Board member John Taylor said he like to see the “theatrics” set aside and iterated that disability assistance in the adult program is of great importance and thus keeping the program solvent would serve a communal good. Brunner noted the importance of the program as well but also made sure to mention tackling the deficit issue. Whetstone did not have a specific plan for tackling the deficit this meeting but said he is continuing to work on a plan to do so.

Whetstone, who recently became principal, responded to a question from the board about a yearly action plan to help adult education administrators follow specific guidelines dealing with multiple variables, including finances. That he said “fell to the wayside,” by the time he joined and “was not working.”

The principal assured the board of his tough stance on deficit spending. “I am more concerned to responding to the immediate deficit and eliminating deficit spending for the future. As far as how we got here I’m not sure how but I’m here to solve it, I want to solve it. You will see information on this forthcoming,” said Whetstone.

But aside from the deficit talk, Reynoso’s clash with McGee marks a turning point in their relationship compared to when they were united against former board president, Jesus Armas who they claimed “rubber stamped,” spending and was engaged in an affair with a fellow board member. Reynoso sought the presidency shortly after winning election but when the nomination process began he did not nominate himself for either president, vice president or even clerk, his former position. McGee even nominated Reynoso for vice president but Reynoso rescinded the nomination. Now Reynoso has become critical of McGee and the new board.

After the meeting was over board members started talking about the quarrels during the board meeting. McGee said to Reynoso that he use to point out individual staff members and the amount of money they made annually and its impact on district finances. He used this as an example about Reynoso's claim about “attacking individual personalities,” as evidence of hypocrisy. Reynoso told The Citizen later that although he supports cuts in adult education he also supports cuts in many areas in the district to help rein in deficit spending and hold staff, as a whole, accountable. He said he believes that although new leadership is on the board he thinks for the most part "nothings changed."

Shane Bond is an East Bay Citizen contributor.


I was at both meetings and yes the board was attacking the adult school principal needlessly. The first time was alot worse like pitbuls in a feeding frenzy. Shame on you McGee, Walker, Taylor and Bruner. I like my adult school and we need it. I am so grateful Dr. Reynoso was there to for real call it like it is. In the same meeting the district is trying to not have any contract list for vendors and hire more people and Doc Reynoso brought that out. For reals people the problem is with overpaid lazy staff at the district office and the majority of they board is supporting more spending when we are in hole 7 mil. No good at all. Goto to fix the problem where it really is at the district offices.

I agree the problem is at the district. Save the adult school.

If anyone, including Mr. McGee, Ms. Walker and the other board members, wants to see how the Adult School discussion proceeded on March 13, 2013 they need only to look at the recorded video; unless by some strange act of God, it has been erased.

The meeting of the 13th, when the subject was first addressed, was filled with finger pointing and attacks by primarily Mr. McGee as he ran the principal over the coals. It is truly a shame that Dr. Reynoso left before that portion of the meeting. He would have stopped the behavior of his colleagues. For Mr. McGee to state that Reynoso was the one who consistently "attacks" individual staff members is ridiculous. Dr. Reynoso, always uses the term staff when he criticizes what he sees as inefficient work product. I have never seen him specifically mention by name any staff member in his criticism of a presentation.

Let's face it, the real person who should be "called on the carpet" is the Superintendent! He is ultimately responsible for what his district employees: district administration, site administration and the entire teaching and support staff do or don't do when it comes to educating the students. He must take the negative along with any praise.

The school district needs to offer more incentive
classes that will support the comunmenty and the school

The adult school exists because the district failed the students at high schools. Mr. Reynoso Thank You for fighting for our adult school classes that we need desperately.

I want to see Hayward schools do more so that students will not need to go to the adult school. What is McGee and the rest of the board doing about the lazy staff at the district? We know what Reynoso wants to do.

I worked with Will MCgee at the Adult school and I don't know why he is so bitter to want to close it down. He forgets that we have programs here that help the community extensively. What happened to McGee when he was pushed out should not be that the entire Adult school and all of us employees and our students should have to pay for. I agree whole heartedly that the problem is with the district office.

Aint it amazing, how quickly one forgets their roots when they obtain a position of power? According to 4/3@12:26, Mr. McGee was "pushed out" of the adult school. I wonder if he is retaliating against the wrong principal since Mr. Whetstone is new this year? Maybe Mr. McGee should look inside and see if he might be misplacing his anger.

Can't we all just get along? Look McGee screwed up by being bitter on trying to close the school down and Reynoso saw the light that maybe some services are still needed at the Hayward adult school. The board and city council in Hayward need to start working together with CalEastBay and Chabot college to improve the adult school. Teamwork people!

There is a lot of waste at the Hayward Adult School! This has been ongoing for years and no one has even wanted to fix the waste. Actually, the previous principal brought in her friends from Oakland Adult School to take hours away from Hayward’s own longtime adult school teachers. Maybe this principal will finally take care of the problem. I sure hope so! Waste? What’s this about waste? What waste? Let’s look at the numerous non-teaching certificated employees there. They do NOT generate any funds yet there is always money taken from one account or another to pay their salaries. These positions must be abolished once and forever. The certificated non-teaching duties can be accomplished by site administration and classified employees. Send these non-teaching certificated employees back to the classroom and watch them retire or leave rather than teach for a day. Some have not been in the classroom for more than 15 years. It’s time to put an end to this charade in education at the adult school. Then let’s not forget about the full time contract teacher at the adult school who teaches only part-time but is paid for all day. This is called a gift of public funds and is illegal. Since the Fall Quarter of 2010, the student day was shortened as well as the number of days in the school year. Yet, contract teachers continue to be paid the same salary as prior to the Fall Quarter of 2010. Please, adult school principal, clean up the adult school, save funds from being mismanaged, and return the Hayward Adult School to the glory days of the past. Thank you in advance for your actions!

What the heck? Where did you get this info?

What does a non teaching certificated employee do at the adult school?

10:32 I worked at the Hayward Adult School for 30 years. I tried to make change but no one would ever listen. Even the union looked the other way. I speak from personal experience of the problems there. Students should come first, but have not for a long time. Most of the staff is worried about their little domain and are afraid to lose their jobs. But it is time for the clean up to begin. What I have written is the truth and there is so much more to share. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.

10:34 Non-teaching certificated personnel make the life of classroom teachers as well as students miserable. They think they are administration when in fact they push paper. They write memos and make arbitrary decisions and changes to proven past practices that work best for students. Much of their duties should be handled by a classified employee. It is really really time to make these positions obsolete, especially in this time of budget woes.

Like the board said it is time to make the school more efficient.

Why have teachers that work part time get away with being paid full time? If you knew this for the past thirty years why are you just making it public?

The Adult school has teachers and staff that work during the summer while school is closed. Nobody at the district is paying attention. They have a principal,vice principal and 3-4 program managers that is where the 600k is going to. The program managers do clerical work and hide out and are paid more then teachers that have been with the district for thirty years. Where is the oversight from the district. Dr Evans clearly is asleep at the wheel in more ways than one. Just look at the district test scores. They are worse then Oakland.

ann terrasas and that creepy anorexic curly haired weirdo Bonita Noname are back in lurking

Haven't Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas left town yet?

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