Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Data' Dobbs Made Quite An Impression In San Diego

Hayward's Next Supe? Stan "Data" Dobbs.
HAYWARD//SCHOOL DISTRICT | As the man in charge of the Hayward school district's purse strings, Stan Dobbs appeared both aloof and confrontational when he stood before the district's school board.

Dobbs often clashed with the argumentative school board member Luis Reynoso. whose zeal for cost-cutting measures should have meshed well with Dobbs' rhetoric of financial austerity, but they did not.

Hayward's reputation as one of the most poorly-run school districts in Alameda County, which included the ignominy of nearly being taking over by the state because of its incompetence, made the self-proclaimed "Heart of the Bay" a big reclamation project for any school administrator.

However, it came as some surprise last November when Dobbs announced he was leaving Hayward for the same job in San Diego. It also is a surprise he wants back, this time as Hayward's next superintendent of schools.

It was reported Monday that Dobbs is currently on family leave from his job as chief financial officer at the San Diego Unified School District. Dobbs could be named superintendent in Hayward as early as this Saturday's closed session meeting of the school board.

Dobbs, who, even in Hayward bestowed the moniker of "Data" on himself, attracted the wrath of the teachers' union in San Diego for an explosive interview in February with the Voice of San Diego that placed a bull's eye on him. However, the union in Hayward appeared unaware of Dobbs' comments that often times dripped with bravura and inaccuracies.

"I only go to troubled districts," said Dobbs, who left Hayward Unified last November. "I get bored quickly if I don’t have enough problems to solve."

Dobbs falsely claimed San Diego school teachers averaged $92,000 in salary, in addition, to another $20,000 in benefits. "Is $92,000 a year not good money?" he said. The figure was later found to be $92,000 in both salary and benefits.

He later claimed the school district in San Diego was bloated with excess employees. "I’ve got hundreds of extra people, laying around. Literally, laying around. Maybe not even benefiting kids."

Dobbs bragged he's hired grant writers at every district he has worked returning never less than 3,000 times the rate of investment.

To the consternation of teachers, he claimed in the interview larger class sizes do not adversely affect students. "That is not documented, proven anywhere," Dobbs told the news site. "Actually, there’s not one piece of literature published to prove that. As a matter of fact, just the opposite." This claim was also proven false.

A month later, Dobbs apologized to the teachers union for his misstatements, but the trouble caused by his statements persist. Despite the inaccuracies of some of Dobbs' claims, the ultra-conservative editorial board of the U-T San Diego latched onto Dobbs' criticism to bolster their already vehement dislike of labor unions.

The teachers union in Hayward, however, seemed unaware of Dobbs' unfriendly union comments in San Diego. Hayward Education Association President Mercedes Faraj has pushed for Dobbs for the superintendent's job since the mid-May and Hayward Councilman Francisco Zermeno has urged for Dobbs' appointment to the top job at the school district.


  1. We the city council of Hayward support Stan Dobbs

  2. Salinas and Zermeno for Dobbs...Hayward on

  3. John Wong · Top Commenter · Central High School
    If you want good teachers, you are going to have to compensate them commensurate with their education. A two year degree in radiology yields you a higher salary than a four year degree that leads to a career in education.

  4. Pat Seaborg · Top Commenter
    1. The long term capitol appreciation bonds you refer to were issued by Poway school district, not San Diego school district. 2. He's hardly a "veteran school district employee" as he has been in San Diegoll two months and his other two school jobs lasted a total of about 4 years. I am disappointed that you also didn't mention that among the mistakes he made was overestimating the average district teacher salary by over $20,000 a year, which to my mind really hurts his credibility as an "expert" in school budgeting.

  5. Randy Horton · Top Commenter · San Diego State University
    The teachers pick the board members; the residents vote and suffer the daily consequences.

  6. Last week, Voice of San Diego asked Dobbs where district officials could find extra cash in light of that heavy load. Dobbs suggested the school board shouldn’t avoid a discussion about increased class sizes.

    “It’s that sort of entitlement mentality that’s going to kill us,” he said.

    School board trustees and district parents have championed smaller class sizes despite years of cuts but Dobbs suggested research hasn’t established they’re worth the financial sacrifice.

  7. We crunched that data and determined the average teacher salary as of Jan. 31 is $66,983.02

  8. Data Dobbs sounds like the name of financial advisor turned WWE wrestler.

  9. I am a teacher at HUSD for over 21 years and too am disgusted on the direction Mercedes Faraj has taken to support this CFO know nothing bozzo of Stan Dobbs.

    Dear Pres. Faraj,
    Stop being an idiot and support us teachers and not Stan Dobbs.

    Also, please refund my union dues since you have done nothing but to support a bad adminitrsation at my high school, and stop being so ghetto in board meetings that are televised.

    Your behavior makes us teachers all look awful. Like several teachers in this blog I too am deeply embarrassed because of you and your sidekick Vice Pres Mary Walsh.

    Down with Stan "bad data" Dobbs and Merceded "dumb ghetto" Faraj

  10. Sounds that the teachers here in Hayward are pissed
    but their president Faraj likes Dobbs. Sounds like vintage Hayward.

  11. I so love this blog!

  12. to 6:19 I think Mercedes Faraj the teachers union president likes CFO Stan Dobbs because he is so lousy on financial budget data that he wants HUSD to continue to pay the salary for this useless union president of $120K a year even though she has never been in the classroom.

    Yep 6:25 this is vintage Hayward and that is why your "ghetto" Mercedes Faraj wants Stan Dobbs because she wants to protect her skin. Just awful for the honest teachers and kids.

  13. Sounds to me from this article that Data Dobbs is just the kind of idiot HUSD wants to match the idiots that are already in the administrative offices. With him Salinas, Woo-Fernandes, Wayne and all the others can continue to blow smoke and get paid royally for it.

  14. The idea Hayward gets what it deserves needs to stop. Where's the innovative superintendents who can truly help this community? We need you now not someone like Dobbs looking to get paid.

  15. I guess Merceds Faraj never googled Dobbs. If I didn't know any better I'd say she was a mole to destabilize the union.

  16. Who is Mercedes Faraj?

  17. Not who, but what is a Mercedes Faraj? It's a motorcycle.

  18. "FRIDAY (MAY 31, 2013) FOLLOW-UP!" What happened this week!

    •SUPERINTENDENT AND CFO: The School Board will meet on June 1st (tomorrow) from 9;00 – 11:00 (?) at the District Office in order to (1) choose a CFO and (2) go through the process of EITHER appointing an Interim Superintendent for the next school year Or placing applicants into an Interview process set for June 8th. PLEASE come to this meeting if you want to be the first to know the outcome AND to lend a hand in support of appointing Stanley Dobbs as the Interim.

  19. ...and that came from this link...
    Thank you teachers union of hayward


    We need to examine closer these teachers becasue they really don't care about our community

  20. 12:32 here is another link for you. Those same teachers as I have too watch your "ghetto" Mercedes Faraj make grunts and noises at school boards.


    (What their belief and what they practice are two different things.Look below and compare with what the teachers and their president say on video.)

    HEA’s philosophy is based on the belief of an educational program founded upon the basic principles and fundamental ideals of American democracy.

    •That the right to a free public education is fundamental to the success of our society.
    •That all students should have the opportunity for equitable education.
    •That individuals differ in their needs, interests, and abilities and therefore HEA is committed to a curriculum that enables each individual to develop to his/her full potential for a successful life and to become an effective citizen.
    •That competent dedicated teachers are the most vital component in the education process.
    •That the best decisions involve all stake-holders.
    •That a safe and healthful environment is best for teaching and learning.
    •That, in a period of declining enrollment and subsequent revenue loss, reductions should be proportionate between site and district level positions (management and non-management.)
    •That teaching and learning is of equal importance to the physical environment of the school.
    •That every decision made should be most beneficial and least disruptive to our students.
    •That guidance and decision-making should be collaborative between HEA and HUSD.
    Updated 1-14-2012

  21. Chien Wu Fernandez is in line to be Hayward's New Superintendent ! Now I have heard everything. No expertise, no experience, never been a teacher, never been a site administrator, but knows how to suck up! Really Hayward!

  22. Not ever in a million years would she be considered for this position. Your info must be bad!

  23. I find it so interesting that there is no mention of the other 4 candidates being interviewed. It was my understanding that the board/HUSD did not intend to announce the candidates, rather to keep the process low key. I guess we should be glad that the union president jumped the gun; otherwise we would not have known about "data" Dobbs' stint in San Diego.
    If this board selects Dobbs then we know for sure that they are beholden to the politicos in Hayward. I know for a fact that there is at least one candidate that has stellar credentials as an educator; ones that can be fact checked. He is a Hayward resident! Isn't that a novelty. This board would be doing the community and the children of HUSD a tremendous favor if they selected him.

  24. The only person currently working at HUSD that should be considered for superintendent is Lety Salinas. She loves the community, is part of the community, is loyal to the community and would not be looking for work elsewhere.

  25. 12:49 Lety Salinas... Great choice, no conflict of interest there!

  26. LOL LOL LOL...Salinas! I got my laugh of the day.

  27. 11:02am: You have it right. The other candidates are not publicly known. That deals with closed session personnel issues. We know about Dobbs initially from the HEA web site touting his candidacy.

  28. Who is that 11:02?

  29. To: 5:44pm - I don't remember the city council voting to support anyone. I don't remember it being on any agenda. It must have been either a violation of the Brown Act or you are not telling the truth? Which is it?

    To 8:47 pm - I DO believe that people get the kind of government they deserve. In this case, if the people of Hayward, especially the parents of students in the schools, leave the choice of Superintendent up to the teachers and local politicians, they will be neglecting their civic responsibility and therefore risking their children's education.

  30. I think he is coming back only for the money with his carpet bag instead of a briefcase. When a greener pasture appears over the fence, he'll probably hop over to it.

  31. 6:01 you hit the nail on the head. I just hope that HUSD's Board of Education is not as ignorant as they appear to be. I wonder if the union is still supporting the man that spoke so poorly of the teacher's union in San Diego; I assume they are part of CTA just like our union is. So, you speak poorly of one branch it reflects on all branches; doesn't it?

  32. Our HEA leasdership for our teachers union in Hayward is all ghetto. I really want a new president and vice president but with the dirty politics in our union is impossible to get rid of all our scum. That ugly old woman Mercedes Faraj and that fat cow slob Mary Walsh need to go. I also want my union dues back too. I wish these two would keep their mouth shut when they go on tv.
    I am ashamed I am am teacher in Hayward.

  33. So Am I. I don't think you have the right attitude for a teaching position. Someone in a leadership job should be able to do better than ugly old woman and fat cow slob. I wonder what you call your imperfect students.

  34. If I am a lousy teacher so be it but that does not excuse the lousy leadership of Faraj and Walsh for HEA. The ugly old woman and fat cow and that is what all of us teachers call them every time we see them on tv.
    btw I treat defenseless students excellent but not not fond of lousy teacher leadership. Two diff things. Right Mercedes?

  35. Clearly you have not seen Mary Walsh address the board of education. She is a ghetto as they come. She dresses like a slob; speaks as if she is better than anyone; lines up her students to support her for extra credit; in general she is a very poor representative of the teachers in HUSD.

  36. Over all of the years of changing superintendents, budget shortfalls, poor testing, and the massive achievement gap, the one constant has been HEA leadership. I say HEA leadership because I view HEA leadership as a self serving beast that has no resemblance to it's membership. HEA leadership is part of an old guard in Hayward as much as the chamber, Demos, Fire Department etc.

    Since it's existence HEA leadership has been comprised of overwhelmingly white men and women even as the district's teaching corps has diversified and so has it's student make-up. Anyone who has tried to challenge the status quo has been excommunicated. Bilingual educators years ago stood up to the union and ask around as to what happened to them. For years and years HEA had a husband and wife on the HEA board until Kathy Crummy passed away!! A husband and wife!

    HEA does not value teachers with advanced credentials that can better serve our students, they value only straight seniority. Students and families be damned.

    HEA implores the names of students and families and preys on their trust of teachers when it suits them politically and economically. HEA did not support the school bond that brought new schools to thousands of kids and gave them a shot at 21st century settings on par with kids in other districts. This would have benefitted their teachers as well. Wanna know why? No money for in their pockets. Speaking of lining their pockets, remember the teacher strike?

    HEA marched their their membership out to picket and strike for two weeks of lost wages and and then accepted the SAME contract they rejected two weeks earlier. Not to worry, guess what rank and file, Faraj, Crummy, Walsh all got paid for those weeks while you lost money.

    I believe the teaching profession is vital to the success of any society and teachers should be very well compensated. However, like any job their are responsibilities and levels of professionalism that have to be met on a regular basis. HEA rejects this, they protect the worst teachers. HEA wants to take the stance that they are the conduit to the students, that they know them best; yet will take no share of the blame for the achievement gap.

    HEA in its mode of operation has to continue to create a boogeyman of the district to keep the membership on their side. Hayward will not be able to attract a talented superintendent as long as the HEA leadership of Walsh and Faraj are around. Any sustained, systemic, educational change requires cooperation from all. HEA benefits from the chaos and instability as they are not challenged. This also plays out at the school site level. Teachers are always asking for better principals. When a member of HEA steps to become a principal, a job that at includes holding teachers accountable they become public enemy No. 1. They eat their own. Again, instability allows for free reign of teachers.

    You can change all the school boards, superintendents, and district staff you want, but as long as HEA leadership is around--not a damn thing will improve for kids.

  37. 7:49! Bravo! I take my hat off to you! No one has ever said it more clearer than you! After 14 years in the district, you are speaking the God's honest truth!

  38. After reading 7:49 I agree with 9:33 that Mercedes Faraj the HEA teachers union president is not only being an dumb ugly bitter old woman on the outside but also an dumb ugly old bitter soul on the inside and the same for the fat cow Mary Walsh. My fellow teachers I am just livid with my union leadership and also ashamed every time to grunt noises they open their pie hole.

    HEA is the problem and like the rest of you here I cannot wait for the next board meeting to watch these ghetto Faraj and Walsh vomit their usual gutter speak, but this time I am going to post somewhere in here about all of it.

    Is the next meeting going to be televised?

  39. All meetings at the district office are never televised but there will be an audio recording. The next meeting this Saturday will be at the district office. The only meetings that get televised are the ones held at the Hayward city hall.

  40. There will be no audio recording for the public because it is a closed session. The public will never hear the interviews or the deliberations on the interim candidates. I wish I were a fly on the wall.

  41. Mercedes Faraj and Mary Walsh are the poor leadership of the teachers union that want Stan Dobss back. These people do not care about HUSD. I agree as well that these two when they speak they embarrasse us teachers. We need new leadership at HEA.

    Bad teachers union we have. I share the same sentiment above. Please give me back my unions dues.

  42. Mike Bishop- If Mr. Dobbs can't be counted on to get basic facts correct in an interview, it's hard to see how his judgement can be counted on to remain CFO of the school district. He has already caused much more trouble than he seems to be worth.

  43. Dobbs contract (terms that interesting) in San Diego signed by him on 10-1-12 and approved by the San Diego school board on 12-1-12.
    You can also see all of it at:


    1. TERM
    The BOARD hereby employs the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER and the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER hereby accepts employment with the BOARD for a period of three years beginning on Dec 1, 2012.and terminating at the end of the day on December 31, 2015,...

    The CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER shall receive a base salary of $173,000.00 each fiscal year, effective.Dec. I ,2012 for his services as CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER hereunder. However, for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, ...

    The CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER shall be paid $250.00 per month as an automobile expense
    allowance for travel within the DISTRICT. The CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER will pay any expense for repairs, fueling, insurance or operation of his own automobile. Any tax consequences for the automobile allowance will be CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER's individual responsibility.

    The DISTRICT shall reimburse the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER for the cost of moving of his household furnishings and goods to San Diego, provided the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER provides the BOARD with three estimates of cost for said move and accepts the lowest bid.

    A. Termination by DISTRICT for convenience.
    The BOARD may elect to terminate this Employment Contract, without cause, upon thirty (30)
    days written notice to the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER. Prior to exercising this option, the BOARD
    shall provide the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER with an opportunity to meet with the BOARD to
    discuss its intentions. However, no cause need be alleged or demonstrated by the BOARD.

    In the event of such termination, the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER shall be paid monthly an
    amount equal to the monthly salary of the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER multiplied by the number of
    months remaining on the unexpired Term of this Agreement, not to exceed six (6) months and, in any
    event, only until the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER finds other full-time employment, whichever
    occurs first. In addition, the DISTRICT will maintain in effect the usual health and welfare fringe benefits normally provided to active non-represented management employees of the DISTRICT for this same period of time.

    B. Termination by DISTRICT for Cause.
    The BOARD may elect to terminate the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER's employment upon
    thirty (30) days written notice to the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER "for cause", which shall mean
    conduct by the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER in violation of DISTRICT written policies or regulations or material breach of this Agreement. In the event of a termination "for cause," notice of the DISTRICT's intent to terminate shall be provided in writing to the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, who shall be entitled to appear before the BOARD in closed session to discuss such cause.

    Dismissal for cause shall be effective upon action taken by the BOARD and all salary and benefits provided for in this Employment Agreement shall cease upon said action by the BOARD. Salary and benefits earned or accrued prior to said action shall be paid to the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER within 30 days of said action.

    C. Termination by the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER
    The CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER may elect to terminate this Employment Contract at any time during this Employment Contract by providing the BOARD with forty-five (45) days written

  44. Sounds like Dobbs can be fiored without due cause in San Diego. Now that they have a new superintendent I am sure the board will exercise the contract to fire him.
    That is what this is all about according to Dobbs -- carpetbagging. Go look else where where is better pay and people will not know I am really terrible at my job before I get fired.

  45. All we can do is hope that this board will maintain integrity, use their real brains, and reject Dobbs. But then when has a board of education in the last 10 years done that??

    Recall them if they hire this poor excuse for a human being.

  46. 7:49 expressed displeasure with the HEA in a way I would expect an educator to do. The person at 9:44 could learn something about expression from 7:49. 7:49 got her point accross. 9:44 simply looked like someone on a school playground calling other students names because they couldn't think of anything else to do. Clearly 9:44 is jealous of the leadership of HEA. Isn't that why bullies act out?

  47. By this time tomorrow we will know if students really count in HUSD.

  48. Dobbs has no ties or commitment to Hayward. He's just a transient administrator out to make a money grab and move on once he gets figured out. HUSD needs someone with a deep commitment to the community.

  49. Recall the board for approving his return

  50. Union whores are overjoyed

  51. Stan Dobbs is an idiot

  52. He is not an idiot, you are being very disrespectful.

    Stan Dobbs is actually a dumb idiot because now people are talking that he really does not have any degrees and has no resume.

    I really wish I knew what was going on in that secret meeting when they selected him.