Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hayward School Board Chooses Dobbs As Next Superintendent

HAYWARD | The Hayward School Board chose its former Chief Financial Officer Stanley Dobbs as the district's finalist for superintendent this Saturday. He would replace Dr. Donald Evans who announced his departure from the district last month to become Berkeley's new superintendent.

The vote came down to a 4-1, with board member Dr.Luis Reynoso the lone vote against Dobbs. Dobbs is known for his knowledge on the district's finances and has received strong support from community members in the past for his financial know-how. Enough support in fact to garner votes from board members John Taylor, Lisa Brunner and Annette Walker. However, Board President, William McGee, hadn't expressed any favoritism towards Dobbs recently, but voted with the majority.

"One of the reasons I voted for Dobbs was because of what he has done in Hayward and even though there are all these things out there about comments he made in San Diego and making incorrect statements to the press we have to put our differences aside," said McGee. "We need student achievement and cohesive organization as our first priority."

Reynoso's vote came as little surprise. He previously expressed a lack of confidence in Dobbs since he left the district after only spending 19 months with the district before leaving to the San Diego school district for the same job.

In San Diego, Dobbs found himself in a swell of controversy over comments he made about high teachers' salaries that proved to be incorrect. Reynoso said Dobbs didn't bring any real change to the district during his time with Hayward.

Dobbs's comments in San Diego got him in hot water with the teacher's union. In San Diego school teachers average about $92,000 a year in salary and benefits but Dobbs falsely said they made $92,000-a-year plus $20,000 in benefits. He also said that the school district had excess employees and that an increase in class sizes did not adversely affect students.

However, in Hayward, Dobbs has strong support among leaders in the teacher's union. Mercedes Faraj, Hayward Education Association president, expressed strong support and confidence in Dobbs abilities last month at a school board meeting.

The board will have to approve a contract for Dobbs at a later date to confirm him as the new superintendent of Hayward. He will step in after Evans begins his position as Berkeley's new superintendent in Berkeley on July 1.


well, that should shake a few people up. Amazing how no matter who is elected, the situation stays the same. No doubt San Diego is jumping for joy.

First: Shane, Dobbs did not take the "same job" in San Diego; Dobbs is CFO in Sandi.

Second: of course Reynoso voted "no." Reynoso hates Dobbs because Reynoso can't understand any of what Dobbs presents and Reynoso feels stupid.

Third: it's a good thing that HUSD has so much muck for Tavares & Company to rake, because otherwise, this penny-ante site would have nothing to publish.

Dobbs has no ties or commitment to Hayward. He's just a transient administrator out to make a money grab and move on once he gets figured out. HUSD needs someone with a deep commitment to the community.

Finally we get a superintendent that will get us a another bond and maybe a couple more parcel taxes in Hayward. We need the money to build new school and keep good teachers and good classified staff. It is Reynoso that we nee to recall for not understanding that now our labor unions well get a fair compensation in Hayward because all of us that work for HUSD are grossly underpaid. Down with Reynoso let's recall him for not supporting our choice for superintendent Dr. Stan Dobbs.

You ought to pay more attention to Shanes sloppy reporting and worry less about mildly arcane word usage, Steven.

HEA likes Dobbs.

Reynoso is in a 4-to-1 minority. What a fool.

Stan Dobbs is smart enough to know how to give the board what they want without being a spineless wimp...

The real wimp is Reynoso for not voting with the majority. It is so easy to vote no and go against the majority. I am almost positive that the board was so over whelmed with the qualifications of Dr. Dobbs that he was the real choice.

Dr. Dobbs has the knowledge to bring this district forward and he has the experience, training and credentials to be a superintendent.

Reynoso is the fool is right now he is all alone. We need to recall him for being so wimpy and not going with the rest of the board.

We also need to shut this penny-ante site down for not reporting the news accurately on Dr. Dobbs exemplary experience and qualifications. Shame on you Tavares and Shane. You guys need to go and join Reynoso to be Walmart greeters.

6:32 is onto something. So are the folks who complain about the HEA leadership. Mr. Dobbs gave HEA some of what they wanted when he was here, but his remarks in San Diego show that he's not afraid to anger a teacher union either.

We have a rare alignment here: A new superintendent, a clear majority board vote, and HEA on board. Let's wait and see what happens.

This is a victory for the working people of HUSD. Unions still work for people and without them Hayward would not be a nice place to live.

According to Ms. Faraj, our president at HEA, this is for 1 year as interim and then he will be permanent.

Good job Ms. Faraj and this is why she is our president to be sure that we get paid what we deserve, because only the kids will benefit when teachers get paid reasonable wages. We teachers need to support our union leadership at HEA and stop complaining about union dues. The union dues pay for representation, and you have to pay like all unions.

Thank you Hayward Board of trustees and we all need to get together to recall Reynoso so we can pass another bond and a parcel tax before that republican kills what the kids need in Hayward.

@9:13 Shill for HEA. This person shows that HEA is about zero besides lining teachers' pockets. The rest is a shell game.

Still, Mr. Reynoso lost in a 4:1 vote. He is just a lone wolf howling in the wilderness on this issue.

Dobbs does not hold a PHD and does not deserve to be called Dr. He has no experience in the classroom, as a site administrator, as a program manager, as a resource person; the fact is he has no experience with children/students. They are simply numbers to him. What a shame! Reynoso voted for children when he cast his vote. There were other candidates who were far more qualified to bring the academic progress of our students up to the level they so very much deserve. With Data Dobbs we certainly will have more technology; more computer programs; more consultants; more spending; and his rude and sarcastic attitude to watch on meeting nights.

@5:54 - Shane is right, you are wrong. First, Dobbs was CFO in Hayward, then he took the same job, CFO in san Diego, now he's getting a different job. Good reporting!

Reynoso is a Republican??
We should recall him. Republicans do not care about public education. He is not qualified to select the best leader Dr. Stan Dobbs. The reason why Dr. Dobbs left is because he was chased out of the district by Reynoso but Dr. Dobbs is a very valiant man always looking to improve our schools and we need him for another parcel tax and bond.

Dr. Dobbs is not a spineless wimp as other mention above instead Reynoso is a wimp for not being strong to go with the rest of the board.

@10:47 - He may not have a K12 education background, but he knows how to trust his Assistant Sups, and knows how to make decisions, and make things happen. Some things are going to happen, but what, we don't know yet.

score on HEA the Beast vs HUSD children

HEA the Beast 1 HUSD Children 0

GREAT JOB! You picked an excellent person to the lead the School. He is humble and hard working. Very rare to find such an excellent leader. I was at at a meeting with Mr. Dobbs and he took my plate after we ate. I almost fell out of my chair because he is so kind and humble.

Please RECALL that nut Reyonso. He is a Republican he sold out to the highest bidder.

Just checked the Dept of Ed for CA and this Dr. Dobbs has NOTHING for credentials?

What has happened to this school board? They don't really see incompetence when they see it or hear it. Dobbs has no resume or has lied in his resume?

See for your self and just type in Stanley Dobbs and you get nothing!!


see his linkedin profile:


The man is not qualified.

An earlier poster stated Dobbs is humble..that's a crock! He acts as if he is the authority on everything and doesn't hesitate to put those who disagree with him down.

Someone also said he will trust his administrators. Hello, those same administrators have been in charge of education in HUSD for years and where are we? We are certainly not the leaders in this county. They are "super good" at spewing out rhetoric and don't deliver anything except another "new" and "fantastic" program for teachers to try. Well teachers have tried them all and have had little success, and that certainly isn't for lack of trying.

I feel so sorry for the children of HUSD. They have nothing to gain from Stan Dobbs. But rest assured he will gain financially and will have another addition to his resume when he goes looking elsewhere. BTW watch out for his "family leaves" he takes them quite frequently.

6/9 @ 9:45am...Children in Hayward are neither democrat or republican and could care less about political parties. They just want equal and adequate educations. Candidates do not run for the Board of Education as republican or democrat. It is a non-partisan race.

Until something major happens these two sides are never coming together. On we go into dark. Maybe the best choice continues to be send your kids elsewhere or home school them.

Lots of HEA board members seem to be posting on this site. Shame on all of you for supporting Dobbs. Perhaps there should be more of a reason than: he will get you the raises you deserve. How about children?

12:34 I agree. Dr. Reynoso intimidates a lot of people, specially HEA the beast of Hayward, for always trying to hold people accountable in HUSD. Dr. Reynoso will always get negative comments from these people. I really don't care if Dr. Reynoso is a republican or democrat because the only thing I know after watching him for years is that he cares about the children of Hayward.

As long this teachers union continues with the same leadership and non-caring attitude towards children Hayward's education will never improve.

I also watched Stan Dobbs when he was here last year and found him to be very rude towards the board and not very knowledgeable.

Stan Dobbs showed his incompetency in HUSD the first time he was here and he will prove it this time! The school board clearly did not think about the children when they voted on Saturday. Four out of five board members were thinking about their re-election and caved into the beast teachers union. These are more sad times in Hayward schools.

Will our Hayward children ever come first?????

WOW! How did Stan Dobbs receive his doctorate in 24 hours?

He got all his certificates, degrees and credentials from Bull Shit University for all idiots to believe in.

Who will be accountable when this all blows up in their face? At least Jesus Armpits and Maribel Hardon left the board and now they're somewhere kissing in a tree.

The HUSD board has gone way out on a limb. Careful, board! You can be run out of town too. You still don't understand that the children and students of Hayward must, finally, come first. I guess you still don't get it! We are watching you and your decisions. Do you sleep at night?

We need to kick this board out of town and the teachers union. I don't think they remember how much of a "bull shitter" this Dobbs was like in board meetings when he was here. Shame on you HUSD board and HEA.

Eliminating public education may seem unAmerican. But a growing number of movement conservatives have signed a proclamation from the Alliance for the Separation of School and State that favors "ending government involvement in education." Signatories include such Washington notables as David Boaz and Ed Crane of the Cato Institute; conservative author Dinesh D'Souza; Dean Clancy, who is an education policy analyst for House Majority Leader Dennis Hastert; and Howard Phillips, president of the Conservative Caucus.

9:49 I think the American public has just about had enough with unions like the HEA beast(as people are calling it here now) having so much pull on the hiring process for superintendents, administrators and teachers. No wonder they want the governemnt out of education. Yes, me too a long 65 year resident of Hayward has just had my limit of this kind bs. I am just dying to know what the Hayward trustees board were thinking when they brought this guy Dobbs back??

ps(I am a fellow Democrat in case you are wondering)

The 4 board members who brought Dobbs back are beholden to the money people in this town and the unions. They are focused on re-election and the power that comes with it. If these 4 were told to bring in Satan, or risk no money and no backing for that next campaign they would bring Satan in and tell the community they were thinking of the children's best interests. Money and power speak!

Some people may not like Dr. Reynoso, but no one can ever say he is beholden to any politician or union in this town. He took no money from anyone except a very small amount from friends and family. He does not play the money and power game..he works for all children in HUSD.

9:49 and 10:47 I have been in Hayward for about 7 years and I cannot move out of this area and just feel helpless as the city council is just as bad as the school board. The proposal above to keep government away form education makes sense.


No change will ever come unless the entire community wants to improve their schools. Having only one board member in the school board do the right thing is not good enough. As much as we support Dr. Reynoso keep in mind that a majority is needed to bring change and I don't believe of all meetings that I have attended or watched he has ever had a majority to put anything on the agenda. Our Hayward will continue to be doomed with HEA the beast. This community deserves the government they get by allowing unions like teachers, police, firemen to control their government. Look for more dismal school performance, parcel and utility taxes plus more bonds coming our way.

I too am a fellow democrat!

Do the people of Hayward care one way or the other? Politics in Hayward dictate all that goes on in Hayward. The chosen few are allowed to make the decisions that impact all our lives. All the uninvolved tend to do is complain. All we think about is holding our head above water if we are poor and if we have the means we stay in the areas of the community where the problems are not as obvious. The point is we elect all those we complain about. And all we tend to do is complain.

To get the correct facts about the statements that Stan Dobbs made in San Diego while at San Diego USD, read the article to the following link, where it states, Stan Dobbs, " The Blunt CFO is right"


what's really sad is that it seems no matter who you are or what you bring to the table the system will always be hell bent on attacking at any angle they can get into....until it collapses...and start it all over again doing it to the next person...

all across the nation school districts are being lead today by some of the most successful leaders from business and military without a formal education degree....and they're doing a great job. Stan Dobbs is one such leader...if he can command a pacific fleet of warships I think he can lead a ship that has been so far off course for a while without too much effort to get it back on track....

1:45 If Dr. Stan "data" Dobbs was right about his salary data for teachers then why did he apologize about his bad data?


So which is it? He knows he was right or wrong?

In the last Bond measure for HUSD also known as measure I Rick Hart in 1:45 was paid $50,000 for doing 3 days worth of work for the campaign. So, it is confirmed then we have bog bonds and parcel taxes coming our way? Is that why Rick Hart is supporting Stan Dobbs so that he can pocket again $50,000 for practically doing nothing?

I love this blog. I started reading this site right after the Nadia Lockyer story.

Good job Tavares and Bond. Something tells me that this guy Dobbs has lots of skeletons and ebcitizen is ready to pounce some more. Thank you to all blogers that contribute to the truth too.

From what I read here Dobbs is a job hopper with no credentials. I love google! So I want to know how the school board decided for Stan Dobbs?

I agree above that people get the politicians they deserve. I wish that me too could move out of this area. Where can I get a job like that Rick Hart has?

Nothing changes for Hayward in the city council or school board all same as always. The money wanted by carpetbaggers and union beasts drive corruption. I wonder when Hayward is going to wake up.

I like that name and is so appropriate for the teachers union.



@ 1:51 I agree with you, but Commander Dobbs was the logistics officer for a carrier fleet, not a fleet commander. I think it's precisely because Dobbs is an education outsider that people don't know what to make of him. I say to the rest, pack up the vitriol and the hatred for a season and see what happens.

@ Rick Hart: Can you set the record straight vis-à-vis the $50k for three days' work comment?

Hayward will never wake up. I have lived here all my long life and it has never been anything but a corrupt town. The needs of residents and our children have always come after all the politicos have finished lining their pockets.

Interesting Rick Hart visits EBCitizen when he said in public comment last week that the Daily Review has been the most accurate on this issue despite the fact the Review merely rewrote my article.

I can't hold myself back any longer...the Daily Review (more commonly known as the rag) printed somebody else's picture to accompany their story about the hiring of Dobbs! They are so ghetto.

I just read the daily review. I noticed they did not even bother to ask Dr. Reynoso why voted no for Dr. Dobbs.

Can the ebcitizen tells us since it seems the daily review is completely useless to get the real story.

Dobbs paying respects to the beast:

Dobbs reached out and worked with the entire Hayward community, not just the teachers and staff, said Hayward teachers union President Mercedes Faraj, who suggested Dobbs as a candidate at an earlier board meeting.
"We had a momentum going in the district that we wanted to maintain," and Dobbs was familiar with Hayward schools, she said. The union, Hayward Education Association, also was impressed that he didn't make automatic cuts with the Hayward budget to balance the books, she said.

More cowtowing to the beast HEA ????

"In my opinion, he has the knowledge and the wherewithal to manage our district and continue the forward momentum we have cultivated," McGee said.

Is Mr. McGee up for re-election??

More cowtowing to HEA???

Hayward also plans to begin looking for a permanent superintendent, trustee Lisa Brunner said. "We wanted someone in place by July 1, and there just was not enough time to go through the whole process required to hire a permanent superintendent," she said.

What does Lisa Brunner know about education or money??

Lisa Brunner knows what HEA tells her. She spends a great deal of time at the HEA offices "visiting" with the union leadership. She is beholden to the money that is in the union coffers come election time.

William McGee should be ashamed of himself, he cast the academic progress of the students aside in favor of the money he can raise for his next campaign. I used to believe he believed in the right of all students to be served by dedicated staff who had expertise in education. I know now that he just mouthed the words and once elected, particularly as the president of the board, he simply does what will please the politicos and the unions in Hayward. I wouldn't vote for him again if he was the only person running for office. If I knew where he lived I would personally picket his neighborhood and call for his resignation.

@7:34, the word is kowtow. I'm surprised that Steven "Ignominy" Tavares didn't correct you.

Press release: San Diego Unified - Dobbs' approach to the sale of Prop Z Bonds benefits Diego School School District financially.

This is for idiots that promote bonds and drive their communities to debt.


California’s Assembly passed limits on long-term bonds that have saddled school districts with debt of as much as 10 times the principal after financing new classrooms in years of slumping property values.

Bonds are for idiots that do not understand ultimately the financial damage done to communities.

I am a retired San Diegan living in San Diego. I am jovially reading this blog and I want to thank the school board in Hayward for taking Stan Dobbs off our hands. Can you please make him start working today rather than to wait until July 1st?

Stan Dobbs had to issue a letter of apology because his numbers were not correct in school finances. I hope your community knows what they are getting. Here in San Diego we are now stuck with billions of unnecessary debt with the bonds.

So Stan Dobbs will bring the same senseless debt to Hayward. Does he know what he is doing? Are his financial data correct when he makes financial decisions?

Well to 12:20 and 12:37 we have gone that route with Mr. Dobbs one time already...so I guess the idiots that comprise the majority of the board of education will feel right at home with him. Raising taxes to build more schools to NOT EDUCATE children. Oh but they look so pretty!!

I am hoping that Mr. Tavares or Mr. Bond will look at this posting and do some investigating and some questioning of the HUSD board of education.

I just looked at the Calif. Dept. of Education site for a record of Mr. Dobbs' administrative credential and he has none. In case you are wondering why that is important I will explain:
Calif. Ed. Code says that to evaluate, supervise, discipline or in any other way principals, administrators or other credentialed employees, the evaluation MUST BE DONE BY A PERSON WITH AN APPROVED CDE ADMINISTRATIVE CREDENTIAL. Mr. Dobbs has none; therefore he cannot do any of the above for HUSD. Nor can Mr. Dobbs hire any administrators or principals, because he has no administrative credential.
To receive a Calif. Administrative Credential, the applicant must have at least 3(three) years of classroom teaching experience...Mr. Dobbs has no classroom experience.

Mr. Dobbs must rely upon his 2nd in command Dr. Wayne to do all of the above..which he may or may not be capable of doing. However, there is NO ONE to evaluate Dr. Wayne...hmmm I wonder how the board plans to get around that???? BTW if Dr. Wayne left HUSD, Dobbs could not interview or hire his replacement.

HUSD has hired a man who cannot do the most important things needed in our schools. But he sure can "talk to the politicos" in our city. WHAT A JOKE WE HAVE FOR LEADERSHIP IN HUSD.

Wow I have read all these posts and I am beyond belief.
No wonder Hayward has such poor schools.
This school board needs to go away NOW.

If I was this Dr. Wayne, the 2nd in command at HUSD, I would demand a large bump in my salary if the Board of Education wanted me to assume the duties of evaluation, supervision, discipline, hiring of all the administrators! I would also demand a new title or job description, since I would be doing the majority of the Superintendent's job.

Kathryn Benson was allowed to do all sort of sh*t without a credential. Wu-Fernandez was never a teacher and no one bothered her either. What in the hell is going on? Apparently the California Education Code means nothing to this district. Make up your own rules and do whatever gets more money in your pockets shame.

The district needs a credentials audit for everyone at district.

Well good luck getting a credentials audit out of this board! Been in this town more years than I want to count and this truly is the most unethical bunch of leaders in HUSD ever. It used to be that following the law was honorable, now it is "catch us if you can".

Question. Does the County Superintendent of Schools have anything to say or do regarding the issues in HUSD?

Sheila Jordan the county sup is as worthless as the HUSD school board.


Are you not interested in investigating if Stan Dobbs is really qualified to be the Superintendent of HUSD. If he has a Calif. Dept. of Ed. Administrative Credential..and other things he may claim on his Linkedin site? Don't the students of Hayward deserve an honest and ethical person to lead them?

Oh how I long for the old days in HUSD; when all we had to worry about was reading the paper and discovering that an assistant superintendent was caught propositioning an undercover officer in the bathroom at the San Leandro Marina! Or who was caught taking district vehicles up to their Tahoe cabin without permission! Or what administrator was using district materials and workers to build a deck on their home! Or why HUSD spent money for district administrators to spend the night at top of the line SF hotels so they wouldn't have to take bart or find parking for conferences!

Yep, those were the days.

with school vouchers all of this would not happen

I guess even the eastbay citizen doesn't really care that HUSD has once again decided that they will do things their own way, regardless of whether it is what is right, legal or best for children and the community.

How can there be no one in this community that can carry the "big stick" that will force the Board of Education to put politics aside and hire a person who knows education and curriculum, has a proven track record in California, and puts children first?

Thanks for posting these historical realty moments. After 40+ years in Hayward, sad that politics have and will continue triumph over doing what is best for our children particularly over the long haul. We have always been diverse, have had a strong union, good public support but the leadership has been chaotic and undisciplined for too many years. Time to turn it over to the state for a long needed fix. We have failed and refuse to admit it.

Is the union the problem? Should wages and benefits supersede the quality of education? Do hope the Board does a good search for new Leader. Dobbs was convenient, but worry about his lack of commitment to anything but salary. Current 2nd in charge would likely do better in a more homogenous less political community. Hard to imagine that we no other qualified interested people in the system. Less PC and more quality is what we desperately need.

I believe there were 5 people that were interviewed for this position. I am sure one or more were were at least holders of an administrative credential and had some experience as a teacher.

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