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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swalwell Posts GIF Of His Vote On Anti-Abortion Bill

Over Rep. Eric Swalwell's first six months in Congress he has captivated voters who might have limited knowledge of various social media technologies and one middle-aged San Francisco Chronicle political reporter.

He first touted the use of Skype to speak to the Fremont City Council and various classrooms with the video conferencing site to great fanfare. Nevermind, Skype and other similar technologies is the stuff of the 20th Century.

Now, Swalwell is using the micro video-sharing site Vine to show voters that he is, well, 32-years-old. Mashable reported today Swalwell used Vine, a service that users can produce six second GIF-like audio and video, to share his vote today in the House on a bill deemed by critics as "anti-abortion."
Swalwell was protesting a bill called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It would ban abortions after a fetus is 20 weeks old, and is based on the idea that fetuses can feel pain earlier than previously thought. On Twitter, Swalwell posted that the bill was part of a "war on women." Of the Vine, he said, "When House @GOP try to roll back health protections for women, this is how I vote."
Now, if Swalwell really wants to impress us, he would post on Pinterest his beliefs for cutting Social Security benefits for seniors.


  1. Swalwell is a crook. Check your gmail, Steve!

  2. What a knee-jerk crook. The real war is on helpless people like babies, veterans, and our our elders; upstarts like stalwell are attempting to sap social security (which is in good shape on the books according to bernie sanders) but the power elite are trying to tell the sheeple it will be devalued so they can dismantle it (BS like LIBOR and the mortgage scandals). Many citizens made the huge mistake of investing in GG state run college fund after 2000 which suddenly went belly up and sucked out 20% of the gross value almost overnight before many withdrew (hopefully). We're all at the whim of the power elite. Stalwell is another pathetic simpleton pretty boy puppet the blinded g8 wheel that is trying to put the squeeze on 'lesser' citizens compromising humanity - sickening? How will they account for this?

  3. People on this blog are bad at coming up with nicknames. "Stalwell?" How unimaginative. In the two years since he became a thing, am I the only one who's thought of "Smallwilly?"

  4. Oh, I like it. I also like "Swallowell," "Swalpoorly," "Smellwell," and "Swalt Disney."
    This is just too much fun. Apparently the letters in Eric Michael Swalwell can be rearranged to spell "A sawmill circle wheel," "Mila will chew cereals," "will swill a ache cream," "Will a leach mewl cries?" or "Will sew a clerical hem."
    His name, like his political platform, is so easily morphed.

  5. Those who follow me on Twitter know I call his supporters and trolls, "Swallowers."

  6. Y'all need to get a day job. Or at least take up oil painting to use your creative genius.

  7. Too many seniors are barely getting by. The only thing keeping many seniors out of poverty is Social Security with it's cost of living adjustments. If Swallwell cuts that, he will lose the election in 2014 for sure!

  8. If you think seniors are barely getting by, they are actually doing better than kids today. How's that for a surprise. Especially when congress is trying to reduce food stamps and we are giving away the district't money to the new superintendent.

  9. Seniors will never vote for Swallwell again--made that mistake once. That's it!

  10. I agree with the anti-Swallwell crowd. He never should have said he supports the chained cpi. It will cost him the senior vote for sure.