Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alameda County DA Says No Hamburglars In Alameda

Nancy O'Malley
ALAMEDA//PLANNING BOARD | Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley rarely has a beef with elected officials who break the law, but she objected Monday night to a proposed In-N-Out Burger at Alameda Landing citing its likelihood for attracting crime to the city of her residence.

The Alameda Planning Board approved the addition of In-N-Out set to be constructed at the new development between the College of Alameda and the Webster tube leading to Oakland.

Although O’Malley, who never identified himself as the county’s top cop during public comment, said the development, also including a Target, a bank and gas station, will overwhelm the area’s traffic situation, but the burger joint’s presence near Oakland will bring crime to the island city.

“I do know something about public safety,” she said. “We have people coming to what could be considered a vulnerable site in Alameda. It’s easy in and easy out, no pun intended.”

O’Malley added the restaurant’s nighttime hours will attract people to the location from Oakland along with its continuing problem with crime. Over 5,000 robberies were reported in Oakland last year making it the robbery capital of America, O’Malley said. “Every city that surrounds Oakland is impacted by Oakland’s high crime.”

For now, the closest In-N-Out for Alamedans hankering for a Double-Double is located on Hegenberger Road in Oakland where they will gladly take your order and your money.

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  1. So nice to know that the DA of Alameda county is hell bent on keeping her city safe. Perhaps she needs to move to a safer gated community to make sure the riff raff doesn't get close to her. I wonder, does she have a police escort to get her from Alameda to her offices in Oakland?

  2. By MW:

    If a Caucasian blue collar worker who was also a high school dropout and who furthermore lived in an all white working class neighborhood that was also considered to be lower middle income had made the same comments and taken the same positions that Nancy O'Malley did, then the liberal mainstream media, and including the SF Chronicle, would have never stopped screaming that the Caucasian blue collar worker was extremely stupid, a racist, and an uneducated narrow minded bigot.

    Or what if a college graduate, but who was extremely prominent in the very most conservative of Republican circles, had made the same comments and taken the same positions that O'Malley did! Again the mainstream liberal media would have insisted that the conservative, and even though he was a college graduate, was still stupid, a racist, and a narrowminded bigot.

    In fact in the last several months a lot of major newspapers that are part of the liberal mainstream media gave a lot of publicity to a study that "proved:" one, conservatives are "stupid" and the reason they are conservative is because they are so extremely "stupid" and "narrowminded"; and two, it is a waste of time trying to discuss things with conservatives or to inform them or to try to educate them or to debate them, since they are so extremely "stupid" and "narrowminded," that therefore nothing said by people as "intelligent" as liberals are has any possibility of being comprehended by people as "stupid" and "narrowminded" as conservatives supposedly are.

    Is O'Malley also against diversity? Is she also against integration? If she was a real estate agent, if she was hired by her friends and relatives to find them a home to buy, would she have steered them away from neighborhoods that contained a high percentage of blacks and/or were adjacent to black neighborhoods. (By the way, that is illegal for real estate agents to do.)

    If she has children, did she have them go to public schools that were largely integrated, or did she send them to private schools or try to place them in public schools that had as few blacks as possible?

    To sum up, most prominent liberals and Democrats, and such as for instance Dianne "Who Carries A Pistol In Her Own Purse But Is For Gun Control for Everybody Else" Feinstein, and perhaps also Nancy O'Malley, are not really liberals but merely demagogues, charlatans, big windbags, and world class hypocrites.

    In fact, we could solve the energy crisis if instead of using gasoline, oil, and natural gas to power our equipment, instead we ran all of our machinery on the infinitely huge amounts of hot air produced by the parasites, windbags, charlatans, and demagogues who pretend to be liberals and hold the highest ranking positions in the Democratic Party.

  3. She appears to have a chip on her shoulder in the video like everyone should know who she is and furthermore fear her.

  4. As the person cited in a recent article I read as "One of the four most corrupt DAs in the United States" I find this hilarious. Her dialogue certainly does have a bias slant to it, like Oaklanders (where her office is located) are "unclean." If this is her feeling then she shouldn't be in office here.

  5. I like Nancy. In fact I just got her invite to the BBQ event and I will be buying a couple of tickets. Long live Queen Nancy!

  6. DA O'Malley really? You have one of the hardest jobs in the county and you have time to go out to a city council meeting to complain about a drive thru? Really? WTF ... you just lost a lot of respect

  7. A lot of corrupt people are like-able. They have to be like-able in order to gain as many powerful friends as they can so that they can continue to be corrupt. Get it?

  8. By MW:

    Concerning the comment of 10:49, Jeb Magruder, and who was one of the Watergate co-conspirators, later, and after he saw the error of his ways, said his clergyman had said to him: "Jeb, you are a nice guy but you are not a good man," meaning that you are likeable and have a lot of surface charm but you are corrupt and unprincipled.

    And I remember the newspaper reporter who refused to go to a party given by a prominent politician, since he aid he had found that most politicians were likeable and had nice personalities, and no matter how sleazy and corrupt they were. since he said he didn't want to be unduly influenced and basically seduced by their surface charm into liking them, and therefore no longer able to to write tough and hardhitting articles about them and the sleazy things they tried to pull.

  9. By MW:

    If you read the articles of the past two days in various newspapers, and including some Bay area newspapers, you will see however that Nancy O'Malley has no major objections to thieves, embezzlers, and money launderers, and such as for instance former Alameda County Judge Paul Seeman - since they are "respectable" and wear coats and ties and carry briefcases - running loose.

    1. Don't forget the rapists she refuses to prosecute

    2. The family justice center is a racket. They don't prosecute 'non stranger' rape

  10. By MW:

    The Lawyers & Judges/Seaman/Nanny O'Mouthy approved system for successfully stealing and keeping at least 600K and then staying out or prison.

    First steal at least one million dollars. Then if people make a big stink about the huge amount of money you stole, give back 300K and be willing to spend, if necessary, about 100K on under the table bribes so that the DA's office will not insist you go to prison. So now you have ONLY 600K left from just that one scam, plus probably still a lot more money you had most likely been stealing for decades and before anybody made a big stink.

    In other words while even guys like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti, and Pablo Escobar were not normally sleazy enough to go around stealing the entire estates of old ladies, however that much sleazier mafia composed of lawyers and judges will.