Friday, July 12, 2013

Bonta's First Bill Signed Into Law Gives State Workers A Raise

Asm. Rob Bonta PHOTO/Steven Tavares)
ASSEMBLY 18 | Assemblyman Rob Bonta’s first bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown contains a 4.5 percent raise for SEIU Local 1000, one of the largest blocs of union labor in state government representing over 95,000 workers. The new three-year contract also bans furloughs for the length of the deal.

The raise will be the first the union has seen in seven years. "As Chair of the Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security Committee, I was fortunate to follow closely the contract negotiations between SEIU Local 1000 and the State Department of Human Resources,” said Bonta in a statement released Thursday. "By signing this bill, Governor Brown clearly recognizes and respects the shared sacrifices made by our state workers over the past decade.”

Bonta added, "I have watched for many years as state workers suffered from deeper and deeper cuts and furloughs. AB 1377 was an opportunity to restore some of those cumulative sacrifices. Our state workers are a major reason our state was able to stay afloat, and after many yea

Thus far Bonta has had an impressive record in his first year as assembly member for the 18th district covering Alameda, Oakland and San Leandro. He has won much favor among other state legislators, including Speaker John A. Perez.

Other bills introduced or sponsored by Bonta include, one to make condoms available to prison inmates, tax on ammunition sales and a bill to offer Oakland an option for stricter gun controls.

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Odd that the photo you have of Bonta here and the one of Brooks in the article below are from the same event.

8:36pm what's your point? Tavares only has one roll of film.

Completely brainless on how democracies work. WE should never get rid of any elections even if they are not contested as people need to see the ballots when they vote, period. Bonta is an idiot

So says the above tea bagging extreme conservative above. It must gall you to know that Dems. control the assembly, the senate and every statewide office. We love Bonta and that's why we voted for him. If you don't like it run against him and see how you do. LMAO

I am a democrat and I voted for Bonta and I agree with 1:14 that we should never get rid of any elections. Yes, we are a democracy. Last time I checked.

Are you referring to Bonta's bill to get rid of elections for EBMUD board members that are unopposed?

All opposed or unopposed elections need to be on the ballot or we will all forget why we vote. True I agree too that we are a democracy and this guy Bonta does not know.

It costs taxpayer money to put unopposed elections on the ballot. If someone's unopposed, they win. Why waste our money?

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