Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swalwell: An A’s Fan Who Likes Will Clark? A Democrat Who Wants To Cut Social Security?

Giants great Will Clark gave Rep. Eric Swalwell
a thrill, according to a tweet Tuesday.
CONGRESS 15 | Mr. Everything To Everybody is back at it. Rep. Eric Swalwell continues to understand moderate Democrat to mean a catch-all for the entire political spectrum. The philosophy apparently is not only includes politics, but other parts of life.

On Tuesday, the freshman congressman who touts manning his own Twitter and Facebook feeds, took to pandering to Oakland Athletics fans when joking about offering a resolution to put its star outfielder, Yoenis Cespedes on the All-Star Game roster (since corrected to simply put him in the game before the 9th inning). Smart, since his East Bay constituency is mostly A’s fans.

However, later, in response to comments during the broadcast of the All-Star Game Tuesday evening informing viewers Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw wears the number 22 in honor of former Giants great Will Clark, Swalwell showed his true orange and black colors by tweeting a similar affinity for the man nicknamed Will "The Thrill." "I was practically raised by #TheThrill," tweeted Swalwell.

A couple of things here: when former Rep. Pete Stark offered a House resolution in 2011 honoring A’s pitcher Dallas Braden for a throwing a perfect game, Swalwell unmercifully used it to show his former opponent's neglect of the district. Curiously, Swalwell famously rented a yacht to carry his campaign signs at McCovey Cove last year during a Fox Sports telecast of a Giants game. He also tweeted his great support of the San Francisco 49ers during their Super Bowl run earlier this year. Swalwell even posed with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee clad in Niners gear.

Of course, which sports teams you support, no matter if they are located in the congressional district or not, ultimately is inconsequential when it comes to lawmaking. However, it feeds into a solidifying sense in the East Bay that Swalwell is not who he seems. Those in Hayward remain wary whether his stances on immigration, social security and privacy actually matches the rhetoric he offers white, middle-class suburbanites in the Tri Valley. Is he really the kind of Democrat that embodies the entire district? Might he favor the Tri Valley over the Hayward- Fremont area? His recent campaign finance report says he should.

Would a progressive Democrat actively support lowering Social Security benefits for seniors like Swalwell is advocating? And when it comes down to it, what kind of self-respecting A’s fan tells people they like Will Clark?


My family voted for Swalwell last time, but my mother and father rely on Social Security benefits and barely get through the end of each month without our help. This makes it hard for us because we have kids in college. Ellen Corbett will get our vote this time because she is more sensitive to seniors and working family issues than the spoiled kid in office now.

Eric is the typical politician who will say and do anything to get a vote; he looks uncomfortable in his own shoes (cowboy boots during the Rodeo, of course) - he shares the same boring story about working as a waiter and towel boy - he takes terribly staged photos to look like a blue-collar guy (yes, he comes from modest means) and he panders to folks west of Dublin. How vocal was Eric when there was an opportunity for the A's to have a brand new stadium built in Dublin? Was he even around then, at least as a regular citizen, to advocate how amazing that would be for Dublin?

My take, as a Dublin resident, Eric grew up here, yes, but he sat on the Council until his opportunity in Congress presented itself - he became the geisha girl of his party and is doing all he can to look like he cares.

He's a typical politician. Which is a dirty word.

Lets try this one more time. Swalwell is not going to vote to cut Social Security unless Dem leadership tells him to do so (just like Corbett). For the love of god please stop trying to manufacture an issue where there is none. BTW - Will Clark was pretty darn cool.

If you look up a huge raging douche bag in the dictionary you may see a picture of this young lad:-)

Typical dirty union whores who are whoring for Ellen Whorbett!

Now that's what I would say if I weren't a gentleman or lady!

Love Congressman Swalwell--a true leader who don't take shit from anyone!!

Hey look everybody it's the anti union troll who tries to dominate every article and tries to disguise himself-- not very well--What a sexist too!

Eric has said he supports the chained CPI which will cut benefits for seniors, veterans and the disabled.The support from seniors will go to Ellen by a big margin. I am a senior who belongs to many senior groups and NONE support the chained CPI and are all pissed off at Eric for supporting this destruction of Social Security. Too many seniors are hardly able to survive and need help. Reducing their cost of living increases, when their costs are increasing much more rapidly, will be the straw that breaks the camels back. We don't need to hurt most seniors when all we need to do is lift the cap on Social Security so the very wealthy pay their fair share like everyone else. This lifting the cap is supported by over 90% of seniors and almost 80% of all Americans. That's why most seniors and most people in our District will support Ellen Corbett instead in 2014.

Excuse my ignorance, Please point out one instance where Swalwell voted in favor of cutting social security. My perusal of his reccord so far, Leads me to believe he has voted in lockstep with dem leadership (admittedly not a plus for conservatives). When did the congressman vot differently than you think Corbett would vote?

As usual, Tavares is pontificating without substance. I would call it journalism but... He can't even be bothered to check his articles for typos. His negative coverage of those that find his "journalism" laughable is tragic I am sure he will delete this comment as he is can't acknowledge his own shortcomings. P.S. before he condemns me for being a staffer or campaign volunteer.. I am neither. Just someone who can't stand to see personal vitriol masquerade as truth.

Please read Anon 9:56--he hasn't voted yet, but says he will support a chained CPI which will cut benefits for Seniors, Veterans and the Disabled etc.

Tavares,are you about reporting news or creating it?
Your reporting more and more often seems to be about the latter.

What he is reporting is what a reporter should. Swalwell has told people he is in favor of reducing Social Security benefits through the use of a chained CPI. This will harm millions of people who are barely making it. Thanks Steven

All cock and bull.

You don't like the congressman and never will. Too bad for you.

Could someone point me to where the Congressman has said he supports chained CPI. I googled it and I all saw were links to this blog. Commenters just asserting things don't make them true. Since he hasn't voted for it, I am really curious where he said it that has people so riled up.

Just saw the Congressman released his new official website. Here is what it says under issues
"I strongly oppose using the Chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) to calculate cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for Social Security Benefits. While the budgetary challenges we face are serious, we should not be balancing the budget on the backs of seniors."

So not only has he not voted in favor of Chained CPI, he has publicly renounced it. As usual, this is just his opponents looking to make an issue where none exists. As for his love of Will Clark... that is a true problem for an A's fan

I'm glad he changed his mind on the Chained CPI, now I hope he will support raising the CAP on Social Security taxes so that those making over 113,000k will pay the same % on all their income like we do on ours. If they raise the CAP they won't have to reduce benefits in 2034 for all of us who are still working now, but will retire in 20 years. It amazing what public pressure will do to change someone's mind. But can we trust him to do what's right for Social Security when he doesn't have a strong opponent, like Ellen Corbett, running against him.

Agree .......Rep Swalwell will have a hard time getting re-elected...
He is very insensitive to issues raised by Iranian and afghani constituents. Clearly, Our enthusiasm is fading away rapidly.

Truly amazing what five seconds on google will show you. from his new website
"I cosponsored H.R. 1029, No Loopholes in Social Security Taxes Act. This bill would increase the amount of income subject to the Social Security tax from $113,700 to $250,000."

I can't find anything on his record o. Iranian and Afghani issues.

If Swallwell wants Social Security to be safe he has to lift the Cap on all income, not just 250,000. It should be the same for everyone--all income should be taxed the same.

Anon 9:56- that is certainly a valid point of view. My wider point was to the posters who believed That the Congressman supported chained CPI and was weakening Social Security, when thirty seconds of research showed the opposite. Blog posters/commenters should try actually looking up facts not just mindlessly shouting untruths (a vain hope, I know). It is why there is such a difference between bloggers (ebcitizen) and actual journalists. Journalists actually do research and have editors who check facts. Bloggers like Tavares are in the business of getting page views, I.e. throwing shit up against the wall and seeing what sticks knowing full well nobody can call them out.

Or, maybe 3:25 has it right and Swalwell changed his mind due to public pressure and the fact that Ellen Corbett , who has supported strengthening Social Security, was running against him. It wouldn't be the first time Swalwell changed his mind on a policy. He does seem to flip flop on issues. I do trust Steven, as he seems to be right far more times than wrong when he says something is true. It all comes down to who you trust, and I trust Steven over Swalwell.

Agree with above. Steven has done better than the local press in breaking stories that turn out to be true. I don't trust Swalwell on social security issues, because he changes his mind too often.

Swalwell is spending more time in Hayward, getting educated about the vast differences between Dublin and Hayward. Have an uneasy feeling about his ability to represent anyone other than the economically homogenous communities like Dublin. His experiences as an attorney in the DA's office does not help his case. Like Quirk, he will likely lose the next election.

We're not talking about whatever House bill he co-sponsored, we're talking about what he tells people on the street and whether it is the same as his record and if it matches what he says in Hayward to Dublin.

You can discredit me by saying I'm a blogger, whatever that means, but I'm a journalist. Did you want to see my paystub?

Hi Steven, doesn't this clear up any confusion on the Congressman's stance on chained CPI? He opposes.


I think that Youtube is viewed the same in Hayward as it is in Dublin. So I think he is saying the same to both on social security.

And I'll just admit that I'm completely biased in favor of Eric Swalwell (he's the greatest thing to come along since sliced sourdough bread) but that's just the record as it is, no spin.

I'm also not a fan of Swalwell. I don't trust a word he says, and I'll vote for anybody else in 2014, just to get rid of the brat.

I agree and believe he is arrogant and corrupt. He's in the pocket of the Valley developers, and I don't believe a word he says. I'll vote for Ellen Corbett if that's what it takes to get Eric out of office.

We need more women in Congress--too much testosterone right now!

I think Ellen will get the women's vote plus senior, environmental, Democratic, moderate and consumer vote. Eric can have the Tea Party of NO, Republican vote, if he can even get that.

Why oh why do you keep writing crap? Didn't I tel you to stick to something good like under water basket weaving? I mean come on your article doesn't even talk about Eric cutting Social Security, it just bashes his choice of teams. You and the rest of the East Bay citizen should be ashamed of yourselves and just stop reporting on stupid things. You wrote this just to bash Eric. You and this whole trash site are a disgrace. Now stop trying to be reporters and go start your weaving under water.

So says the Swalwell staffer, or maybe Eric himself! Steven is the only one telling the truth and exposing arrogant and corrupt and flip-flopping congressmen. Ellen Corbett will crush him in 2014. 1 term and out for the kid.

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