Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wieckowski Bill Authorizing County Transportation Tax Measure Heads To Governor’s Desk

ASSEMBLY 25 | A tweak in the state law that would allow Alameda County and Contra Costa County to again consider a transportation tax measure next year was approved last week by the State Senate.

The bill offered by Fremont Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski now sits on the governor’s desk for approval after the Legislature’s upper house approved AB 210, 25-12. It allows both counties to exceed the two percent sales tax limit laid out in state law on a one-time basis and for a potential transportation measure to be placed on the ballot sometime before 2020. However, many cities and local public officials are pushing hard for the exemption to be executed sooner than later.

Measure B1, a similar transportation sales tax measure was narrowly defeated last year to the consternation of officials and constituents in the more liberal parts of the East Bay. Despite garnering over 66 percent of the vote, Measure B1 failed to reach the requisite two-thirds majority for approval of tax measures by a mere 700 votes. Its demise was located in the Tri Valley where only one precinct in the entire area approved the tax.

Proponents of the transportation sales tax before and now say the East Bay’s aging roads and freeways need to be repaired and in some cases modernized to handle the flow of goods through the Bay Area and further influx of commuters.


What Bob should be doing, if he had a set of balls, would be to offer legislation such as that of state senator Marc DeSaulnier of Concord to exempt BART from future strikes and mandate binding arbitration. He really should be offering a companion measure in the assembly.

Not that I'm at all surprised since none of the county delegation have any guts or give a rat's ass about the public. It's all about the unions, always.

Oh look--it's the anti-union troll once again off topic. This bill is exactly what most of us in his District want Bob to be doing. Thank you Bob!

Well, folks. The DICK-tator immediately above is back!

Anon above--you don't get to try and dominate every Citizen article with your anti union rants and not get called on it. If you stayed on topic it wouldn't be so bad. The topic is transportation tax measure to help with our roads in case you forgot. The voters would eventually get to vote on a transportation measure which is much needed. This is what a large majority of voters in Alameda County want, just didn't get the 2/3rds necessary last time. I'm sure you where one of the 34% who voted against it. The tyranny of the minority. Who's the DICK-tator?

To answer the question completely and astutely: you are, 9:44.

Dominance? You have real issues. Please find some help for yourself so the rest of will be spared from your very, very boring rants.

11:47 It's all in the eye of the beholder--I, and obviously 9:44, believe you post multiple times boring anti union rants that are off topic. This article is about a transportation bill. It might be you who has self-worth issues and need the help you suggest for others. Please be considerate of others on this blog.

9:44+12:08=1 and the same DICK-tator!


Just curious, but how is it that we always had better roads when the sales tax was 4%, 6%, 8% and such?

Now, we're 9% , asking for more and the roads are worse than ever. Or is that my imagination?

I mean sales tax is a percentage so as prices in crease over the years, the yield goes up naturally.
There shouldn't be more and more increases in the percentage.
It isn't like the price of a stamp.

Because there is no end to the good ideas that political leaders can cook up, each requiring more money.

The recently failed Measure B1 would dedicate more than 50% to non-roads construction. The current B1 runs until it sunsets in 2020. The fact that only 55% of the voting public votes in any 'big' election means than if 66.67 do pass a tax measure, only 37% of the public voted to pass an increase on 100%. Measure B1 failed for several reasons, one being it was scheduled to NEVER sunset.


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Bob is doing what most of us want him to do and because of that will be our next Senator.

Bob is full of shit, however, Mary HOyashi is even more full of it. Nobody decent to represent us.

The majority of his district like this bill and voted for the last transportation tax. Keep up the good work Bob!

I voted for Bob and will do so again. We desperately need this bill!

Wieckowski for Senator will be a sure thing whether 6:09 likes it or not.

Well, all of Bob's two relatives have decided to go on the defense of his ill-conceived draconian measures.

If the choice is between him and HOyashi, I'll vote for a write-in. At the end of the day, I have to do what's right. The choice will be between a schnook and a crook.

No choice at all.

Bob will win easily because a majority of us disagree with you--thanks for the bill Bob.

If he does win, the trolls will be in the hen house.

Thanks for nothing, Bob.

Bob is doing what most of us want him to do. He wasn't elected to kiss the right wing extremist's behinds. In his District we voted by an overwhelming margin for a transportation tax. If you don't like it, run against him and see how many votes you get.

The troll is 8:17--most of us appreciate Bob. At least those of us that live in the Bay Area and in his district.

If he does win, the trolls will be in the hen house.

Thanks for nothing, Bob.

you are the fringe in Bob's District. He represents the rest of us just the way we want. Most of us don't want him to do what the right-wing wants him to do. Take your club and go back to your cave!

Bob, I'm such a union whore, Wieckowski.

With friends like him, well....

So says the Tea Bagging anti-union troll who doesn't represent but a small minority in Bob's District--what an idiot you are 3:35

Bob, I'm a troll for the unions, Wickowski.

With friends like him, well....

3:35 if you think Bob's a union whore, run against him. You might come in 4th in a 3 person race. The whore is you--put up or shut up! Our voters will reject your extreme positions and you know it. LOL

The large majority of people who voted for Bob are in favor of this bill. Bob is doing what we elected him to do. There does seem to be one person on this string who doesn't like that. Get over it. Move on with your life. Majority rules in a Democracy. Bob will be our next Senator because we like his bills.

Now, now, 7:32 and 8:00= one in the same. You might very well get a former, or present, shoplifter instead.

Either way, damaged goods get in. No brainer.

This bill will help him get elected. As pointed out in the article Bob's District voted for a transportation bill in large numbers. As far as Mary is concerned, she couldn't win in her race for Sup. It definitely will be Senator Wieckowski.

Here's the choice:

One is a law-breaker; the other is for the illegals.

This bill has nothing to do with illegals and everything to do with what the voters in his District want. Back to your Tea Party CAVE and take your club with you. Stay on topic!

Written like a true Berkely bull dyke bitch.

Talk about being disrespectful of a different point of view.

2:24 please control your temper, and this topic is a Transportation Bill that is heavily supported by Bob's voters. I do agree that you need to stay on topic. I live in the District and can attest that most support Bob because he's doing what we want and expect him to do.

Temper is just fine. As for my language, well, you'll need to get over it.

As for what Bob is doing, whether supported by the few or many, we all don't agree. We will continue to criticize him when he's wrong, and way wrong he is.

He'll always be wrong to the extreme right, but he's doing what 66% of his District want according to the last vote on transportation in the District. You in the minority don't get to tell the rest of us what to do. We've already told you by the vote--you are wrong. You don't get to dictate to the majority. Bob will be our next Senator because he is doing what almost 2/3 's of us want him to do on transportation. Keep dreaming you're right and he's wrong, it may help you get over your pain in your delusional world after Bob is elected Senator.

Bob is no prize. HO-yashi is a also bad news.

When criticism is necessary, as in this instance, it will be provided. IF he goes onto the senate--no sure thing--we can expect more of his knee-jerk actions and policies. Too bad we might now get stuck with a yutz for up to 12 years. Woe is the people.

He's doing what most of the people want. What do you have against Democracy? You might just be wrong, and the majority of us might be right, but you are entitled to your minority opinion that's what makes this country great.

Democracy is great--when it's done right. You're too stuck in 'majority,' 'minority.'

The bottom line is right and wrong.

And Bob is definitely doing what's right according to most of us.

Most of us in Bob's District love this bill--sorry 8:45, but you are wrong.

Bob continues to think with his rear-end.

You are part of a small minority that thinks they can bully the majority. Talk about a rear-end. That's why we have elections-so people that are extreme don't bully the rest of us. Join the 21st century-it's a new world cave man.

Right on---I'm tired of the holier than thou types!

What a Pander Bear.

This is why the state is rot with ruin.

Please don't impose your Berkeley-sque ultra liberalism on me or anyone else who disagrees with the Pander Bear.

Brown will sign it because he is wiser and more mature than you. You seem to be a minority army one one.

Bob is on the side of his constituents here.

He's pandering to what the majority of his District wants. It's called Democracy!

I call it intelligent. I guess it's only stupid if he doesn't do what you want him to do. How arrogant on your part!

Bob is far more intelligent than the last post!

It takes one to know that you're full of it.

I'm full of knowledge--you are full of B.S.

Written like a true self-absorbed zealot.

It's your 'knowledge' that sets us back and then has to be cleaned up by the adults in the room.

You are the ultra-conservative zealot and write like a child who hasn't studied politics. Bob is doing what a majority of us want on transportation.

You are a dreamer and live in your own dream world if you don't think Bob will be our next Senator.

Get with the program, kid.

Good old-fashioned conservative values are what we need and Wiecowski doesn't have them. He is yesterday's news.

Only in your upside down world Anon 1:12. Bob is doing what most of us want except you and a few extremists.

The above is a ridiculous post from Tea Party extreme.

You can call him whatever name you want, but he will still be Senator Bob because the rest of us like what he's doing.

Senator Bob HO-yashi.

Senator Mary HO-wieckowski.

It's all the same.

Senator Bob Wieckowski has such a nice sound to most of us, except to you Tea Party extremists. LOL

Bob Howieckowski. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it?

Senator Wieckowski--we in the district, by a large margin, love him.

You are the only troll, and it seems one of the few that hate Bob. To bad you are only good at calling people names.

Bob will be the next Senator and that's what it is, even if you don't like it.

I know you are but what am I?

This is how such postings have devolved.

Dumb and dumbshit.

Get the anti-Wieckowski troll off this string.

Bob Wieckowski is admired and respected by most of us in his District. I think Brown will sign the Bill as well as others along the same line. We'll know soon. Till then let's all calm down.

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