Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halliday Becomes Third Sitting Council Member To Run For Hayward Mayor

Hayward council members planning a run for mayor include, encircled, Mark Salinas, Francisco Zermeno and Barbara Halliday. Mayor Michael Sweeney, center, will not seek re-election, while Councilmember Al Mendall said last week he has no interest in running.
HAYWARD//MAYOR/2014 ELECTION | As opposed to her fellow council members who took very little time announcing their intentions to replace Mayor Michael Sweeney next year in the mayor’s office, Councilmember Barbara Halliday said she needed some time to think it through. Times up. She’s in, boys.

On Tuesday, Halliday officially announced her run for mayor in the at-large June 2014 election. “I am pleased and excited to enter the race for Mayor,” said Halliday. “As a Council Member for the past nine years and a longtime community volunteer, I have the experience, knowledge, and track record needed to lead the city forward, to improve public safety, keep our budget balanced, protect our environment, improve our schools, and continue to revitalize our downtown.”

She joins fellow Councilmembers Francisco Zermeno and Mark Salinas in the race. Zermeno threw his hat in the ring last May, while Salinas waited roughly 24 hours after Sweeney announced last month he would not seek re-election.

Halliday says she also plans to focus her campaign around Hayward’s youth. In a statement Tuesday, she offered a helping hand to the beleaguered Hayward Unified School District, whose low student scores rank as one of the lowest in Alameda County. In many ways, the school district’s poor performance over the past few years has been mentioned by many as an impediment to the city’s revival.

Such an emphasis on education by Halliday is a bold move against what is perceived as her opponent’s strength. Both Zermeno and Salinas are long-time college professors in Hayward.


Cool! The race is getting more exciting!
Are Zermeno & Salinas really professors?

Barbara has had 9 years to help the schools--she failed

Focusing on education may be a huge mistake because she has not done anything is 9 years to help schools. Let's hope she has some new ideas that can be implemented. She has never been a leader on anything. Being a women in a field of men is her only strong suit. Perhaps Salinas will bow out for fear his loss will eliminate him from council. Zermeno has no chance.

I live in Hayward and will not vote for anyone who voted for the loop. It helps commuters but not our residents. How has each of the candidates voted on the loop? Can someone inform me please?

Split the vote time and Barb walks in-tony santos

Salinas was not on the council during the vote on the loop. I believe Barb and Francisco voted for it.

Although a bit indecisive at times, believe she Is well meaning and cares about issues affecting all of Hayward. A bit of an independent streak, which can be a good thing. Should have the support of all council people except the other 2 candidates.

I thank you for the comments - what is important is our City, not personal glory. Hayward on!

Maybe Ms. haliday should be watching the Hayward School Board meetings. She will find much to be concerned about.

Maybe Ms. haliday should be watching the Hayward School Board meetings. She will find much to be concerned about.

If Salinas is the only candidate that didn't vote for the loop he will win easily. We hate the loop in Hayward.

Some history:

Some history:

The loop matters to some but not many. People adjust and move on. Salinas' position on the Loop was the same as those who voted for it. Presume he has some more to justify his candidacy than that issue. Oh, yes he is a professor, right.

The loop matters to only Hayward residents--none of my neighbors or other residents I've talked to are in favor of it. It's a giant pain in the ___ for us-yes, it is a big deal. It's hurting local business too.

Aqui--I'm voting for Salinas since he didn't vote for the loop.

If one of the Council members who voted against the Loop gets in the race he/she will win for sure.

Good point above. I think this race will be about the Loop. Terribly unpopular to the point proponents don't even waste their breath defending it anymore. Hayward on!

All the important stuff which needs to happen in Hayward, and the race will be about the Loop? God save us. That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

No, I take it back- I've heard members of the current GOP Congressional Caucuses. They've said at least three dozen things stupider than that.

The loop is very dangerous and it is not pedestrian or bicycle friendly. That matters to Hayward residents.

The loop is very dangerous and it is not pedestrian or bicycle friendly. That matters to Hayward residents.

Yes it matters a great deal to some, but will not determine the election outcome. Many people are not even aware of the problems mentioned since there are many ways to avoid downtown traffic and the loop. Most Hayward residents know this and use these alternate routes. It is a major highway through the heart of Hayward which is neither pedestrian nor bicycle friendly that should be avoided. The city lost a great opportunity to make downtown more business friendly by approving the loop.

It should and it will determine the election--a Hayward resident.

Where was Ms. haliday when HUSD was spending money right and left last week? She certainly is not watching the board and making sure the benefits of the cash spent go directly to student success.

"...she is well-meaning and cares about the issues.." Isn't that what most people say about the candidate they lean towards?
What about a track record of leadership? Do you think successful politicians become successful because they care about the issues or are well-meaning? No, they are successful because they take risks, step on a few toes and become leaders. If Barbara has done that then she might get some things done as Mayor. Otherwise she is just another well-meaning and caring politician.

Good comments but the ignore the realty that none if out elected officials are risk takers. Can't think of a single one who has provided leadership on any substantive issue. Safe followers is the best we can anticipate.

I think Shes throwing in her name because of her age. This is her time to run. but I think she will not win. I think she will be the Ross perot of the election and she will be the split between salinas and Zermeno. I think she has way too much involvement with the UFCW which we lost walmart. But we have now two Gyms openining directly across the street.. I see tax dollars with those guys.. JK... What Hayward needs is a person who is business minded , well traveled, GUNG HO, a Champion for the People... hmmmm Sounds like City Council Candidate Ralph Farias Jr.... I wonder if he is running next season

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