Thursday, September 12, 2013

People's Republic of San Leandro? Chinese Flag May Fly Over City Hall

San Leandro may fly the Chinese flag
over City Hall on Oct. 1.
SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | A Raiders flag recently flapped over Oakland City Hall and numerous Bay Area cities have flown the rainbow-styled LGBT flag in public spaces. In San Leandro, Councilmember Benny Lee, the first Asian American representative in the city’s history, wants to celebrate the Chinese national day next month by hoisting the banner of the People’s Republic of China over City Hall. The item will be discussed at next Monday's city council meeting.

The flying of a foreign flag, albeit, an economic rival of the U.S., might rankle some Cold War veterans in San Leandro, but other nearby cities are planning similar flag-raising ceremonies, said Lee. Oakland and Alameda will also fly the Chinese flag over City Hall Oct. 1 to commemorate the national day similar to independence day.

The Chinese general counsel from San Francisco is scheduled to attend each event and Lee believes another in San Leandro will show Chinese investors the city is open to attracting new business. "I believe this will put us on the map for China to recognize San Leandro's openness to them,” said Lee.

San Leandro’s Asian American population is actually the city’s largest demographic. A city once infamous for its whites-only policies just a generation ago now boasts a community of Caucasians, Asians and Latinos in nearly equal proportions.

Lee says the San Leandro needs to do a better job of attracting and keeping Chinese-related business in the city. He noted during his campaign last year for City Council, a large number of San Leandro’s Chinese residents travel to Oakland for services such banking, insurance and shopping.


What about all the atrocities the Chinese government has done to it's own people.

How about the atrocities and destruction the United States has caused the world and those indigenous to lands local and foreign, where Syria is just the newest addition to the collection of havoc we've caused? If the same logic applies, the American flag is an international flag and symbol of oppression but as I'm sure you know, this is not what defines the entire concept of American. What you mention is true to some extent, but to create a large generalization of the Chinese experience is very narrow-minded and mainstream in conception at best.

I have no problem with flying any flag as long as it is positioned below the US flag. "...the American flag is an international flag and symbol of oppression..." I have one word, leave.

Perfect, then you understand the concept of mutual respect for the representation of diverse groups and demographics within our community. There's really no need to feel xenophobic here [i.e. "leave"], I'm simply telling it like it is. Don't make your point based off propaganda and generalizations you take as truth. This is the bane of ignorance, which I'm sure...you're not. Hopefully. If you don't like acknowledging facts of American history, you should probably just log off the internet forever and continue sitting in your corner of denial. By yourself.

"If the same logic applies, the American flag is an international flag and symbol of oppression but as I'm sure you know, this is not what defines the entire concept of American."

Every country gains power and prestige through harsh realities and offsets. Assuming you're fluent in literary comprehension, I'd also assume you've carefully read the part where "this is not what defines the entire concept of American."

But maybe expecting thoughtful comprehension and consideration before a quick witted, impulsive response is just much too much to expect.

Tibetans will not stand for this...prepare yourself for a very serious political conflict. Tibetan communities across the US are starting to hear about it and make serious noise. More to come for China and its cronies using "business" to white wash their ongoing oppression of Tibetans, Uyghurs, as well as the Chinese people themselves. China is not our friend or someone we should we can consider an ally.

Chinese red flag represents oppression, injustice and colonialism. It represents dictatorship by a few over the many. Those so eager to raise this flag in the USA should comsider moving permanently to the country they idolise, China.

Shame. Shame. Shame.
You guys can also raise the Hakenkreuz while you are at it. Mao Zedong is mass murdered and you guys are supporting and celebrating that. DO NOT RAISE THE BLOODY RED FLAG.
(If you do, like i said, you will not be able to deny the Nazi, KKK, etc. from their right to a flag hoisting to celebrate their events)

When are we going pay back China our debts?

Why should we borrow so much money from China at the first place... we are so graceful! aren't we? Let's pay off our loans, why not, right now!

How many people did the Obama administration kill just a few weeks ago in Syria? How about Iraq several years ago during the Bush administration? Afghanistan? Japan? Vietnam? South Korea? The Philippines? I could go on, but I think I've made my point clear enough. The correlation is strictly there. Don't talk about another nation's dirty laundry without confronting yours first.

Yes, let's pay off those loans we are too good for their helps. We are god.

According to many economists, the US Treasury is approximately 70 trillion in debt instead of the previously published amount of 16.9 trillion. A large portion of this debt belongs to banks, the rest belongs to China. China holds the greatest foreign loan to the US currently. If we're ashamed to raise the Chinese flag, why aren't we ashamed with extracting their currency through massive loans we'll probably never be able to pay back? We're too good to acknowledge the Chinese people, but not too good for their cash? Don't peddle ethics if you're swimming in the same cesspool.

You say it's a bloody government producing bloody cash, but we're taking every cent they're willing to let us borrow. You think about that.

Why San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda and white house raise the China Flag?

The Tibetans should pay off the trillions in loans!

The Tibetans were on Chinese lands and wanted to tell China what to do, now they're in American lands and telling what America what to do!!

Loud mouth Marga and Mike Katz-Lacabe should pay taxes of under table income with IRS. Maybe China debt goes down two dollars.

Mike Katz and his internet troll of a wife do exactly that, they take pictures of people and post them on their blog. What is amazing is that they are filled with their own sense of self importance and loathe of everyone else. They truly think they are "saving" all of us because we are not as socially advanced as they are. What they are is the left wing equivalent of the right wing conservative. You cant disagree with their opinions or your vilified by his internet bully of a wife. Notice she does all her damage behind a keyboard where it's safe because she can't hold a coherent conversation in public and he smiles along milking his 15 minutes of fame. Funny he never mentioned he lives on a major street in San Leandro and that is probably why there are so many pictures of his car.

I just wish that the Chinese would stop denying Tibetans in Tibet the right to raise their own flag.

I'm not anti-America and am an American but this is history. The South wanted to secede and raise the union jack flag. USA is no different in protecting land sovereignty.

Tibetans got their ass kicked from China so was the South in America. Both are the same, don't deny it.

Crazy twisted Margarita Lacabe and her husband Mike Katz-Lacabe should pay taxes of under table income with IRS. Do these two idiots actually working, or both are milking our system.

Many American troops sacrificed their lives for this country so that we can have open discussions like this in public and on the internet space. If the chinese government allows the same freedom in China, Tibet, Xinjang, and else where, then i don't mind. But it is not the case at the moment.

And if you love China so much, then go to China and fly the flag there. Why the hell are so many chinese immigrating to this country, exploiting the financial aid system, and taking advantage of all the benefits while evading taxes.

Flying the chinese flag will not make the situation any better for Asian Americans. If anything, many Asian Americans are embarrassed of the Chinese communist for bringing the whole Asian American community down the drain, for all its human rights abuses and its iron fist rule over its own people.

The Chinese communist party is the internal disease of the Asian community. No body wants to be part of it, thats why many came to United States.

In that case, Benny Lee is a cheap Chinese politician seeking short term personal gains and publicity by promoting this resolution. It is no surprise that he is also a Banker.

However, in the long run, it will continue to hurt the great Asian American community trying so hard to assimilate and to be part of the greater American Melting Pot. We are all Asian American, but not chinese Communist. Promote chinese culture, not its tainted politics.

Thank you

Someone should ask ex-Milpitas Mayor Henry Manayan what happened when he did this in 1999. The backlash lasted many years.

Flying the flag together with San francisco, Oakland and Alameda.

It really hurt Gavin Newsom to raise flag. He no longer mayor of SF and is only Lt Governor of California. Maybe he go lower and become Governor of California.

The majority did the right thing in flying the flag.

But is China of the 4th of July going to hoist the American flag?

But is China of the 4th of July going to hoist the American flag?

Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz-Lacabe will personally pay back trillion to China with their under table income.

After financial aids and grants assisted Marga Lacabe's law school tuition, what happened...stay home behind her computer...truly liability to our society

Finally San Leandro will honor their Chinese citizen's and residents!

Why Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz have so much against honoring the Chinese people.

Lacabe couples are hypocrites and jealousy the folks who do well without relying on income from our government. IMHO They like to see people beneath them so to solve their own inferior complex issues.

Cassidy made a huge mistake in suspending the vote. Is he going to suspend all 4-3 votes he loses? It makes him look like a poor loser and a bully! He got a lot of Chinese American votes in his last election. but he won't in 2014. My neighborhood liked his fiscal conservativeness, but this insult to our people will never be forgiven or forgotten.

You know what I think I need to go think about this over a cup of coffee at Zocalo's....Oh wait...

We wish Zocalo the best, Cassidy never attend to any invites to any Chinese events from his constituents from San Leandro "NO SHOW, NOT ONCE".

Before a cup of smelling good coffee, Marga Lacabe picked up a tub of finger licking good chicken then drop by Costco for two whole pizza, oh wait... 2 more polish dogs and, and three chicken bakes to go would be nice with a nice cup of coffee with chocolate sprinkles.

The Chinese flag flew over San Leandro city hall in 1988. The Portugese flag has flown over city hall on many occasions.

The Free Tibet Flag was flown at City Hall in 1992. The Flag of the Sudan was flown many times as well. And the Mexican Flag has also flown at San Leandro City Hall. :)

Other flags have flown many times at City Hall.
The Chinese, Free Tibet, Sudanese, Portugese,
LGBT and Mexican to name a few. Some of these
more than once. Huge mistake by Cassidy the dictator.

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