Thursday, September 19, 2013

San Leandro Mayor Suspends Council Decision To Fly Chinese Flag At City Hall

Mayor Stephen Cassidy voted against
the resolution on Monday.
SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL//FLAG FLAP | The Chinese flag won’t be flying over San Leandro City Hall after all. Three days after a contentious City Council meeting narrowly approved celebrating China’s national day on Oct. 1 with a ceremonial flag-raising of that nation’s banner, Mayor Stephen Cassidy is suspending the decision.

"San Leandro does not fly the flags of other nations at our City Hall. We need to call a time-out and allow the community to weigh in on whether or not we should raise the flags of other governments before jumping ahead of ourselves and hosting the flag of a specific government at City Hall," Cassidy said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

The resolution led by Councilmember Benny Lee, the city’s first-ever Asian American member of the City Council, was met with resistance from the some in the community and strong opposition from Bay Area leaders in the Tibetan independence movement. Lee said the gesture was only meant to honor the Chinese people and not their government. It would also signal to Chinese investors abroad that San Leandro is open for business, he said.

The 4-3 vote last Monday night was opposed by Cassidy and Councilmembers Michael Gregory, Pauline Cutter for the apparently divisiveness the issue had conjured in the community. The power to suspend the council’s decision is found in the City Charter.

Some San Leandro residents had vowed to protest the flying of the Chinese flag on Oct. 1 and the San Leandro Board of Education, which also holds its meetings at City Hall, voted last Tuesday to boycott the ceremony by moving their meeting that week to another location. The Chinese flag would have replaced San Leandro's city flag, not the state or U.S. flag.

"I recognize this decision will disappoint many in our Chinese-American community,” said Cassidy. “I greatly value and am tremendously thankful to our Chinese-American community for its many and significant contributions to the welfare of the people and economy of San Leandro. We are proud that San Leandro today is one of the most diverse cities in California and the U.S."

Those in our community wishing to celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China are welcome to use one of our parks, as are other groups celebrating key dates and events of the nation of their origin."


Here we go again. This is nothing more than tweedle dumb (Cassidy) trying to get tweedle dumber (Katz) elected to the city council.
Remember Katz? He sits on the school board and his wife (Lacabe the wanna be lawyer) threatened to sue the school district when children sang a religious Christmas carol. Accused teachers of teaching religion. Their bitching worked, they got their children moved to Roosevelt school. If they wanted their children to attend Roosevelt, they should have moved to that district. Some people will do anything for attention! STOP grandstanding.

Big mistake by Cassidy pandering to the extreme left and the extreme right.

Cassidy just lost most of the Asian vote in San Leandro which is quite Large

Huge mistake, Cassidy has no clue of economy of trade, he's a town hall mayor not for major city.

When it come to Measure M or LL again for our schools don't count on my property tax or vote.

Haha, Cassidy just now being sold by Marga Lacabe is advertising her friend to be our next mayor.
Cassidy your stupid No one trust Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz your already lose your race in District 1. MARK MY WORD!

Cassidy is toasted by crazy twisted Marga Lacabe!

He definitely lost most of the Chinese American vote. My family and friends will never vote for him again.

Cassidy and Mike Katz lost their campaigns before the election 2014. Marga Lacabe do you report your under table income with the IRS and Mike Katz have you ever being arrested?

Stupid Cassidy, Marga's friend will be running agianst you, who is your campaign manager../?

We will support Jim Prola, because he is for the people, we might not agree with some of his decisons, but bottom line we see his decisions are for the people.

Stay tune to watch Marga Lacabe's twisted behavior. Soap time.

Money is no issues to the Lacabe they hide their under table money underneath the mattress, don't tell the IRS.

Cassidy is total idiot, according to Marga her friend is smarter than you.

Mike Katz don't bother to run, you already lost. We see through you and your wife.

Most of San Leandro school board members don't care for our schools, their holding position is a stepping stone to write on their candidate ballot. Especially Mike katz don't bother with candidate statement leave it empty would be better in your situation.

This decision will probably cost Cassidy, the bully, the election.

Cassidy has always been a bully. He liked being a bully when he was on the school board and now he's bullying the city council. Cassidy did not support Benny Lee in the last election, but did support Marga Lacabe's boy Chris Crow. Cassidy is now going after Benny Lee. Cassidy, LEAVE BENNY ALONE! People are wise to you!
Mike Katz will probably get Cassidy to pay for his election. Katz and Cassidy are fools and love to play dirty politics
Cassidy looks old in the picture with article. He sure has aged since becoming Mayor. He now looks like an older Larry Fine. Cassidy is such a fool and yes, he does grandstand.Cassidy, grow up!

Cassidy is a bully again by not respecting the vote of the council.

What a fool of San Leandro Mayor, the protest in city hall do live in San Leandro and most of letters to city hall are not from San Leandro. Ask them to vote your re-elect 2014

The folks in the protest are from outside that show up in our city hall. San Leandro Mayor let them push him around and disrespect our council decision.

I smell a big fat rat here. I am willing to bet Marga Lacabe Katz is involved. Lacabe the wanna be lawyer, claims she is "a international human rights activist." She also claims to be "a local community activist in San Leandro and wants to steer the Democratic Party into one that can challenge those within the party that do not have a clear commitment to human rights and civil liberties." Sounds like mind control. I bet she helped play a role in setting this up. To try to get her husband Mike Katz elected to the city council. Is Cassidy really stupid to think voters don't see this?

We favor to raise the flag. Hypocrite Marga lacabe against it and invite outsiders to split San Leandro. And right after Cassidy suspense the council vote she immediately selling her friend's alternative idea to raise the flag by following San Francisco raise the flag under the name of "Chinese traditional day vs. China National day". MARGA LACABE! WHAT'S THE DIFFERENT? DO YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT CHINA FLAG FLYING ON CHINESE TRADITIONAL DAY THAT REPRESENT ONLY TO OUR SAN LEANDRO CHINESE-AMERICAN RESIDENT?

8:08 I agree with what you just point out.

Jim Prola must run for mayoral in 2014 to stop bully Cassidy and hypocrite Lacabe-Katz

Marga Lacabe is on the Alameda County Demoratic Central Committee. Remember she lied saying she was a lawyer to get votes and she got caught.
We need better and smarter members on the ACDCC, time to vote her butt off. Get rid of Lacabe and don't vote Mike Katz for city council.

Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz are liabilities to our society, will report to IRS of their hiding under table income.

Oh Mike Katz has already lost the council race before it begins, Mark my words!

Jim Prola you said you will not split our council therefore you will not run mayoral against Cassidy, yesterday Cassidy publicly insulted the San Leandro council and disrespected Chinese people that "do live" in San Leandro

It was 4 to 3 vote by the council, bully and dictator Cassidy suspended the council vote because he's not on the same side.

Do you see democracy in San Leandro? even though it was a democracy vote 4 to 3 by the council, somehow...

Many Chinese investors are American citizens too, we support the council decision to raise the flag to honor the Chinese people.

The Japan of today is not the Japan WWII.
The Germany of today is not the Germany before.
The China today is not the China Mao's day.
The America today is not the America KKK then.
Move forward with positive energy that's where we should be doing. Don't let hypocrites like Marga Lacabe & Mike Katz unable to let go their hate of whatever they had been through or still going through - too bad that she still living in history instead learning from history. Marga lacabe is a racist to anyone disagree with her.

Hypocrite Marga Lacabe always use her last defend in making accusation of anyone disagree with her are racists. Hear it all the times from her.

No issue of flying the Chinese flag to honor the Chinese people in America for their contribution and currency they loaning us for our debt crisis.

But here the Loud mouth Marga Lacabe basically might design a new Chinese flag (the way she like it) for the San Leandro Chinese-American residents and have a friend of her to raise on the Chinese traditional day in San Leandro. How dumb is Cassidy?

San Leandro Councilmembers no need going to council meetings anymore, our dictator mayor Cassidy will continue to suspend council votes when not in his favors.

9/19 9:16 "He definitely lost most of the Chinese American vote. My family and friends will never vote for him again."

Well, what are you... Chinese or American? You need to examine where your loyalties lie. If you prefer China, please emigrate.

9/20 12:42 Why should we move, what happened to freedom of speech, are you one of the KKK?

12;42 Did your great, great parents and their relatives, friends kicked the Native-American off our local lands, think about it, idiot?

I support the Mayors decision, no disrespect to the Chinese Americans intended.

1242 Regardless red, brown, or beige we all have the right to vote, definitely will not vote Cassidy again who just demonstrated dictatorship over democracy of council voted not in his favor.

Here it comes, leave America if you don't yield...

103 you have the right to do so, just don't ask folks to leave because you don't like their votes that's not in your favor.

I do not support Cassidy's decision he broke the democrat process. He will continue to use that power to stop council approved decisions.

Cassidy steps into a real big pile of shit, don't know how he will ever get rid of the stink.

Don't recall Cassidy "asking the community to weigh in" when he wanted to fly the rainbow flag at city hall, the ole double standard?
I have lived in San Leandro all my life and many times there has been a Portuguese flag flown at city hall. Root Park has a monument dedicated to San Leandro's Portuguses immigrants. Is Cassidy going to be getting rid of this next?
Cassidy is the dumbest Mayor San Leandro has ever had. Cassidy needs to move back to Texas. Sorry Texas.

Cassidy, don't bother to run re-election your already finished together with Loud mouth's husband Mike Katz.

Great comments here! Politically-speaking, this is a fascinating turn of events. I think San Leandro's Asian American activists are an excellent model for other demographics in neighboring cities to organize. They are actively taking their share of the power in San Leandro. This is good for the entire city. Everybody needs a voice in government. That being said crossing them is a bad, bad idea. Just ask Chris Crow.

Attention: The San Leandro school board members voted to move their regular meeting from city hall on Oct. 1 to other location to boycott flag flying. Don't count on our supports of whatever measure you propose on the ballots. Comes around goes around. Do you believe in Karma?

I love these comments as they are all "anti" Cassidy. A Mayor in SL can only "suspend" a Council vote, but has no authority to over rule a Council decision. Problem here is Councilmember Lee is going to be out of town on October 7, date matter is to return to the council for a vote. Since Councilmember Lee brought this to a vote, it is not fair to him to take the matter up while he is a way. Interesting, Chinese flag, as I under stand, is to fly in following cities: SF, Oakland, Alameda and Milpitas; interesting aspect in Milpitas is fact the Mayor lost both his legs in Korea and supports flying the flag in his City. In Milpitas, "it is important to keep China as a friend rather than as an enemy." All vet groups in Milpitas support flying the flag. Tony Santos

Loser Chris Crow uncontrollable of non-stop eating sour grapes. He's in luck, sour grapes are in season. Very good price. Eat more.

Get ready for another mean and nasty election! Cassidy, Katz and Lacabe will once again tell more lies about good people. These 3 are self serving and a joke. Cassidy will try to buy the election for Katz just like he did with Mack-Rose.
Cassidy should be embarrassed for being soooooo dumb. What a grandstanding fool.
I agree, Cassidy does look like he has aged.

4:23 Former Mayor Santos: Do you know if the Milpitas Mayor contacted our city? if Milpitas Mayor did contact San Leandro council, and for the fact did Mayor Cassidy took the opportunity to obtain Milpitas Mayor's insights, since this flag raising is to honor our Chinese-American citizens in San Leandro especial for those who had voted Cassidy in 2010?

514: Can find out from our city clerk on the letter from City of Milpitas.

Please..........If Marga is so offended by the actions of China whether back in the day or currently then she and Mike would have a house full of shit not made in china.

My guess is most of the equipment that they use to write their retarded ass blogs and update their facebook statuses as well as the clothes they send their kids to school in are probably made in the place they loathe sooooo much...

Bullies who lose credibility through their actions.


The true color is coming out from this crazy Marga Lacabe, she is a dictator from crazy land, either is her way or no way. Oh my god.

Cassidy made a huge mistake in suspending the vote. Is he going to suspend all 4-3 votes he loses? It makes him look like a poor loser and a bully! He got a lot of Chinese American votes in his last election. but he won't in 2014. My neighborhood liked his fiscal conservativeness, but this insult to our people will never be forgiven or forgotten.

Cassidy looks like a real doofus on this one. He lost the vote, and in the election next year will lose his seat. Way to go Mayor--you really stepped in it this time.

So we see and saw Cassidy on the news and media that he is proud of his decision to stop the council decision and democracy. Why Prola, Lee, Souza, Reed are not on media because they chose not to be divisive.

No wonder Cassidy, Katz and Lacabe are such good friends, their all control freaks. It's always been their way or the highway.
They get off on trying to bring good people down. Cassidy reminds me of a little kid always wanting attention and doing anything to get it. His wife should tell him what a fool he is. Cassidy your going to be a one term mayor.

Cassidy the mayor just broke the democracy of the councils are elected by the people.

Bully Cassidy is enjoying the spotlight of breaking democracy and insulting his councilmembers.

Cassidy is enjoying the spotlight with the media why he broke the democracy. Why Lee, Prola, Souza and Reed not in the media mix because they chose not to be divisive...pretty sure media have been calling them as much as they called Cassidy. At last, Reed, Souza, Prola and Lee are elected by the people.

Didn't Marga lacabe advertise and still ongoing that a friend of hers has an alternative idea which is a good idea to fly the Chinese flag along with San Francisco on the Chinese traditional day, in the meanwhile she's using her phony, hypocrite mechanism about human rights to trash the council honoring the Chinese-American citizens.

Poeple notice how "twisted" Marga Lacabe is when you disagree with her.
When folk believe our council members want to honor/recognize the Chinese people, as usual, twisted Marga Lacabe immediately uses accusation tactic to win her way and insisted our councils are condoning human right violations.

Maorga Lacabe deleted comments that disagree with her views regarding the council members on condoning human rights.
Maorga also deleted those comments pointing out home land issues with human rights.
Maorga Lacabe also deleted comments of those who agreed that China and USA should be friends and not enemies.

Cassidy had a chance to be friends with China but chose not to.

I thought I never would say this but I agree that Marga Lacabe's friend who may be running against Cassidy is much sharper. In her alternative idea flying all nation flags in "city hall" is much appropriate gesture with welcome and respect them to our country, not in the dog parks like Cassidy suggested - flying other nation flags in dog park is an insult gesture that you're welcome them to the parks not our city. Cassidy, you do not have mayoral vision.

Don't you see folks, Marga Lacabe planned this dirty campaign tactic, she is/was the one organized the protest and invite people from other cities to divide our town, than have her friend come in to propose a letter to fly all nation flags in city hall. Did you hear Marga criticize condoning human rights or any violations of any kinds about her friend's proposal. Hypocrite or not, go figure.

First and foremost, we, the Chinese-American residents live in San Leandro, thanks the four councils voted to honor us.

We are greatly disappointed when Cassidy suspend/stall the flag raising, for the record and it is true, many "senior" Chinese-American citizens in San Leandro cried and said they might not have the time or chance to wait this long to see this glory moment to be honored as god might them anytime.

Dirty campiagn or not, we will vote for the mayor sincerely care and respect to their contiuents without concerning if my politic career will be hurted if I decided do this or not.

If Marga Lacabe's friend will fly all nation flags as she promised she would in CITY HALL, She will be our next mayor. It's for the people!!

Chinese-American people live in Cassidy district are very disappointed with his actions including how he takes away the democratic process by suspending the already approved decision, and dividing the councils.

We want to appauld councilmembers Lee, Prola, Reed, Souza not afraid to stand up for us, to give us the honor.

These four councils are very brave, they knew voting yes on this item will cause controversial but they went ahead stand behind their constituents, for the people and prosperity, we stand with you!

Marga suggested to Cassidy should fly her undergarment in front of city hall for honoring her contribution in dividing our town by bringing protest here.

Cassidy made a huge mistake in suspending the vote. Is he going to suspend all 4-3 votes he loses? It makes him look like a poor loser and a bully! He got a lot of Chinese American votes in his last election. but he won't in 2014. My neighborhood liked his fiscal conservativeness, but this insult to our people will never be forgiven or forgotten.

Cassidy agree San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda and Milpitas are condoning human rights, isn't it?

Cassidy won't have the support of the left or the right in the next election. He has destroyed his chances for a victory. One term and out. Can't remember when that happened in our city. Marga Katz set you up and out foxed you!

Cassidy get guest invitation to Chinese association event many times since he elect mayor and ALWAYS NO SHOW. When Chinese want to be accepted with flag, he listen to chinese hating group that come to city FIRST TIME. He overturn 4-3 vote and show NO DEMOCRACY for hard working Chinese. He call China oppressive so he OPPRESS Chinese.

Everyone in the bay areas is talking and laughing at San Leandro of having a weak mayor.

Cassidy is a bully, plain and simple, with little respect for the democractic process.

Trace of records that Marga Lacabe moved to San Leandro is in the mission to separate our city and communities.

Every argument of hers, at the end of her defends "always" create accusation of others are racists.

We do not believe she's a human right activist as she claims she is, smoke in the mirror to get her way in/out of breaking the communities.

True that, she accuses others are racists when she losing her argument or disagree with her views.
What's next, now we hear Marga Lacabe accuses the Chinese people in America are discriminating the Chinese people in China because we don't agree with her view.

Then, we escaped from China to America for freedom and democracy but end up locked in Angel Island for months, At the present time and going forward, we are accepting the facts that America is changing, China is changing and let's be friends. So Marga Lacabe, you must stop your accusations that everyone is racists when they tell you to get lost!

San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland and Milpitas are flying the Chinese Flag to honor their Chinese Communities.
Cassidy condemns those cities are condoning human rights, he's not?

Marga Katz is still bitter about Chris Crow who finished so poorly. She was his campaign manager and found out most people don't care what she thinks. He failed miserably and so did she.

Her husband Mike katz will lose his council candidacy 2014, more sour grapes to eat.

Loser Chris Crow is Lacabe's backup singer after he lost.

Most people still don't care what Marga Lacabe thinks, hope she won't end up in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest during or after the 2014 race.

Raise your hands, Marga Lacabe would not stop any burglars rob shits from her house and restrain her vicious dog of attacks, because it is considered human right violations.

Marga Katz-Lacabe would offer her IPhone, IPod to the burglars and have her dog lick their rears, thank them for dropping with honor.

*thank them dropping by with honor, she might serve them tea and cookies and ask the burglars to return tomorrow to pick up Mike katz's IPAD.

Heard San Leandro school board members boycott the honor of Chinese people and voted not to accept money or any kinds of tax revenues from Chinese peoples. Our schools are doing fine without our Chinese residents' supports.

Marga tries to bully people just like Cassidy. It just gets you divisiveness which destroys our city.

Dumb Cassidy, don't you see, as long is Marga Lacabe's friend to raise the flag you don't hear hypocrite Maoga Lacabe bitching of condoning human rights.

Marga Lacabe funked her bar exmine, Cassidy passed = Dumb and Dumber.
Who's the Dumbness...who's her husband?

Wow, Amazing! Our former mayor Tony Santos appeared on one of the popular Chinese bay area news (ch 26 news, 7pm tonite) said "FLY THE FLAG". He also said Chinese flag had flown in San Leandro City Hall when Sister City was formed (we do have a sister city gallery in our city hall).

Governor Brown should have a chat with our dumb mayor just suspended the democratic process of votes by his councils. Such an embarrassment, such weak mayor! Oh well, small town visions what can you say.

Yes, former mayor Tony Santos openly in supporting of flying the Chinese flag in front of city hall on Oct 1 on channel 26 news tonight. Cassidy insulted the Chinese people and insulted the Sister City Gallery in City Hall. Now is travelling all the way to China!

My parents live in San Francisco just called me on this news, you go Mr Santos!

Cassidy doesn't have leadship vision for major city (he's a bully like kids in school yards), San Leandro continues to eat hot dogs, while other cities are eating filet mignon.

You go, Mr. Santos, saw you on TV! Hope our council members Mr. Lee, Mr. Prola, Ms. Souza and Ms. Reed will continue to stand for democracy. It was 4 to 3!

Every city and every representative have a right to decide how they want to proceed on this and of course all other issues: my take on the flag ceremony is this: so long as proper flag protocol is served, then I have no problem with seeing other flags flying on my City's official flag pole. Of all the proper protocol, this one is to me the most important: the US flag must always be higher than any other flags, even if these flags are on separate posts. The flag protocol.

Dear Council Daysog, you see, San Leandro currently has a WEAK mayor BULLYING the Chinese people in his town over some folks do not even live in his city. Our mayor Cassidy "never" show up on any of the Chinese event invites. We agree, and should always respect the proper flag protocol . San Leandro Chinese people/residents appreciate your courage to lay out the flag protocol procedures to our weak/bully mayor. Council Daysog is as brave as our council members Lee, Prola, Souza and Reed.

Show unity behind Cassidy and Lacabe partnership against Chinese people.

Smash and burn all products you bought that are manufactured by Chinese people in China.

Don't talk bad about China or Chinese people if you are unwilling hypocrite.

FB, Facebook, to open up new areas in China, Lacabes & Cassidy should stop using FB since they consider any relationships with China as condoning human rights violations. If Lacabes and Cassidy continue to use FB they are hypocrites.

Former San Leandro Santos did the right thing, damage control for that stupid Cassidy, By appeared and interviewed on one of the popular Chinese channels in the bay areas last night's 7pm news.

Marga Lacabe, what are you waiting, China is friends with FB, did you invite your out of the world friends to give up yours/theirs Facebook accounts? If you haven't, your hypocrite.

This is nothing more than 3 really stupid people trying to get attention. We already know Mike Katz's and Marga Lacabe are stupid. They accused San Leandro teachers of teaching religion, when children sang a religious Christmas Carol at an evening Christmas program. Raised such a stink and got their kids moved to Roosevelt school. Which was all they really wanted. All they do is bully, lie, harass and bitch!
I can remember going to visit John Muir Middle School and always seeing the flags of different countries hanging in the main hall. I was told the flags respresented the countries that the students attending that school were from. What a great way for children to learn.
Are Cassidy, Katz and Lacabe going go to that school and make sure the Chinese flag is taken down?
The school board needs to stay out of this. Mike Katz your not on the city council and there are many children of Chinese ancestry living here and attending our public schools. Mike Katz needs to spend time trying to figure out how to raise test scores and pay back all the money this school district is going to owe at tax payers expense.
Cassidy has proven his stupidity many times. OK to have one flag at city hall, but not another. He's so busy having to be the center of attention, that it's nauseating. He gets off on bullying and belittling people. If I ever hear and see you doing this to any one in public again Cassidy, I will call you out on it!
These 3 people are an example of dirty politics.
Sorry for venting, but it's getting old!

Mayor Cassidy you made a huge mistake in promoting racism and hate speech from our community. It's years past all over again, that we hoped San Leandro had left behind.

I read Steve's comments on twitter today; he quoted me as saying City raised wrong flag in 1988-I apologize, but the city did fly the correct flag in 1988. I was wrong. I learned today that the flag will be raised Tuesday Oct. 1 at Root Park at 4pm. I will attend. Tony Santos

Thanks Tony Santos for the heads up. I assume your referring to the Chinese flag. Why at 4:00 pm? It will get dark in a couple of hours and will have to be taken down. Root Park is close, but still not City Hall.
This proves Cassidy is really is Tweedle Dumb. If he thinks this is going to make things better, it won't. He has offended too many people. Cassidy has always been reactive and never proactive. I also assume Cassidy will be there, I'm sure he won't miss a photo opt. Guess he couldn't stand the all heat. He truly is the dumbest mayor we've ever had. Will he be dumb enough to invite his pal Marga Lacabe, so she can bring all her protesters that don't live in San Leandro? Cassidy is a jerk!!

Root Park might not be the right place to do this. That park always has dog poop on the grass from people who walk their dogs and never clean it up. City better clean it!
Cassidy gonna be in deep shit for his big dumb mistake for a long time. Cassidy gonna be one term mayor!

Cassidy the bully, trying to suspend decision to fly Chinese flag at city hall was very bad move. Now he must eat crow and looks like fool. Benny Lee is a good man. Benny Lee is much smarter than Cassidy. BENNY LEE FOR MAYOR 2014.

If Cassidy has the nerve to show up at Root Park carrying an olive branch, people need to tell him where to stick it!
Since the school board decided to move their meeting out of city hall, they should not attend the flag raising.
Yes, Benny Lee for Mayor.

Because Cassidy, Gregory and Cutter voted No to flag raising they should not attend. Just say NO to all HYPOCRITES that lack leadership and have no vision.
Vote Benny Lee for Mayor!!

To those hypocrites, especially Marga Lacabe, close your Facebook accounts; Facebook eventually will lead the internet communication around/connect the world, shouldn't these hypocrites shut down their computers.

Do you think Marga Lacabe has the nerve to accuse and condemn facebook is condoning human right violations and connecting Asia invasions to USA? Her last defend as always, create accusation.

Just don't get how hypocrite and stupid Cassidy can be, condemning China on Facebook, dumb dumb, Facebook is friends with China, their COO just came back from China.

The horror! 94% of American flags are from China. Cassidy and Lacabes condemn these American flags!


How come our letters to San Leandro Times favor in flying Chinese flag to honor the Chinese people are not posted, where's the freedom of speech and democracy in San Leandro?

Don't you know that dictator, Cassidy, not just suspended democratic process of 4 to 3 votes not in his favor to raise the Chinese flag just for one day, below the American flag, but also suspended the freedom of speech for those favor flying the flag in San Leandro and let outsiders do not live in his town to make hate speeches to his council colleague and his constituents. This is what this mayor about.

He's the dumbest mayor ever, he interrupted democratic vote with his sole authority and posting on Fackbook why he against it... IS HE CONDEMNING OTHER CITIES RAISING THE CHINESE FLAG ON OCT 1.??

Which Chinese flag are we talking about? If any are raised the ROC (Republic of China, e.g. Taiwan) flag should be raised side by side with the PRC flag. After all this was to celebrate Chinese culture, not a particular country, right? ;-)

We are talking about the flag that has been flown in Milpitas, Oakland, Alameda and San Francisco many times. Now we find out it has been flown in San Leandro before at City Hall. This is racism raising it's ugly head again in San Leandro. Just saying

2:37pm Did you tell Marga Lacabe, to cancel all her FB accounts? FB is friends with China.

Same flag fly along with San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda and Milpitas that is.

Hear Marga Lacabe about to purchase some FB stocks using some of her Chinese currency hidden inside her rice barrel.

Chinese flag had flown in city hall in the past. Cassidy doesn't know his left hand from his right hand!

Did you read the FB post from our bully Cassidy openly anti-China? Governor Brown needs to slap his mouth loud and hard, our president should call Cassidy to shut up. Crazy Cassidy as twisted as Marga Lacabe. Governor just voiced on an article that we don't need help from Washington because we are in good relationship with China!
Man, I am speechless with our bully, without vision mayor!

815, I read it too; it was on the Chronicle Sunday paper.

Its kinda funny...3 out of the 4 people they asked if they minded said no they didn't mind. (these are random people)Yet all of the letters were negative and were against the flying of the flag as well as very critical of Mr.Lee.

I will tell you what I am going to do... I am going to write my own letter and personally drop it off to the office. I encourage everyone else to do the same. If my letter should happen to not show up in the times then we are going to have a whole other issue when I picket right in front of their office and hand out flyers with a flow chart of the corruptness. You hear me Amy Sylvestri:-)

True that, my neighbors said they don't mind as long we fellow the proper flag protocol. US flag highest, California flag little lower and Chinese flag lower than California flag, a day to honor our Chinese-American friends and neighbors. We welcome all Chinese investors from China, Chinese-American investors currently living in America, and all Chinese investors around the world come to San Leandro . The whole world will be connected and be friends regardless Bully Cassidy and Lacabes like it or not.

Like to know, why and since when our San Leandro school board should be invading and involving political issues? Your job is to provide the best of our schools and children with harmony, not teaching them hates. Are you going to teach our kids to anti-America of KKK, anti-Germany of Nazi?!!

You guys should know Marga Lacabe's husband is Mike Katz,
he 's currently in our school board like to pretend council like his wife pretends lawyer.

Other countries flags have flown at City Hall before. Why not now? Fly the flag!

The chinese PRC flag flew at city hall in 1988. The only reason why the PRC flag won't fly is because of Cassidy. Council voted 4-3 to fly for one day to honor the many chinese who contributed to America. Cassidy used his wild card for the first time to stop the honoring of chinese.

Cassidy tries to bully people. That's what he is and that's what he does and that's why he will be a one term mayor.

The portugese flag has flown at city hall on many occasions.

The Free Tibet Flag was flown at City Hall in 1992. The Flag of the Sudan was flown many times as well. And the Mexican Flag has also flown at San Leandro City Hall. :)

Other flags have flown many times at City Hall.
The Chinese, Free Tibet, Sudanese, Portugese,
LGBT and Mexican to name a few. Some of these
more than once. Huge mistake by Cassidy the dictator.

The horror! Article shows picture that China raised the US Flag in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 2009 alongside the Chinese Flag.


Will not vote for Cassidy because he does not respect the Chinese people.

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