Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Alameda County Dems Unified In Not Noticing Nadia Lockyer's Broken Arm

Nadia Lockyer in better times,
if you can believe it?
ALAMEDA COUNTY DEMOCRATS | The annual Alameda County Democratic Party dinner is meant to confer a sense of togetherness. We're all in this together. Nevermind the opposing party's presence in this county is so ridiculous, its idea of a gathering is a two-person potluck and considering the idea of endorsing Democrat Eric Swalwell for Congress. That's why Democrats here call it a unity dinner and in this case, it means looking away and not questioning the obvious.

Of course, the poster child for forcing Alameda County Dems to move along and be told there's nothing here to see is, of course, Nadia Lockyer. At last Saturday's dinner in Oakland Airport Hilton, Democrats were unified in gossiping with each over the appearance of Lockyer with a broken arm.

It's been stormy two years for the Lockyer's. Bill, the state treasurer, bought his wife a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors even though we later learned she was already on the way to rehab...even before Election Day. Then she rarely showed up for work. She had an affair with a 35-year-old South Bay mechanic, copped to it and later to a drug and alcohol problem. She made a sex tape, told the local newspapers Bill enabled her habit with illegal drugs when he was the state's top cop. She soon resigned and nearly left an opening for Mary Hayashi's grand comeback to politics. (We're leaving a lot out, here.) Nearly got divorced, but later rekindled their love for each other last March. Meanwhile, Bill merely announced his retirement from public office in 2014.

A few Democrats who attended the dinner said Lockyers appeared aloof.  Although, one person said that is not surprising. The couple often appear in public with that certain uncomfortable, deer-in-the-headlights grin like others are speaking to them in foreign tongues. Nobody that spoke to The Citizen bothered to ask about the blue arm cast cradling Nadia's arm. Maybe they were afraid to hear the answer?


By MW:

If you go to the website of the California State Bar, and which is "calsb.org," you will discover that Nadia Lockyer is in good standing with that totally corrupt organization of scumbags, pathological liars, backroom fixers, and sellers of pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses.

NOTE: The California State Bar is sometimes also referred to as the State Bar of California.

However regardless of what you call that totally corrupt organization that is run and operated by the very sleaziest of extremely politically connected and extremely politically protected criminals, scumbags, pathological liars, and regular practitioners of non-stop fraud and bribery: one, in order to practice law in California, a lawyer is required to be a member of the CSB; and two, the sleazy lying windbags who run and operate the CSB engage in non-stop PR to "educate" the public to the "facts" that the two primary purposes of the CSB are to (A) uphold standards for lawyers and (B) protect the general public from lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent.

So as to keep up the charade that supposedly its main reason for existence is to protect the general public, the CSB does now and then discipline, and sometimes even disbar, some of the lawyers it is supposed to be monitoring and regulating. However in virtually all cases those lawyers it does openly discipline are smaller, less powerful, and less connected lawyers. In other words since Nadia Lockyer is the wife of political powerhouse Bill Lockyer, therefore the totally corrupt CSB considers her to be untouchable and immune from discipline or disbarment.

And since the modern American legal profession is far more of a club. a cabal, and a mafia of the very sleaziest of parasites, and who protect and put the fix in for each other, then it is a legitimate profession, therefore Nadia Lockyer is also in good standing with: one, "Martindale.com;" and two, "avvo.com," and which also both, and just like the CSB, pretend to monitor the ethics, standards, competence, and integrity of individual lawyers.

NOTE: It is extremely unlikely I would have ever learned how extremely sleazy both the CSB and the legal profession are if not for the fact that some years ago the extremely erratic Bill Lockyer, in other words Nadia's husband, had not shot himself in the foot really bigtime in a situation involving organized crime, trafficking in undocumented aliens, asbestos, and a multi million dollar fire that was almost certainly caused by arson.

Nadia HO, you need to go--away and not ever come back. Skank.

To Anonymous at 7:47 am.: Do you have a macro for all of that text that you then edit for each post, or do you really retype this every time you see a lawyer mentioned in any of the numerous local political blogs? I am sure that I have read this same argument at least a half dozen to a dozen times.

She was skating with her son last week and fell - good god people, give the woman some rest - she is working her sobriety and doing extremely well - drop it

We don't all get another chance in this world.

There are those of us who will never forgive and certainly not forget. That bitch reeked too much havoc and f'd up too many lives. Liz Figueroa would never have been outspent a zillion to one, we would have never had to suffer this bitch, and now Dick Valley's ineptness--all due to her and her sugar daddy.

So don't you dare presume to tell us to 'drop it.' She will reap what she sewed!

How true, if you sew it, you ware it. Let the fashion comments commence.

Better to sew it than to shoplift it at Neiman Marcus

By MW:

While the above comments, of course, should have read "sow" rather than "sew," however the major point, and regardless of any shortcomings in spelling, is that Nadia is a joke and not even qualified to be the lowest ranking junior assistant manager of a small child's sidewalk lemonade stand, let alone to practice law or be a member of the AC Board of Supervisors.

In fact if a high school dropout acted even one tenth as stupidly as Nadia regularly does, then most people would assume that particular high school dropout was severely mentally retarded. However since Nadia has a four year college degree and additionally also three years of law school, therefore most people tend to assume, and since she has so much education, that she is just a bit of a dingbat, and rather than someone who should be placed in an institution for the severely mentally retarded.

To sum up, Nadia, and just like a lot of lawyers, has so totally destroyed her brain with drugs that therefore she would be extremely overpaid even if she was paid only ten cents an hour, and even though most lawyers are such extreme egomaniacs, that therefore they think they are worth at least a few hundred dollars per hour.

So she broke her arm skating while smoking crank?

Nadia the gift that keeps on giving! When do we expect another video?

And of course her apologists are already out in effect ... keep up the good work Steve!

Old news--move on to something more important

For a not-so-good time call 1-800-LOC-KYER!

Nadia, the skank who keeps on giving!

Totally boring article--move on to the real news--thanks

Let's go back in history .. a few years ago Bill went around basically telling people that he was gonna buy his wife a seat. Not many people paid attention or deferred to him without a peep.  Only Tavares and a few others made note of Bill's message.

Given that our political leaders bent over backwards to support the least qualified candidate in that first supervisoral race, it's appropriate that Tavares write about the adventures of Bill & Nadia now. 

Paranoia?  maybe you are right .. not like she has a supervisoral account or something right?  .... Look it up

I am Nadia's sister Nastia, and she has always been a skank ho.

Let's move on to something more interesting. It's over.

With this skank it aint never over.

Bitch jus keeps duh givin.

Anonymous 12:20 & 1:50 must be some of the people who worship Bill.

Cum on, Nadia. Or, cum on Nadia.

She got more 'sperience at the second!

What an outdated and meaningless article.

Yet you took the time to read and comment ... you sure you weren't on Nadia's payroll?

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