Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ronnie Lott Morphs Into Nate Silver, Predicts Victory For Khanna

CONGRESS//17TH DISTRICT | If Ro Khanna played in the NFL, he would undoubtedly be a placekicker. Nonetheless, Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott acted as both Vince Lombardi and political Nostradamus Nate Silver during a rousing pep talk at a fundraiser for Khanna’s run at Rep. Mike Honda's seat in 17th Congressional District.

“You’ve won the election. We all know that you have won,” said Lott, who played free safety for both the 49ers and Raiders.

"You’ve got to be the next Obama,” Lott added as he peered into the candidate's eyes. “You’ve got to be the next Kennedy. You’ve got to be the next Truman. You got to be that. That’s why we’re close to you right now.”

Note: the general election is just over one year away.


  1. Can you buy a congressional seat? Ro will test that theory. He has done ZERO for the Bay Area.

  2. Football players know football. They should stick to what they know...

  3. False. When NUMMI shut down in Fremont, Ro brought millions of dollars in federal grants to find new uses for the auto plant and retrain workers who lost their jobs. Check your facts!

  4. Ro brought $330,000 to City of Fremont for planning. Pete Stark brought the TAA funding, which came from Dept of Labor, not Commerce.

  5. Just wondering. A often unasked question of the candidates.

    Mr. Khanna, Mr. Honda,

    How many push ups can you do in one minute?

    Anyone care to guess?

    Of course we can make adjustments for age. That would only be fair.

    12 months ahead of a November election, I think this question of physical fitness is about as important as most other discussions related to this race..

    What is your best guess for Honda? and for Khanna?

  6. Ro, even with all his corporate money, will have a hard time defeating an incumbent who is beloved by the community he serves.

  7. Wrong again. Ro was part of a team, which included officials from Labor and members of Congress, that secured $19 million to retrain workers who lost their jobs after NUMMI closed.

  8. Fact check: Ro doesn't accept contributions from corporations, special interests, or lobbyists, and the vast majority of his donations come from the Bay Area. The same can't be said of Honda. A cursory glance at his most recent FEC report reveals some pretty disturbing details...

  9. Incidentally, Honda is missing votes again. Hard to love someone who has such a hard time doing the job they were elected to.