Thursday, January 23, 2014

Joe Tuman Does Not Want Oakland to Be the 'Detroit of the West'

Joe Tuman announcing his candidacy for 
Oakland mayor last summer. 
PHOTO/Steven Tavares
ELECTION 2014 | OAKLAND | MAYOR | Give Oakland mayoral candidate Joe Tuman credit for looking voters straight in the eye. His first campaign video, posted Thursday afternoon, features Tuman making his case for change in Oakland as the camera tightly frames his face. There is absolutely no room for anything but reading the human face's innate honesty in such tight quarters and Tuman pulls it off. If he didn't they probably would have canned the video or added cutaways to hide any slight poker tells in Tuman's eyes and head movements.

In the video, shown below, Tuman makes the case that change "does not come from inside City Hall, but from outside." He adds, Oakland's renaissance will come from creating jobs, supporting small business and greater funding for public safety and roads. More provocatively, he says, "This is the only way Oakland moves away from being a Detroit of the West and again join cities around the Bay Area in being healthy and productive economically and feeling safe for the people who live here."


This is a totally hyperbolic comparison. Detroit's homicide rate in 2013 was double Oakland's, not to mention they are bankrupt. Don't know why, but I expected more substance and less spin from Tuman in this campaign.

OK Joshua, so Oakland can find one city with a worse crime rate.

Out of all the cities in the USA, tell me, how many have a worse murder rate than Oakland?

Tuman will make a good Mayor. He is correct. Change is not going to come from Libby or Rebecca or the Jean for that matter. We need someone with a fresh perspective.

Last poll I saw had Tuman losing badly to Quan. If Kaplan jumps into the race, according to the poll, he comes in third. It's a done deal----Tuman loses!

He trails Quan, and if Kaplan gets in, he trails both. Watch out for Schaff. Predict Tuman will come in 4th

Quan, Kaplan or Schaaf will mean no change for Oakland.

Change does start from the outside. Quan has failed. She is a quiet person. You need someone who has a different idealogy then the current regime. Though I do not respect his thoughts on detroit, the thought of changing oakland with different people in government is a good idea. Oakland and Detroit are so similiar. What they have vs us is a vibrant down town that has both stadiums as their anchors for business. People judge Detroit so much but do not understand that detroit as a metro area is larger than oakland. So there is way more blight in the areas that the COUNCILMEN who rep those districts are accountable. I believe all those who rep a district are responsible for those districts and should understand its their name and reps on the line.. I hope oakland follows SF in the direction they are going. SF is creating many jobs by leading major companies with Tax breaks. We need to be competitive with the City if the east bay wants to grow.

The early polls have Quan ahead, or if Kaplan enters the race she's ahead. Schaff is a terrific fundraiser and she could pull an upset because of her likability. The rest have no chance. The only recent Mayor to move Oakland forward was Brown, and he was definitely an insider. Many people who have no political experience really screw things up and, believe it or not, make things much worse.

Oakland has always been known as "The Detroit of the West" since the 1930's. It got that title for the many car and truck manufacturing plants it USED to have. Today, it has that title for a different reason. Smaller than Detroit, but just as deadly.

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