Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Khanna: I Challenge Thee to Four Debates

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Congressional challenger Ro Khanna is challenging fellow Democrat Rep. Mike Honda to a series of four monthly pre-primary debates.

Khanna’s campaign says the potential debates have drawn the interest of the San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, KPIX, and NBC Bay Area. In addition, The Huffington Post and TechCrunch have also expressed interest in additional public forums between the candidates.

“Residents of the 17th district will benefit from an ongoing discussion, moderated by the local media, about who is the best candidate to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing our community,” said Khanna in a press release early Wednesday morning. “It’s one way to start restoring public confidence in Congress, which is at an all-time low.”

Honda’s campaign told the San Jose Mercury News political beat writer, they are not ready to make a decision about debates, just yet.

A candidate coming across as non-committal on the debates issue has echoes in the 2012 congressional race between Pete Stark and Eric Swalwell. Following a closer-than-expected primary challenge, Swalwell challenged Stark to a series of fall debates.

Already spooked by a widely-panned candidate’s forum early in the year when Stark accused his opponent of bribery, Stark’s handlers were wary of unleashing the congressman in a similar setting. Stark’s reluctance to debate led Swalwell to skewer him with the distribution rubber ducks at every campaign appearance.


  1. Discussions regarding debates at this early stage, seems a bit premature. I

  2. Honda will agree to no more than 2 in the primary and 2 in the general election.
    Perhaps zero in the General election if he fares poorly in the first two.
    He doesn't want to appear like Pete Stark in any way at all.

    Another look at Pete


  3. In general, i think that the impact that debates have in influencing voters decisions is greatly overblown. However, debates does benefit a challenger running against an incumbent; by providing much needed exposure

  4. Talk is cheap that's why debates mean very little. Elected officials tend to promise everything to get elected but produce very little. I'm not interested in what an elected official knows so don't waste my time trying to convince me your smarter and know more than your competition. I want to know if you can be trusted and will tell the truth. I've been disappointed so often that I am suspicious of every candidate, Democrat and Republican'

  5. With every passing day, Ro Khanna is appearing to be a clown. He has spent an entire year planing to contest an election which was 2 years away when he started. Looks like he has no work to do but tto just hang out in order to gain a seat in Congress in any way he can. If this is how he is behaving before he gets elected, can you imagine how much work he will do for his constituents since he will always be thinking about the next election. besides, he is a carpetbagger. Wants to get in any way he can. He must be repenting to have made his announcement to run a year ago since now there is an open seat with the retirement of Mr. Miller.

    Another negative for him is that he believes that elections can be won by buying votes through raising large sums of money.