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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Skinny: San Leandro City Council Meeting, Jan. 6, 2014

San Leandro City Council Meeting, Jan. 6, 2014
835 E. 14th Street, San Leandro
Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, 7 p.m.

WISHLIST FOR FEDERAL PROJECTS (Item 10D) Proposals include seeking a COPS grant for up to five additional officers in the Fiscal Year 2015 federal budget; grants for funding the East Bay Greenway, a proposed bike route running along the elevated portion of the BART tracks and the San Leandro Creek Walk; another $5 million in funding for Lit San Leandro;  restoration of federal affordable housing funding to Fiscal Year 2010 levels and leveraging funding to bolster advanced manufacturing in San Leandro.

WHAT IT MEANS San Leandro is looking for a new congressional consultant, however, Rep. Barbara Lee now represents San Leandro in Washington and, you know, "Barbara Lee speaks for me." San Leandro’s wish list appears bent on continuing a makeover of its traditional factory roots into a much cooler haven for tech manufacturing. These aren’t the Twitter and Facebook wunderkinds of the tech world, but the tinkerers remaking manufacturing in the U.S., so they will need some affordable to live until they make it big and also need somewhere to blow off steam. Hence, a desire for housing, park and recreation grants.

BE AWARE An amendment to a local hire ordinance contains a “change [that] would expand preferences given to local businesses in City purchasing and contracts,” according to the agenda (Item 10B). Also, a presentation on social services for the homeless in San Leandro will be given by the Davis Street Family Resource Center (Item 3B).

Gary Valenziano and Gregg Valenziano will be presented the 2013 City Council District 4 Leadership Award.

POLICE REVIEW Dec. 9, the council was presented with an update regarding the San Leandro Police Department’s annual review. During the work session, the department urged for greater funding, along with additional police officers. Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli also said the department would begin using shoulder-mounted video cameras to document arrests and other police activity.

POT CLUB IS OFFICIAL The San Leandro City Council ended 2013 by enacting an amendment to the municipal code allowing one medical cannabis dispensary in San Leandro. Councilmembers Diana Souza and Benny Lee voted no. The council also unanimously approved a settlement for $80,000 resulting from an October 2011 incident with two San Leandro police officers. >>>READ THE MINUTESSEE IT FOR YOURSELF.



  1. Yes, agreed. A bore. Surprising Diana Souza voted against the pot. If anyone ever needed to be mellowed out by the soothing herb it's her. It would be considered medicinal too because it would definitely get rid of that bug up her you-know-what and let some harmony come back to the SL council chambers.

  2. Souza has done nothing in her two terms for the City of San Leandro. What a waste!

  3. To "Zzzzz." I agree, but what can you do?

  4. Diana Souza is not very smart and I'll be glad to see her go.

  5. Dist 1 council candidate 2014 Mike Lacabe-katz not bore but crazy and his crazier wanna be lawyer wife, Marga Lacabe, who takes expensive crazy pills everyday. Knowing Mike Katz hardly works, Lacabe family including her brother and sister have been lived by mooching off government assistance for nearly 20 years. They are shameless still collecting food stamps after our government/taxpayers paid for their college education years ago. WORK!!

  6. Mike Katz-Lacabe is a just wannabe computer hacker who got caught in the past. The Lacabes are messy hypocrites faking their support for privacy only to cover their own asses. Are well-known, notorious hackers respectful of privacy or are they thieves of other's personal information? Don't answer that, we already know.

  7. Our experience with Councilmember Souza has always been positive. She has attended every event I've been at and has always been involved in the community.
    When we've asked for information she has always been very good at getting back to us. She has stood up to Cassidy and does it with class. Something more council members should do. I agree Diana Souza would be a very good Mayor
    Sorry Marga, not going to buy your bull. Your husband Mike Katz is a bump not qualify for any official seats, he will lose with very little votes. Majority of San Leandro folks dislike these hypocrite, fact twisted couples.

  8. Not voting for anyone the wannabe lawyer Marga or her husband Mike Katz (also running for city council) endorse, they supported the loser Cassidy and are very rude and mean people if you don't share their ideas. They too seem to think it's their way or the highway. We need smart leaders, not dictators.

  9. Souza has done nothing in her two terms for the City of San Leandro. What a waste!

  10. Mike Katz Lacabe has done nothing in his two terms for the school board; on top of that, his wife was officially crowned san leandro's very own, locally grown on food stamps, crazy bitch. Big girl's gotta eat, too bad she can't eat her own words.

  11. Diana Souza is not very smart and I'll be glad to see her go.

  12. Mike Lacabe and Marga Katz are bullies, hypocrites and We'll be glad to see, wanna be council lose with .01% votes, no support from San Leandrans. No one is willing contributes to their campaign. they are rude, mean dictators.

  13. We'll get rid of Cassidy. Mike Katz has no chance, not qualify period!

  14. We already know school board Mike Katz and his wife Marga Lacabe are hypocrties. They accused San Leandro teachers of teaching religion, when children sang a religious Christmas Carol at an evening Christmas program, his crazy wife stood up screaming in the middle of the event scared the children, and raised such a stink and got their kids moved to Roosevelt school. Which was all they really wanted. All they do is bully, lie, harass and bitch!

  15. Warning to all others who think they are Marga Lacabe and Mike Lacabe Katz’s “friends”: They will stab you in the back the first time you disagree with their “opinion”. Mike Katz would have his crazy wife Marga uses deceit, omission, and straw-man arguments to make their “point”. We believe there intent are to hurt the citizens of San Leandro. I would suggest a name change for her blog; from “San Leandro Talk” to “San Leandro Slander”.

  16. Cassidy made a huge mistake in suspending the vote. Is he going to suspend all 4-3 votes he loses? It makes him look like a poor loser and a bully! He got a lot of Chinese American votes in his last election. but he won't in 2014. My neighborhood liked his fiscal conservativeness, but this insult to our people will never be forgiven or forgotten.

  17. cassidy wins a squeaker over souza. cassidy is a bully, but souza has done nothing on the council in eight years.