Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wieckowski Wants Info on Effects of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster on the State

Fukushima disaster in 2011
ASSEMBLY | ENVIRONMENT | Fremont Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski wants the state to be more forthcoming about the potential effects of the 2011 nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima, Japan on California's coastline.

Wieckowski, said Tuesday the state’s Department of Public Health should post updated information on its Web site in “layman’s terms” to alleviate concerns by residents and interests in the fishing, agriculture and tourism industries.

Although the federal government has asserted the environmental disaster at Fukushima poses no threat to the Pacific Coast in terms of increased radioactivity, Wiekckowski says online speculation is fueling concerns among some Californians.

“With newspaper reports, on-line videos and a number of stories about the possible radiation dangers to our beaches, residents are concerned and seeking information from a source they can trust,” said Wieckowski. “I think a lot of people’s questions can be answered if the department would conduct a study or post the results of other studies and monitoring that are already completed to its homepage. The difficulty of finding accurate, current information about the science and the level of risk involved has exacerbated confusion and worry among some in the public.”

Furthermore, concerns over the impacts of the accident on the environment have not only been growing online but also in popular culture. On Tuesday, it was reported health officials in San Mateo County dismissed a claim by a YouTube video that went viral last month purportedly showing a beach in Half Moon Bay registering considerably higher than normal radioactivity levels. Public officials had no explanation for the spike, but dismissed the Fukushima disaster as a reason.


  1. Clearly Wiekckowski has assumed that a sizable number his constituents are as scientifically illiterate as he seems to be.

    Sure Assemblyman, keep getting your info from YouTube.
    That is always reliable.
    Or tell public employees to waste costly hours to refute such garbage.

    Why not have a assistant of yours just find a few real websites and post some links to those.

    Assemblyman, do you have any idea about how much water is in the Pacific Ocean? A 15 minute search of the web will show you the absurdity of the concerns.

    Stop lending more credibility to such nonsense.
    What next... a study to see if the world will end as Harold Camping predicted?

  2. Weickowski will be our next Senator as he is extremely popular in my area and his policies are in tune with most of the Senate District.

  3. what's wrong if Weickowski wanting the state to be more forthcoming about the potential effects of Fukushima .. better safe than sorry

  4. By MW:

    While it is possible that we residents of the Bay area are in some slight danger from radiation caused by the Fukushima nuclear reactor incident - I myself have not looked into the issue at all, and therefore will not even venture an opinion on that issue - however we have plenty of definitely more severe AND HOMEGROWN health and safety hazards to concern ourselves with.

    For instance, Alameda County's Public Works Agency is evidently infested with managers who make at least some of their decisions, and including stalling for years, and sometimes decades, on repairing problems that can cause serious injuries and deaths, in the hope of eventually being offered an under the table bribe so as to go ahead and fix the problem, and that is most likely the real reason the PWA for all these years has continued to stall on repairing the section of road that has been nicknamed "Dead Man's Curve," and even though some people have been killed and many people have been severely injured while driving on that section of road.

    NOTE: Daniel Woldesenbet, and who is the head of AC's Public Works Agency, "knows" that the PWA is dedicated to "efficiency," serving the public, and providing the taxpayers of Alameda County with excellent value for their money. But than the big boys "know" all sorts of things.

    For instance, Richard Nixon "knew" he was not a crook, Bill Clinton "knew" he had not had sex with Monica Lewinsky, John Edwards "knew" he had not lied when he originally and repeatedly denied having had a relationship with Rielle Hunter, and NJ Governor Chris Christie for months "knew" that some of the highest ranking people in his administration had not lied when they denied having deliberately messed up traffic during the rush hour.

    By the way, Woldesenbet has a Ph.D, and which he constantly boasts about. However if he really believes that the department he heads is efficient, then he must have majored in GULLIBILITY at the university that granted him a Ph.D, since I am unaware of any Bay area government agency that is more thoroughly infested with managers who are totally dedicated to inefficiency, acting stupid, lying, and engaging in phony "investigations" than AC's Public Works Agency.

  5. what's wrong if Weickowski wanting the state to be more forthcoming about the potential effects of Fukushima .. better safe than sorry