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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cassidy Pads Resume with Falsehoods when Truth is more Compelling

CAMPAIGN 2014 | SAN LEANDRO | Politicians take credit for things. It’s a fact of life that becomes amplified during campaign season. So, it’s no surprise San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy is pumping up his resume over the last four years in office with accomplishments that may more credibly belong to others. The things is, he doesn't have to obfuscate when he already has a surefire and compelling story already in his back pocket.

At little fact-checking, first. In a email sent to supporters this week, Cassidy boasted of balancing the city’s budget. “We ended the string of multi-million annual deficits, achieving a balanced budget every year I’ve been in office,” he says. The argument is well-worn and somewhat dishonest since municipal budgets cannot run deficits from year-to-year. San Leandro’s budget must be balanced every year. That being said, San Leandro’s fiscal situation is indeed positive, but it was already positioned to withstand the Great Recession with far thinner deficits than neighboring East Bay cities.

Stephen Cassidy
PHOTO/Steven Tavares
Like much of Cassidy’s description of San Leandro’s future, an argument can be made the foundation was laid during former Mayor Tony Santos’ tenure. In fact, the progressive Santos somehow evaded the wrath of his liberal constituents by heavily trimming the city’s workforce as the recession sunk its teeth into city services in 2008-2009. This was done well before other cities like Hayward and Oakland eventually employed similar austerity measures also including furloughs and asking workers to pay more into their pensions.

San Leandro’s renaissance according to Cassidy allowed the city to reinstate the popular Cherry Festival and opened the new Senior Community Center on East 14th Street, along with keeping city libraries, pools and parks open. However, none of these accomplishments would have occurred if the sales tax measure Cassidy actively opposed in 2010 was defeated by voters. No other new revenue source did more to prop up San Leandro’s fiscal security than Measure Z.

The arrival of Kaiser Permanente this year to San Leandro is a definite future cash cow for the city in innumerable ways, but, yet again, the deal was done many years before the thought of Cassidy running for mayor ever crossed anybody’s mind. Similarly, the most important development for the future of San Leandro in decades, the Lit San Leandro downtown fiber-optic loop, has little do with city government and more to do with the vision of OSIsoft founder Patrick Kennedy, who funded the project out of his own pocket.

Yet within the latter argument, Cassidy can plausible take great credit for promoting San Leandro as the epicenter of Silicon Valley’s next wave of innovators. Ask around and you will find a growing consensus outside of San Leandro who sense the city is not only the next big thing, but more importantly for their bottom lines, very friendly to tech businesses. Despite all of Cassidy’s falsehoods, nudging the future of entire city in a positive direction is all he really needs to win re-election and not taking credit for things he had little or no role in achieving.


  1. Thanks Steve for this review of Cassidy; when I saw his re-election announcement, I must confess I went ballistic; in fact, I sent an email to the four sitting Councilmembers who were on the Council with me as we took the action we did to make certain we kept this City solvent. It was not a pleasurable experience but we did it. I was flabbergasting by Cassidy taking credit for the things he says he did which if you check the facts, he did none of the things he states he did. What really got to me was his claim that the "senior center" opened because of him; nonsense; if he had read our 2010-11 budget, he would have noted the center was due to open in April 2011 which it did. You are correct in noting that but for Pat Kennedy, City would not have had fiber optics,. And lit SL would be nothing but a dream. Kaiser is the center piece of future economic development in town and kaiser is one of my great achievements and my legacy to SL. I hope all San Leandrans read this item. I am emailing my friends in a moment. Tony Santos, former Mayor

  2. Cassidy is a liar and a bully!

    Cassidy thinks bullying folks is leadership!

  3. Cassidy doesn't care that most don't want pot clubs in the city, he will care in November.

  4. You know... the folks signed the petition oppose MJ will not support Cassidy... let see... how many signatures... close to two thousands.

    Cassidy totally ignored them, in November, they will ignore Cassidy.

    Comes around, go around.

  5. Cassidy is very vulnerable if anybody meaningful runs against him. He is not well liked in San Leandro. Cassidy already lost a lot of votes on marijuana dispensary, lost many Chinese votes, and lost more votes on his action as a dictator going against the basic principles of democracy to overturned the majority vote by the council. He will do it again when not his way.

  6. Cassidy made a huge mistake in suspending the vote. Is he going to suspend all 4-3 votes he loses? It makes him look like a poor loser and a bully! He got a lot of Chinese American votes in his last election. but he won't in 2014. This insult to our people will never be forgiven or forgotten.

  7. Cassidy "thinks he's smarter than everybody," always has and probably always will. He was the same while he served on the school board and no one could work with him. He likes grandstanding and gets off on it.
    Cassidy is going to be one term Mayor cause many people hate him.

  8. Cassidy advocating human rights...what does he has to say on "Jimmy Kimmel kill all the Chinese"... Cassidy is a phony and a liar to meet his own ends

  9. ROFLMAO Cassidy tastes some Karma raising the Portuguese flag. It fell and chopped his hand. Nobody helped him as he was nearly crying like a big bad baby.

  10. LOL. Steven Tavares were you there? Picture to share, like to see hand chop karma.

  11. Notice how Cassidy is so desperate, he's become an obsessive social media/PR whore to win everything his way.

  12. This is nothing more than 3 really stupid people trying to get attention. We already know Mike Katz's and Marga Lacabe are stupid. They accused San Leandro teachers of teaching religion, when children sang a religious Christmas Carol at an evening Christmas program. Raised such a stink and got their kids moved to Roosevelt school. Which was all they really wanted. All they do is bully, lie, harass and bitch!
    I can remember going to visit John Muir Middle School and always seeing the flags of different countries hanging in the main hall. I was told the flags respresented the countries that the students attending that school were from. What a great way for children to learn.
    Are Cassidy, Katz and Lacabe going go to that school and make sure the Chinese flag is taken down?
    The school board needs to stay out of this. Mike Katz your not on the city council and there are many children of Chinese ancestry living here and attending our public schools. Mike Katz needs to spend time trying to figure out how to raise test scores and pay back all the money this school district is going to owe at tax payers expense.

  13. Cassidy uses his sole authority to stop the democratic process of 4 to 3 votes by the councils, he openly posted comments on Facebook anti-China because he is a bully. He basically saying our president of United States, Secretary of state Kerry, California Gov. Brown, Lt Gov. Newson, city of San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Milpitas are wrong, isn't it?

  14. It's unbelieveable. San Leandro's Mayor has gone mad. He [ironically] suspended the democratic process of the city council's majority vote, and continues to post glaring comments on social media to welcome paid outside protestors against his own council, most of whom DON'T EVEN LIVE OR WORK in San Leandro. By having the nerve to promote this is hate, anger and division in our community is not the true positive American culture and lifestyle we should follow.

  15. The truth of the matter is 90% of the population don't want -MORE- pot dealers around. The

    other 10% are pot heads lacking priority. The 90% don't give two shits about the flags, fly

    any flag as long as it's within the law. It's with the flag policy. Everyone's throwing a

    bitch fit, when it follows policy and is only for one day. The messy assholes squatting and

    shitting their pants crying about democracy all day long seem to forget Cassidy stopped the

    council's democratic process to SMEAR this out for months wasting all this time....figures.

  16. People in San Leandro say America is about democracy but no one admonishes Cassidy for suspending a 4-3 vote.

  17. Pot heads are controlling Cassidy's decisions because he's weak!

  18. Measure Z saved the city from fiscal shortfalls and was the provision that opened the Senior Center in April 2011. NOT CASSIDY. He campaigned AGAINST Measure Z. His campaign manager Tim Holmes SIGNED the argument AGAINST Measure Z.


    Don't be fooled by this shameless CASSIDY clown. The city was saved by the authors and supporters of Measure Z. NOT CASSIDY



  19. In San Leandro, the current mayor Cassidy and his fellowers support dictatorial power by throwing away a democratic 4 to 3 vote. He did once and will do it again.

  20. Add this to Mayor Cassidy's resume,
    - Bully people who disagree with him
    - Violate FPPC election laws
    - Lie about accomplishments
    - Misrepresent facts
    - Takes credit for the work of city staff
    - Bullied experienced city staff to quit
    - Loss of former City Manager
    - Loss of former Deputy City Manager
    - Loss of former Director of Finance
    - Loss of former Director of Public Works
    - Loss of former Community Development Director

    How many more will quit under his hypocritical dictatorship.

  21. We don't want marijuana clubs in San Leandro, Cassidy should suspend it !! Ton of votes you ain't get, all go to your opponent!!

  22. Stephen Cassidy-Lacabe, you still will lose in 2014. Most of us know you PR the PRC flag to gain vote to re-direct the situation hoping we might forget your marijuana vote. Dead wrong.

  23. Pat Eisfeld collected 700 signatures plus another 1000 from last year opposing marijuana in our city, you Cassidy totally looked the other way, we will do the same on our ballots "ink" the other way!

  24. Marga Lacabe's husband, Mike Katz-Lacabe, will also be running in D1 spreading bribery accusations from Oakland of their opponents. You know, Marga is good at nothing but twisting the truth. We'll agree with her on one thing: Cassidy is a condescending, greedy-for-credit, two-faced liar until he's in a moment he needs you.

  25. Voting citizens of San Leandro will research as to which Counsel members voted in favor of marijuana and consider their action when they vote.

  26. Would you, San Leandro Mayor, suspend all contracts on all Chinese investors from China on all developments in San Leandro, if not, then you are a genuine hypocrite.

  27. Cassidy has left off his resume that he worked on bringing marijuana shops into San Leandro.

  28. San Leandro Mayor openly against China with so many words, Cassidy should include a clause on San Leandro business applications to the Chinese investors from China who want to invest in San Leandro must relinquish their country otherwise they're not welcome in San Leandro.

  29. We applaud Pat Eisfeld and our communities' efforts on opposing no marijuana, no pot shops in our town.
    Those signatures against MJ petitions would be the votes go to your opponents plus we know many more San Leandrans don't want MJ. Cassidy, you will be of the office after 2014, abuse it while you can.

  30. No marijuana in our neighborhoods, build it in Cassidy's hood, Bay-O-Vista there is.

  31. Just in case, some San Leandrans don't know, Mike Katz also as known as Mike Katz-Lacabe is married to the twisted Marga Lacabe. Mike Katz-Lacabe is eyeballing the District 1 council seat at this year's election. Don't vote for him. We know Mike Katz's decisions will be his crazy backseat driver wife's demand.

  32. At least he aint no Tony 'Berzerkley mayor' Santos!

  33. It's low of Cassidy using anti-China slogan hoping to gain votes on his re-elect. Have he ever considered there are many Chinese foreigners are currently visiting relatives and friends or just dropping by the bay area including San Leandro? Thanks to the local news now the whole world know San Leandro has a Mayor name Stephen Cassidy hates China.

  34. Ok, but who do we get to run? Tony Santos

  35. Cassidy is not generally liked in San Leandro. Cassidy officially lost a considerable measure of votes on maryjane dispensary, lost numerous Chinese votes, and lost more votes on his activity as a tyrant going against the fundamental standards of majority rules system to topple the dominant part vote by the chamber.
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