Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eric Swalwell's Pay for Hire Problem

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Just after he was sworn into office in January 2013, East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell hired the daughter of a wealthy donor after she also contributed to his winning 2012 election campaign, records show. In all, the family of William "Bill" Watkins — who is the former CEO of Seagate Technologies and Bridgelux, a high-tech LED manufacturer in Livermore, and now leads Imergy Power Systems, a Fremont energy storage startup — has contributed a total of $25,200 to Swalwell's campaigns, including a $5,000 donation to a PAC that has ties to the moderate Democrat. The donations also included a $2,500 contribution that Watkins' daughter, Kelly Watkins, made to Swalwell before he hired her to fill a taxpayer-funded job in his Washington, DC office.

According to campaign finance reports, Watkins himself donated $7,600 to Swalwell, while his wife, Denise Watkins, contributed another $5,100. In addition, their other daughter, Casey Watkins, donated $2,500 to Swalwell. After the donations were made, Swalwell hired Kelly Watkins to a $30,000-a-year job in the nation's capital. She now works in one of his East Bay offices.



God, what a sick, cheap move by Swalwell. This is clear quid-pro-quo. He pretended to be above that, but it's very evident now that he's only looking out for himself.

Who gives a rat's ass. Contributions are made ALL the time.

As for whom he hires, big frig. These are political, at will appointments, not to be confused with civil service. Everyone from county supervisors up to the president have designated slots that they can fill with whomever they want. John Kennedy had his brother as Attorney General. So many more examples of this in the Assembly, State Senate, etc.

One Alameda County supervisor [Haggerty] has his own sister on staff, and another [Miley] made Lockyer and then Dick Valley keep his son on staff. Big frig.

This has always been how it works, and it's perfectly legal. This is such a NON-STORY. Next time, try to chase an ambulance that is actually responding to a real emergency, Steve.

$30K to be a staffer on Capitol Hill - I would say taxpayers are getting a bargain. Now, if the story was she earned $120K as a beginning staffer then there would be a problem. This is a non-issue.

A pay issue would be all the times Corbett didn't show up to work in Sacramento and still collected her per diem pay for payment when a senator does work in Sacramento. That's when the taxpayers are getting a raw deal.

You're a staffer. I know. And you're doing a poor job of spinning this. Keep on the topic. You had a chance to put your spin into my story, but you did not return my calls. Too late.

wow! censorship! just saw someone posted that Corbett is having her staffer's use their state salary to donate to her and the comment was taken down. Steve, are you a Corbett staffer?

This is not your forum to campaign for your candidate. You're also posting false information and insinuating illegality when there is none. If you want to discuss how I could have expanded this story to every candidates in the last 30 years, email me. It's on the left hand side.

Wow way to take down my comment about your lack of going after George Miller for having his son be a lobbyist for Seeno. Also my comment about my disappointment in the East Bay express Editors not seeing through this hit piece. Getting under your skin a little Steven?

The Swalwell staffers are panicking. Keep posting the truth Steven-----you are the only one that does. Swalwell is corrupt and a lying flip flopper but the conservative owned bay area media is covering it up. Ellen Corbett is the clean candidate!

Alex Kobayashi - Corbett's district director donated twice to Corbett for Congress - which is taxpayer money supporting his boss' campaign so he can keep a job.

If Swalwell loses the staffer is out of a job. 30k and little job security, this is what you call reporting? You really have a hard on for this guy Tavares

Not that ir really matters, but if your looking at comparing staffers Shannon Fuller was District director for Swalwell and had previously given 2600 to his campaign, cant blame her- She was finance director for his campaign previously.

Comparing staffers contributions is fun! Glen Fuller= Sharon Fuller= Former District Director= Former Finance Director for Swalwell= 2600.00 contributed. YIPPIE!

Seems like a bad return on investment to me.

What does she and Dick Nixon have in common=dirty tricks all over! Both corrupt as hell.

haha wait shouldn't Swalwell wait for the mailers to release their hit pieces on Corbett?

Or is panic setting in?

The Swalwell staffers are posting on here because they are worried. When your boss is found "dirty" they try smearing his opponent. It's not working staffers!

There is a big difference contributing over 25,000 to a campaign and then a family member of yours is hired by Swallwell(which is corruption in my opinion).......than someone who is working for Corbett contributing a few bucks of his own money to his bosses campaign and the Swallwell staffer knows it.

This and other reasons are why the voters in this District are fed up with this one term and out congressman's mistakes, lying and flip flops. I voted for Eric last time but will be voting for Ellen Corbett this time.

p.s. Posting on staff time during working hours is a violation of the law and you are wasting taxpayer's dollars.

Not going to lie, if anyone here is a staffer, I'd guess it's you.

From trolling your own comment section to attacking a young woman, it doesn't get any classier out of you, Taveras. This is the second article I've read of yours on Swalwell, I'm going to say it's definitely my last. Luckily not my district, not my problem. But how about you show some integrity as a writer and a journalist in the future?

Swalwell staffers are spinning so fast they are getting dizzy. Keep telling and reporting the truth Tavares, you are the only one with the guts to do so. Our congressman has started to be an embarrassment to the district, and he's only in his first term. This term is smelling like a pig pen. Was undecided before, but voting for Ellen Corbett for sure now.

Corbett staffers posting rubbish. They know by this time next week Swalwell will have the Democratic Party endorsement, already has President Obama's endorsement, 4 times as much campaign funds and the incumbency. Those are substantial odds to overcome - Corbett should spare the embarassment and beg for an appointment.

I see the post at 7:51 by the anti union sexist troll. You must be panicking too just like the Swallwell staffers who have most of the posts on this string. Your congressman is corrupt and most of us who aren't trolls and staffers are happy the ebcitizen is calling him on it. Will not vote for Swallwell again-------it's Ellen Corbett "the clean candidate" for us this year.

Tavares, how dare you say these things about our Eric. We feel more comfortable believing our congressman is as pure as the driven snow.

Somebody needs to tell the truth and it won't be Swalwell or his staffers. Thank you Tavaras for exposing this misguided congressman. Voting for Ellen Corbett this year and pray she wins.

Stick to the subject. If you have information for a story, email me. In the meantime, explain how an anonymous entity is censored.

"conservative owned bay area media"
now that's hilarious

What matters to local voters are articles like the Citizens "Swalwell's Pay To Hire Problem" or Swalwell voting to cut off unemployment benefits to 1.7 million Americans including 200,000 veterans and then taking his pay after saying he wouldn't. District voters will vote for Ellen Corbett because this congressman has no feeling for the 95% of us who aren't rich.

It's remarkable that despite multiple people posting about Ellen Corbett's delinquent property taxes, Steven Taveres protects her. Seriously, Steven, just ask her for a paycheck. You're already working for her. It's probably illegal for her to not pay you. C'mon, man. You have rights you know!

heard about this at the Dem Convention this weekend. A bombshell about to hit Corbett over property taxes. What is Stephen protecting?

True dat, for sure even!

Steve and the Space HO have got to give it up already.

I see the Swalwell staffers/trolls are posting again. The bombshell about to hit is that a well known Republican has jumped into the race and will attract numerous Swalwell supporters. This helps Ellen Corbett, who will now probably win the primary. Who will come in second?

La-La land sure cares.

Quick answer to who's supporting Whorbett: NOT ANYONE!

No $$$$. No endorsements. No party support. No nothing.

Looks like CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL will be re-elected for a really long time to come.

Oh yeah!

Wow! A cushy $30k a year job in D.C. That's barely enough to cover rent for a year in this city. The young girl, who was probably fresh out of college, was clearly a staff assistant (i.e., she answered phones and opened mail). I think there are bigger fish to fry, like flat out lies and plagiarism by Rep. Ryan regarding a kid not wanting free lunches. Google that and write about it instead of this nonsense.

To the Swalwell sexist troll at 4:46-----you must really be worried-----and you should be!

Ellen Corbett will come in first in the primary with well over 40% of the vote. With a credible Republican in the race your candidate will be lucky to come in second. If the Republican can get in the high twenties your candidate could easily come in third.

Then what good will all that big business and corporate money do him. It will be good for the economy though. Voters in our district don't reward people who try and buy the election. They also don't reward candidates who flip flop on issue after issue.

Most of us love the EBCitizen and Tavares because he's not afraid to speak truth to power and point out Swalwell's flip-flops and lies. The main stream press in the Bay Area, all owned by ultra-Conservatives (look it up), won't print the truth. Thank you Steven. Voted for Swalwell last time, but will vote for Ellen Corbett this time because she's the "clean" candidate.

What matters to local voters are articles like the Citizens "Swalwell's Pay To Hire Problem" or Swalwell voting to cut off unemployment benefits to 1.7 million Americans including 200,000 veterans and then taking his pay after saying he wouldn't. District voters will vote for Ellen Corbett because this congressman has no feeling for the 95% of us who aren't rich.

Mrs. Miller and I will be supporting our outstanding CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL. We can't support novices who have no idea what they are doing and would be in above their head. We also would never support anyone who whores for the unions. The public knows that teachers and nurses' unions are nothing but whores for the special interests. They resonate with special interests only.

We'll be supporting a breath of fresh air, CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL 2014!

Swalwell's chances of winning have disappeared. What matters to local voters are articles like the Citizens "Swalwell's Pay To Hire Problem" or Swalwell voting to cut off unemployment benefits to now over 2 million Americans including now over 225,000 veterans and then taking his pay after saying he wouldn't. District voters will vote for Ellen Corbett because this congressman has no feeling for his average constituent.

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