Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Over One-Third of All Hayward Mayoral, Council Contributions this Year are Loans

Mayoral candidates Barbara Hallida, Mark
Salinas, Francisco Zermeno.
HAYWARD | CAMPAIGN FINANCE | Candidates for mayor and the City Council in Hayward reported campaign contributions totaling over $47,000 during the first quarter of this year. However, according to campaign finance reports, over 35 percent, or $16,771, of the total represents personal loans made by candidates to their respective campaign efforts. Of the seven candidates who filed finance reports this quarter for either office, just one, Councilmember Mark Salinas, who is running for mayor this June, listed no outstanding loans to his campaign. A second candidate, Councilmember Marvin Peixoto, who is running for re-election, however, did not report any new loans this year, but still owes $41,300 in campaign loans to himself from 2008 and 2010.

The figures suggest most of the candidates deemed front runners in their respective races are having difficulty inspiring financial backing. Mayoral candidates Barbara Halliday and Francisco Zermeno, also colleagues on the City Council, inflated their cash on hand with significant personal loans. A day before the end of the first quarter filing period, Halliday added a $5,000 loans to her campaign coffers. Since last October, she has issued a total of $7,000 in loans. Meanwhile, her total cash on hand, as of Mar. 17, is $12,073, according to finance reports, with $3,985 in individual contributions received and $6,269 in expenditures.

Zermeno’s financial picture is also similar after giving himself $5,000 on Feb. 28 for a total of $10,000 in loans since last fall. The late loan bumped Zermeno’s cash on hand to a campaign-leading $15,636, according to finance reports, and including $3,329 in individual contributions and $9,338 in expenditures. Salinas reported $12,350 in cash with $8,339 in individual contributions and $9,186 in expenditures, according to finance reports.

In the City Council race, which features an at-large format with the top-two finishers winning open seats, Councilmember Peixoto’s re-election is being threatened by potential union-friendly candidates hoping to unseat him. In February, Peixoto and the entire council angered labor leaders by imposing a five percent wage cut on nearly 300 city workers. Peixoto reported $8,165 in cash, including $3,398 in contributions and just $208 in expenditures, according to finance reports. Among his contributors is fellow Councilmember Greg Jones, Hayward school board member William McGee and Mayor Michael Sweeney, who has endorsed Peixoto.

To illustrate the propensity of Hayward candidates to put their campaigns in debt, one candidate's entire financials is currently comprised of loans. Sara Lamnin entered the race near the end of the filing period earlier this month, potentially at the behest of the Service Employees Union International, and loaned herself a total of $4,971. Over half of the loan was used to pay $2,471 in filing fees and a candidates statement. After the payments, her cash on hand is $2,400.

Hayward Planning Commissioner Rodney Loche also has a $1,000 outstanding loan from last November, however, his $9,263 in individual contributions received this year is the largest total among all candidates for office in Hayward. After $5,356 in expenditures, Loche maintains $5,625 in cash, according to finance reports. Among his contributors is Councilmembers Jones, Peixoto and Mayor Sweeney.

Hayward restaurant owner Julie McKillop reported contributions of $2,349 and expenditures of $2,546. McKillop, too, issued an $800 loan to her campaign to give her an ending cash balance of $604, according to finance reports. Other council candidates, including Rocky Fernandez, Ralph Farias, Phillip Gallegos, did not file campaign finance reports.


Sounds like City Council should take their own advice--Don't spend what you don't have or you'll go broke." Even if Marvin doesn't get re-elected, he'll still have lifetime medical benefits.

Don't know about 11:13 but this is your third time running for council an I'm proud to say I will never vote for you no matter how many times you run. I've heard you speak at candidate forums and you are too extreme for our city. Hayward rejected you twice by large margins and will do so again. You are to the right of the Tea Party and a Hayward nut case. Get a hint.

I am going to vote for Farias 5 times and I think he should win this time. Maybe I will vote 10 times but I have not decided.

Farias is a mental midget and that's giving him too much credit :)

The political description is mental hobit

At last Tuesday's council meeting, Mayor Mike didn't seem to like Zermeno's comments about setttling contracts with its workers first. Zermeno took a stand, and ended up voting Mike's way. Salinas & Halliday should join the school board instead of trying to be mayor. Glad Cranky Mike is on his way out. He has publically insulted City Workers and lower income Hayward neighborhoods. I would not vote for anyone he endorses.

Good evening,

I do not want to be near those Tea party candidates. Trust me im not light enough for them. But What i notice is that most of those who bash our city dont have the balls to put there name out there to make a difference. You all like to play city reporters or be internet thugs but what I is plain bullys. I take these things as a grain of salt. What alot of you did to Peter Bufete Last time I thought was very harsh and alot of you dont know the person so you made your assumptions. Trust me I am not a Aramos supporter and peter did not know any better. All I would like to say is Grow some balls and stand up for you city. Instead of pointing out the problem, become the solution, until then you are the ones that give our city a bad name. Also the short jokes are old! Its not like I haven't heard those before. Get a little more creative people. You prove me right every time you use generic satire. Once again I am running to make a point that even though I might not win I want to put out the points that our city is in need of change. You need to make the public aware of whats going on instead of being part of the machine. So for all you Anonymous people out there. Have some balls and show your name or talk to me one on one. I am easy to find and I love a good conversation. Have a good day! and Hayward ON! lol or in my case , Hayward, Stand up!

I'll never understand politics. Hayward has always been blue collar, support labor, and coalition building. Now it's I don't need you labor, every man/woman for themselves, and yea me to hell with you. How is any of this good for Hayward communities?

Ralph Farias, I don't care how many times you vote for yourself, you will never get elected in our city. Your crude and sexist remarks and union bashing are rude and inexcusable. Everyone in Hayward knows you are the anti-union sexist troll that posts constantly and anonymously on the Citizen.

I am Mr. Anonymous and I take responsibility for what I post and I am offended when credit is given to others. I am also a hobbit and I take offense that Mr. Ralph Farias is associated with our superior mental abilities. I say do not vote for anyone and instead write in: "Mr. Frodo Baggins for council and mayor of Hayward"

As proved by the last 2 City Council races, when Farias ran and lost badly, there aren't enough sexist antiunion hobbits in Hayward.

Ebcitizen does not like little people. If you notice that anyone under 4'3" gets bad comments. Look at Bufete, Armas,and Farias they are the Tom Cruises of Ebcitizen. Why don't you like little people Tavares. You need to delete all references to hobits and little people. I am proud to be under 4' and will vote for Farias. We need a little person's perspective n government.

Farias is disliked not because he's short, but because he is sexist and antiunion. I've listened to him in debates and most of Hayward just doesn't like what he has to say. He's to the far, far right of moderate or progressive.

Farias, Fernandez, and Lamnin are all hobits

They all may be short, but Fernandez and Lamnin are not far right wing, anti union and sexist like Farias. They actually are for smart growth and against the loop.

Can't vote for either of the two. Both are nice folks, but solid union whores who would give away Hayward, lock, stock and last library book.

A vote for either of them is a vote to pick the public's pockets clean.

I can vote for both Rocky and Sara as they are the only ones with new ideas that make sense for Hayward.

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