Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wieckowski Aide Filed Unsuccessful Restraining Order Last Year Against Wife of Alberto Torrico

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | A violent feud between the wife of a former East Bay state Assemblymember and the ex-chief of staff of a current one is raising questions about the use of taxpayer funds on what appears to have been a private — albeit, salacious — dispute. In addition, the public fight between Raquel Torrico, the wife of former Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, and Trisha Tahmasbi, the now ex-chief of staff of current Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, could have political repercussions, because the Torricos are now openly backing one of Wieckowski's Democratic rivals in what promises to be a hotly contested June election for the state Senate.


The dispute between Raquel Torrico and Trisha Tahmasbi first drew attention in the capital last year when the two got into a physical altercation outside the Democratic Party state convention in Sacramento. At the time, Tahmasbi was Wieckowski's chief of staff, and her confrontation with Raquel Torrico stemmed from a romantic relationship that Tahmasbi had with Alberto Torrico. The street fight between the two women resulted in Tahmasbi suffering a bruised cheek and a black eye. Raquel Torrico said later in court documents that she and her husband subsequently became the victims of an attempted threat to make his tryst with Tahmasbi public...



Really? Mr. Tavares? Deleting my comment?

You refer to this as a "catfight" and refer to Ms. Torrico as a "bitch" - this article is incredibly sexist and offensive.

Keep exercising that comment delete button. You're a real testament to your "profession"

Bob should be charged for wasting taxpayer's funds to pay Trisha $40,000 of OUR money for her foolish actions!

First comment: It's not my fault you have problems with your reading comprehension. I know what you're doing. You're scared, but threatening me didn't work last time.

Alberto Torrico was our former Majority Leader, he should face a grand jury investigation to determine how many of our tax payer dollars and campaign contributions he spent to cheat on his wife with his subordinate.

Lots of people knew about this TRO. I'm surprised nobody picked up until now.

They were saving it, in a desperate attempt to try to hit Bob with it, right before the PAV ballots land, because they got nothing else to go after him on. Pretty ridiculous.

" because the Torricos are now openly backing one of Wieckowski's Democratic rivals "

For those of us who don't follow this too closely, who are the Torricos supporting? Surely not Hayashi?

The big image at the top says "capitol catfight" - how is the first commenter wrong? That's totally sexist. LOL

Mr. Tavares someone threatened you? What are you talking about?

Hey I just posted that I agree with the first comment and you deleted that??? I said that it appears that this website and its author endorse sexist language - you also appear afraid to admit to as you just deleted my comment. Did you also delete the first commenter's prior comment? That's sexist, bro.

Good question, 1:21 pm:
Alberto drafted Roman Reed to run against Bob. He knew Reed wasn't viable, but he wanted to cause some grief for Wieckowski. Up in Sacramento, Torrico (and his lobbying firm Capitol Advocacy) are working to help Hayashi get elected.
Torrico chose to create all this drama, as a way to detract from his involvement in the unfortunate extramarital affair he had with his staff.

If you ever met Ms. Torrico, you would completely understand why Tavares went there.

I hate that when men conspire to hurt women, the woman suffers. Hayashi and her campaign, Alberto Torrico and a bunch of losers are working together to make some staff person the bad guy. Total double standard. To think that I voted for Torrico for attorny general a few years back and now its obvious that he doesn't care about his wife, doesn't care about his kids and is just out for himself to make money and hurt other people. Shameful.

Tell us who threatened you. We can't have a bully on these pages, attempting to stifle critical newsworthy stories like these!

The person who can't read can email me steventavares.ebc@gmail.com and tell me about their problems

Too funny, over on East Bay Express, 5 of the 6 comments are posted by names clearly created by the anti Wieckowski campaign.
Laughable names

Bob Factowski
Bob Dongkowski
Casey Davis who has posted twice on EBCitizen in a anti-Wieckowski mode.

All newly created names, all aimed at Wieckowski.
Perhaps Mary Hayashi's campaign management team has their staff busy on the internet.
Money, money, and excess money. Everyone is willing to spend Mary's money.

Chronicle said today that Mary spent $50,000 on that one commercial she ran during the basketball game.

I hope she makes it to the November runoff, because then she'll spend every last dime of that $690,000 in a losing effort, never to be heard from again.
However is she fails to make the top two, she might have held off about $350,000 and thus still make trouble for the next few years (planning her return to some office)

Still waiting for Mary to explain why she brought that extra Neiman Marcus shopping bag with her, all the way from Hayward. Her own lawyer indicated he was going to explain that, then Mary took a plea deal and we never heard her explanation.
Waiting, .... still waiting.

I agree with you, 1:34 pm. I voted for Torrico, too. He's not who we thought he was. As one of the highest ranking elected officials in our State, he should have at least taken responsibility for his actions. Instead he plays the victim, betrays his family, and turns against his longtime friends? And to find out that now he's working against Bob. All of this is shameful, every last bit.

That's a good question. Has Hayashi never explained why she took in an empty Neiman bag into the store?

Mary has never offered any explanation for why she brought the extra bag into the store and into the dressing room.

Her lawyer---

"Sometimes when somebody brings an empty bag into a store, that shows the intent to steal, but that's not the case here," Rappaport told a reporter. "You don't know the facts of this case. But I can't litigate the case in the press."


Wow. I hope the Wieckowski campaign brings these issues back to the attention of the voters. Quickly.

This is clearly a personal issue, publicly known, and certainly known by her boss. How was taxpayer's money approved to pay for her leave? That's not possible without Bob's approval. Is Bob bringing funds back to his district or spending it?

Most employees (incl state employees) are eligible for medical leave. Doubt Wieckowski could deny a request for medical leave. And the Legislature has to protect it's employees, especially when someone unstable continues to harass you at your workplace.

There's another slap & restraining order that Steve is forgetting to discuss - the restraining order that Neiman Marcus slapped Mary Hayashi with. For the next several years, Hayashi is not allowed to go within 100 yards of Neiman Marcus.

6:11, Now, now, lets not exaggerate, Mary only has to stay 50 feet away from a Neiman Marcus store...not 100 yards.

You see, that means she is only 16.6% as guilty as you suggest.
Add in that she was distracted on her cell phone, and you have a woman who is nearly innocent.
I'm sure if Mary had taken the charges before a Jury, they would all believe everything she says happened.

Oh, but then there is that pesky bag question.... Why did she bring the extra hidden Neiman Marcus bag into the store?
Well, lets not focus on that, I'm sure Mary has a good answer and will be giving it the next time she is interviewed by a good reporter. We await that event.

She could be re-arrested for a violation and become a felon. Wouldn't that be something...

Alberto Torrico was our former Majority Leader, he should face a grand jury investigation to determine how many of our tax payer dollars and campaign contributions he spent to cheat on his wife with his subordinate.

is it also newsworthy to know that Torrico hired his looney tunes wife at his lobbying firm, to beat the aforementioned restraining order, while she continued terrorizing his former staffer/mistress?
Let's ban together to see if we can talk Tavares into writing a follow up piece on how much tax payer money went into maintaining Torrico's sexcapades.

^^^Yes please, and see if you can throw in the word "salacious" somewhere for your loyal and faithful fans to find.

Couldn't have happened to nicer people.

Trisha is terrible person who threw east bay politics into ruins on account of her numerous personal vendettas. Liz Figueroa and Ana Apodaca didn't support her for her ill conceived council race, so down they went in her races for mayor and supe.

Dave Bonaccorsi was dubbed the Dutra attorney and was off limits to support because of his Dutra connection. It went something like this- Dutra is a Republican, so anyone seen with him and the family is a personal enemy of hers.

Then down went Garrett Yee, another Dutra-backed candidate who was her adversary on the Ohlone Board.

When Mary got caught stealing, she overplayed her hand.

She actively recruited candidates to run against Jennifer Ong to make sure an asian person didn't get that assembly seat. Because, get it? Mary is asian, and so any other asian person is a threat!

2012, she orchestrated the stacking of the Tri-City Demos club, finally getting rid of the thorns in her side like Yogi Chugh who just wanted the various factions of the party to get along, but that ran counter to her agenda. Then her personal white hot hatred of the indo community went to another level with Anu Natarajan: which compelled her to go around to everyone in Fremont and tell them Bill Harrison, the former Republican and Dutra associate, was the real Democrat in the race for mayor, and not Anu, who was always on the "wrong" side of a 3-2 vote on issues, sticking up for environmentalists with none other than wieckowski joining her. And the rubes of the east bay and alameda county democratic party could not stand up to her and went along with the charade. For shame. So many people warned wieckowski about her toxic behavior and her lack of ethics, running roughshod over her boss and his wishes. But he did not listen. She was able to hide behind the veil of her job, but not anymore. It is too bad she had to get muscled out by human resources rather than someone finally saying "enough!" and calling her out on her bullshit. I feel for the Torricos, she must have put them through the wringer. This is a person who stopped at nothing to get power, and if that meant luring her boss, then so be it. I hope they treat her to her just desserts and make her feel as terrible as she made others feel.

Wow that's incredible 10:54 pm!
Trisha single-handedly took down Liz Figueroa's Sup race and stomped Apodaca for Mayor? Then she took out Bonaccorsi and crushed Garrett Yee? And then went after Hayashi? Incredible!
Then she recruited Bill Quirk to rub out Ong, and moved on to put Yogi Chugh (the Great Uniter) in her cross hairs, and took him down too! Holy crap!
I didn't realize all those dominoes tumbled at her single command. Truly fascinating!

so I just saw this... I forgot about this from last year. I agree with the first commenter that the title image of the article seems a bit sexist :/

I seem to remember that is was actually Alberto Torrico that had a problem with the Indian Community, Chinese Community, the CBC, Steve Cho, Sue Chan, Garrett Yee, Liz Figueroa, Ana Apodaca, Anu, Yogi, Raj, the Dutras, Dave Smith, and so on.
Now he's decided to start some beef with Ro Khanna, a young up and comer from the Indian community that has a real shot at being our next Congressman.
Tavares got it wrong when he said the Torricos are still influential.

Alberto Torrico was considering a come back, thinking to run for Supervisor when Nadia stepped down.

He was rejected by the democrats, and all of local labor, including Josie and Andreas. No one wants them around anymore. This latest issue is just another stain on Mr. Torrico's tarnished legacy.

You're all jokes. Trisha Tahmasbi, Alberto Torrico, Mary Hayashi, Yogi Chugh, the Dutras, and Ro Khanna are all jokes. You're all toxic people obsessed with power and control. You're all twisted, and because of it we're all scarred. Countless years of political maneuvering has only been to the detriment of your own humanity.

It's great to hear that Mary Hayashi and Alberto Torrico have joined forces to work against local progressives.

You all really want Mary "Sticky Fingers" Hayashi representing us in the State Senate?

Been watching these comments a while. Seems like Mr. Tavarez is a little puppet to some ppl. He removes negative comments about Mr. Torrico & pals but leaves anything about Mr. Wieckowski. Start being a real reporter

Please, someone please, tell Team Wieckowski, they need to get this video footage out in front of the voters:


On June 3rd, don't you dare vote for Mary Hayashi!

Take a minute to consider that in this entire conversation the only people that did anything really wrong were Tahmasbi,Hayashi, and Torrico.

That's right, Wieckowski has nothing to do with any of this. He's done nothing but serve his district with the utmost integrity.

.....so Mary Hayashi is a thief & criminal, Alberto Torrico is an adulterer & liar, Raquel Torrico is an abusive lunatic & too weak to leave her husband, and Trisha Tahmasbi is a mistress & home wrecker. Politics as usual here, lol

Is it possible that Alberto Torrico can actually help Hayashi or Reed win the race against Wieckowski? Yes.

Is it POSSIBLE: Yes.
- Gloria

A cheating politician got caught cheating? Then he and his wife decide to start terrorizing the young lady, to the point where she's taking medical leave and filing for protective stay-away orders? What does this have to do with Wieckowski? I agree, this is a very misleading story.

Isn't Alberto Torrico the real victim here guys? Afterall, he's married to that ugly, big mouthed, bossy, vile, physically and mentally abusive woman Raquel. She's unbelievably unstable. He's told us that they have had a terribly unstable marriage for at least 10 years or so. But he's like the battered woman. He just keeps going back to the abuser. Among everything else, you gotta think, "poor kids". They all deserve better.

I mean, I think the nature of their marriage is up for discussion here, since Tavares first broke this story last year. The whole thing was cray cray! In last year's episode, when Raquel visited our Dem Convention in Sacramento, w/ her husband and kids in tow, it was really that scene that should be talked about. She 'came to shame', and didn't even care about the impact it would have on their young beautiful children. She relegated Torrico to the corner, with the 2 kids Mateo and Amy. Literally, all 3 of them were banished to the corner and told not to talk to, or look at anyone. All 3 of them were crying and in tears. It must have taken hours for that behemoth to ensure she had humiliated everyone in attendance. Many of us tried to calm her down and warned her that day to stop, and to deal with this privately. But she's a complete monster. And it wasn't until that day that I realized Mr. Torrico is a gutless pushover. Those people should have dealt with their issues privately. Hopefully Amy and Mateo Torrico have started to heal.

Hayashi is standing up for the people in her district by shopping and shoplifting at a store that purchases products produced by sweatshop labor.

Hayashi claims that she has a medical condition that may be to blame for her shoplifting behavior. That means she can't distinguish between right or wrong. THAT MEANS SHE SHOULDN'T BE VOTING ON LEGISLATION THAT IMPACTS OUR FAMILIES!

On June 3rd, don't you dare vote for Mary Hayashi!

Let's do a glaring expose on Majority Leader Alberto Torrico's trip a few years ago to San Diego with his buddies from the Neighborhood Market Association. Those photos will offer you all a little glimpse of how he really rolls.

Can we get some confirmation on whether or not Torrico really hired his cray cray wife at his lobbying firm in Sacramento? Is she qualified for that, or was it just a ploy to keep up the pressure on Tahmasbi?

So, what happened in San Diego, 5:24?

All you folks are very disgusting. Sheer non sense.

Well Torrico is a born again evangelical christian...so it must be good.
Do tell!

Can we call up Mr. John Latimer with Capitol Advocacy, and ask why he would allow his reputable organization to be tarnished by hiring Raquel Torrico, Alberto's house wife, as a vendetta against Torrico's other women? Are they just running a circus over there now?

5:24 & 6:25 - what happens in San Diego, stays in San Diego. Riiiiight Torrico? Damn riiight brother!

Sounds like Wieckowski's team is falling apart. What about the woman that Wieckowski has running around in his law office. She's always completely disheveled, and always completely barefoot and unorganized. They say she is his "legal assistant", but it always feels like she's someone off of a raunchy talk-show, like Jerry Springer. Heard she doesn't even have her license, not sure he's even running a legitimate law office over there. That's another one to check into...

How many of you think we should send Raquel a message, to stop causing more trouble for her husband. The more she opens her mouth, stalks young ladies at the capitol, and yells and throws tantrums, the worse off Mr. Torrico looks, not to mention the endless torment he children have to take. Anyone willing to tell the loudmouth bolivian Raquel that she needs to sit back and keep her mouth shut?

They are bankrupting his law office! I don't know why he's kept all these free loaders around for so long.

Yes to both! I'll stand with you, 9:31 pm, and send Raquel Torrico a message that enough is enough. Stop the INSANITY! Her out-of-control antics have already shamed her poor husband (possibly ruining his reputation in Sacramento); her antics have decimated the reputation and career of a hard-working young woman; her antics have paved a pathway to go after our highly respected Wieckowski, and worst of all, she has set a terrible record for her two young children, Mateo & Amy. God knows what they have seen and had to endure, if last year's public hunting of that young woman gives us any indication of what is actually happening behind the walls of their own home. Alberto's own brothers and parents have suffered long enough, and go years without seeing their nieces and nephews, and the grandparents go months without seeing their own grandkids, than to have to run into that vile loud mouth Bolivian Raquel. She needs to shut her vile loudmouth! Every time she opens it, someone gets hurt. Poor Alberto. Join us to end the torture.

I'll sign that petition. Should we have it delivered to the Torrico's home, or their lobbying firm?

Let's also draft a second one for Bob, with a clause that requires everyone in Wieckowski's Law Office to dress professionally, stop freeloading, and wear shoes during business hours.

Do we launch this petition effort to #ShutRaquelsVileLoudMouth before or after we get the deets about Torrico's scandalous trip to San Diego with his buddies from the NMA? I'm supportive of both.

Raquel is an huge embarrassment to her pathetic husband, California politics, & everything she is affiliated with. This story is so nuts I can hardly believe it. If you ever have a chance to meet the Torricos you will see after the first 10 minutes of her interrupting her husband that she is stark raving crazy. You will also see that Alberto is a spineless joke of a man. I had this pleasure once in Fremont a long time ago.

We need a sign at Wieckowski's offices that all staff must wear shirt and shoes at all times. NO shirt/shoes no pay.


AND...show us pictures from Torrico's trip to San Diego w/ NMA!

She makes them pray now, everywhere they go in public, no matter what the situation. It's pretty embarrassing for those around. Even if she's yelling at him. It's actually hilarious, she yells at him in spanish for like 6 or 7 minutes while he stares at his feet, and then they both hold hands and pray in spanish. I heard her yell the words "gordo" and "panoche" and "puto" while he cried in the corner, and then they started to pray. The poor slob is being verbally abused and brainwashed in public now.

I find it breathtaking that everyone is harping on Raquel when she is the victim in this circumstance. She has the right to be pissed.

6:20, you're damn right. You have more than the 'right' to be pissed. You have the mf'ing duty to be pissed: at your husband, the man who took vows to cherish your unpleasant mug for life.
You don't, however, have the right to terrorize and stalk his young mistress for a year. She best check her husband, or she's going to be reliving this nightmare on the daily, ya hear?
(Plus, 6:20, we're guessing, if you have anything nice to say about her, you likely never met her before. She's the cray cray, bugged eyed, slice-you-in-your-sleep type of maniac wife)!

I mean, for real, you bring your kids to chase this girl down for hours, in front of the business types that your husband has to interact with to earn his scratch. You got your kids there crying, while you all up in errbody's grill, yellin' yo half English rant, talkin' squawk, bringing 60 or 70 peeps into your dysfunctional marriage deets, trying to blame this girl, as if yo husband accidentally fell into a camouflaged snatch trap?!? What you got goin' on at home? What kind of woman brings their little babies to witness that shit, shaking and crying in front of a hundred strangers. CPS should have been called. You obviously got some major issues in your home life, figure that out first before you get all 'hood rat' at our local democratic delegate gathering.

Errbody here is pissed off, that don't mean we all get to throw punches and stalk people at their place of employment. Torrico's got some real explaining to do, his cowardly lyin' got us all pissed off. We're all the victims here. Only one that gets to hide this out is little boy Torrico, the little perpetrator that started all this shit.

Got to level with you 6:20, while I partially agree with you, I still gots to throw up the hash.


10:03 pm, who is bankrupting Wieckowski's office? His legal office or his legislative office? Why don't the employees wear shoes or clothes?

That it 6:20 Raquel gets to act like a psychopath for over a year, hunting down this you woman 'cause "she's pissed". How about deal with your husband.

Raquel ain't got no friends left. Her husband is a shamed of her, her children fear her, and her family have shunned her. It's just about those two babies left, mateo and amy. God bless their souls.

If the mistress is blackmailing her family and husband, should Raquel just stand pat and let it happen? Because she's Bolivian and loud? Really? And no one likes her? Torrico is lucky to have her. He clearly married up, and he was wrong to do her dirty like that.

And lets be honest, the mistress isn't one to be terrorized easily, she's no innocent victim.

Are you serious? Where in the world does a man get blackmailed into an affair?? He clearly entered into the relationship on his own. I doubt anyone forced him thru blackmail, lol. His wife is a fool for not leaving him after it was exposed. Please....

2:49 am was actually Torrico typing madly away with Raquel's shank at his throat. Poor thang. Don't you worry you poor thang.

Torrico is a dawg, we all agree with you on that Mrs. Raquel, that is clear for everyone to see.

But lucky to have you? I don't think any of us would wish that fate on our worst enemy. If he was so 'lucky' to have you, he wouldn't have had an affair with another woman for so many of those years. My analysis is that both of you can't stand each other. Naw I'm not trying to be mean, I don't care about either of yous, but hear me out.

I'd say anyone that finally gets the balls to go and file for a retraining order is scared and fearful of whatever is happening in the situation. This young woman was scared. It means you were crossing some serious lines Mrs. Raquel.

You were blaming the wrong person. It's always easier to hook after the otha woman, because while you're distracted chasing after that little girl, you don't have to answer the tougher questions, 1) why did my man do this to me; 2) how long has my man been doing this to me; 3) how many other women were there; 4) is there anything about me or my approach that's pushing my own man out the door; 5) will I be able to trust him again?

Rather than sitting together to heal as a family to answer those questions, you decided to go 'Ted Bundy' on this young woman's ass, making it an issue of the mistress instead of your husband's character and infidelity. Where there is one, there are many, so spending a year chasing a young woman out of town may have made you feel better Mrs. Raquel, but it doesn't fix that fact that yo husband sleeps with younger women to feel better about himself.

We've all seen you together. Quite frankly, you make all of us uncomfortable. Your husband acts like an abused mute, sometimes he acts like he's being held hostage but can't say anything or look at anyone, and you kick and scream and yell for no reason. We can cut the tension with a knife.

I always feel like I'm bout to get a secret note from him that says "you gotta help me brotha, she's wearing a bomb, if I walk away, it will explode". That sometimes be the look on his dumbass face.

Hope you get your inside deets dealt with, privately, so that the world don't have to watch so closely as your beautiful kids deal with this. Again, we're up with the hash, because you don't realize, the more you run yo offensive mouth, the more you hurt your children and husband, and your own credibility.


If anything Torrico manipulated this young woman into getting into a relationship with him. He was much older than her. He was her boss. Being her superior and holding that kind of power over her head. How completely shameful of Torrico to do. And then to let it go so far. His selfish indiscretions really did ruin a lot of lives.

2:49 am, really? Really. Let's put our shoes on, okay?

He didn't 'marry up'. They're stuck in a rut, and neither want to admit it, so everyone has to suffer.

Actually, for any of us out there that wanted to see Torrico sucker punched because of all of his bullshit over the years, this is it - he's got to spend the rest of his life with that crazy woman. That's practically hell on earth. So he's toast.

Except for the moments he can escape for a few days of freedom. We'll always be your buddies. San Diego will always be here for you, Bro! #NeighborhoodMarketAssociation

Since the good lord knows Trisha has no friends, ganna presume all these comments are coming from the mistress herself. Keep telling your bad self Torrico trapped you into it when lord knows he didn't treat any other female aid the way he treated you cuz you had something on his ass and wouldn't let the poor bastard forget. Trust. This whole poor wo is me young hardworking female stick is so damn funny. #mistresseshavenofriends

Oh yes, back here again, with Torrico (or one of his goons) typing away with one pathetic excuse after another. Oh really? Did this 50 year old, balding, washed up fraud who's been 15 years unhappy in his marriage, did he find himself trapped with a younger woman? Please? He's the only one we have yet to hear from, and it's because he can't offer any information as to why he manipulated the young woman who looked up to him, he can't answer as to why he betrayed his wife, he can't quite admit why he's cheated his family and children, he can't answer how it is he looks himself in the mirror every morning before he scurries off to church to worship a lifestyle that he tries to break out of every day. He got caught in a high profile cheating scandal with a younger woman that lasted nearly half the length of his marriage. In order to avoid having to explain to his wife how it is that he fell in love with another woman, he chose just to vilify the young girl, and cast himself in the role of a victim. He broke every line of trust that he had out there, trust to his wife, trust to his kids, trust to his staff, trust to those he represented, trust to his colleagues and fellow church goers. This terrible issue of moral betrayal starts and ends with Mr. Alberto Torrico.

Steve, I want to work with you on this one. I plan to call up Mr. John Latimer, he's the named partner at Capitol Advocacy in Sacramento, one of the Sacramento's most notable lobbying firms. Would like to get to the bottom of a few of these accusations. Did they have advance notice of the affair between the staffer and Mr. Torrico. After their affair was exposed, did Mr. Torrico hire his wife in an attempt to terrorize and humiliate the young staffer; did they realize that this young staffer was likely pregnant with Torrico's child; did they participate, if at all, in the terrorizing of the young staffer; did the personal feud between Torrico's wife and this young staffer at all impact Latimer's and Capital Advocacy's position with Wieckowski as related to the #SD10 race.

Alberto Torrico was our former Majority Leader, he should face a grand jury investigation to determine how many of our tax payer dollars and campaign contributions he spent to cheat on his wife with his subordinate.

Regardless of what any of these comments say the public is not that stupid. Torrico is a disgusting human being. Why is he still employed at a lobbying firm? Why is his wife crazy? If she had any sense she would leave him. Tahmasbi no longer works for the Assembly so that's taken care of. Let's take out the rest of the trash & focus on serving the ppl of this state instead of creating these type of disgusting soap operas

I thought Bob hired a new Chief of Staff? Trisha Tahmasbi posted Bob's SF Chronicle endorsement on her Facebook page yesterday. And she still lists herself as his Chief of Staff. Something smells fishy here. She needs to go away. Far, far away!!

Why are you stalking her facebook site 10:04 am?
What does Torrico's FB site list him as? What does Torrico's Twitter say about him?
Do either of them say "Womanizer", "Disgraced dad, husband, and politician", how about "I hate my loud my loud mouth vile wife" or "I like to sleep with my staff"? If not, let's see if we can get Tavares to issue a group letter from his loyal followers, demanding that Torrico and Tahmasbi update their social media pages.

Choices choices...

A convicted thief with a story that stretches credulity.

A lawyer turned career politician who supports this or that politician not because they are good candidates but because he expect them to be his cronies and help him fund raise.

Two nice, and clueless, guys who probably make great neighbors and citizens but know little else other than the one issue they are passionate about. (SCA5 for Kuo and Stem cell research for Reed).

And a wanna-be career politician who has been Green, Republican, Democrat, and just about everywhere over the map.

I think I will vote for the Lawyer/career politician, the last thing we need is another scumbag lawyer here in Fremont.

I thought we were due to see some photos from the Neighborhood Market Associations junket down to San Diego? The connection, Steve, is that's one of the trips Torrico took down. Let's wait and see them before we all judge...

Still waiting to see the photos from Neighborhood Market Association Junket featuring our own Alberto Torrico. Those trips spare no expense to help our friends live it up. Please post photos.

And tell us more about why #AnuWasRightAboutRajSalwan

Steve, I also want to work with you on this one. Let's place a call to Mr. John Latimer, he's the named partner at Capitol Advocacy in Sacramento, one of Sacramento's most notable lobbying firms. Would like to get to the bottom of a few of these accusations. Did they have advance notice of the affair between the staffer and Mr. Torrico. After their affair was exposed, did Mr. Torrico hire his wife in an attempt to terrorize and humiliate the young staffer; did they realize that this young staffer was likely pregnant with Torrico's child; did they participate, if at all, in the terrorizing of the young staffer; did the personal feud between Torrico's wife and this young staffer at all impact Latimer's and Capital Advocacy's position with Wieckowski as related to the #SD10 race.

Why shouldn't this controversy affect Bob's relationship with regard to his Senate race?

The only two ppl that should be further examined are Alberto Torrico & his lack of morals & his indiscretions. Also, a further look at his wife who decided it was normal to focus her wrath on his mistress instead of her cheating & vile husband.

The SF Chronicle Endorses Bob Wieckowski and said:

"Honestly, It's Not a Close Call"

He is the ONLY competent one!

Tavaris, your an idiot and it appears others are seeing it too. With luck you will be out of work soon. Your on your knees so much for the UDC and the Central Committee on must ask are you truthful anymore? The answer? NOPE. Never were.

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