Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Down Ballot: May 20, 2014, 14 days to Election Day

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 10 Republican Peter Kuo is making many a Democrat in District 10 worried (and also excited). There is palpable buzz that he could possibly eek into the top two next June and at the expense, most likely, of Mary Hayashi. Kuo’s campaign says a poll it commissioned shows him in second place trailing Bob Wieckowski by five points. The poll of 400 likely voters by Dane and Associates shows Wieckowski leading with 27.8 percent, followed by Kuo at 22.6 percent. Hayashi comes in at 17 percent, while the polls found 20 percent of respondents are still undecided. Numbers for candidates Roman Reed and Audie Bock were not included, nor was a margin of error...Scott Lay at The Nooner believes the likelihood of Wieckowski and Hayashi facing off in the fall is "50-50."

CONGRESS DISTRICT 17 UC Berkeley lecturer Harry Snyder negatively equates Ro Khanna’s considerable backing from tech leaders to other colossal American industries in an opinion piece for the Sacramento Bee. “Supporters of Khanna have likened investing in his campaign to financing a startup – taking a risk on something new and untested in hopes of big dividends – but there’s nothing new about this. Just like Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Auto and Big Health Care – Big Tech is investing in its own go-to guy. When a private interest, even tech, is bankrolling a public servant, it’s not 'occupying' democracy; it’s stepping on it.”…Time magazine columnist Joe Klein covered California’s jungle primary. He asked Khanna about nagging allegation his campaign made a coordinated effort to enlist Republican Joel Vanlandingham in order to siphon votes away from fellow Republican Vanila Singh. “I would have to be pretty stupid to get involved in that sort of thing,” Khanna told Klein. “I mean, Vanlandingham was really tough on me in the League of Women Voters debate.”…Singh said on Twitter Monday she and volunteers knocked on 1,500 doors last weekend...At a GOTV rally in Newark last Saturday, Rep. Mike Honda teared up when acknowledging the hard work of his supporters.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 15 Ellen Corbett reeled in a potential legislative talking point on Monday for her challenge to Rep. Eric Swalwell. The State Senate passed a bipartisan bill cutting off the state from any “material support” or resources to any federal agency, including the National Security Agency, which engages in the illegal collection of cell phone metadata. The bill passed, 29-1, and was sponsored by State Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) and Joel Anderson (R-San Diego). In several candidate’s forums this primary season, Corbett has referenced Swalwell’s 2013 vote allowing government monitoring of web histories without a warrant…Swalwell’s propensity for corny YouTube videos is well-known. He now has one featuring supporters reading a David Letterman-style Top 10 of reasons to re-elect Swalwell. One reason: he likes puppies.

OTHER Political Data, Inc. released statistics Monday comparing the voter I.D. of absentee ballots already returned to California county registrars to the 2012 June primary. The numbers show Democratic and Republican absentee voters slightly lagging behind at this point two years ago. However, No Party Preference voters are running slightly above 2012. In addition, most estimates predict an even smaller turnout than the primary two years ago.


Steve, heard Corbett had a good attack mailer recently. Any copies?

Overall I would love to see more mailers posted on this website. Always curious to see the ones I do not get.

Looks like Mary may be headed for a duplication of her run for supervisor in 2012, unable to get even 25% of the vote.

Richard Valle 36.10%
Mark Green 30.68%
Hayashi 24.17%
Turnquist 8.60%

Pure fantasy, Kuo is not going to come close. The dems arent worried about him

No, Kuo is not going to win in November, however he has a good chance of beating out Mary for #2 in the primary.

After all, given that 26 percent of the district is registered Republican, who do you think they'll vote for in the primary?

I get the feeling, with the release of all the videos, and with that story getting to those unfamiliar with Mary, that she is going backwards compared to even two weeks ago.

"Releasing Marga Lacabe portrait and 2010 candidates list" Marga Lacabe lied on ballot statement after ballot statement about being a human rights lawyer to the voters. The husband of hers Mike Katz-Lacabe who's currently running for office in San Leandro handed out those campaign flyers saying that she is a lawyer. Mike Katz-Lacabe knowingly handed out her lies and that makes him just as much a dishonest liar like his wife, they lied to the whole Alameda county voters.

See her portrait


See for yourself on page 32 from 2010 candidates list, Marga Lacabe identified herself as a human rights lawyer, we were told she was a full time nanny and 24/7 internet bully.


Read the article and comments of how double standard Marga debates to her lie:


Late today a article in the San Francisco Chronicle (not SFGate)


The sign that these videos are doing real damage to Hayashi is seen in Hayashi's campaign manager, Josh Pulliam's attempts to characterize the shoplifting videos as a "privacy" issue.

Look at the wonderful quote of Pulliam
"As someone who seems to be big on consumer rights, Bob Wieckowski should be investigating the concerns about privacy that arise out of the video. Instead, he is clearly getting his jollies with this video peeping on Mary Hayashi."

The only thing you can say about that quote is "desperation" and a attempt to avoid the issue of what the video shows.
The video proves Mary was not distracted and clearly saw the goods she was shoplifting, even as she stood at register where she use the cover of buying some cheap items, while the $2,450 of booty was at her side in the bag she brought from home.
She even looks right at the goods from inches away during this process.

Josh Pulliam is befuddled, hardly knowing what to say in response.
Like the husband caught in bed with another woman who tells his wife "Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"

Marga Lacabe is upset she can't fit into the leather pants inside the bag...Mmmh...how many cows...custom order...elastic around the waist...no zipper


Hayashi better start spending her money attacking Kuo since she has little success attacking Wieckowski. It looks like it might be a race for second if the poll asked non leading questions.

What does Marga Lacabe have to do with this article? Stay on topic please.

Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz-Lacabe have a double standard. They write bad about peoples past but they don't want people to know their bad past.

I've seen this on other sites. Some knucklehead gets fixated on a certain person and then they act like a cyber-stalker, interrupting every topic with the same repetitive message regarding some wrong done to them years ago by that individual.
I'm not for censorship, but at some point the "administrator" of a site might think about giving the knucklehead a vacation.
By now, we've all seen, read, and evaluated the "charges"..
Enough of the repetitious blather.

Voters in Alameda County have the right to know.

Marga Lacabe lied on ballot statement about being a human rights lawyer to the voters and husband Mike Katz-Lacabe produced campaign flyers pushing this lie.

See for yourself on page 32 from 2010 candidates list.


Some of these posts are not even on topic!

Tavares, Marga wants an article with a topic on her and hubby Mike Katz-Lacabe lying about her being a human rights lawyer to Alameda County voters.

@ 9:51

I am sure Mary has tried to find dirt on Kuo. But she just can't find any.

Kuo is not running negative campaign like Wieckowski. Bob lost many votes and respect, Bob is not focusing of solutions of our current issues like a senator should. Instead, he mixed with internet bullies like Marga Lacabe and her husband Mike Katz-Lacabe.

Bob will win but maybe Kuo can beat Hayashi despite all her money for 2nd.

I agree with 2:22 May 25th. BoB W. has lost votes and respect. I want to know how he would represent us if elected. I do not think he has represented us well as an assemblyman.

Bob has represented his progressive district very well and is a shoo-in to be elected as Senator.

Anon-416, If Bob has such a good record or confidence why need to use surveillance video, mailers, and youtube to attack his opponents. Valle didn't have to do that.

He's trying to bury Mary, so he will be facing Kuo in the general, which Bob will win easily without having to spend much money.

BoB W. should thank wannabe lawyer Margarita Lacabe for providing Mary's video which was added to his campaign mailers, youtube videos, etc. That's how Bob lost all respect. Now, even if he wins we'll all know Bob as a narrow-minded, dirty, desperate senator with no shred of respect to show for.

Most of us in the district love Bob and hate Mary.

Mike Katz-Lacabe knew that his wife was not a human rights lawyer but he still campaigned for her because he knew this lie would get his wife elected to the Democratic Central Committee. He lied to all voters in Alameda County and can never be trusted to hold office EVER! Simply offering up information that, quite frankly, our voters need to know in order to be informed!

Nobody cares about Katz-Lacabe because this article is NOT about them.

Marga and Mike Katz-Lacabe lied to Alameda County voters. These hypocrites talks bad at others but they don't want people to know their lies and stinky past.

Stay on topic of article will you please, or leave the blog.

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