Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No Mention of Mayor Cassidy Quitting; Squabble Over Naming Vice Mayor

First term Councilmember Benny Lee
is San Leandro's next vice mayor.
SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | The level of quiet acrimony at the San Leandro City Council is beginning to bubble over. A day after Mayor Stephen Cassidy announced on Facebook he will not run for re-election, some of his council colleagues had not spoken to the mayor before or after the surprise news. The unusually long City Council meeting, which adjourned after midnight, featured no mention by Cassidy of his decision late Sunday night to serve only through the end of the year. Councilmembers Ursula Reed, Michael Gregory and Benny Lee said Cassidy had not broached the subject with them.

Later in Monday night’s meeting, the council voted to name Lee its next vice mayor. The tally, however, was not unanimous, an unusual occurrence for the largely ceremonial position. The 4-3 vote was opposed by Councilmembers Pauline Cutter, Jim Prola and Cassidy and further revealing growing dissension on the council.

The selection also highlighted past confrontations between Cassidy and a few council members, along with some in the city’s Chinese American community still fuming over the mayor’s decision to rescind a vote last fall to allow the Chinese national flag to fly at City Hall in celebration of the country’s national day. The motion, by Councilmember Diana Souza, who is running for mayor this November, may also be political. Souza had previously criticized the council’s method of selecting a vice mayor, while noting she had never served in the role during her seven years as council member. City staff said changing the method for choosing a vice mayor each May would require a costly referendum to change the City Charter. The title of vice mayor can sometimes be a valuable honorific for a candidate running for higher office. However, Souza changed course.

“I’ve been disappointed over the past three years that there has been no support or recognition for anyone to make a motion and support a vice mayor that recognizes and embraces the diversity of this council.” said Souza, who then nominated Lee since he’s not running for office this year and has not served previously. Lee, who is Chinese American, was elected to the District 4 seat in 2012. Repeating Cassidy’s words on an earlier, unrelated agenda item, Souza added, “Think this through carefully.”

After a long 10 second pause, Cassidy said, “I think it is inappropriate to push items for political interests when you touch upon such sensitive matters as respect for other races or other cultures and diversity.” He added other persons of color had served as vice mayor, including Reed, who is black. He labeled Souza’s reasoning a “false argument.”

“Everyone has the opportunity of vice mayor, but no one is guaranteed it,” said Cassidy. Other factors such as experience, temperament and ability to communicate with the public should be included, he went on, “and also a positive relationship with the mayor.” When the final vote was announced, possibly the most telling example of the rift beginning to be made public between Cassidy and the council followed. There was no applause, no congratulatory speeches for the new vice mayor that typically follows. They all just moved on to the next agenda item.


Cassidy is a sexist, racist jerk and this proves it. Cassidy your not GOD. He is going to play rough with the city council till December and get off on it. Cassidy makes me sick. Can't wait till he's gone!!

Going to miss good, conservative values, Mayor Steve!

San Leandro Mayor Cassidy is one of the most insufferable elected officials in the East Bay, Tavares tweeted, INSUFFERABLE INDEED!
Must watch last night's SL council video from 10D thru 14. Cassidy fully displayed bullying, belittling, dictating. He won't even let the council to thank VM Prola.

Cassidy can play as rough as he want, no one cares, one term mayor, not relevant.
All council meetings are recorded, his choice to embarrass himself.

It's not fun anymore, Cassidy please continue with your re-elect campaign... we have a great plan ensure... you lose!

Wow, he's a bully just watched video from sanleandro.org

I am still trying to figure out what his crowning achievement as Mayor was/is? The whole Kaiser thing originated way long ago..................The Fiber Loop was made possible in large part due to the Owner of OSI Soft making a donation of fiber and the city letting him use existing conduit..... The Cherry Festival and budget surplus was created by Measure Z. A measure which his campaign manager Tim Holmes wrote the argument against...Has he done anything for the Washington Manor Area or maybe we should be annexed into San Lorenzo? It has all been heavily based in developing downtown and the marina area, but 4 years later we have a village marketplace with wait for it.....CVS... and the Marina is still a pipe dream Years away......

He not much of a collaborator and consistently divides the council unless they completely agree with him.


yeah, Cassidy please use your mayor solely god power to rescind new vice mayor, we know you want baby girl Cutter.

Just finished watching last night's city council meeting. Cassidy did a good job proving he's an idiot. The way he talked to Councilmember Reed and not allowing the council to thank the former Vice-Mayor was disgusting. His fat ugly face was red. Cassidy should watch himself on tv to see what a fool he looks like. He's like a big spoiled kid. He was the same way on the school board. Only one there he could get along with was his puppet Mike Katz.
It was obvious Prola and Cutter were going to vote Cassidy's way. They are also his puppets. Will never vote for them to be mayor.
Congratulations Vice Mayor Benny Lee. Great job and thank you Councilmember Diana Souza. You make this women voter proud of you for standing up to Cassidy. He needs to be put in his place. You did it with class and again I thank you!
Be careful Councilmembers Souza, Reed, Lee and Gregory. Watch Cassidy and watch your backs. He likes to play dirty.

I watched the video, ditto, old fox Prola was going to vote Cassidy's way. Diana Souza is smarter on this one!

Mike Gregory is pretty cool after all!

Thanks Tavares. Watched the recording, Cassidy is an awful bully.

Great job Councilmember Diana Souza standing up to the self-righteous, condescending fool Cassidy. You did it with class and I so enjoyed watching him fume, red face and all.
He has always been self-serving! Thank you for finding the courage to stand up to San Leandro's biggest idiot and bully.

Must watched 5-5-2014 city council audio, evidence of Cassidy's bad behavior from 10D thru the end. That's not the worst, Cassidy can be thousand times bigger bully behind doors, wish candid camera was on. Not a bad idea to borrow police body camera...Cassidy... we are watching you!

Did you see councilwoman Reed's face expression when Cassidy not allowed the council to thank former vice mayor Prola's time served? Thank you to technology! no more heresays, see it for yourself.

Congratulation Vice Mayor Lee!
Thanks you on your time served to former Vice Mayor Prola!
Our brave Councilwoman Souza stands up to the dictator Cassidy, slap his pink fat face more often for us San Leandrans!

Cassidy was the same while on the school board. The public attendance at school board meetings was low so not many people were aware of the fool.
Cassidy constantly belittled and bullied people. He told lies about good and hard working people, just to try and make himself look good. The sad thing is some people were buying his garbage. I am so glad the truth has finally come out.
Cassidy is beginning to self destruct. I was always taught if you have to take good people down to make yourself look good, you have a problem. Cassidy has proved he's the ass I always knew he was. The cameras don't lie!!

just finished watching recorded council recording video...man... Cassidy is caught... on camera... speechless...please don't ask me who is our SL mayor...don't make me answer...need to hide in the bathroom after everyone is gone... SO EMBARRASSING!

Cassidy didn't present as a mayor instead acted like a big pink turkey.
Go watch the recorded council meeting video from sanleandro.org site and judge for yourself. Click on item 10D 'til the end. Before 10D were police cameras, good info too.

It is a thin between Bully and Chicken Shit, which one is Cassidy?

Need good, old-fashioned, conservative values!

Old fashioned, KKK Sir, sitting behind the bus and drinking at same water fountain with your permission, conservative values!! Good old fashioned conservative values taught Jimmy Kimmel to teach children to kill everyone in China, because we can't pay our debts to China.

Slap that condescending pink fat face, not once, at least multiple times until he stop talking, bullying, and belittling.

Cassidy is a well known bully in San Leandro; he dictates that you must "do what I tell to do but do not do what I do". Cassidy has proven he is the biggest divisive mayor in history. In 2012 he endorsed Hermy Almonte against incumbent Jim Prola; he endorsed Morgan Mack Rose against incumbent Ursula Reed. Year 2014 Once again, according to San Leandro Times, Cassidy openly endorse cutter against Souza.

Watched council audio once again, Cutter knew this game plan with this scum mayor. Cutter asked "if motion for Lee as Vice mayor pass or fail, can we make another motion" and Cassidy said yes. THANK YOU MICHEAL GREGORY FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!

The problem with the council is not just Cassidy. Diana Souza is just as bad. She constantly sows contention. She lies without a second thought of conscience. She does not do her homework before making decisions and comes out with the most ignorant messaging. She is nothing but a thug. If she gets elected as mayor, San Leandro is in for a very rough future. San Leandro needs someone who is wise and balanced. Souza is obviously mentally imbalanced and unethical. Choose someone else for mayor and say goodbye to Souza AND Cassidy. Then watch the council improve.

Hey Marga the wannabe lawyer, going to attack Diana Souza now? Diana Souza has the courage to stand up to Cassidy and it about time somebody did.. She knows Benny Lee will be a great Vice Mayor.
Souza has always been willing to listen and help get problems solved. She has never been a dictator. Anyone that attends city council meetings or watches them on tv can see this. Standing up to your friend, the ass Cassidy was long over due and Souza did it with class. Diana Souza should be MAYOR! Wannabe lawyer go play with your friends losers Almonte and Mack-Rose. FYI also not voting CUTTER, PROLA, for you or your husband. Time TO BREAK THE CASSIDY CURSE and say NO to all puppets.

We know how Marga and her wannabe council husband Mike Katz trashed Heron Bay residents, and said many times in the public and coucil meetings that Heron Bay neighbors are not their friends when Heron Bay stand up for their rights (Heron bay still remember these hateful couples loud/clear). On top, many San Leadrans know these two are crazy fact-twisted piece of shits. Easy math, how many votes ain't getting. Cutter, Lacabe don't bother, if you must, "run" on the trial, see windmill not even there.

After Dan Dillman fought with the sheriffs and called them the "N"-word, he was charged, but did he serve jail time yet?

Souza is just as bad as Cassidy when it comes to being a bully. The difference is she is not as smart as Cassidy. In fact, some in San Leandro think she is the least intelligent of all the council members. I don't know if that's true, but I have been to council meetings and she is the least prepared and obviously hasn't read her council material. I'd vote for anybody else before I'd vote for her. I may not agree with Cassidy's tactics but he pointed San Leandro in the right direction and got a lot of positive things done. Business and jobs are now coming to San Leandro.

Agree with the above comment________anybody but Souza.

Not voting for Cassidy puppets. The TV don't lie.
Give up Marga we know it's you here. You don't like newly elected VICE-MAYOR Benny Lee, you don't like Reed and now your going after Diana Souza. You supported Cassidy, Almonte and Mack- Rose and now it's time to end the Cassidy curse.You'd have to blind not to see it.
Go clean your house Marga, it needs it.

Cutter is the dumbest in the council. Souza is brighter than her. Clown Lacabe, Dillman will be campaigning their jokes, sideshow entertainments, stand up comedy away from theatre.

Poor wannabe lawyer Marga, she doesn't like newly elected Vice-Mayor BENNY LEE. She doesn't like Council member REED or Council member DIANA SOUZA and we all know she doesn't like GOD. She does like Cassidy.
While watching the 5-5-2014 city council video I noticed her wannabe on the city council husband spoke out against the police wanting to place cameras on some streets. With him being a member of the school board, has he ever stopped to think that those cameras could help protect the students he's suppose to be caring about, on their way to and from school? Not the sharpest tools in the shed are they? God help us!

No more Cassidy and his puppets, don't want ass clown Lacabes.

Cutter and Souza are two airheads, with bad hairdos. Someone scrub them with soap and water and make them presentable.

Not as bad hairdos as Cassidy, mirror of Larry and Mo, he needs a lot of concealer patch over pink fat face.

Talking about hairdo Marga is pimping her husband Mike Katz's pony tail for two cents. These couples are so so hungry for attentions.

903 Hey, it's you, Marga, you think your husband's pig tail is presentable.

I've been to San Leandro council meetings and could never vote for Souza. She's done nothing in her two terms but say stupid things because she comes to the meetings unprepared and acts like a Tea Party nut.

Councilman Gregory and councilwoman Souza have turned the table around. I've been watching council meetings at home either live or whenever free time. Councilman Lee is pretty smart, questions he asked, comments he made were solid, unlike some talking but not anything. Positive changes always good.

12:48 Marga, you're here again, you know we can use our own judgement these days when we access and watch the recorded council meetings from home. No more hearsay.

Cutter is the dumbest of them all, watch for yourself.

Souza just kicked Cassidy's ass, best news! Thanks to Gregory's honorable decision for not letting Cassidy getting away being a jerk! Watch the video for yourself, Cassidy's bad behavior disclosed on tape! Cutter is together with Cassidy, Cutter thinks bullying is okay!

Watch the council meetings live at home and the only two that try and bully people are Cassidy and Souza. Can't vote for Souza with her low I.Q. and lack of accomplishments. Will vote for Cutter who is more accomplished and has stood up to Cassidy when she thinks he is wrong. She has never tried to bully people and also voted against Cassidy many times on the School Board. Benny Lee always votes with Souza, talks a lot, says nothing meaningful, and gets nothing done.

Loved it, Souza bullied Cassidy and won! Benny Lee and Diana Souza do not take shits from someone like Cassidy. Cutter has to proof it in council meetings that she's not a puppet, tell us when she will stand up to Cassidy, will watch.

Souza has done nothing for San Leandro in the eight years she's been on the Council. Two terms and nothing accomplished. What a waste!

11:36 AM Hi Marga, your husband Mike Katz has done nothing for San Leandro schools in the past eight years since he's been on the school board. Two terms and nothing accomplished. What a Waste! Cassidy puppet!

Cutter, when you are ready to challenge bully Cassidy in council meetings, you must quote the code "THINK THIS THROUGH CAREFULLY". Souza was great, watched again and again, Cassidy's face from pink to red.

Hey Marga Lacabe, the reality is Mike Katz will lose these votes from people oppose Marijuana dispensary, folks pro police cameras, residents in Heron Bay that you and Mike called them your enemies, most of all, people will not vote for Mike because you're his big mouth wife. These are the truth.

May 11, 12:25am. At what school board meetings did Cutter EVER ONCE VOTE AGAINST Cassidy? As a parent I have attended many school board meetings and I still do.Cutter ALWAYS sided with Steve Cassidy. She very seldom if ever voted against him. I have copies of minutes from several board meetings to prove it!
If she wasn't his gal pal, why did he talk her into running and endorse her? Cutter has been a Cassidy puppet for years and it shows. Cutter WAS NOT going to run for mayor till Cassidy decided not to. Cassidy talked her into running. Just like he did Almonte and Mack-Rose, also his puppets. Cassidy has always been a people user. If people are dumb enough to buy his crap, then they deserve to loose. BETTER CHECK ALL YOUR FACTS! Voting records are always kept and are public information.
TIME TO END THE CASSIDY CURSE! VOTE NO TO ALL CASSIDY ENDORSEMENT. Nice try Marga, it's still a sin to tell a lie.

Hey Marga, Going to start telling more lies about BENNY LEE AND DIANE SOUZA?
You told lies to voters and said you were a lawyer to get elected to the Central Democratic Committee. They should kick your a-- OFF.
You told lies about Reed to try to get Mack-Rose elected and the voters didn't buy it.
You boldly criticize others, when your no saint.
Still going to sue the school district? Does your husband need campaign funds? Lots a people wise to you.


I just watched the 5/5/2014 council meeting from the city site, the amazing majority vote from the council for the new vice mayor lee represents the melting pot.

It would be nice to see a good Latino leader bring our community together, but HELL NO TO THE WANNABE LATINO MIKE KATZ! Stop pretending to help people of color just to further your pitch, we're not your pawns.

I watched the 5/5/2014 council meeting and totally agree Cutter clearly demonstrated she's Cassidy's puppet. Her remarks made her look dumb and shows she lacks leadership.
Since being on the city council, Cutter has voted 3 times for a Vice-Mayor before the 5/5/2014 meeting and she suddenly feels she has to ask questions about how the process is done.
Her not voting for Benny Lee makes it obvious she is willing to play Cassidy's game and is willing to be his stooge.
Cassidy has already demonstrated he's willing to use his own money to get his stooges elected. We all know what they call women that take money from men for favors. Cassidy time to stop pimping your candidates.

Wow, eight posts in a row from the same person who has about 80% of the posts on this string. You are not even accurate. Cutter was not on the same side as Cassidy and Katz on almost all of the split votes. She did stand up to his tactics many times as I attended most school board meetings.

We get you like Lee, but many of us in San Leandro think he is too inexperienced to be in that position. You are either a good friend or related to him.

As far as Souza is concerned, she is simply not competent to run our city and most of us in San Leandro know that except you. I voted for her as Council, but after watching her for eight years, would never vote for her again.

Cassidy never been a council before mayor, what make him smarter and quicker learner. Hypocites!
The councils were elected by the people, for the people, they're all equally deserved a chance to represent the people, the city. Like it not, democracy righteousness! why not rescind new vm, Cassidy is good at it!

Cassidy was never a council member before mayoral role. Did he put on his campaigning resume that he is just an inexperienced school board bully? Did San Leandran have problem with inexperienced mayor that never served on council?

Watch 5-5-2014 council meeting for yourself, Prola knew all these, he sided with Cassidy hoping six months mayor title for free. Salute to Gregory!

Prola has told people he is not running for Mayor because he wants to spend more time with his grandkids. I respect that.

Cassidy: Jimmy, just follow my lead, guaranteed you six month mayor, and Pauline since you can't think for yourself let me handle it. (Ooops, Pauline thought to herself, wait, I forgot how the process of motion goes, please repeat, sorry can't expect much from an airhead)

I'm not sure some of the posters above understand the San Leandro system of Mayor and Vice Mayor. If the Mayor resigns or leaves office for any reason, the Vice Mayor doesn't automatically become Mayor. The six remaining Council people will vote on his replacement. It could be any one of them if they get four votes.

I doubt if Cutter, Reed or Souza could get four votes since they are running for office. I doubt if Lee or Prola would want to be Mayor for a few months because they would have to give up their council seat which they will be in till 2017. That leaves Gregory who only has a few months left and probably could get four votes by default.

Hypothetically, even if Prola's city council term shortens, Prola would still be able to retire as a councilman, vice mayor, and [possibly] mayor once Cassidy withdraws from his seat early. Aside being able to spend time with his grandkids sooner, he'd go out with a bang.

So many people here who are jealous of Cassidy. LOSERS!

Anon--6:28pm go kiss his pink face, lick his forehead, he's all yours.

I'm not sure some of the posters above understand the San Leandro system of Mayor and Vice Mayor. If the Mayor resigns or leaves office for any reason, the Vice Mayor doesn't automatically become Mayor. The six remaining Council people will vote on his replacement. It could be any one of them if they get four votes.

I doubt if Cutter, Reed or Souza could get four votes since they are running for office. I doubt if Lee or Prola would want to be Mayor for a few months because they would have to give up their council seat which they will be in till 2017. That leaves Gregory who only has a few months left and probably could get four votes by default.

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