Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rep. Barbara Lee Charges $500 Monthly Car Lease to Her Congressional Budget

CONGRESS | 13TH DISTRICT | Sixty-three members of the U.S. House of Representatives use a portion of their congressional office budget to lease personal cars and Oakland Rep. Barbara Lee is one of them.

The expenditure is not illegal, but at a time of financial belt-tightening led by Republicans in the House, the issue rose to prominence last week when Rep. Richard Nugent (R-Fla.) advocated for prohibiting the act of leasing automobiles on taxpayers’ dime. Nugent's amendment narrowly failed.

According to House rules, members can charge their vehicle leases to the office's up to $1,000 a month provided they are low greenhouse gas-emitting cars..

House members had an average monthly car payment of $610.23, according to a report in the Atlanta Constitution-Journal. Lee’s bill, however, was below average at $507.07, according to her office’s statement of disbursement, or $6,084 annually.

Other Bay Area members of Congress using their budget for car payments include, Rep. George Miller, who averages $516.52 per month and the South Bay’s Rep. Anna Eshoo at $392.30.

Meanwhile, the highest monthly car payment belongs to Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) at $1,318.97.


  1. So? It's not illegal, so where is the story?

  2. Uh oh!

    Barb popped a boner!!

  3. About 25 years ago, Pete Stark used to lease a Mercedes with money from his campaign finance funds.
    In fact at that time he spent $5,000 a year on the lease which just happened to be the same amount the UAW was giving him each year as a contribution.
    Not only that but he leased it and serviced it at a non-union auto dealership back in the time there were many union shops.

    At a town hall meeting in Livermore I mentioned these facts and wondered why he couldn't at least use the UAW's contribution to lease a American made automobile.
    Needless to say, that induced one of Pete's famous responses wherein he felt so secure in his office that he tried to skewer the citizen who even dared to ask the almighty Pete. Prince Pete.

    All in all the audience did not find his attitude appropriate.
    As we saw, his past finally caught up with him when he faced his first real contest.

    Oh yes, I've yet to see the tens of thousands of dollars Pete said he was going to spend to defeat Swalwell.
    In fact I know of NO contributions he has made to Corbett.

  4. First comment: how many reps are in the House?

  5. Do this mean Rocky Fernandez is going to try to run for congress?

  6. 435 house members, 100 members of senate

  7. Is this the worst you can find out about Lee? I hear that she also may not be a vegetarian or a true Raiders' fan.

  8. Mmmm....ok....

  9. as long as Rocky Fernandez doesn't run for congress, we should all be ok

  10. She's an ass. Then she wants to raise the minimum wage. Loser and idiot. Not to mention a Welfare Queen.

  11. You are the ass. The minimum raise should be raised. Over 70% of the people earning minimum wage are 21 or older with over 55% women. They are just trying to survive and some are single parents. Every poll taken says the American public supports the raising of the minimum wage across all political parties. These people put their money right back into the local economy which helps small business. Barbara Lee speaks for me and the huge majority of Americans!

  12. The minimum wage should be at least 15 dollars plus medical in California. Even that would be hard to live on or raise a child.

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