Monday, May 5, 2014

San Leandro Mayor Will Not Seek Re-Election After One Term

Stephen Cassidy
SAN LEANDRO | MAYOR | San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy announced late Sunday night he will not seek re-election later this year after serving just a single term in office.

"I have concluded it is in the best interests of our city and my family that I focus on serving as Mayor for the remainder of my term, which expires at the end of the year," Cassidy said on his Website and Facebook page.

"When I originally ran for office, I did not have the responsibility of governing. I have come to the realization that adding campaigning to my list of duties would mean the compromise of too many important existing responsibilities. I wish this was the not case. But I see no way I can meet my obligations as Mayor at a high level, as well as my work duties and be present for my young daughters, while also running a vigorous campaign for re-election."

In 2010, Cassidy registered one of the biggest mayoral upsets in San Leandro history after edging out former Mayor Tony Santos in the city's first-ever ranked choice voting election. Cassidy previously served one term on the San Leandro school board before not seeking re-election in 2008. At the time, he cited a desire to spend more time with his family.

The announcement, though, comes as a major surprise. Less than two months ago, Cassidy issued a statement that appeared to lay the groundwork for a second term. Under his leadership many in San Leandro view a city on the upswing focusing on tech manufacturing and its popular Lit San Leandro fiber optics loop. In addition, a dearth of strong candidates thus far made his re-election increasingly likely. Cassidy said he will serve through the end of his term on Dec. 31.

Potential candidates for the November election include termed out Councilmembers Diana Souza, Michael Gregory; Councilmember Jim Prola and Bal Theatre owner Dan Dillman, who ran for City Council in 2012.


Now without him San Leandro is screwed bigtime!

8:44 am are you serious? Thank GOD he's not running again. Always takes credit for things he had nothing to do with. Treats people like crap when he thinks no one is watching or listening. Thinks all women should be barefoot and pregnant and still looks like Larry Fine.
How many city council meetings has he missed and still getting paid? San Leandro deserves and needs better. I am singing the Happy song right now cause "I'm Happy!!

Thanks Tavares, it's the best news ever and I am singing Pharrell Williams HAPPY SONG too!

By MW:

Most likely what he really meant was that he: one, expected he would lose if he ran for re-election; and/or two, thought it very likely some extremely embarrassing information would come out if he stayed much longer in the public spotlight.

Great News!! Cassidy is a bully and a very mean person behind doors. Not surprise his work partners want him out from the firm, Cassidy gets no support from neither public safety, fire department, unions, city staffs and councils nor majority of communities. Cassidy is a LOSER after all! COME AROUND GOES AROUND!!

Celebration time, block parties :)

MW, you have a point.

Hear Dan Dillman wants the 2014 mayor seat, Alameda district attorney Nancy O'malley's office needs to investigate Dillman's voter residence when he ran for district 2 council in 2012 for perjury by declaration, false declaration of candidacy and voter fraud. Did Dan Dillman live in district 2 at that time?

Great news, but our area is well known for having a lack of talent in the pipeline. So who's next?
When you lack credible people to go next from your pipeline, you get no talent ass clowns like Rocky Fernandez running for office. Let's figure out a way to get some real public servants to step forward.

Real public servants need to eat and pay their mortgages too. San Leandro wants full time good public servants but only paying below minimum wages, McDonald or Walmart?

With respect to our experienced seniors, current and former retired public servants, SL is somewhat restricted only retirees can afford to be mayor. We know joker Dan Dillman has the time, but HELL NO.

Need good conservative values.

On behalf of San Leandro, Steve, we'll miss you and wish you well. I feel that I need to step up and speak on behalf of our community. I'm speaking for all of us.

3:53 you only have one vote, I and my family didn't give you the power of attorney to speak for us. Good news, one term mayor. I like to speak for myself!!

Some people have spent years with the dream in their eyes, like Rocky Fernandez, our local no talent ass clown. But that doesn't stop them from running. They just take local jobs under false pretenses, then start building a frivolous case that they are viable and valuable. The last thing we need around here is another poser like Rocky. Let's look for hard working men and women that have real experience and will run for the right reasons.

401 Tell that to the Katz-Lacabe ass clowns.

So happy, singing happy song and tapping happy feet!

Cassidy not running for re-election is GREAT news. Sounds like everybody is singing the Happy song and wanting to dance. Lets all meet at the Marina for a Happy song flash mob. Cassidy gonna be one term mayor. Good riddance. I'm sooooooo HAPPY!!!

LOL, work partners tamed bully Cassidy.

Will be ROFLOL in my dream tonight, wonderful news! Thanks Tavares!

Cassidy's campaign kick off was in March.. didn't he know better... I bet if wasn't his work gave him the ultimatum, Casssidy would continue his bullying... THANK YOU TO HIS ULTIMATE BOSS!!

True or not, we heard Rocky Fernandez is incompetent and has no real record to speak of. He wets his bed at night when he hears loud noises.

608pm we heard the same about Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz.

Inquiring minds want to know, what did Mike Katz do? lol

On behalf of the entire San Leandro community, we will miss you, Steve, and thank you for your service. We didn't always see eye to eye, but you were a class act. Wishing you well in your next endeavor.

Ohbet Singh

What did Mike Katz do, hacker, busted?

Cassidy why don't you leave now? No one will miss you. Remember the good people you lied about and tried to bully behind closed doors? So glad that finally you reaped what you sowed loser.

Yes, Class act bully, one term mayor.

Oh bet Sin

Tavares, is there a news story here about Mike Katz? Maybe you should check it out.

Can't wait, he should resign tonight and let Jim Prola take over until the year end. Good bye, stevie

PROLA? Oh God please no. NO, NO, NO! Prola really sucks. Not voting Prola!!

Prola is better than Cassidy, lesser of the two ev*ls.

Prola is the same as Cassidy, always talks out his a-- about things he knows little or nothing about. We need better and smarter leaders. Not voting for Prola, don't need another Cassidy.

Prola isn't very smart and it shows. You'd have to be blind not to see it. He's always talking, but never says anything. Looks and acts like a redneck. He'd be a embarrassment as mayor.

What does Mike Katz Lacabe do for living..? wife of his takes crazy pills everyday...that's expensive stuff...and plus eat alot, you can't tell then you are blind.

Who's going to break the news to Rocky Fernandez?

Loud mouth Marga Lacabe is good at it!

singing happy song all over town, so happy, one term bully.

Please no one tell Rocky Fernandez anything. He'll think that it's "his" time, and try to move to SL to run as King.

Tell Rocky Fernandez to co-run with Mike Katz, would be fun, live show.

That would be a duo worth writing about

Thanks Tavares, this is great news. Maybe Cassidy will move back to Texas. No body going to miss him here. He's always been a jerk!

Finally got the chance to watch last night's council meeting on police body cameras, then saw Cassidy displayed full blown asshole from my own eyes, watch item 10D, 11, 12, 13.

Cassidy wouldn't allow Reed to make comment thanking Prola Vice mayor for his time served.

Cassidy should resign now!

I watched the video, IMO, seems like Cassidy has his puppet Cutter in mind as vice mayor. Cassidy belittled Lee and refused Reed to thank Prola's time served as vice mayor.

Good Riddance! I am voting for the person who best represents the working families of San Leandro. Not Bay O Vista bullies who do not promote inclusiveness and fail to understand the importance of collaboration. Maybe he will go find a nice dictatorship to join and be a part of.....Its been real

Counting the days - pink face should just walk away now - can't wait. This year's holiday seasons certainly is merrier than the past three year. Postponed gift from Santa!

OTOH, it is a thin line between Bully and Chicken Shit, which one is Cassidy?

According to today's SL Times Cassidy endorsing Cutter for Mayor. This was obvious at 5-5-2014 City Council meeting when Cassidy did not want Benny Lee to become vice mayor and Council member Diana Souza had to put Cassidy in his place. Not voting for anyone Cassidy endorses. We don't need Cassidy puppets. Cutter does whatever Cassidy wants always has even when they were both on the school board. This household is saying NO to Cutter end the Cassidy curse.

To be honest I don't go to council meeting often, since now we can watch the meeting live from sanleandro.org or play them at later days or watch from TV as scheduled.

My own observation from actual meetings, no more he says she says. with that said, Cutter is not bright at all, listen to her statements, conclusions and questions were asked.

Anybody but Diana Souza. She has no ethics and is a bomb thrower.

Diana Souza had courage to stand up to Cassidy and it's about time someone did. Souza has always been very helpful at getting problems solved and has always been very kind and easy to work with. Souza has never been a Cassidy puppet. We need leaders not puppets.
Not voting Cutter, Prola, or anyone endorsed by dictator Cassidy. Agree it's time to break the Cassidy curse.

Souza is just as bad as Cassidy when it comes to being a bully. The difference is she is not as smart as Cassidy. In fact, some in San Leandro think she is the least intelligent of all the council members. I don't know if that's true, but I have been to council meetings and she is the least prepared and obviously hasn't read her council material. I'd vote for anybody else before I'd vote for her. I may not agree with Cassidy's tactics but he pointed San Leandro in the right direction and got a lot of positive things done. Business and jobs are now coming to San Leandro.

Agree with the above comment________anybody but Souza.

Give up wanna be lawyer Marga we know it's you. You don't like newly elected VICE-MAYOR BENNY LEE, you don't like REED and now your dumb enough to try to attack DIANA SOUZA. You support Cassidy, Almonte and Mack-Rose the losers.
Your house needs cleaning cause it looks like your maid quit. Looks like the gardener quit too.

Like to see Marga Lacabe join the race, can't wait to trash her live. our cameras are ready aiming to her face and husband of her.

Time to sing the Happy song again and reverse the CASSIDY CURSE.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

How unfortunate. Cassidy made San Leandro business friendly while that old goat Tony Santos had mental issues he refused to seek professional help.

The only business that Cassidy friendly to is Tim Holmes's gig. Name one business that Cassidy brought to SL right at the get go by himself start from 2010.

Cassidy spends 70% of his time at work in San Francisco, 30% of his time as mayor, bragging and taking 100% credit. We understand SL is not paying enough, should not expecting full time mayor. Claiming 100% credit when not deserved is disgusting!

Cassidy endorses losers - Almonte, MackRose, Crow, now Cutter.

Cutter should beat Souza for Mayor in spite of Cassidy because she is more respected in San Leandro.

This household do not respect Cutter, she's dumb. Addition with Cassidy's blessings, she've already lost.

Cutter lets Cassidy scold/push her around all the times, don't have a mind of her own. Behind door deal, Cutter puppet mayor, Cassidy still runs the show behind door if Cutter wins. HELL NO, AIN"T GOING TO HAPPEN.

Diana Souza is not afraid of Cassidy, unlike Cutter. Souza got our support for mayor, lot smarter than Cutter.

The dumbest person on the council is Souza by far. Cutter has stood up to Cassidy many times on the council and school board. Souza has done nothing for our city in eight years.

Souza stood up to Cassidy, saw it, love it! She got my vote.

Not mine-----Souza has accomplished nothing in her two terms. What a waste of space!

It's you again Marga----you got one vote, so am I---- not voting Lacabes----many San Leandran do not want your husband the wanna be council Mike Katz, he has accomplished nothing, in his two terms in school board, What a waste of space! Do your research, hardly anyone respect you or your husband, Go clean your house, for god sake.

Kaiser, Lit San Leandro are all because of Cassidy. The low income apartmets that Santos was pushing at BART will be a business center bringing in good jobs. He's done a good job. Lots better than Santos.

Cassidy has only one vote, same with the other council members. Cassidy takes all the credit to himself, he has no shame.

One term mayor, still singing happy song!

You see-Cassidy thinks he was voted by god-the rest of councils were voted by the people. Now god decided vote Cassidy out, one term mayor, end of the story.

Hey Marga Lacabe, the reality is Mike Katz will lose these votes from people oppose Marijuana dispensary, folks pro police cameras, residents in Heron Bay that you and Mike called them your enemies, most of all, people will not vote for Mike because you're his big mouth wife. These are the truth.

Hey May 11,12:30am, At what school board meeting did Cutter ever stand up to Cassidy? You need to check your facts. I attended school board meetings (still do) and Cutter NEVER voted against Cassidy. They were always best friends and it showed. Voting records of the school board meetings are public information and are kept for records. They have to be, it's the law. (you should know this Marga)
Cutter was NOT going to run for Mayor till Cassidy chickened out. Cassidy talked Cutter into running. Does anyone really think Cassidy would have endorsed Cutter if she had ever stood up to him? Cassidy endorsed Almonte and Mack-Rose because they too never stood up to him. CUTTER, Almonte and Mack-Rose all puppets and Cassidy pulling the strings.
Cutter was never the brightest bulb on the school board and it showed. Cutter has always been Cassidy's gal pal.
Thanks to the TV cameras, people saw Cutter play Cassidy's stooge.

Wow, five out of the last six posts were from the same person who has about 80% of the posts on this string. You are not even accurate. Cutter was not on the same side as Cassidy and Katz on almost all of the split votes. She did stand up to his tactics many times as I attended most school board meetings.

We get you like Lee, but many of us in San Leandro think he is too inexperienced to be in that position. You are either a good friend or related to him.

As far as Souza is concerned, she is simply not competent to run our city and most of us in San Leandro know that except you. I voted for her as Council, but after watching her for eight years, would never vote for her again.

Yes, 80% dislike Cassidy. Cutter is puppet of Cassidy.
You are either a good friend or related to Prola, Cassidy and Cutter. Cassidy can't resigned sooner, no freebie mayor for Prola. Guess who's smarter after all.

Talking experience, Cassidy has never served in council prior to mayoral role what a condescending hypocrite he is.

Prola unless you run for mayor, no free lunch for you!

Happy to see bully mayor step down now, Lee has a year or so experience more than you become mayor. Cassidy contradicting himself all the time!

The 5-5-2014 city council meeting showed who Cassidy's puppets are Cutter and Prola. The tv doesn't lie. Cassidy was at a loss for words when the votes didn't go his way. Any doubts watch the taped meeting and see the 3 stooges on the city council

Prola has told people he is not running for Mayor because he wants to spend more time with his grandkids. I respect that.

Good for Prola! Now he can spend time with his grandchildren since Cassidy's temporary mayor game plan got busted. Cassidy has to deal with work bosses and refuse to resign til end of year, trapped in his own game, beautiful how things work out! God helped us! Singing happy song all week!

Don't vote for Souza for the following reasons: She lies. A lot. She doesn't read the material she's given so she doesn't even know what the salient points are. She has no skills as a statesperson. She brings nasty into the room. There needs to be more smarts in the council chambers. As mayor she will doom San Leandro.

How can't you not see Prola the hahaha guy is an obvious two headed snake,

Don't vote for Mike Katz for just one reason: Marga Lacabe is his back seat driver, before, now and future.

Smart would not married to Marga Lacabe. Furthermore, correct us if wrong, Mike Katz changed Katz as maiden name, his sir name is Lacabe, Katz-Lacabe or whatever...what's the point, you are who you are changing names around giving you super power!! these couples are so power hungry, clowns like them would take any chances go under the spotlights.

5/5/2014 meeting revealed Cassidy's rudeness. Nothing can extenuate such appalling behavior to Lee, Reed and Prola.

People have been talking Cassidy's bad attitude behind doors. Stephen Cassidy unable to control his hot temper in front of the councils and the public after majority vote not in his favor, his way of conducting of meetings is either my way or highway, demonstrated more of a poor loser than a mayor.

Bad behavior caught on tape, it will be kept for a long time, public records.

I'm not sure some of the posters above understand the San Leandro system of Mayor and Vice Mayor. If the Mayor resigns or leaves office for any reason, the Vice Mayor doesn't automatically become Mayor. The six remaining Council people will vote on his replacement. It could be any one of them if they get four votes.

I doubt if Cutter, Reed or Souza could get four votes since they are running for office. I doubt if Lee or Prola would want to be Mayor for a few months because they would have to give up their council seat which they will be in till 2017. That leaves Gregory who only has a few months left and probably could get four votes by default.

Hypothetically, even if Prola's city council term shortens, Prola would still be able to retire as a councilman, vice mayor, and [possibly] mayor once Cassidy withdraws from his seat early. Aside being able to spend time with his grandkids sooner, he'd go out with a bang.

Hope Prola is not divisive like Cassidy by endorsing candidates against incumbents. According to San Leandro Times, Cassidy endorses Cutter even though Souza is also running in the mayoral race.

No one admires Cassidy big pink face, except you.

Souza is just as bad as Cassidy when it comes to being a bully. The difference is she is not as smart as Cassidy. In fact, some in San Leandro think she is the least intelligent of all the council members. I don't know if that's true, but I have been to council meetings and she is the least prepared and obviously hasn't read her council material. I'd vote for anybody else before I'd vote for her. I may not agree with Cassidy's tactics but he pointed San Leandro in the right direction and got a lot of positive things done. Business and jobs are now coming to San Leandro.

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