Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SD-10 June Primary Preview: A Battle Royale in the East Bay

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | The most important event in one of this year's most vicious primary races in the state did not occur in 2014, but on October 25, 2011. That was the day when then-Assemblymember Mary Hayashi was arrested outside of Neiman Marcus in San Francisco with three pieces of shoplifted clothing worth $2,450. Hayashi eventually pleaded no contest to criminal charges, and her probation is nearing an end, but she's still carrying the baggage of that day, and the incident may ultimately decide whether she will win a spot in the top two among five candidates running for the East Bay's 10th state Senate district in the June 3 primary.

In 2012, Hayashi launched a surprising run for Alameda County supervisor just months after the shoplifting incident, and one of the main questions of that campaign centered on whether Union City Councilmember Richard Valle would use the scandal as a hammer against her. Valle never really did, and then cruised to victory...



  1. Bob shouldn't listen to Marga.

    Classy Valle!

  2. I wouldn't vote for either one of these bozos

  3. The campaign ugliness is unprecedented. Not only do we have the SD10 ugliness, we've got the assembly district negativity between Kansen Chu and Armando Gomez. I don't want to see pictures of cockroaches coming into my mailbox (a negative piece sent by a Gomez IE against Chu.) I don't want to see the same anti-Hayashi stuff coming into my mailbox over and over and over from the Wieckowski campaign and IEs which are pro-Wieckowski. Enough is enough.
    I have a rule about not voting for candidates who participate in negative campaigning. Fortunately, there are other candidates in both races.

  4. Anyone know if Hayashi is walking even one precinct?

    Or does she have even one volunteer who has walked a full precinct?

    How about her volunteer "get out the vote" team for Tuesday, June 3rd? How many on that effort?

    I'm suspecting there aren't more than 6 volunteers in total.
    Doing what, I don't know.
    Seriously, what is she doing day to day in these final weeks?

  5. Since's she's barred from Neiman Marcus, my guess is Mary is at Nordstrom's looking for a pair of $2000 leather pants

  6. I'm thinking the June 3rd outcome something like the following-

    Weickowski 38.5%
    Hayashi 25.5%
    Kuo 23.5%
    Reed 6.5%
    Bock 6%

    Back in 2012, for supervisor, Mary got 23.87% and Valle got 36.29%, while a strong Mark Green got 30.47% for second place, however I don't think Kuo is nearly as strong as Green.

    Kuo gets the 17% that are Republicans and then some extra from those who don't like either of the top two choices.
    A tactical vote for Kuo stands a small chance to bounce Hayashi out of the top two.

    In either case Wiecowski wins easily in November (barring release of some Tavares-rumored "sex tapes")
    Just what this contest needs, more videos of the candidates.

  7. nice made up numbers haha

  8. Tavares, Marga wants an article with a topic on her and hubby Mike Katz-Lacabe lying about her being a human rights lawyer to Alameda County voters.

  9. Chris Crow, now there's a name from the not so distant past. When he ran for SL city council, didn't he deny having a pot warrant out in his name? Didn't he lie and say the Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan had endorsed him, when she really didn't? Didn't Marga Lacabe-Katz help run his campaign and encourage his lies? Didn't Marga & Mike Katz-Lacabe try to cover Chris Crow's lies with more lies on SL patch? Didn't Chris Crow also make fun of Chinese people on facebook when he was running for city council? Didn't Margarita Lacabe Katz encourage and agree that Chinese people were an inferior race on SL patch? Go read the San Leandro Patch for yourself..

  10. Wieckowski is not too smart, where is his mind and judgment as a senator? We all know Marga Lacabe has a nick name "Crazy Marga", with that said, Bob stupidly uses his own campaign to attack his opponents just because a crazy lady told him so.

  11. Kuo will be DEAD last with no more than 5%.
    I heard the poor man speak and he sounds horrible! He needs speech lessons.

  12. 2:51pm Chris Crow talks just like you.

  13. Anon--251, You sound like Chris Crow.

  14. 2:51... and exactly how many voters "hear" the candidate speak?

    Right off, he gets 17% from the Republican voters.

  15. I will defend 2:51. 5% and dead last sounds about right for KUO. He has no name recognition at all. Kuo who?? I also heard him speak before and he needs to improve on his delivery.
    Also, even if 17% voters are registered republican you assume all republicans vote and in reality no more than1/3 of republicans vote vote in June, historically. So, 1/3 of 17% is about 5%. 2:51 is correct whether he is Crow or not.
    All other Candidates have extensive name recognition Bock, Hayashi, and Weickosky have already served at Sacramento as elected politicians and Reed is known for his advocacy on the disable, and Kuo??? is known for what? Therefore Kuo will be dead last.Period.

  16. 4:00 --

    "Also, even if 17% voters are registered republican you assume all republicans vote and in reality no more than1/3 of republicans vote vote in June, historically. So, 1/3 of 17% is about 5%"

    Talk about knucklehead math.... sheesh

    I see, only 1/3 of Republicans vote whereas, Democrats vote at a 100% rate.
    I dare say Republican turnout in percentage terms is equal or greater than that of Democrats.
    Thus your dividing 17% by 3 is pure foolishness..

    I take it you weren't a math or statistics major.

  17. Whats this wierd obsession with Marga? I mean it is really wierd!

  18. How about some mailer updates from some of you who live in Senate Dist. 10.
    Any new mailers and if so from who and what is the content?

    Getting any interesting new negative ones?

  19. What's this weird obsession with Mary? I mean it is really weird!

  20. Bob Wieckowski will come in first by a large margin.

  21. Give it up Steve. Mary will lose no matter what and all that is happening is you are losing credibility and respect. The East Bay will not award an assembly seat to a convicted shoplifter still on probation. Period. The END. Stop beating this dead horse.

  22. BoB W. should thank wannabe lawyer Margarita Lacabe for providing Mary's video which was added to his campaign mailers, youtube videos, etc. That's how Bob lost all respect. Now, even if he wins we'll all know Bob as a narrow-minded, dirty, desperate senator with no shred of respect to show for.

  23. We should all thank Marga Lacabe for letting the public see the video, whether Bob chose to use it or not.
    Finally Mary Hayashi's years of false stories are visibly refuted.
    No longer do we have to give even 1% of credibility to Mary's contention that it was all some inadvertent mistake, made because she was distracted on her cell phone.

    It shows Mary intentionally hid the merchandise, then ignored it while looking right at it in the bag while at the register.
    Then, totally undistracted, walked out of the store in a effort to get away, without any indication she intended to return, as her hired PR man Sam Singer once led us to believe.

    There is little to wonder about why Mary took a plea bargain rather than face certain conviction by a jury for a crime where "intention" is the crucial element.

  24. The Alameda County voters and the public need to know Marga Lacabe has a double standard.

    Most people in San Leandro despise Marga and Mike Katz-Lacabe's bullying and lying.

    Marga Lacabe lied on ballot statement when she campaigned for democratic central posing as a human rights lawyer when she just sits at home cyber bullying people while baby sitting was her real job, and she never pass the bar exam. The husband of hers Mike Katz-Lacabe who's running for office in San Leandro knowingly produced and handed out Marga's campaign flyers with her lies as a human rights lawyer that makes him as much a dishonest liar like his wife, they lied to the whole Alameda county voters.

    See for yourself on page 32 from 2010 candidates list, Marga Lacabe identified herself as a human rights lawyer, we were told she was a full time nanny and 24/7 internet bully.


    Read the article and comments of how double standard Marga debates to her lie:


  25. Anon 6:05....Nobody cares!

  26. 1:12, Agree. no one, certainly not anyone reading here, cares enough to even click on those links.
    Ballot identification, probably #499 out of the 500 political issues voters care about.
    It's a time honored tradition to place the best spin on one's profession or ID.

    Seems like some fuzzbutt in SL got slighted at some point and now runs all over town telling everyone that their enemy has a tiny hole in their sock (unseen, so voters must be informed)

    The person who keeps posting this stuff needs to check in at the John George Pavilion on 150th Ave.

  27. Hear! hear! We like to hear how Marga and her husband spin lies!
    Please keep post your reasoning of why the Alameda County voters should accept lies on ballot statements.

  28. 12:26 you are the one doing the posting and wasting your time. Do you really think anyone cares about Marga, or who she supports?

  29. Margarita Lacabe and her husband Mike Katz-Lacabe are no saints and should not cast stones in a glass house when they are no different.

  30. 1:42, how about you notify us when either of them are arrested.
    Until then your boring charges are of no interest to anyone but you.

  31. Mary's video were provided from Margarita Lacabe to the media because she wanted to see "what was going on", so what's wrong with voters wanting to know the same from the Lacabes?

  32. Please continue spinning your lies, Margarita Lacabe, we got it, as long you don't get caught from stealing by the law than you're not a thief. Lying on ballot statements are stealing votes from your opponents, THIEF.

  33. You are a hopeless nut.
    You can't get over the fact we have all seen your "evidence" and guess what. We don't care. We don't care and the voters don't care about your trivial "gotcha" expose.
    No one but you cares. Like I said once before, take your so called charges down to the center of San Leandro and ask 100 residents what they think about your exciting revelations.

    You'll quickly find that "they don't care"... your big story doesn't even rise to the level of a traffic citation in most folks minds.
    But you don't dare ask real people. Instead you come here with your endless post, only seen by readers who repeatedly tell you "they don't care"...
    You just don't accept the message. You seem to have a personality or mental problem.

  34. Why are you so angry? If you really think "no one cares" why are you keep on coming back to emphasize it?

    We asked, many said "they don't care" for the crazy Lacabe couples because they are disgusting bullies, fact twisted liars, and many times throw false accusation to people just to win their arguments.

    BTW people said they "do care" and "thank for reminding them" for the fact that Marga lacabe did lie on the ballot statement and Mike Katz pushed the lie.

    No worries, we will continue with the reminders!

  35. anon 7:52 you are trying to bully a blog. You only have to post things once. Not on and on and on and on and on. Get the f___ing picture. You are really boring and turning people off.

  36. Just demonstrated, bully uses "F" words, and tell people to shut up.

  37. Mike Katz-Lacabe knew about his wife's lie and he allowed that make him no better, they lied to the whole Alameda County voters.

  38. Nobody cares really except you!

  39. Lacabe attempted to mislead voters on two fronts. Not only does lawyer imply you are practicing law, but since when did Mike Katz-Lacabe become Mike Katz. For the sake of not disclosing to voters that the two were married and running for central committee, she successfully duped voters. Margarita Lacabe even portrays herself as a law expert frequently in public during council meetings

  40. 11:46 must have a hardon for Lacabe even though this article is not about Lacabe. Why waste our time?

  41. Mike Katz-Lacabe campaigned with his wife Marga Lacabe's lie on ballot statement is unethical. They accused San Leandro teachers of teaching religion, when children sang a religious Christmas Carol at an evening Christmas program. Raised such a stink and got their kids moved to Roosevelt school. Which was all they really wanted. All they do is bully, lie, harass and bitch.

  42. Anon 12:37 we know you hate a couple of people, but what makes you think we care since most of us don't live in your city?

    Start your own blog!

  43. Marga and Mike Katz-Lacabe lied to Alameda County voters. These hypocrites talk bad at others but they don't want people to know their lies and stinky past.

  44. Bob Wieckowski is a cinch to win. The district has progressive values and so does Bob.

  45. All are whores.

  46. anon---6:45 including liar lacabes.