Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Special Interests Pouring Money into Anti-Hayashi Indy Expenditure Committee

Mary Hayashi
STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | The primary race for the titillating 10th State Senate District could get even uglier.

An independent expenditure committee named, "Californians For Integrity In Government Opposed To Hayashi For Senate 2014, Sponsored By Peace Officers, Nurses, Consumer Attorneys And Labor Organizations" has built up a war chest of over $190,000 in just the last week.

The political action committee for the powerful California Nurses Association contributed $25,000 to the committee April 30. The next day the California State Council of Service Employees Political Committee added $90,000. The Consumer Attorneys of California Independent Campaign Committee added $25,000 on May 2, followed by $50,100 on Monday from the Police Officers Research Association of California (PORAC PAC).

The large and sudden influx of cash may greatly blunt Mary Hayashi's significant fundraising advantage over Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, however, independent expenditure groups cannot coordinate their efforts with the candidate.

Nevertheless, in the past, IEs have been known to unleash often vicious attacks against opponents, especially when it may not be in the candidate's best political interests to go negative. Special interests groups dropped over $200,000 in 2012 against 18th Assembly District candidate Joel Young to highlight allegations of domestic violence.

Later in the same year, an IE calling itself "Morals PAC: Masses organizing research against lying & stealing opposing Mary Hayashi" paid for a mailer mocking Hayashi's 2011 shoplifting case during her ill-fated run for the Alameda County supervisor. The mailer included the tagline "There's Something About Mary."

The tenor of the state senate race among the two main Democrats is already at a vicious level. Two weeks ago, Wieckowski's campaign released a Web site called MugShotMary.com. A few days later, Hayashi's responded with BobProtectedRapists.com, along with a corresponding and hard-hitting 15-second spot.


  1. This is great news. This is exactly what he needed, and puts Wieckowski even closer to the finish line than he already was.
    Great catch and reporting, Steve.

  2. Very interesting. Police Officers Research Association of California (PORAC PAC) gave $50,000.
    Interesting because back in 2012, they supported Hayashi for supervisor. They got heat for doing so.

    Looks like the dirty work is going to be left to outsiders.
    Those mailers will be extremely effective because ultimately, no one want's a unrepentant shoplifter to represent them.
    "unrepentant" because as recently as last week she claimed she never shoplifted $2,500 worth of goods.

    I think she is sunk. She may get into the runoff, but will then be squashed by a minimum of twenty percentage points.
    She still doesn't get it, that people don't view her story as plausible.

    Here it is, from last week, and does anyone think the average Joe will buy the following quote of Mary's

    "I made a mistake of inadvertently being outside of the store"

    Mary, please... you're only making it worse.

  3. This cash is going to help seal the deal for Wieckowski.

  4. Guess people like Raj Salwan and Cheryl Cook-Kallio should have spent more time helping Wiekcowski, instead of backstabbing him. Two-faced monkeys. He was there for both of you when you needed him. Then as soon as you had a chance to let a little bit of drama blow up, you played all sides, like the two-faces that you are.

    Especially you Raj Salwan. You little backstabbing two-faced loser.

  5. Agreed. Raj Salwan always has one foot out the door, where ever the wind blows. You should have backed up your boy Wieckowski.

    Now look at you. You're facing November with a lot of stronger adversaries, like Roman Reed, Dirk Lorenz, Rakesh Sharma, Dave Bonaccorsi, Yogi Chugh, and others. You're just a spineless duplicitous jellyfish in a big sea this November. Good luck.

  6. Keep the tweets coming, Steve!

  7. Once again, two politicians being backed by special interests throwing mud at eachother.

    Vote for Peter Kuo, we need real change in Sacramento.

  8. Last I checked Raj Salwan was 100% behind Wieckowski.

  9. Kuo has no chance. The only one who can beat Hayashi, is Bob Wieckowski.

  10. I don't see any equation where Hayashi makes it to top two. That goes for Roman Reed also who is passionate about a cause but won't make it. He is being mislead by his supporters who will leave him hanging.

  11. What did Raj and Cheryl do? Why in the world would they owe Wieckowski anything?

  12. 4:57 pm you've got wrong information. Unfortunately Raj Salwan only went through the motions, never really helped Wieckowski out. Never hosted an event for him, never cut him a check, never walked, talked, or knocked for him, after years of unwavering support from Wieckowski. In fact, in stead of helping him this time around, when he really needed it, Salwan only trashed talked him for months behind the scenes.

    Turns out all the concerns that Anu had about Salwan to begin with, were right all along.

  13. #AnuWasRightAboutRajSalwan

  14. Peter Kuo--a clean vote!

    Screw the union whores!!

  15. 6:48 you make us laugh. So predictable and sexist. Kuo can't make the top 2. Most of us don't even know who he is and the voting has started by absentee ballot already.

  16. Smartest move Hayashi could make for her political future, would be to drop out now and save the bulk her money for a race 4 to 6 years down the road.
    I seriously doubt she would do that, but it's becoming clear she has little chance to win.
    Now that the money imbalance is being resolved, her one advantage is almost gone.
    Right now she might be able to salvage $400,000 out of the $690,000 she started with. By June 3rd, that will be down to a very much lower figure.

    If she could save the money and plan a long steady rehabilitation of her name, in 4 or 8 years she may well be mostly forgiven.
    Additionally she wouldn't have those awful and unbelievable denials around her neck like some anchor pulling her down.

    But the die is cast and I doubt she will do anything but fly this thing into the ground. Not a lot of sympathy to be found for this protracted train wreck.

  17. 9:02, never say never, with GOP and Asian voters' support, Peter Kuo may make top 2.

  18. Second this: "Vote for Peter Kuo, we need real change in Sacramento. "

  19. Bob didn't do jack squat for Raj Salwan. He was Trisha Tahmasbi and John Smith's chosen one because he always supported the local Demos and the candidates, including Bob. Now that Trisha is gone, Raj's link to Bob has disappeared.

  20. I saw that Bob got the San Francisco Cronicle endorsement. Well, what is news is that he supported SCA 5, and Hayashi waffles on it.

    Hate to keep saying this, but people tired of the Status QUO should vote Peter KUO.

  21. Thurin,
    Kuo is an amatuer if SCA 5 is the issue he is hanging his hat on. The average voter has no idea what that is. I'm in the loop and I had to look it up.

    Even if he happens to scoot into second place over the criminal and Reed who has little money, Kuo has zero shot of beating Wieckowski in November

  22. It will be Audie Bock and Mary Hayashi. 2 very smart women with opposite view points on many things.

  23. Actually just like he did for many of our up and coming locals, Bob Wieckowski did a ton for Raj Salwan. He boycotted events in 2010 that deliberately left Raj Salwan off the invite list, standing in full solidarity with Raj. He supported him for TCDF Chairman. He was supportive of Salwan remaining in that spot, even when others were calling for him to step down. He supported Raj's appointment for the Fremont City Council, when it was full of local friends bidding for that spot. He even called some of the top contenders, and asked them to take a pass, so that Raj could increase his odds of being appointed. Bob gave Raj various local awards to showcase his accomplishments and great work. And now he's supporting him for City Council again, in what will be a full line up of local characters. He's always stood up for Raj, even when others were taking empty shots at him.

    And what's his thanks for all of that? A smile to his face, and a knife in his back.

    Thanks Raj Salwan.

  24. Audie Bock has no chance either although she may get more votes than Kuo. It will be Hayashi and Wieckowski in November, with Bob winning against Mary.

  25. How very revision-ist history of you! More like Trisha made Bob do these things for Raj Salwan. Bob has zero control over his politics, we all know that. Poor Bob says one thing to someone and his staff does another against his wishes, making him look like a pathetic liar in the process. Same with endorsements and so when an event left Raj off the list, poor Bob wasn't probably told of the event and he just went on his merry little way. And those people Bob called to get out of the race snicker at how forced and inaffective those calls felt.

    I'll take a shoplifter over a puppet who accuses Raj of being a backstabber after all the things he did for the local party.

  26. So the Wieckowski supporters on these board are expecting Mr. Raj Salwan, whoever he is, to play the game of "you scratch my back and I scratch yours". So typically the kind of politicians we are all tire of seeing.

  27. Just wonder what the Wieckowski Democrats and Union loyalists, who swear to never vote for Mary the thief, will end up voting for if the top two is between Peter Kuo and Mary Hayashi?

  28. If Kuo makes the top two, Mary will not. Just that simple.
    Mary's brief appearance of being viable is about to come to a rude end.
    When that $200,000 of independent money goes out in the form of mailers, she will be shredded.
    I await exactly how they use her recent claim that she never shoplifted $2,500 worth of goods.
    The public will go ..."What?"

    Mary's current status can be summed up in three words.
    "She is sunk"
    Perhaps in June or perhaps in November, but either way that ship is sinking.

  29. Unfortunately Raj just gets used by all the factions in the area. Now he's running with Ro and Yogi's crew, in the hopes of picking up a few of their crumbs.

  30. Ask Anu, Lara, Peggy, Ann, Reshma, Debbie, they all got some kind of beef with Raj, even after all the appointment drama.

  31. I like Raj, but I agree, he tries to play all sides. I was surprised to hear him taking shots at Bob. That's practically what took Yogi down, so Raj should really watch his step, and dance with the one that brought him.

  32. Enough of this Raj stuff.... It is meaningless to 99.99% of the electorate in Senate Dist 10

  33. Totally agree 11:48 am.


  34. So Trisha forced Bob to support Raj?
    Otherwise he would have supported who? Yogi and the Dutras?

  35. Choices choices...

    A convicted thief with a story that stretches credulity.

    A lawyer turned career politician who supports this or that politician not because they are good candidates but because he expect them to be his cronies and help him fund raise.

    Two nice, and clueless, guys who probably make great neighbors and citizens but know little else other than the one issue they are passionate about. (SCA5 for Kuo and Stem cell research for Reed).

    And a wanna-be career politician who has been Green, Republican, Democrat, and just about everywhere over the map.

    Maybe I will sit it out.

  36. A lawyer turned career politician? You mean an attorney who serves the poor, that is now offering his time as a public servant?

    12:39 there's not much of a 'choice' here is there

  37. 12:39 responding to 1:14

    "an attorney who serves the poor, " I suppose a bankruptcy lawyer, by definition, serves the poor.

    "now offering his time as a public servant" By "offering his time" you mean he is collecting a salary plus per diem from the State of California.

    This sounds like the work of a Lawyer who knows how to twist words. I wonder who wrote it?

  38. Peter Kuo started the campaign before SCA-5 was even an issue and has good ideas on how to improve education and how to support the green manufacturing economy here in Fremont.

  39. http://www.kuoforsenate.com/

    Seems the photos on that site need a little injection of diversity.

  40. Wieckowski wins.........don't know who will come in second?

  41. Might end up similar to the supervisors race.
    Everyone thought Hayashi might run neck and neck for first place. Turned out she came in a distant 3rd.

    In this case, Wieckowski would be Richard Valle
    Kuo would be Mark Green and Mary Hayashi would play herself once again as the unrepentant shoplifter, never admitting guilt once outside of a courtroom.

    Funny, but she just can't seem to see herself as the voters do.
    98% of the voters have never "inadvertently" outside a store with $2,450 worth of merchandise in their bag...

    She actually thinks apologizing to the store for such a event makes it all OK... thus not really a criminal act.
    So far out of touch with reality, it makes you wonder, is that same denial of reality in play here as she keep running?

  42. So it looks like more than a few people on here feel like Raj Salwan is another bum candidate. I do recall him playing both sides when Anu and Bill were going head to head. He broke ranks with his closest ally Anu, but I recall he had his dad do the dirty work. He also supported John Dutra Jr over Vinnie. It doesn't surprise me that he flipped on Bob Wieckowski. Too bad we don't know where anyone stands anymore. Maybe Anu was right all along.

  43. I for one couldn't be happier that these guys are putting money into getting this monster out. She really should drop out and donate that money she is spending trying to dupe the public to a needy cause. We do not need any more criminals in the state senate!

  44. Raj Salwan picked his team when he decided to align himself with Torrico against Wieckowski. That's what Raquel told all of us, that Raj thinks Wieckowski is weak and will be defeated.

  45. Look, there is one person who has an agenda and is writing this again and again to make it look like Bob W and Raj are not on the same page. It is the SAME person posting the same thing again and again except at different times. I don't understand what the purpose of flooding this page is when it has nothing to do with the topic of Bob getting money for a mailer.
    Dear Wiecowski supporter and hater of Hayashi, Torrico, Ro, Yogi, Raj, and Rocky...why don't you buzz off and focus on getting Wieckowski elected? He has enough challenges already without you spewing your venom on this board and trying to make perceived divisions.
    For the record, Raj chose Bob W and is supporting him in this election. He has proven himself time and time again with the community, the party, local electeds, and politicos. Raj has given money to Bob in this Senate race (>$1k), has provided him office space, has been a strong supporter since the first time Bob ran his city council campaign. His family was there for all of the losses, helped him in assembly when many thought he would lose, stood up to many people who didn't like Bob, helped him with the business community and other electeds, and the list goes on and on.
    You apparently have an agenda and if you have a problem with any of these people, why don't you pick up the phone and call them to get your issues worked out? If you want more money for Bob, why don't you just ask. I am sure people would give it to you. Getting on these boards to harass people won't do it. Apparently, you are one disturbed and tormented individual who has a lot of hate in your heart. As you know nothing is anonymous and it doesn't take a genius to figure out who is writing these comments again and again by tracing their identity. So don't embarrass yourself and those around you by continuing to write this crap. Get back on message and help your candidate get elected and leave Raj and the rest of the people alone.

  46. For Mary, only 26 more days to campaign and mail.

    Her problem--- say even if she has a fair chance to make the top two.
    Then she has less than $350,000 for Sept. and October.
    She has almost no endorsements compared to Bob, and precious few volunteers willing to go door to door.

    Short of a implosion by her opponent, I see no path to victory for her.
    What ever could have been in her mind, what path to victory did she envision?

    Seriously she seems delusional. You would have thought her husband would have had a more appropriate appraisal and told he to spend a few more years regaining her image via good deeds and other positions.
    If Kuo tops her for #2, then she is completely humiliated and fully rejected. I don't count that out as a possibility.

  47. 7:14 am, you've got more than a few of us missing your point. There are dozens on this blog that take offense to the works of Torrico, Hayashi, & Khanna.Seems like you got your feelings hurt cause you got hit by a piece of shrapnel on this blog- but that happens to most of us. You've got your own top 2 to worry about in November. Standing up for Torrico & Khanna is a waste of your time. If your really not double crossing your friends you have nothing to worry about.

  48. 714 am are you going to see justice for all of us that have been victim to the vicious comments on this blog, or just for you, and your boys Torrico and Khanna?

  49. Mary is a racist!! She dismissed violence against women of color. Disgraceful.

  50. Raj really missed the mark on this one. He let his blood boil over, just because a few of his buddies including Torrico & Khanna took a few hits with him. As far as we can see, all three of you are two faced & none of you are true friends. Raj, your defense of the Torricos is probably worse here, cause you knew exactly what those clowns were up to. All stuff to consider when your November election comes around.

  51. Raj is siding with Bob W and has supported Bob in every election including this one. If he was siding with Torrico, he would be supporting Roman Reed like others Yogi, Dr Japra, Ro, Dutras, etc. Both Bob and Raj will win overwhelmingly in November and you can be assured of that.
    You have a great strategy...one that has worked very well for you so far...take out all of your supporters until no one is left. Great! Keep it up!

  52. Everyone outside of Fremont and even most of those inside Fremont are sick and tired of hearing about the silly little squabble regarding a few people that 99% of the public has never heard about nor cares about.
    Raj, Yogi, Dr. Japra, and even the washed up Torricos and Dutras.
    Its like a bunch of idiots hashing out something that happened in high school 15 or 20 years ago.
    Grow up and move on. You look like fools in a frenzy over who was or wasn't in the cool crowd.

  53. Okay. Well said 10:07 am. Well said.

  54. There has been a new addition to the www.mugshotmary.com site.
    They have now added in the video from the San Francisco Chronicle interview.

    One has to wonder in amazement why Mary ever agreed to be interviewed. She had zero chance of getting the endorsement and ONLY a chance of being asked awkward questions.

    As expected the video is not being used to drill into her false excuses.
    OMG, she did true damage to her already slim chances.

  55. Ooops...

    that sentence should have read

    "As expected the video is NOW being used to drill into her false excuses."

  56. I think its worth looking into whether or not Torricos lobbying firm actually hired his wife, especially after there was an incident involving violence. Is that just a rumor on this blog, or did a reputable Sacramento firm actually hire a woman who attacked a state employee?

  57. May 9 10:07 who is this Dr. Japra.

  58. 6:34 pm - you may want to ask Raj Salwan who Dr. Japra is, if we are even allowed to mention their names on this blog.