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Why is Bob Wieckowski Talking About His Own Sex Tape?

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CHAPTER 17 | Here’s the thing about Bob Wieckowski. He’s not who you think he is and whatever you might think about him is probably based on scant information, notably that he isn’t Mary Hayashi. Apparently, that's good enough for some, but this is what many in Sacramento think they know about Bob Wieckowski: He’s a guy who probably doesn’t have a sex tape floating around the capitol, but nonetheless, openly references the alleged escapade caught on video to anyone who will listen. On his own early this spring, Wieckowski actually mentioned the tape during an endorsement meeting with the California Teachers’ Association, said a source at the meeting. Wieckowski's campaign neither confirmed or denied the statement, but, acknowledged the endorsement meeting, for whatever reason, did not go well for the candidate. In addition, others say, Wieckowski brought up the sex tape with those at the gym. Presumably between reps at the elliptical machine and 15 minutes on the treadmill. 

Will this campaign stain 
Bob Wieckowski forever?
Most would wager there is no sex tape of Wieckowski and whoever. They may even suggest Hayashi or her campaign team long ago floated the wild rumor to undercut Wieckowski in their State Senate race. But, none of these questions matter since it is Wieckowski who is taking the bait and offering portions to anyone who wants a taste. To make matters worse, during the same time Wieckowski was blathering about his sex tape he authored a bill on the subject of revenge porn. Is this bill to protect himself, wondered Sacramento insiders? The bill is likely unconstitutional, but I wrote about it twice since it was offered in the Assembly. Why? Because like most of Sacramento, I too, knew about the sex tape and ridiculous irony is too hard to pass up.

Last Feb. 21, the widely-read capitol tip-sheet, The Nooner, slyly mentioned the rumors of Wieckowski and a sex tape. “On this Friday, there is a #bimbotastic rumor being floated by a certain someone making allegations about someone s/he is running against alleging having a videotape of said person being with another someone who also was with another someone, but you know, I can't ‘print’ just rumors,” wrote the author of the newsletter, Scott Lay. “So, time to play Mad Libs and appreciate how nasty some of the Dem on Dem races have become..”

So, what is a campaign to do with such a candidate widely described as someone who talks first and thinks last? First, you limit how many times Wieckowski is seen by the public. In this case, it means avoiding candidate’s forums and this is what happened. Wieckowski's campaign manager Mark Goodwin, also ran Joel Young's ill-fated Assembly race two years ago and employed a similar strategy after frequent missteps, including allegations of domestic violence by the candidate against a girlfriend. For most of the spring Young never attended a candidate's forum. Second, and most importantly, you change the subject. Of course, this happened the very moment Wieckowski turned this campaign into the most vitriolic contest ever seen in the East Bay. In fact, the level of sheer anger Wieckowski’s campaign has unleashed against Hayashi is commensurate to weakness of Wieckowski as a candidate. Whether Hayashi deserved the attacks she is absorbing is not the point, the real question is what type of state senator will Wieckowski be if this is how treats his opponents? Is this how he treats minorities? Is this how he treats women? In addition, one of the most amazing aspects about the onslaught against Hayashi is the dead quiet from women in the district.

Mary Hayashi
There has to be some sense of shame building up for the legion of women in this highly-progressive region who are allowing this type campaign to be waged against Hayashi. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg only lives a couple of exits away from the 10th State Senate District, but she might as well be a million miles away since so many women in this area have ignored her call to “Lean In” and instead have turned their back on a woman who embodies the same strong personality that is often celebrated if she was a male executive. Instead, it is women who are Hayashi’s worst enemy. In 2010, former state Sen. Liz Figueroa faced similar sexists attacks from her opponent, Nadia Lockyer. They told Figueroa in a mailer to pay the lien on her house before buying a BMW. Lockyer tried to humiliate her and no woman, other than former county supervisor Gail Steele, stood up for Figueroa. Nevertheless, we mistakenly believe our brand of Bay Area liberalism is impervious to the perceived closed mindedness of conservatives, but it’s not.

However, politics is often equated to war, but even on the battlefield, sensible nations long agreed chemical weapons were immoral and banned them. Likewise, denigrating and stomping on your opponent like Wieckowski has done over the past three weeks is the most telling aspect of this entire campaign and the candidate lobbing the mustard gas at Hayashi. Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle did not resort to this type of campaign and he handily defeated Hayashi two years ago. Is Valle that much better of candidate than Wieckowski? Yes, but probably not that much. Then, why the nuclear option? It’s a question we might never know until it’s way too late. But, I’m not telling you to vote for anyone, I’m telling you to start asking questions and you don’t even have to ask about the sex tape, Wieckowski will bring it up on his own.
SUNNY IN SAN LEANDRO As the primary season nears an end, there is a palpable sense some East Bay citywide races set for November are beginning to heat up. Of course, this is excluding Oakland where they have been ready to go since last fall. But, in San Leandro, the typical re-election ploy of an incumbent taking credit for absolutely everything positive that happens in the city will not be a part of this year’s mayoral race after Stephen Cassidy chose his job over another four years in office. It’s a missed opportunity for him, especially after some great news in San Leandro this week. Crime is considerably down, said the city’s police chief, and an article in the San Francisco Business Times touted its red-hot commercial real estate market. The preponderance of good news this year does not match a mayor deciding to leave office after one term, especially when he would have been the overwhelming favorite. In fact, it lends credence to the belief the San Francisco law firm which employs Cassidy applied pressure on him to focus solely on his job. It’s a bit disconcerting that a group of hot-shot lawyers are choosing who will lead San Leandro and not voters. The void will be filled by mayoral candidates who have been part of the establishment. Councilmember Diana Souza has been in office for almost eight years and Councilmember Pauline Cutter has been there half the time and both are early candidates for mayor.
Marvin Peixoto
HERE AND THERE A long-time Hayward politico expects Councilmember Marvin Peixoto to win re-election, but if he does the achievement will come by spending less than a bargain basement price of $10,000…The same source predicts Councilmember Barbara Halliday will win the mayor’s race, followed by Councilmembers Mark Salinas and Francisco Zermeno. There appears to be some consensus on this, but additionally, there is also a good chance all three candidates will garner at least 30 percent of the four-person field. Rakesh Kumar Christian, the other candidate in the race, is also running for governor…Bal Theater owner Dan Dillman announced he will run for mayor of San Leandro this week. On Facebook, he pledged to bring a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market to the city. Don’t laugh, but Trader Joe’s shunning the city about six years ago still stings and it became a minor issue during the 2010 mayoral race.
ONE MORE THING For #ThrowbackThursday, Rep. Eric Swalwell posted a YouTube video recalling the day in 2011 which he announced his candidacy for "the Congress," as he routinely says. It features a familiar refrain vowing to always work hard for the district and not take you for granted. In hindsight, the pledge sounds oddly similar to previously unknown political consultant Rick Astley. His 1987 hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up” delivered the same message. Check the chorus for yourself:

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

As a whole, Swalwell stayed true on five of the six pledges.


  1. One doesn't even know where to begin with the theme that Hayashi is being bashed as "woman" and as a "minority"...

    She is being bashed alright; as a "shoplifter".... No wait, not only as a shoplifter, but as a shoplifter who has for over two years lied and distorted the facts about her crime.
    Or have you forgotten the list of excuses that Mary Hayashi has put forth. She claimed a brain tumor was responsible for her crime.
    Then she claimed she was distracted on her cell phone and forgot to pay. Then she claimed she was inadvertently outside the store and allowed her hired PR fixer, San Singer, to say she was just about to return to pay for the goods when she was stopped.
    (have you seen the video... does she look like a person just about to return to pay?)
    Then she compared her shoplifting to unintentionally going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone, something anyone might do.

    Finally, on video, she completely denies she shoplifted $2,500 worth of goods. Telling the public she didn't shoplift because she offered to pay for the goods and apologized several times (oh OK Mary, if only every shoplifter would do that, we'd have zero shoplifting).

    Mary Hayashi, to this very day, has NEVER admitted she intentionally shoplifted. But the recently released video proves she did just that. A close examination of the video, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that she not only intentionally shoplifted, but that she planned and executed the shoplifting.
    Still, to this very moment, Mary Hayashi continues to lie to the public and distort what happened on that day.

    Mary Hayashi is not the type of woman that Cheryl Sandburg was telling women to emulate. What a total distortion of how women should act.
    Yes, Mary Hayashi "Leaned In" all right, she leaned into the shopping bag she brought into Neiman Marcus, and placed $2,500 worth of clothing under and below the two items she was returning to the store.

    There is no reasonable explanation how the stolen merchandise could have gotten underneath the items to be returned, unless Mary Hayashi placed them there while in the dressing room.
    There is no logical explanation of why Mary would place the stolen merchandise into the bottom of that bag and then place the other return items on top.
    The video shows and proves that Mary had to have intentionally hidden the items. Then when returning the two items, Mary looks directly into the bag from no more than 12 inches away. It would have been impossible for her to not see the $2,500 worth of clothing in that bag. Then she covered up those items with another plastic bag. You can see her do it on the video.
    Thus, Mary's continual pleadings that her crime was a unintentional and absentminded mistake is a outright lie.
    A lie she continues to put forth to the voters this May.

    She has been rightly nailed on this issue and NOT because she is a woman or a minority.
    Such a preposterous suggestion that this is being done because she is female and Asian is laughable.

    Finally Richard Valle did not push her shoplifting as a issue for two reasons. First because the issue was fresh in voters minds at the time and because nearly all the voters lived in the area Mary had represented and were knowledgeable about the crime.
    Unlike Dist. 10, where voters stretch into San Jose and Santa Clara, areas Mary never represented.
    Secondly, Mary was limited to using only $20,000 of her campaign war chest against Valley in a 'county' election.
    Whereas in this election Mary came into the contest with $690,000 and a tremendous financial advantage compared to Weickowski.

    No, your entire set of facts and premise are bogus, as you try to turn Weickowski into some kind of sexist woman basher.

    Any campaign manager in this race who would advise a client against using the shoplifting issue would be liable for professional malpractice.

  2. "Nevertheless, we mistakenly believe our brand of Bay Area liberalism is impervious to the perceived closed mindedness of conservatives, but it’s not."

    RIght on!. You could see the so called liberal mentality when Weikoewkski&Co. made sure al nagy, royce kelly, bill quick, richard valle, bill harrison, prevailed as against woman of color who happened to be very qualified for those spots. Take a look. It happened every single time. Every.single.time.! Who was behind those moves you ask?! Happless bob. bob the bully, if you will.

  3. Bob is single, yes? Why should it bother us if he has a sex tape or not?

  4. I live in the district and get all of the mailers. I would agree with the first comment. This is not at all sexist or racist. As noted, if your opponent has such an enormous negative as being a convicted criminal who won't even fess up to their crime, you would be a fool not to go after it.

  5. Don't understand why Tavares is defending Hayashi on any level. Aside from her shoplifting, she had the worst reputation in Sacramento. Rumors of her affair with her staffer was talk of the capitol for years. She went through staff like she goes thru leather pants. Hayashi is toxic.

  6. Cassidy is just getting out while the gettin' is good. Losing for your politics is one thing, losing essentially because you've been exposed as a condescending prick that can't generate any real progress is another.

  7. I think Wickowski should not have made public the Hayashi tape-after all it was his campaign that did so. I found it demeaning and the public is well aware of Mary's actions. The event occurred more than two years ago and I guess she has another year of probation; I have had my problems with Hayashi, but again that video should have stayed out of the public eye. It was Marga LaCabe who passed the video onto Bob; this is someone who claims to be an "Attorney," and is not. Tony Santos

  8. Half of State Senate Dist. 10 was only minimally aware of Mary Hayashi's crime and the details.
    Some in the East Bay assume everyone was following it, however half of District 10 is in areas that Mary Hayashi never represented and was largely unknown.
    Additionally, the events being more than two years old, they have faded in the memory of the average voter. They needed to be prompted to recall their feelings about her arrest and conviction.
    Especially in light of Mary going around over and over saying the entire crime was inadvertent.
    Now, with the release of the video, it is possible to see and prove that Mary was fully intentional in committing the crime.

    Thus, a good part of what the voters need to know about Mary's character is that she is a person who continues to deceive them by falsely sticking with her version of events. The video proves that Mary's story is false. She was indeed fully aware and intentionally did the crime she was convicted of.

    The voters need to know. They need to know if a candidate is trying to deceived them. It speaks to her character today, not just two years ago.

  9. Peixoto shuns special interest goups, except for police & fire unions/associations. Former SEIU, current SEIU hater. His camapign signs are purple, white & yellow--SEIU colors. He said that he walked the picket line wth Josie so that Annabelle's Candy's workers could get a fair contract. So, does he help City of Hayward Workers get a fair contract? No, he chose to impose on the City's lowest paid workers who were told to give up as much as those making a whole lot more money. Has he saved the City money? No, because he wants to commission an expensive study to fix The Loop and he wants to build expensive, lavish public buildings in Hayward. You can't claim Hayward will be bankrupt in 4 years and go on a crazy spending spree with money that you don't really have. The Mayor & Council should take their own advice, "Don't spend what you don't have or you'll go broke." If Measure C passes, Hayward needs more stores than Big Five to generate funding for all those public buildings on their "wish list."

  10. Negative campaign like Wieckowski, he just lost with no respect, Bob is not focusing of solutions of our current issues like a senator should. Instead, he mixed with internet bullies like Marga Lacabe and her husband Mike Katz-Lacabe.

  11. Marga Lacabe lied on ballot statement after ballot statement about being a human rights lawyer to the voters. The husband of hers Mike Katz-Lacabe who's currently running for office in San Leandro handed out those campaign flyers saying that she is a lawyer. Mike Katz-Lacabe knowingly handed out her lies and that makes him just as much a dishonest liar like his wife, they lied to the whole Alameda county voters.

    Marga placed hand on her hip power playing wannabe lawyer speech milking the spotlight whenever and whatever.


    See for yourself on page 32 from 2010 candidates list, Marga Lacabe identified herself as a human rights lawyer, we were told she was a full time nanny and 24/7 internet bully.


    Read the article and comments of how double standard Marga debates to her lie:


  12. I'm genuinely confused here--what's your beef with Wieckowski? Yes, sometimes his mouth works faster than his brain--but you defended Stark for that and he was often worse. IMO that's no capital crime. I generally trust your instinct and agree with you about your "hit list"--but why is Wieckowski there--and above Hayashi no less? I assume you have something to base this on and am interested to hear.

  13. I'm a voter in SD10. While I originally assumed I'd vote for Wieckowski (primarily because he's our assemblymember and was the only candidate known to me prior to the start of this campaign), I'm now sure that I will vote for someone other than Wieckowski. There are several reasons for this change. 1) I abhor negative campaigning. Wieckowski's campaign and an independent expenditure committee have gone way overboard with sending negative mailers. We are absolutely sick of getting this stuff in our mailbox. It's not just the SD10 race, it's our assembly race too (Kansen and Armando's IE committees are also sending awful stuff.) And the congressional race has also produced some negative stuff. It's just insulting.
    2) I've heard Wieckowski speak in a couple of different venues as our assemblymember. His message changes to suit the audience, so now I can't trust him to do the right thing for the people here. He's not an articulate speaker, by the way. I should think that anyone in public office would seek to get training in public speaking if needed. Clearly, he hasn't bothered to get such training.
    3) His choice of staff, and inability to control his staff, makes me question his judgement. Not just the Trisha incident, but the campaign staff which appears to be rolling on the floor laughing at the negativity they're spewing at his opponent (based on the online and mail pieces which are just overboard). I want a state senator who his staff who behave in a professional manner. This campaign has showed me that Wieckowski doesn't hire good staffers. His staffers also seem to be working the comment boards overtime, and spewing more of the negative stuff. His staffers come across as rude and arrogant.
    4) He's spending so much time on negative stuff that he's neglected to tell us what he stands for, why he should represent us, and what he will do for us if elected. I want to know what my elected representatives will do in office and what Wieckowski's vision is. All I'm seeing from his campaign is negativity. People here are saying that they used to think Wieckowski was a nice guy, but now they know that he's not.

    So Wieckowski lost not only my vote, but the other votes in my household and the votes of my friends. What is really stupid is that people think that Wieckowski and Hayashi are destined to be the top two finishers in the primary - so why go so overboard with negativity at this point? Does anyone really think that one of the other candidates could end up in the top two?

  14. 8:38, there is a small chance that Kuo might get more votes than Hayashi.
    In fact, since it is all but certain that Weickowski will finish in first place, a good strategic plan for those who support Weickowski, but abhor Hayashi, might be to not vote for Weickowski and instead vote for Kuo...

    Kuo might just surpass Hayashi during all this negative news about her shoplifting.
    Otherwise the negative news will continue in Sept and Oct, though Hayashi has near zero chance of winning in November.
    Better to get rid of her now by forcing her into 3rd place.

    Thus, a vote for Kuo is OK, even if you support Weickowski.
    Strange logic, but in this top two business, you do what you must.

    No matter what happens on June 3rd, Hayashi does not win in November. Her career is over.....unless she returns in about a decade as a born-again honest person.

  15. 10:11 - I'm sure that's what both campaigns are hoping for - a Republican opponent in November.
    This is a very heavily democrat district, so I'd really be surprised if Kuo did well at all. If he was a moderate Republican, maybe, but he's not.
    I think the result of all of the negativity is voters simply not voting in that race, which is a shame.
    And I'm sure that Wieckowski's staff is hoping that Kuo is in the top two. After all, if Wieckowski doesn't win, his staff members are no longer employed, correct?

  16. At this point, I don't think Wieckowski staff members are worried about him winning.
    The reality is that neither Kuo or Hayashi can win in November.
    Hayashi's only hope at this point is to finish in the top two.
    What she has planned for Sept. and Oct. is beyond me.

    Its not like the shoplifting issue is going away.
    She is sunk. After all TV news stations ran the tapes of her shoplifting last week, she is sinking rapidly. Those stations ran that story several times. CBS5 ran it at Noon, 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM and at 11:00 PM. They may have run it the following morning. I wasn't up to see.
    Also, ABC7 ran it at 6:00 and 11:00 and KTVU ran it at 5:00 and 10:00.. Not sure about KNTV11.

    It was blanket coverage, only 2 weeks prior to the election.
    Devastating coverage for Hayashi.
    That is why she may not even finish 2nd despite having spend over $500,000.

    Heck, CBS5 even showed the video of her saying "I did not shoplift $2,500 worth of goods".. Right after showing her shoplifting the goods and being arrested. WOW!, it doesn't get better than that.
    Caught red handed and then denying it. Political suicide.

  17. The Lacabes are probably wanting money from the Wieckowski campaign since no one in SL pays any attention to her husband running for office. Marga pimped her husband Mike Katz-Lacabe pony tail for few dollars just to get some attention. Never know, these two might even voluntarily public their own sex tapes out of desperateness which we don't want to see piggies in the blanket.

  18. 4:34 PM's regular rants starting to sound like those unhinged videos we saw in the weekend news. A strange little world where someone else is always to blame for your problems.

  19. Alameda County voters have the right to know!

    Mike Katz-Lacabe knew that his wife Margarita Lacabe aka Marga Lacabe was not a human rights lawyer but he still campaigned for her because he knew this lie would get his wife elected to the Democratic Central Committee. He lied to all voters in Alameda County and can never be trusted to hold office EVER!

  20. I'm suggesting voters not make decisions based upon another candidate's negatives and instead, base it on positives. I've written in the past year about Wieckowski's inability to competently run his own assembly office, let alone represent his constituents. Furthermore, this type of lowdown, deceitful style of politics being used by Wieckowski is highly corrosive. If others find it works, we'll see it all the time. Swalwell already got away with rampant ageism against Stark and I'll bet we'll see it again. Again, if you choose leaders based on nothing but you don't like the other person, there's a good chance you'll regret it.

  21. "Furthermore, this type of lowdown, deceitful style of politics being used by Wieckowski is highly corrosive"

    Gosh, I had to go to the dictionary to make sure my definition of deceitful was valid.
    ---guilty of or involving deceit; deceiving or misleading others.---

    Since your complaint seems to revolve around Wieckowski using the shoplifting arrest and conviction as a issue, I wish you had spelled out where Wieckowski's or other's ads were deceitful.

    As far as I can see, they spell out and show the facts as known from both the police report and from security video.
    I've seen nothing coming from EBCitizen pointing out specific inaccuracies.

    On the other hand, I've seen and heard plenty about the shoplifting crime from Mary Hayashi that is indeed deceitful.
    Look at that definition again "deceiving or misleading others."
    She has done that repeatedly regarding her shoplifting.
    As recently as May 1st, she said "I did not shoplift $2,500 worth of goods".. She has personally, and via her surrogates, never strayed from the story line that her act was entirely unintentional.
    That is deceiving or misleading the voters.

    Then look at her main attack ad, that Weickowski was the only senator to vote against the bill. In fact, he voted for the bill that was signed by Governor Brown.
    Clearly Mary was "misleading others" about that bill.
    Mary knows all about bills being amended and then gaining final approval.

    Nope, unless and until Mary admits, and stops denying the intentional nature of her shoplifting, it is more than fair game to point out that issue as one that reveals her character, not only at the time the crime was committed, but in failing to come clean about it all these many months later. The cover-up continues.
    The video proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Mary intentionally shoplifted the goods.
    Why she continues to deny that is beyond me.
    Her denial only serves to magnify the original act and record.

  22. This household is giving Mary a second chance, 4 votes.

  23. Mike Katz-Lacabe and his wife Marga Lacabe are indeed deceiving and misleading the Alameda county voters.

    Most people in San Leandro despise Marga and Mike Katz-Lacabe's bullying and lying. They lied to all voters when Marga campaigned for democratic central posing as a human rights lawyer when she just sits at home cyber bullying people. Mike Katz-Lacabe knowingly produced and handed out Marga's campaign flyers with her as a human rights lawyer. That makes him "liar, guilty of or involving deceit; deceiving or misleading others" just like her.

  24. By MW:

    In regard to the possibility that there is a sex tape of Bob Wieckowski, since politics, and especially in California, is basically show business. choreographed stage shows, and smoke and mirrors - and although the politicians and the newspapers pretend it is about the issues and competence - we should stop the frauds, phoniness, and the lies we tell ourselves about how we judge the candidates and how we supposedly decide which one would be the best public servant, and instead just have each of the candidates get up on the stage and dance in the nude and tell a few jokes, and then we can just vote for the one who is the best entertainer, rather than having to spend the time reading and analyzing the mailers they send out listing the "reasons" "explaining" why they are more qualified than their opponent.

  25. Hmmm...yet you're offering up the exact same recipe: vote for Mary because I don't like Bob. I'm not saying Bob is in any way the best possible candidate, but come on; don't you think you're being a tad bit hypocritical? I mean Bob HIMSELF, so far as we know, has never done anything illegal, immoral, or improper for which to be be judged.

    On the one hand you criticize Bob for bringing up Mary's very real and illegal misdeeds, yet on the same page write a fantastically long and detailed pulp novella about Bob's FORMER chief of staff who had an affair with a FORMER Assemblyman.

    How is that not the pot calling the kettle black?

  26. what a load of crap. This site has obviously been bought and paid for by the Hayashi campaign.

  27. See today's SJ Merc for an article on where candidates stand on issues in SD10:

    That's what I will base my decision on - how will candidates vote on the issues if elected. I cannot support any candidate who fails to recognize the environmental consequences of fracking, for example. I also think that high speed rail was a bait and switch ballot measure. It is wrong to campaign telling voters that X will cost $Y, and then later voters find out that $Y is actually 10 times $Y, yet voters don't get a chance to vote on approving the enormous cost increases. So that rules out Wieckowski, who is in favor of both high speed rail and fracking. I don't like Wieckowski's attempted interference in the Bart strike issue, either. Redevelopment is another issue - Gov. Brown dissolved the RDAs. Wieckowski is in favor of bringing RDAs back, without any concern about the effects of taking property tax dollars away from public agencies and giving those property tax dollars to private corporations such as developers.

  28. Steve Tavares - Could you please provide links to these articles you wrote? "I've written in the past year about Wieckowski's inability to competently run his own assembly office, let alone represent his constituents."

    I've observed Wieckowski's inability to control his staff, and neglect of constituents with views which do not dovetail with Wieckowski's views. I'd like to read your articles.

  29. This election, or at least the primary, is just about over.
    If Mary or Bob had any more ammo, they would have unleashed it last week, so that it would have time to slosh around in media and community.

    So as it stands, it appears that Weicowski will come in first by a substantial margin, with Hayashi a weak second.
    Small outside chance that Kuo could grab second.

    Looks like Mary will have less than $300,000 dollars left over for Sept. and Oct. Perhaps less than $200,000.
    Seems like there is no path to victory in November for Mary unless she digs up some colossal dirt on Weicowski.

    Otherwise its a easy 20+ point victory by Weicowski in November..
    You really have to wonder what Mary's strategy was in the first place. She seems to be out of touch with public opinion about her past criminal activity and her being on probation.
    Hard to see how she maintains her enthusiasm during the next 5 months when there is near zero chance of victory.

    But then again, she seems to live in some delusional world of thinking or she wouldn't even be in this race.

  30. "Lowdown type of politics"?

    Wieckowski seems to be alerting voters to a fact about his opponent. She *IS* on probation for shoplifting.

    While Steve, you seem to gladly assist the Hayashi campaign in coming after Wieckowski, with baseless hits laced with gossip planted directly by Hayashi's team.

    This blog is employing the exact tactics that it claims to deplore.

    Steve used to be much more principled with his reporting. At times now these stories are based on nothing more than gossip that is obviously been planted by opposing factions.

    You're supporting Ellen Corbett, right Steve? You weren't covering this beat at the time, but you should ask anyone around about how she snagged the seat in the State Senate. At the time, she ran the negative campaign of the decade. She unleashed 20 - 30 hit pieces on John Dutra, who was outspending her by 10 to 1. She attacked him (fairly) on his conservative voting record over his 6 years in office.

    You think if it were the other way around, that Hayashi would not be reporting on her opponent's arrest and criminal conviction? If it were the other way around, do you think Hayashi would not use her opponent's mugshot?

    After all, at this point, the only thing she's been able to muster up against her opponent, are the fabricated stories you've been planting for her benefit.

    If indeed your comment @ 9:02 pm was correct, you would have chosen to write a piece similar to what Josh Richman posted. He also observed, as you did, that the candidates positives might be getting lost in the noise.

    But to offer a remedy for that, he seemed to contact each candidate, and he obtained each of their positions on some of the issues most important to voters.

    Your remedy? Writing another fabricated hit against Hayashi's opponent.

    Also, this string has nothing to do with Marga or Mike. I've seen Steve properly policing other string's comments, and deleting those that are off topic. The comments by the troll that continues to try to throw stones at Marga and Mike should be removed.

  31. The same persons, Marga & Mike, who have about 60% of the posts on this string think no ones should know their double standard. They write bad about peoples past but they don't want people to know their bad past.

    Marga Lacabe lied on ballot statement after ballot statement about being a human rights lawyer to the voters. The husband of hers Mike Katz-Lacabe who's currently running for office in San Leandro handed out those campaign flyers saying that she is a lawyer. Mike Katz-Lacabe knowingly handed out her lies and that makes him just as much a dishonest liar like his wife, they lied to the whole Alameda county voters.

    See for yourself on page 32 from 2010 candidates list, Marga Lacabe identified herself as a human rights lawyer, we were told she was a full time nanny and 24/7 internet bully.


    Read the article and comments of how double standard Marga debates to her lie:


  32. 12:29 "The same persons, Marga & Mike, who have about 60% of the posts on this string "

    I'm guessing that nearly all of my posts are taken by you as being the product of Marga or Mike.

    I've never met either one of them and I don't live in San Leandro.
    You are seeing things in posts and allowing your imagination to run wild.
    Everyone else here sees you as a individual who has a form of mental illness, thinking you are saving the world, or at least San Leandro from some devil.
    In a earlier post I likened you to a milder form of that nut who went crazy over the weekend.

    Hopefully you will find help.
    Lastly, you seem unable to understand that no one here cares about your exposing whatever it is you think Marga and Mike are doing. It is old business and even when it was new business, nobody really cared.

    Only you live in a world where what you post matters.
    Test it for yourself. Go to downtown San Leandro with flyers in hand and try to interest anyone in your grand story.
    You will see that after spending a entire day explaining it to people you meet, that perhaps 1 person in 200 cares even one bit about what you are saying.
    But you don't dare put your story out in the real world.
    Instead you come here where the same people read (or don't read) what you keep posting.
    We've read it and you can keep posting it a thousand times, because we consider it as meaningless and normal political activity.
    Only you think it is of importance.

    But I'm guessing you won't see or understand that and furthermore, you will claim my post is really that of Marga.

    Hopefully at some point, your endless tirades will be deleted.
    They are getting so old. You sound like some bitter husband or wife still stewing about a divorce 10 years later.
    Filled with bitterness that no one else cares about.

  33. Why are you so upset? How are the double standards of the Lacabes old business? Oh we understand, it's all about you picking and choosing which old lies from Marga and Mike you can consider old business from those you think should be on the front pages, regardless of how Mary's blunders have already been old news just as well.

    I am not supporter of Bob, Mary, or Kuo. Mary's video were provided from Margarita Lacabe to the media because she wanted to see "what was going on", so what's wrong with voters wanting to know the same from the Lacabes? Go ahead. Think carefully and take your time to answer that.

  34. To the commenter at 2:07 pm:
    Steve Tavares, to this date, has not posted the surveillance video of Hayashi for his readers and followers.
    Where do you stand on that, 2:07 pm?
    Do you think he should (or should have) posted it himself, as part of his "Campaign Insider" profiles and updates?

  35. Tavares is not running for office, Mike Katz-Lacabe is running in 2014 for a San Leandro City Council seat. His wife Marga lied on the 2010 ballot statement and Mike together with his wife pushed her lie and hid it from Alameda County voters.

  36. Wow. Steve you may have tipped your hand with this one.
    Your cover has been blown with this "story". THANK YOU!
    Your coordination with the Hayashi campaign is completely spelled out in this one. You opened up this story with the same line Mary Hayashi used to open up her speech in February at the Democratic Endorsements.
    You've surely been playing it fast and loose since you got co-opted by Khanna and Hayashi.

  37. Steve, one simple question here: When Josh Pulliam called you to plant this story, was he crying to you like a little bitch with his nuts being crushed in a vice?

  38. Steven, it's a good signs, bad or good comments, they are keep coming back for MORE! They like your play pan BETTER!.

  39. Mary has a conviction & a surveillance tape to prove her crime. There is NO footage of a sex tape to prove Bob has one. This looks like false accusations from the Hayashi campaign.

  40. Does Bob think it's okay or no big deal that the Lacabe couples lied to the whole Alameda County voters?

  41. Did Josh Pulliam call me? Then did he call everybody in Sacramento four months ago along with Scott Lay at The Nooner? Are you suggesting Wieckowski is in cahoots with Pulliam to undermine his own campaign?

    The point is Wieckowski was bringing up this sex tape on his own. He was broadcasting it. i can't really pin whether it was because he thought it was funny or was poking around to see if people had heard the rumor.

  42. So incredibly sick of the negative mailers from the Wieckowski campaign and his IE committees. We get it - she shoplifted. I knew that months ago. I didn't need even one mailer in my mailbox to let me know about the issue. Bob W. is turning off voters who otherwise would have voted for him. People here are saying that they thought he was a nice person, but now they know he's not.

  43. This site is beginning to lose all credibility

  44. Warning to all others who think they are Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz-Lacabe's “friends”: They will stab you in the back the first time you disagree with their “opinion”. Mike Katz-Lacabe would have his crazy wife Margarita uses deceit, omission, and straw-man arguments to make their “point”.

  45. 7:07 Sure, you a actively involved person with a interest in political things, knows all about Mary's past, but you also probably live in a area she once represented.
    However the average voter only remembers about Mary's problems after being prompted with the information.

    That is especially true in those South Bay areas she never represented. For many of them, this is all new. Not to mention the many people who move into the area.

    It was essential that Wiecowski brought the issue up so that voters could see her past and know of her continuing misrepresentation on the who matter.
    You are aware that she said on May 1st that "I did not shoplift $2,500 worth of goods"

    You are aware that consistently over the past 2 years, Mary has maintained that she never intentionally shoplifted those items.

    Yet only now do we have absolute proof that she is lying when she says the act was unintentional.
    Does it not matter to you that she continues to deceive the voters with a false story. A story which is proven to be false after a close examination of the store security video.

    Voters want to not only know if they are electing a criminal, but even more so if they are electing a liar.
    Flat out, the video proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Mary's version of the event is false, yet she continues to spread it about as though enough voters will believe what she is saying.

    Why aren't you "so incredibly sick" of Mary continuing to mislead the public about the events of that day.
    Why do you accept her false story so easily.
    Doesn't it bother you when she keeps telling you a false story?

  46. By MW:

    If Bob Wieckowski has actually done a sex tape, then I would suggest he and Nadia Lockyer go into business together, in other words do a merger, and do still more sex tapes,

    They could name their business ALAMEDA COUNTY X RATED COMEDIES.

  47. "So incredibly sick" liars like Margarita Lacabe and her husband Mike Katz-Lacabe are no saints and should not cast stones in a glass house when they are no different.

  48. Steven Tavares has a sex tape. He is having sex with a blowup doll that looks just like him.

  49. Will vote for Pauline Cutter over the dumbest Councilwoman ever named Diana Souza.

  50. BoB W. should thank wannabe lawyer Margarita Lacabe for providing Mary's video which was added to his campaign mailers, youtube videos, etc. That's how Bob lost all respect. Now, even if he wins we'll all know Bob as a narrow-minded, dirty, desperate senator with no shred of respect to show for.

  51. Bob will win because he represents the progressive values of this district and the voters agree with him and his votes.

  52. Bob will win dirty, good for him.

  53. Either he wins or lose, now we know he's DIRTY BOB.

  54. All's fair in love and politics!

  55. Almost everything is fair in war and politics.