Thursday, June 12, 2014

Corbett Now Trails Bussell by 323 Votes with Few Ballots Remaining

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Since Election Day nine days ago, State Sen. Ellen Corbett has narrowly trailed Hugh Bussell for the chance to face Rep. Eric Swalwell in November. Following an update from the Alameda County Registar of Voters Wednesday, the difference is now just 323 votes. The totals lowered the spread by more than half. Previously, the difference was 721.

However, Alameda County reported all of its ballots have been counted and the small portion of Contra Costa County in the 15th Congressional District is not likely to close the slight spread between Corbett, a Democrat and Bussell, the low-funded Republican poised for a major upset.

The Bay Area News Group reported the Contra Costa County registrars plans to report its final tally on Friday. But, Corbett has consistently lagged far behind Bussell in Contra Costa County. Bussell currently holds over a 15-point lead over Corbett there, translating to a 1,371 advantage.

Although, Corbett's lead grew in Alameda County late Wednesday afternoon, her 1,048 lead may not be enough. 


  1. I can't believe Corbett would want to finish second.
    Of what use would it be to be forced into campaigning in September and October when there is near zero chance to win.
    On the other hand, Republicans seem satisfied to "get the message out" even when they have no hope.

    So in November, everyone should vote for Bussell. Why? Because he has zero chance to win, but the intent is to keep Swalwell from getting smug.
    I always voted against Stark for the same reason, but so many knee-jerk voters always voted for him, he grew more and more arrogant until we ended up with that caricature of a congressman.

    My advice, whether its Swalwell, or Bonta, or any local incumbent, always vote against them, to keep them a bit nervous. After all, their elections are almost never remotely close, so just adding on another yes vote does nothing positive.


  2. My job was to keep Whorbett down, to make sure she never recovered. I did my job, and it shows.

    Now that we move on, would like to take note that she'll probably be taking a gig with Platinum Advisors up in Sac. town and lobby for union whores. Perata's up there, too. She could also take an internship in Congressman Swalwell's office. I know that we would be receptive to that, however, she would have to learn to bake 'em cookies! :)

    Feelin' so pumped!

  3. You're still a sexist asshole douchebag ... nothing will change that

  4. Want to offer congrats to our CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL 2014 and his returning staff to the capitol and district.

    You guys did an awesome job, and you will continue to have your jobs...for the next decade. Unlike the Corbett folks, you won't be in the unemployment line :)

    Really stoked!

  5. Maybe she will move back to San Leandro and run for Mayor?

  6. San Leandro ain't that desperate.

  7. Most of the people who live in San Leandro like her a lot.

  8. She's already accepted an offer from Platinum, going to lobby for unions.

  9. She will make more money there and get pension benefits which she didn't get in the Assembly or Senate. Good for her.