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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Early Crop of San Leandro Mayoral Candidates Failing to Excite, Leaving Others to Contemplate a Run

The lack of quality mayoral candidates
in San Leandro leads some to suggest
Ellen Corbett, left, should run in the fall.
PHOTO/Steven Tavares
SAN LEANDRO | MAYOR | When San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy said last month he would not seek re-election after just one term, it suddenly put the mayor’s race in play. Cassidy appeared headed for re-election in November and although his ill-mannered personality and chronic absenteeism from mayor's offie were huge negatives, Cassidy didn’t bring the city down. In fact, San Leandro’s economic recovery outpaced other neighboring cities and under his guidance earned a growing reputation as the East Bay’s newest hub for technology.

Four years ago, Cassidy came somewhat out of nowhere to become the first candidate to unseat an incumbent mayor in San Leandro. With Cassidy off the ballot in the fall, San Leandrans are struggling to find a suitable replacement. If you ask around, the early current field of prospective mayoral candidates is failing to capture the imagination of prospective supporters and donors.

In fact, this lack of exuberance is not entirely surprising. In recent years, San Leandro politics has suffered from a poor bench of prospective candidates to draw from whether it is for mayor or the City Council. Therefore, from this pool of choices, the first two candidates to enter the race are not even the most effective members of the City Council. Councilmembers Diana Souza and Pauline Cutter have already announced their intention to run. Both share a common trait of appearing uncertain during council deliberations. Although, Souza has fought back against Cassidy’s browbeating, Cutter is viewed as his only council ally, however, in doing so, often looking mousy and meek.

Councilmember Jim Prola's strong ties
to labor would make him a front runner
for mayor, but says he has no interest.
Furthermore, two other members of the City Council better suited for a promotion to mayor, say they have no interest. Councilmember Jim Prola would automatically be the front runner upon announcing, but he has maintained a stubborn aversion to the idea. Similarly, Councilmember Michael Gregory is termed out, but he may feel running for the East Bay Regional Park District board is a more fulfilling endeavor.

Even though, San Leandro has had a history of colorful mayoral candidates running campaigns based more on vanity than policy (think rapper Mo Wiley), Bal Theater owner Dan Dillman may fit this description, but he also has some good ideas and a flair for showmanship. Yet, their candidacies are not providing reason for San Leandro politicos to register full support.

With no future prospects for mayor on the horizon, whispers from the past are being bandied about with great frequency. It’s why former San Leandro Mayor Shelia Young is strongly thinking about running. From time to time, you hear Tony Santos’ name floated. The former mayor who lost to Cassidy in 2010 often appears coy about running, but he’s unlikely to run. Sometimes you even hear suggestions former San Leandro Councilmember Bob Glaze might be interested even though he’s been away from City Hall almost a decade.

The most interesting rumor deals with another former mayor, this time, Ellen Corbett. Although, she will be looking for a new job come December, going from the big pond that is Sacramento to San Leandro might, for her, feel like a huge step backward. However, with San Leandro on the upswing, Corbett in the mayor’s office would be a coup. A small city version of Jerry Brown returning to the East Bay to lead an Oakland renaissance a decade ago.

Either way, just like neighboring Oakland where the list of potential candidates is at 18, the bloated ballot denotes widespread dissatisfaction with the incumbent, but it also means no challenger has been able to gain strong traction. This leads to the next prospective candidate to enter the race and so on. This could happen in San Leandro, too, which like Oakland, employs ranked choice voting, the seemingly haphazard method of choosing its leaders. It's also a system that greatly fosters the belief among political dreamers that anything happen. Four years ago, underdogs Jean Quan and Stephen Cassidy only bolstered that idea.


  1. Cassidy still has leftover of campaign $$$$$, where are they going, anyone knows, to puppet Cutter, "pay" and "play" behind the scene "mayor"?

  2. Dan Dillman is currently serving time in Santa Rita jail, can a felony runs for office? Are they allowed to vote?

  3. Marga Lacabe lied on ballot statement after ballot statement about being a human rights lawyer to the voters. The husband of hers Mike Katz-Lacabe who's currently running for office in San Leandro handed out those campaign flyers saying that she is a lawyer. Mike Katz-Lacabe knowingly handed out her lies and that makes him just as much a dishonest liar like his wife, they lied to the whole Alameda county voters.

    See for yourself on page 32 from 2010 candidates list, Marga Lacabe identified herself as a human rights lawyer, we were told she was a full time nanny and 24/7 internet bully.


    Read the article and comments of how Marga debates to her lie:


  4. New law convicted felons, it applies to those who are convicted after Jan. 1, 2013, can't run for office in California.

  5. Most people in San Leandro despise Marga and Mike Katz-Lacabe's bullying and lying. They lied to all voters when Marga campaigned for democratic central posing as a human rights lawyer when she just sits at home cyber bullying people. Mike Katz-Lacabe knowingly produced and handed out Marga's campaign flyers with her as a human rights lawyer. That makes him "liar, guilty of or involving deceit; deceiving or misleading others" just like her.

  6. Hey 7:08pm True thats FELON"S", Chris Crow + Dan Dillman felon's' campaign team for mayor, committed felonies. Feel free to correct typos or spellings giving you natural high. loll.

  7. Anybody but Diana Souza. She's not a leader and, unfortunately, even after eight years on the city council has not been able to develop any statesmanship.

  8. Many neighborhoods support SLPD & AFD! No marijuana!

  9. By MW:

    So Oakland already has "only" eighteen candidates, and counting, running for mayor; and San Leandro already. and so far, has "only" has nine candidates running for mayor.

    I think the best way would be to simply list on each city's ballot the names of each and every person who has ever been a resident of that particular city - or maybe even simpler and shorter would be to merely list on the ballot the very few people in each city who have decided not to run for mayor.

    And as far as the "only" eighteen people, and so far and still counting, running for mayor of Oakland, I would love to see a debate organized in which all eighteen could debate and discuss the issues, question and insult each other, each could attempt to convince the general public that he or she is the best person and that the other seventeen are unqualified, and in general see how much lies and garbage they could feed the audience. It would be a much better circus than anything Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus ever put on.

    In fact, I think I will buy a house that straddles the Oakland - San Leandro border, and that way I will legally be a resident of both cities, and then I am going to simultaneously run for mayor of both cities. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.


  10. Dillman was convicted of a misdemeanor, not a felony.

    Whit Magor

  11. Steve Tavares, you have written a most cogent article on SL's Mayor's race; lately, including my daughter and brother, I have been asked to run this coming election; however, my wife says "no way," so all need to convince her before I get into the race; between yesterday and this evening, I have been asked to get into the race; to tell truth, I really don
    t think it is me, but fact, voters are not happy with prospective candidates. I wanted to support Prola but as stated by Steve, he said as did Glaze and it is absolutely correct that City has lost its way with developing viable candidates to run for the office. By the way, doubt voters will vote for Dillman as he represents the Hayashi wing of SL. Tony Santos.

  12. Corbett should have seen the writing on the wall in the Summer of 2012, then run for supervisor. She could have beaten Valle.

    That way she'd get the current $219,147 in total comp, that the others are getting. (actual salary is $143,000)

    Now, she is out, Hayashi is out, and each have few prospects.

  13. Ellen Corbett had her chance. She should have had the courage to run against Stark when he was becoming senile and being rude to his constituents. You move forward not backward.
    Tony Santos pushed rank choice voting and ended up shooting himself in the foot. He's done.
    Shelia Young running again must be a joke. She was often rude and difficult to work with. Hear her husband is very sick. She needs to take care of him. Family always comes first.
    Bob Glaze not many remember.
    Prola always comes across as a fool. Opens mouth says nothing. No hot air for mayor.
    Michael Gregory needs to do more than make the best dressed list. Thanks Gregory for not playing the obvious Cassidy, Cutter and Prola game and voting Benny Lee for Vice-Mayor. Bet Cassidy chewed him out.
    Pauline Cutter is Cassidy's puppet and best friend, always has been, always will be. Watch the 5-5-2014 city council meeting video, you'd have to be blind not to see it. If you lay with dogs you get fleas. Cutter's got fleas!
    Diana Souza had the courage to stand up to Cassidy. It's not always easy to stand up to idiots and no one likes to air the dirty laundry, but she did it with style and class at the 5-5-2014 Council meeting and it needed to be done. If it were not for Diana Souza having the courage to speak out, Benny Lee would not be Vice-Mayor. Diana Souza has always been respectful to her constituents and helpful at solving problems. Whenever we have asked a question or expressed a concern she has ALWAYS been very good about getting back to us.
    This household is proud to be voting for Diana Souza for Mayor. We are NOT voting for anyone endorsed by Cassidy!

  14. Hear Marga is in big trouble with Central Democratic Committee. They should have thrown her off the committee when she lied to voters saying she was a lawyer to get herself elected. Liar yes, lawyer NO. Hear they may have censored her. Any body know?
    Katz on the city council? Lord please help us! These two people need their meds lol.
    Katz is Cassidy's friend. Him and his wife are both bullies.
    Say NO to bullies and NO to liars.

  15. 6/25/14 at1:30pm,sounds like Marga. Of course she's going to say negative things about Souza, that's how she operates. Bulling will surely follow. She gets off trying to tear good people down.
    Still not working Marga. Souza's never been a Cassidy puppet, that's why he's often rude to her. It sure makes him look like a dumb fool at city council meetings and on TV. That face of his always goes from pink to red and it's most obvious he's not happy when he can't have it his way.
    Marga, Katz and Cassidy deserve each other, their all losers.

  16. Tony Santos, when you were Mayor lots of negative things were said about your leadership. Remember rank choice voting?
    Your rude comments here make you sound just like Cassidy. Tony, not everyone wants you to run again. Find something new and different to do and listen to your wife. You time has come and gone. We need new blood.

  17. Marga wrote a letter to San Leandro Times to advertise her husband running for office...didn't cost them a dime, we have issue with SL Times...now we know Mike Katz's pig tail is worthless...live show to see these two clowns' performance made people laugh.

  18. Mike Katz-Lacabe knew that his wife Marga Lacabe was not a human rights lawyer but he still campaigned for her because he knew this lie would get his wife elected to the Democratic Central Committee. He lied to all voters in Alameda County and can never be trusted to hold office ever!

  19. Marga Lacabe, Mike Katz wife was very critical of Mary Hayashi and the different "lies" (excuses) Mary used for why she shoplifted. Marga even posted the Hayashi shoplifting video.
    Isn't it interesting how Marga criticized Hayashi, when Marga herself is guilty of lying to voters when she claimed she was a lawyer, but she has not passed the bar. Sounds like a case of "the pot calling kettle black."
    Mike Katz knew his wife lied. He even passed out her campaign literature when she wanted to get herself elected to the Central Democratic Committee. He closed his eyes and looked the other way. He's not much better than her and should NOT be elected. Vote NO to liars! Vote No to bullies! Vote NO to Cassidy puppets and stooges!

  20. I bet Mike-Katz will be the biggest loser in San Leandro election history.

  21. HELL NO to CLOWNS and LIARS, NO ONE CAN"T STAND THESE TWO IDIOTS Mike Katz Lacabe and his crazy medicated wife Marga are quiet on their campaign because ain't getting any supports,THANK GOD is watching out for us!

  22. Diana Souza has done absolutely nothing in her seven years on the San Leandro City Council. She has less of a chance of being Mayor as Joyce, because she is not as smart as Joyce. In fact, she is the least intelligent of all the Council people. She is not well liked in most neighborhoods and not well known outside Manor and Floresta. Heard Pauline Cutter had a very well attended successful kickoff, while Diana Souza's was terrible and sparsely attended.

  23. Diana Souza stands up to Cassidy and has NEVER been his puppet. Cutter cannot think or talk in complete sentences. She always sounds rattled and scatter brained. She says what Cassidy tells her to say and it always shows. Cutter is Cassidy's best friend always has been and always will be.
    SLPD endorsed SOUZA for Mayor, not Cutter.
    7/3/14 at 12;05am sounds like Marga again. Go clean your house Marga.

  24. Let's have a campaign kick off at Starbucks and claim all the thousands of customers getting coffee as showing up to my event. So Cassidyish.

  25. Souza was going to run against Cassidy till he backed out. Cutter did not enter the race till Cassidy chickened out. When she announced she was running in the SL Times, she also made it clear she was endorsed and supported by Cassidy. Not an endorsement to be proud of. It's obvious they've made a deal. Bet Cassidy's giving Cutter money. Just like he did Katz, Mack Rose and Crow. Cassidy throws out money so he can be in control. Glad he'll be gone soon. Worst Mayor San Leandro ever had. Tries to call all the shots and looks like a fool.
    Vote NO to all Cassidy stooges and puppets.

  26. Marga, Diana Souza had a very nice campaign kickoff. Many people attended to wish her well. Looked to me like lots of people were always coming and going threw out the afternoon. The food was great and so was the weather. It's a shame you missed it. (Not)

  27. Read in today's SL Times School Board gave former Trustee Jason Toro the high paying manager position at the new high school health and wellness center. Toro claimed he recently resigned from the school board to apply for the position.
    Being Katz, Prola, Lopez, Carey, James, Rosato and Toro were all on the school board together till just recently, this sure looks like cronyism. Some of these people are running for city council, this is a fine example of their lack of leadership. Playing favorites is never good politics.

  28. Souza is the worst Councilwoman San Leandro has ever had. She's done nothing in all her years on the Council. What an idiot!

  29. Agree with the above statement. I'll vote for anyone else before I would vote for Souza. We would be going backwards if she was elected. No to someone who has accomplished very little in her two terms. You need to do more than stand up to a bully to be elected Mayor. I don't particularly like Cassidy either, but I don't like Souza at all.

  30. I'll vote for anyone else before I would vote for Pauline Cutter, accomplished none in her term and let Cassidy ordering her around. Shameful,not leader material.

  31. Well said 7-4-2014 at 11;49 PM, your right Cutter has done absolutely NOTHING while on city council. Cassidy barks the orders and commands and the air head Cutter obeys him like a trained seal. She has trouble speaking and always looks nerves and uncomfortable. Often looks like a deer caught in headlights.
    It is obvious she is clueless and just keeping the seat warm. Souza has been endorsed by San Leandro Police.
    Vote NO to Cassidy puppets and trained seals.

  32. We get that one person has posted time after time that they don't like Cassidy because he is a bully and think Cutter does what he says. Cassidy is a bully, but so is the accomplish nothing Souza. She tries to bully people constantly at the podium. She never got to be Vice Mayor because the other members of the Council don't respect her even before Cassidy was elected Mayor. So in two terms she got no respect because the people who knew her best wouldn't vote for her because of her incompetence. Pauline voted many times against Cassidy on the school board as Katz was his only ally. My family will vote for Cutter because of Souza's incompetence.

  33. Really glad that the HUGE, gay, Cholo, union whore Perez got kicked in the gutter where his larded ass belongs.

    Yeah for Betty Yee, our next Controller!

  34. Cutter has never stood up to Cassidy, not on the school board and not on the city council, the facts don't lie. If she had ever stood up to Cassidy he would not be endorsing her. Souza has never been a bully or any ones puppet. My family is voting for SOUZA because Cutter has proven she's incompetent, unqualified and a Cassidy STOOGE.

  35. You need to research your facts. I've been to dozens of school board meetings and she stood up to Cassidy dozens of times. In fact, I believe you know that Cassidy's only ally on the School Board was Katz. Most of the controversial votes were 5-2.

    Name one thing Souza has accomplished since she's been on the City Council for the last 8 years. Almost all the good ideas came from Cassidy, Reed, Prola, Gregory and Cutter. Souza has done nothing and that's why Cutter will win very easily. She is extremely popular among most of the San Leandro
    voters and Pauline has served our city well on the School Board and now on the Council.

  36. Anyone Cassidy endorses will not be in our families, friends' voter guide. Cutter plays "phony" nice and many knows she's a close door GOP.

  37. 7/6/17 12:29pm, Should read or reread the article that these post follow. The end of the third paragraph states "Cutter is viewed as his (Cassidy) only council ally, however in doing so, often looking mousy and meek." The article is referring to Cutter as "looking mousy and meek."
    Watch the city's taped video of the May 5, 2014 City Council meeting. Believe it's item 10C nominating new Vice Mayor. Cutter asks several dumb questions about the process, when she has gone through this before. It's most apparent Cutter is playing Cassidy's game and it makes her look "mousy and meek."
    Souza has helped work to get Kaiser Hospital to move here. Helped the city make it through tough financial times. Helped to open the new Senior Center, lobbied Washington for dollars to hire new police officers. Souza has earned the endorsement of SLPD. She has actively volunteered in our schools for years and been active in numerous other things. She had the courage to say no to Cassidy and it needed to be done.

  38. Mousy Cutter is doing everything Cassidy wants her to do, even her campaign speeches. Throwback Hermy Almonte's forum speeches were ordered by Bully Cassidy.

  39. Diana Souza is the closet Republican and she didn't bring Kaiser to San Leandro or help bring police officers to our city, it was Tony Santos when he was Mayor who was responsible for everything you credited Souza with. In fact, she and Joyce Starosciak were the nay sayers on the City Council then and didn't get along with him either. Souza tried to bully the rest of the Council then and it didn't work either. That's why she was never elected Vice Mayor. She just can't get along with people, and always thinks of herself instead of what's best for our City. She will never be elected in San Leandro. You again need to get your facts straight.


  41. Souza is too incompetent to be San Leandro's Mayor. In all her years on the Council she has never had any original idea that the city has adopted. She has proposed nothing, done nothing, and is a follower, not a leader. We can do better and we will.

  42. No more Cassidy, No to Cassidy's puppets, that's it, end of his curse, the end.

  43. No more Souza, No to Souza's puppets, that's it, end of her curse, the end.

  44. Hear people are making bet Mike-Katz Lacabe will get the least votes in SL election history.

  45. I think Dan Dillman will get the lowest total ever since he's in jail.

  46. The sad part is Mike-Katz will get the lowest total ever that credit goes to his crazy fact twisted wife.

  47. By MW:

    Speaking of races for mayor, according to a recent article in the SF Chronicle, a dog has recently been entered in the Oakland mayor's race, and which I believe would now make it approx. twenty one candidates total running for mayor of Oakland.

    If that dog has any brothers or sisters, perhaps one of them could also be added to the San Leandro mayor's race.

    Speaking of animals, even a typical four legged dog would be a considerable improvement over the pigs, vultures, snakes, and blood sucking leeches that make up the overwhelming majority of the Bay area's public officials.

  48. Rose Padilla Johnson for Mayor!

    She still owns the BonAire home where she grew up, and on Friday was seen meeting with Don Perata at Cafe Soriso for over an hour.

  49. Souza is too incompetent to be San Leandro's Mayor. In all her years on the Council she has never had any original idea that the city has adopted. She has proposed nothing, done nothing, and is a follower, not a leader. We can do better and we will.