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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Honda Registers 21-Point Win Over Khanna; Will Meet Again in the Fall

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | After all the hype, Rep. Mike Honda scored a 21-point win over upstart challenger Ro Khanna Tuesday night in the 17th Congressional District primary.

Honda called the result a "decisive victory" before congratulating Khanna for advancing to the November General Election. However, Doug Greven, Honda's campaign manager, called the win a "clear rejection of Ro Khanna."

Honda took 48.6 percent of the vote, followed by Khanna with 27.1 percent. Vanila Singh, a Republican, finished third with 16.9 percent, along with Joel Vanlandingham at 7.3 percent.

Afterwards, Khanna challenged Honda to five debates in the fall. At a May forum in Fremont, Honda told reporters he would indeed faceoff with Khanna in an unspecified number of debates.

Despite the point spread, the fall campaign should continue to be a national newsmaker. However, the significant fundraising advantage Khanna once possessed will not likely be there over the next five months. Honda already showed a slim lead in cash during the last campaign fundraising period.


  1. This was predicted and Honda will retain his seat in November.

  2. Let's see the first polls showed Honda with a big 25 or so point lead when this campaign began. And Honda won the primary with a 21 point lead. But polls usually have a plus/minus of 4 points.

    Khanna spent $1.5 million.

    Can it be said that the Khanna campaign made very little inroads with voters?

    What will be different for the general election? Will simply pouring more money into Khanna's campaign make any difference? Keep in mind this is a dream team campaign team right?

  3. Simply put, Khanna thought he could walk into a new district, throw down millions of dollars, and buy himself a seat in congress. No one wants to buy what he's selling.

  4. Khanna should stop embarrassing himself and drop out of the race. If he thinks he's lined himself up for the seat after Honda, he's sorely mistaken. He forced progressives to have to spend millions of dollars, when there was no need.

  5. Ro Khanna couldn't buy the election because Honda is too popular!

  6. Ro Khanna refused to become a grassroots activist and advocate in the area he wanted to represent. He just wanted to drop $3 Mil to buy the seat. Ask Meg Whitman and Chris Kelley how their millions worked in an election.

  7. This is a HUGE point spread, Khanna chances are slim at best

  8. Khanna's race has been one of the most divisive races of the season. He owes it to the health of our local party and activists to step aside. Please don't waste millions more (and in turn require our party) to waste millions more, just to face the same outcome: Mike Honda will be our congressman. Go get some real world experience before you try to oust one of our true blue stalwarts. The Party needs to spend the money on turning our state BLUE, not fighting intra-party shake downs by wannabe players that haven't invested the time in the party or our community.

  9. Yes it will be interesting to see what Khanna does. Is he a true Democrat? One that thinks of the greater good than his own aspirations. Or will he move to the right in hopes of capturing more votes from the Republicans? It is clear who the progressives are voting for. Is Khanna a DINO? we shall see indeed.

  10. Khanna has very little chance because Honda is very popular in his district.

  11. Khanna also spent a lot buying all those press endorsements!!!! It served him well in that he beat Vanilla and Landingham.

  12. Honda wins in a not so close race. Khanna might move across to take on Swalwell in two years.