Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kaplan Enters Oakland Mayoral Race

Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan announces her candidacy for mayor Thursday near the corner of 92nd Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland. PHOTO/Steven Tavares
OAKLAND | MAYOR | Standing on the corner of 92nd Avenue and International Boulevard with trash strewn on the sidewalk as a backdrop, Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan officially announced her candidacy for mayor this afternoon. The campaign chose the location because it was the spot where a dead dog had been left on the sidewalk for a week a last month despite repeated calls by neighbors to Oakland Animal Services. “I know that every single corner of Oakland deserves to be treated with respect and deserves a government that responds when people call,” said Kaplan.

Jason Overman, Kaplan’s campaign manager, said that when they arrived at the same corner Thursday afternoon, they noticed several bags of garbage littering the sidewalk. “That is the kind of problem that our budget and our bill aimed to solve and that is the kind of problem the people of Oakland deserves to have solved,” said Kaplan...



  1. Vote Kaplan 'cause she can talk trash and trash is what's happenin' in Deep East.

  2. I think it's high time she grew out the beard and told folks that she's got more in common with the 1%'ers than they think. Hoping Siegel calls her out for being a trust fund baby.

    Think overman was shitting himself being that deep in the hood. last time anyone out there saw someone that white was when powder came out on vhs. hey t was he out doing campaign work on city time?

  3. How much of that trash did she take with her? Typical poltical BS, stage an event and leave it unchanged after the cameras get shots for the mailers... there's something to look forward to

  4. As a mayoral candidate, she might consider dropping the habit of wearing her hat backwards.
    Simply put, I won't vote for a mayoral candidate who looks like a fool.

    "Lookin' like a fool
    With your pants on the Ground
    With the gold in your mouth
    Hat turned sideways
    Pants hit the ground"

  5. By MW:

    In regard to Rebecca Kaplan also entering the mayor's race.

    Considering the number of candidates already running for mayor of Oakland and with still more candidates announcing almost daily, if each candidate votes for himself or herself, we would most likely have a four hundred thousand way tie, in other words with four hundred thousand candidates each receiving exactly one vote.

    If I myself lived in Oakland, then perhaps I myself would also enter the race for mayor, and I would probably win if I could get my wife to also vote for me, since that way I would have two votes and everyone else would only have one vote.

  6. She has been the winner in every poll taken so far and has won two at large races in Oakland. She will be a formidable foe because she is well thought of by Oaktown.

  7. I hope people don't vote for her. I remember her walking with her arms intertwined with Quanfusion during the Occupy protests against the police. Get rid of all the incumbents on the Council. They have nothing for Oakland and their time is up.

  8. She's the only candidate that has won 2 at-large races and leading every poll. She is well liked by most in Oakland and extremely smart. She has the best chance of winning of all the other 17 candidates. We'll find out in November?

  9. It's long past time to get past reincompentization of Oakland.

  10. She and Bonta look alike.

  11. "Reincompentization?" Repeating incompetence or repeating incumbents?

    Either way re-electing some one to mayor who's already been mayor or on the Council doesn't make much sense given Oakland's state of affairs.

  12. There is only one Kap and she ain't it.

  13. Another poll had Kaplan in front and they called her the most popular of all the candidates, even the police association likes her because she voted against reducing officers and has been pushing to increase the number of police. Kaplan should win and that's what the polls show. See ya Quan.

  14. Polls early on don't mean anything.

    Oakland polls have further problems, no matter how well-done, because the result of the instant runoff system cannot be predicted.

    We all just have to hope that somehow we won't reelect anyone who has been in city hall for years: Quan, Kaplan, or Schaaf.

    Oakland really really needs change.

  15. It won't change because Oaktown has fallen in love with Kaplan.

  16. "It won't change because Oaktown has fallen in love with Kaplan."

    I can understand all the gay and bi-women having an irrational moment, but that's only about 10% of the population.

  17. Check out all the polls not taken by Kaplan. She wins in all of them!