Monday, June 16, 2014

Swalwell: Don't Send Troops Back to Iraq, but Region could become 'Training Ground for Terrorism'

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell was critical of the U.S. exit strategy from Iraq during a radio appearance Friday morning, but did not advocate for sending ground troops to the region as Sunni insurgents threatened to move toward Baghdad.

“I think for me this illustrates bad decisions have consequences and going all the way back to the decision to rush into Iraq in 2003 without much of a plan for a future and then leaving Iraq without a security agreement in 2011," Swalwell told KGO's Ronn Owens. “This is exactly what we were afraid would happen. The country is literally unraveling right now.”

Swalwell later said allowing the insurgent group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to overtake the region could be catastrophic to American interests. "It could allow that area to return to being a hot bed and training ground for terrorism," said Swalwell.

"The people who are trying to takeover Iraq are terrorists," he added. "The way they are doing this is in a way that is not in accordance with how your resolve disputes. They are doing it through violence; they’re doing through car bombs," he added.

However, when asked if the U.S. should send troops back to Iraq, Swalwell said, “I cannot envision a scenario where we would find any value over sending troops over there.” Over the weekend President Barack Obama said he will not send troops to Iraq, but evaluate several plans to support Iraqi soldiers, potentially with air support.


  1. Swalwell is a moron who couldn't tell his ass from a hole in the ground.

    He just posted the following video to his twitter feed. It's a video of him being a douchebag in a committee session to the point where the chair just adjourns the meeting instead of discussing the bill.



  2. The security agreement was rejected by the Iraqi government and not the US;further, since the present government is not an inclusive government, this was inevitably going to happen. nothing we can do about it-it is their war and has been for a thousand years. let them solve their own problems- tony santos

  3. When you're right, which is not often, Tony Santos, you're right!

    Let the Iraqis play their games without us.


  4. That's why the Democratic party endorsed Swalwell. He's very liberal and will do what Pelosi wants him to do.

  5. Looks like Swalwell is a shoe-in November 4. Glad my union backed him and worked on his campaign. Pelosi and Boxer carried a lot of weight in our decision, and they supported him.

  6. If you bothered to look anything up troll you would see Eric was supported by many unions and the Democratic party because of his liberal voting record. That's why Pelosi backed him.

  7. That's exactly why Whorbett was kicked back into the gutter.

    By jove, we believe that the Space HO might actually have learned her lesson, bitch.

  8. Don't know who the space person is, but know you are a sexist 8:38. Maybe that's why you were kicked back into the gutter in your Hayward Council race Mr. Farias.