Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Swalwell Wins June Primary; Will Meet Unlikely Challenger in November

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell nearly captured a majority of the June primary vote Tuesday night, but he won't be facing a fellow Democrat in the fall following one of the biggest surprises of the Election Night.

Republican Hugh Bussell bested State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett by just 610 votes for second place and a trip to the November General Election after spending just a few thousand dollars in campaign funds.

Swalwell won 49.2 percent of the vote, followed by Bussell with 25.9 percent and Corbett at 24.9 percent.

The key to Bussell's second place finish appeared to be in the smaller Contra Costa County portion of the 15th District. Although Corbett beat Bussell by 360 votes in Alameda County, the total was reversed in Contra Costa County. Bussell topped Corbett there by 970 votes.

Corbett's loss hangs a cloud over her political future. She is termed out of the State Senate at the end of the year.

Swalwell, however, will enter the November election has a prohibitive favorite to win re-election to Congress over the underfunded Republican whose brand of conservatism may not be a match for voters in Hayward and the Tri Cities.


  1. Sorry about Ellen's numbers, but turnout extremely low, but "open primary" favors Republicans and that is why they like it-I don't. Tony Santos

  2. Ellen's numbers say more about her staff and support than anything else. Wouldn't use any of them after this fiasco.

  3. Ellen Corbett has no one to blame except herself for this embarrassing campaign.

  4. Congratulations CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL 2014!

  5. "turn out was low" "open primary favors Republicans"

    More excuses from the 'old guard' in Alameda County Democratic politics.
    The 'old guard' who controlled local Alameda County politics for the past 60 years.
    They told everyone that Swalwell was just some punk that the insiders would spit out the other side.
    Then this time the 'progressives' told us that their forces would push Swalwell out, and return a 'real pro' to the job in congress.

    So that is two election cycles where the new reality has been pushed in their face. Gone are the days where the insiders from San Leandro to Castro Valley, to Hayward, to Fremont controlled the entire ball game in their little meetings.

    Didn't hear a peep out of them when Pete Stark would act like a fool. They said nothing after Mary Hayashi was arrested.
    Well, now the people get to speak and we love the 'top two" two system.
    Finally after some 40 years some of us get a real election for congress.
    But for the "top two", Pete Stark would still be sleeping at his desk back in Washington.

    BTW, where.... WHERE was any of the millions of dollars Pete Stark said he was going to spend to defeat Swalwell this year?

    Did he give even $100 to Corbett? Anyone know?
    Or was that all just bluster and anger?

  6. Just looked up Pete Stark funds at the FEC.

    Pete ended up with $58,003 in his account and he gave Ellen Corbett exactly $0.00 contributions.

    And from his personal funds, he gave Ellen Corbett exactly $0.00 in contributions.

    What a guy... A man of his word.

  7. Scorecard in Bay Area races was about 95% for union supported candidates. The unions didn't support Hayashi in Valle's race or Wieckowski's race and I think you know that. While most unions supported Ellen Corbett there were some who supported Eric Swalwell because his record on union issues has been very good. Eric is sure to win in November and I think you know that too. Happy days are here again!

  8. Despite being for some union whores and the gay marriage, Swalwell is as good as it gets. We voted for him.

  9. Ellen should have run for Secretary of State, rather than trying to steal a new congressman's seat. She would have easily won SOS.

  10. Swalwell is much more liberal than some think. That's why he was supported by Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. The unions won no matter if Ellen or Eric won!

  11. One of the two the unions supported won. We couldn't lose unless the Republican wins in November and that ain't going to happen, and you know it.

  12. The people in the Tri Valley knew what Corbett was all about they're not stupid. Most moved from San Leandro and Hayward because of all the low income welfare people Pete Stark flooded in there for votes. They knew that if Corbett got in there she'd flood San Ramon, Pleasanton and Danville with low income apartments and open that Oakland spigot for votes. The residents weren't about to let her do that.

  13. Wow! You sound like a racist 9:51.

  14. Wow! You sound like a realist, and WINNER to boot, 9:51!

  15. Calpine gets a clean bill of health to run and Ellen is done running, what and odd campaign.

  16. Looks like Swalwell is a shoe-in November 4. Glad my union backed him and worked on his campaign. Pelosi and Boxer carry a lot of weight in our decision making, and they supported him.

  17. The liberal Swalwell, backed by Pelosi, will beat the corporate Republican, probably by 20 points.

  18. Game over for the Republicans because the Democrats kicked ass in the primary and will kick ass again in Nov.