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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wieckowski Tops State Senate Field; Hayashi Again Falls Short

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Mary Hayashi's political future is gone. Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski's may soon involve a seat in the State Senate. Meanwhile, Peter Kuo's is just beginning.

Wieckowski won the June primary in the 10th State Senate District Tuesday with 35 percent of the vote. Kuo, the surprising second place winner, took 26.2 percent, followed by Hayashi with just 21 percent.

Reeling from an aggressive assault on her past shoplifting offense, Hayashi's poor performance in many ways mimicked her ill-fated run for Alameda County supervisor two years ago. Hayashi also finished a distant third in that race.

Hayashi's downfall is now a blessing for Kuo, who stoked fears in the Asian American community for a return of affirmative action and made it a linchpin of his campaign. Wieckowski will now face Kuo in the November General Election.

Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed finished fourth with 13.8 percent, followed by former Assemblymember Audie Bock who garnered 4.1 percent of the vote.


  1. Mary was a goner from the start-time to move on as the saying goes-good luck to Mary in any future endeavers-tony santos

  2. Bob Wieckowski got exactly who he wanted as an opponent. He will win easy in November because of the huge registration advantage Democrats have.

  3. Josh Pulliam of JPM&M, Hayashi's campaign 'strategists', should be too embarrassed to keep their fees.

    Mary shoveled $242,000 to that firm and in turn they advised her on what must be the worst run campaign of the entire year.

    Over all, she spent nearly $700,000 to get slightly over 14,000 votes.
    That is nearly $50 for each vote.
    Laughable campaign advice.
    So much for buying expert advice. Seems they had NO plan to counter the obvious attack that was coming.
    All they could do was call Bob a "bully"...who liked to "peep" at videos.

    Josh Pulliam should be retroactively fired.

  4. By the way, Steve, you should also be doing a little bit of apologizing. The only negative tidbits that Pulliam/Hayashi could use to go after Wieckowski were generated from this blog. Most of it completely fabricated. You really took a wrong turn in that race.

  5. Regarding the 4:50 AM post by "tony santos"

    "Mary was a goner from the start"

    Almost everyone says the same thing. If she did well, she might have made it into the top two, only to be easily beaten in November.

    So if we all know that and every political viewer seems to have known that, then why in the world did Mary run?
    You'd think that at least her husband would have set her straight.
    Aside from him, does she not have a single political adviser with a ounce of common sense?
    Or is she so isolated that she only speaks with a few clueless sycophants and the rest of her conversations take place with those who make money from running campaigns, whether they win or lose?

    To me, why she decided to run is the big mystery of this campaign cycle.
    She can't have taken even a few hours to walk into a Fremont shopping center and asked the first 100 people what they think about her and her past problems.

    Any thoughts about why she ran and why she thought she had any chance of winning?

  6. Arrogance on Mary's part.

  7. You want me to apologize for reporting the news? The stories they referenced were news articles based on public records. Fremont residents wrote those words. I'm a mirror. So, when Bob Wieckowski runs from me, he's running from himself. Ask him why he's nervous.

  8. You don't have to apologize for being one of the only progressive reporters around. Just remember Bob did what he had to do to win the November election very easily. Please keep doing your investigative reporting. It is a tremendous service to our community.

  9. Yes!!! What we need is MORE investigative reporting. We would all benefit

  10. Steve neither Bob nor anyone in his camp is nervous about anything... you exposed yourself as a cowardly hack in this race... at least you did it sort of well... if you're going to be mediocre at something it might as well be that...

  11. Josh Pulliam of JPM&M Consulting is a fraud. He turned on his long time client of many years for the love of the money. His firm should be blacklisted. And Steve you sold out big time. Shame on you for fabricating stories to try to get into the game.

  12. Dear Steven Tavares, you are NOT an investigative reporter. Don't let the idiots writing these comments go to your head. You are irrelevant. You thought you could influence this election and get another criminal elected to the state senate by selling your fabricated "headlines" to the highest bidder. By the way, please disclose how much Mary Hayashi paid you for your services. We deserve to know.

    You are irrelevant. #HeadlineWhore

  13. Also Steve stop deleting comments. If you dish it, you should be able to take it. You pitch this as an open forum. That means you should be able to take feedback. On another note, it does seem that you are accurately reporting the outcomes of these races. But you played a shameful role in Swalwell, Wieckowski, Honda races. How'd you get so locked up with Khanna/Hayashi? Money talks.

  14. Steven Tavares: whore for the insurance industry. I love it.

  15. Actually Mary Hayashi ran a pretty good mail and TV campaign, considering her disadvantages. There was no way to persuade most voters who cared to ignore the shoplifting conviction.But I'm surprised that she won as many votes as she did.

    Now the question is what's next for her. Ellen Corbett can always return to the practice of law or become a lobbyist. But Mary? Even if she were better at shoplifting, it's not exactly a marketable skill.

  16. Tavares is the master of reporting in the bay area, he works hard & attends many events and meetings to observe and verify facts before hand. Many of us appreciate and enjoy reading your articles. No need to apologize to anyone especially not to the "whore for the insurance industry" and "whore of pretend lawyer" they are jealous of you!

  17. I think Steve does a pretty good job, in pointing out flaws as well as good qualities in our candidates and current office holders

  18. Totally agree! Steve is pretty fair. People can tell when bias. Good Job Tavares!

  19. Anonymous says: June 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM

    "Actually Mary Hayashi ran a pretty good mail and TV campaign, considering her disadvantages."

    But she ended up at 21% compared to the 24% she got running for supervisor.
    Except this time she had $700,000 and yet the result was worse.

    She or her advisers were in total denial of the public's attitude.
    I can see the advisers willing to go forth, because its just more money for their firm.
    However its hard to understand how Mary and her husband could be so blinded to reality.

    Mary never had even a small chance to win this seat.
    Not even a small chance.

    Was there no one telling her that?

    A 21% return for $700,000 is amazing.
    Perhaps we can see her mindset when she went into the SF Chronicle interview and told the group around the table that she thought they would only be asking her questions about "issues"
    How could she be so crazy to assume such.
    How could she sit there and tell them "I did not shoplift $2,500 of goods"

    Its like she was in some kind of bizarro world.
    She wasn't even close to the relative novice Kuo.

  20. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 8:00PM relating to what Mary Hayashi can do in the future: one, her husband is a judge; two, I also I believe Mr. and Mrs. Hayashi have close ties to the Browns, in other words Willie and Jerry, and also plenty of other powerful politicians; and three, Alameda County government is as corrupt as can be, and therefore often quietly invents high paying positions for insiders who were supposedly "fired."

    In other words occasionally there is so much media attention concerning one of the high ranking crooks and/or total incompetents that heavily infest AC government, that as a result AC government really has no choice but to fire, AND USUALLY VERY PUBLICLY, the particular parasite and extremely overpaid joker, and sometimes also embezzler, who totally screwed up virtually everything he or she touched.

    However since most of the big boys who run AC's government are a club and mafia of thieves and crooks who regularly put the fix in for each other, therefore usually a few months after they are forced to fire one of their fellow crooks, they will, and once the public and media attention dies down in regard to their fellow crook who they supposedly "permanently fired," quietly place that joker in another extremely lucrative job with similar pay.

    (NOTE: Somewhat related to the above, for awhile Nadia Lockyer, in other words the wife of the extremely politically connected Bill Lockyer, had a bigshot job with the AC DA's office, and even though Nadia had no major talents other than acting extremely mentally retarded and almost always being even much more confused than someone with an extreme case of Alzheimer's)..

    So most likely someone will find something for Mary Hayashi, and therefore she will have a very soft landing even though she will not be collecting a state legislator's salary.

  21. anon--10:18 you and your husband will not get away of your bad past. Don't forget to take your daily crazy pill that your husband can't afford.

  22. now now 11:43 pm, keep this on topic. your girl Mary lost. and she lost big time. there's no one to blame but Mary. And her shoplifting obsession. Actually, it does shine the light on several elements who proved, they were themselves irrelevant and incompetent. those who supported her, directly or indirectly: Josh Pulliam. And JPM&M consulting. And CMA. And Steve Tavares. And anyone else who made her believe she was viable, for their own selfish reasons.

  23. Steve was not fair, nor was he unbiased in his reporting in this race. He provided Mary's team with the only ammunition they had on Mr. Wieckowski, if you can even call it ammo. He simply spit out a few racy headlines and gave a few baseless story lines, all that were planted by Mary herself. I too have enjoyed Tavares from time to time. But he really sold out on this one.

  24. "But she ended up at 21% compared to the 24% she got running for supervisor. Except this time she had $700,000 and yet the result was worse."

    The result was worse in 2014 than in 2012 because she faced an attack campaign this year that was withering. She didn't face a campaign as negative in 2012, though her conviction undoubtedly hurt. As the East Bay Express put it about 2012, "In 2012, Hayashi launched a surprising run for Alameda County supervisor just months after the shoplifting incident, and one of the main questions of that campaign centered on whether Union City Councilmember Richard Valle would use the scandal as a hammer against her. Valle never really did, and then cruised to victory." In 2014 Hayashi and Wieckowski went after each other with machetes.$700,000 doesn't buy miracles.

  25. Mary's supporters should all go vote Kuo in Nov. No to dirty Bob.

  26. Dirty Bob Wieckowski will lose the next round, just watch.

  27. Lets do an article on pretend lawyer and her lying husband.

    May be some running red light videos and their dark past, voters have the right to know like Mary's past.

  28. 3:17 that doesn't seem fair, given that you never believed that the release of the Hayashi Surveillance video was fair. You never called upon Steve to release it here. You were against it. Get off your unhealthy obsession with Marga and her husband.

  29. Who's Marga and her husband, what about them...?

  30. This is Tavares' blog. If you disagree with him, then post your comments. Tavares has been responding with explanations, but it's not your place to tell him what to write. Go write your own blog.

  31. There's one or two dweebs on this site that are obsessed with Marga. Move on.

  32. Steven Tavares, continue with the good work! I see people who agree or disagree on your reportings are obsessed with your blog, which is great!

  33. Didn't know posting comments are obsession, who are we obsessed with? you can't dictate who can stay, and who should move on? sound like a bully to me.

  34. Looks like Wieckowski won fair and square. Thanks to some. No thanks to others. And we know who the others are. Even if you decided to hide under the guise of "staying on the sidelines".

  35. 6:47 pm, most are agnostic when it comes to Tavares. He's made a mockery of himself. But the point is he fabricated stories so that Hayashi's team had some bullshit to go after Wieckowski on. How funny is that. The only stuff they could dig up on a guy, who has served in public office for over 15 years, are a few hopped up falsies that Tavares put up on behalf of the Hayashi campaign. I can still hear Josh Pulliam crying like a little bitch. He must have really had to get down on his knees for you to throw out all your scruples and resort to writing pure hogwash.

  36. Obviously someone is/are obsessed with Mary, Josh Pulliam and Tavares.
    Aren't you under the guise of "staying on the sidelines" yourself--Anon?
    Marga and her husband Mike Katz-Lacabe are well deserved a solo article. Voters need to know more about them and their past as much as Marga wants us the public to know about Mary. That's fair and square. We do care!

  37. By MW:

    Referring again to the post of 8:00PM June 4, there are a lot of things Mary Hayashi could now do to make money, and that is even assuming none of the possibilities I referred to in my post of 11:39PM on June 4 come through for her.

    In other words even if Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, or Alameda County does not arrange for her to be appointed to a high paying job in which she would have to do little or no work, and such as Nadia Lockyer used to have with the Alameda County DA's office, her possibilities, and especially as the wife of a judge, are unlimited.

    For instance, she could become a lobbyist or a "consultant," and anyone who was hoping to influence her husband's court rulings could pay her a so called "consultation" fee for her "expert" advice, and then all of the big boys could insist that the so called "consultation" fee was not just a lightly disguised bribe.

    (In fact there is a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice by the name of Seamus McCaffery, and various law firms with cases before the PA Supreme Court have paid his wife huge fees in regard to this or that, and in one particular instance it was a fee of approx. 180K, and yet McCaffery, his wife, and their friends and supporters all "know" that those huge fees paid to his wife are "proper" and "legitimate" and not just lightly disguised bribes.)

    She could become a contractor or service provider of some sort or other and charge outrageously high prices, and anybody who was hoping to get on the good side of her husband could agree to pay those outrageously high prices, and instead of finding another business that would provide the same service for much less money.

    The above are just a few of the things that the very politically connected Mary Hayashi, and who is also the wife of a judge, could do to make money, and in fact very big money.

  38. Oh, you guys are being silly. I don't even know what Hayashi's team put on mailers. I didn't even see one during the election. But, I believe they mentioned stories from early 2013. That's quite a conspiracy. Maybe San Leandro Talk can produce a documentary film about it?

  39. Wieckowski won because his values reflect the values of the district he ran for Senate in. Mary lost because she got caught trying to steal. Kuo will get beat handily in November.


  40. San Leandro Talk...that's crazy Marga...once you disagree with her... she accuses you are a racist to win her arguments or to win her points.

  41. Bless her soul Marga just loves to argue... being a man I rarely enjoy a full on assault from her, but she makes sure to keep the women on their toes.

  42. Marga just loves to argue...flunked the bar exam..argue behind her keyboard instead in court...we know that.
    The man enjoy a full on assault from Marga is her puppet husband Mike Katz-Lacabe.
    Marga is fooling herself, no one admires a sit-at-home full time cyber bully.

  43. Come on Steve. Don't get cute. You wrote a blog article about how comical you thought it was that Hayashi's mail piece was substantiated and speckled with nothing more than bits from your blog. And 3:12, you're surely a boob. If you consider Marga a "stay at home" cyber bully, then you must think the same of Steve Tavares. Actually, at least Marga sites her sources, and speaks openly with the same tone, with friends and foes alike. Steve doesn't even have the courage to talk directly to the people he takes shots at.

  44. Mike Katz-Lacabe campaigned with his wife Marga Lacabe's lie on ballot statement is unethical. They accused San Leandro teachers of teaching religion, when children sang a religious Christmas Carol at an evening Christmas program. Raised such a stink and got their kids moved to Roosevelt school. Which was all they really wanted. All they do is bully, lie, harass and bitch.

  45. @Steven Tavares - Thank you for this column. I discovered your column shortly before the election. Because of the blending of Alameda and SC County results for assembly, state senate, and congressional races, it's been hard to find overall information about those races - and your column fills that need for information. I look forward to reading your columns as we move into the general election for next fall.

    What do you think of the results for Roman Reed? He didn't do any campaigning in SC County, and was quite underfunded compared to the other candidates. I think he received votes from Dems who couldn't bring themselves to vote for either Wieckowski or Hayashi, but wanted to participate in the voting process for state senate.

    Peter Kuo may be a surprise in the general election. He is a good man, a small business owner, and a moderate Republican who could easily attract votes from Dems and Independents who could not stomach the nastiness of Wieckowski's over the top anti-Mary campaign. I would not simply assume that Wieckowski will win in November. People here are saying that they thought Wieckowski was such a nice guy....until the primary campaign. Now, they know better.

  46. wtf I thought Hayashi was going to win? what happened?

  47. Hayashi received $2500 from Chevron as she attacked Wieckowski for trying to regulate fracking... go figure...