Monday, June 2, 2014

Will Peter Kuo Play a Funeral Dirge for Mary Hayashi's Political Aspirations?

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Republican Peter Kuo has been toting around his violin recently. The surprising 10th State Senate District candidate who, some believe, has a good shot at finishing second in Tuesday's June Primary, is also an accomplished violinist.

In recent months, Kuo has inspired many in the district's Asian American community to opposed a State Senate bill passed last January that would rollback Proposition 209, the referendum passed in 1996 ending affirmative action for state college apllications and government contracts.

Apparently, Kuo also inspires people with his music. Watch a clip of Kuo posted recently by an EBC reader in the comments section:


  1. Battle of the videos.
    Who do you want to represent your values?

    In corner #1 we have a seamy shoplifter shown being arrested in a gaudy department store stealing $1200 leather pants that she just had to have.

    In corner #2 we have a inspirational violin player participating in a wedding ceremony for family friends at their local church.

    Oh my, such a tough choice

  2. What in hell does his violin playing has to do with anything that he would do as a legislator. How stupied

  3. 6:14 Apparently you don't know politics


  4. Hey, I don't live in the district, but Pete Kuo has a rather impressive background. The true American immigrant story.


  5. Fantasy, kuo will not come close to second place

  6. People forget that until recently Audie Bock was a registered Republican, and people in the East Bay who know her and want to vote for a Republican may very well vote for her rather than for a Republican (Kuo) they don't know. Don't assume that every Republican voter will choose to vote for a Republican they don't know, rather than for someone who used to be a registered Republican, but is known to vote like a Republican.

    I enjoyed the violin playing videos. Thanks for posting.

  7. Bob wins running away, but I do hope Kuo comes in second. No Senate seat for criminals.

  8. Mary ends up with between 20.0% and 30.0% of the vote for her $600,000 of expenditures.
    Best guess, 25.47%, barely getting second place, but placing her in a almost hopeless position to win in November.
    There is no path to 50.01% for Mary.