Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Controller Recount is Proving Fruitless for Perez Chances to Overtake Yee

CONTROLLER | RECOUNT | The writing appears to be on the wall for former Assembly Speaker John Perez's bid to overtake Alameda’s Betty Yee in the recount of its contentious primary race last month.

Perez’s handpicked precincts are not gaining many votes to negate the 481 votes difference between he and Yee for the second place spot in the November General Election. Republican Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearingen finished first.

Last Friday, Perez actually lost a single vote in Imperial and Kern County. On Monday, the tally was a net positive of four votes for Perez. No change came from Tuesday's recount.

Perez's legal right to pick and choose which areas to recount has caused some consternation in Sacramento and the media for being unfair. The move also evokes painful memories from the Florida presidential recount in 2000. On Wednesday, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin said he will offer legislation to overhaul the crazy quilt of recount rules across the state.

Early recount returns may have been the impetus for the state Democratic Party, meeting in Oakland last weekend, to officially endorse Yee in the fall. Democrats initially fear the potential divisiveness from recount may inadvertently aid the Republican in November remain plausible, however, early returns are showing the fall of Perez from the speakership to a disappointing primary showing make shifting support to Yee the correct line of attack going forward.

Although, Swearingen won the primary, her chances of winning in November are slim. Democrats also take pride in dominating every single statewide office and this controller's race represents the campaign where the Republican could mount some challenge.


  1. I'm a Betty Yee fan and I promise you 5:23 she would condemn your use of sexist, homophobic, anti-union and racist terms. Talk about a lack of education. Are you still in middle school?

  2. I agree with you about Perez and voted for another, but why do you keep using sexist terms? What a male chauvinist and juvenile male at that!

  3. The term applies because Peerez has spent his entire life prostituting and whoring for the unions. I only know how to use proper English. As for sexist, sorry, kid, no cigar.

    There are both male and female whores in life. Like all occupations. Get with the times, kid. However, we agree that Peerez is a chauvinist and very juvenile in his behavior toward voters and others. That's true.

  4. You are so sexist, you are now trying to justify your male chauvinism, but are only making it worse. You can't justify your 18th century mentality.

    Sexism is not defined by how you perceive it, but how it's perceived by adults in the 21st century. you are very lacking in civility.