Monday, July 7, 2014

Hayward City Council to Forego Pay Raise; Swear-In New Mayor Tuesday

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | At least, the Hayward City Council puts its money where its mouth is.

As the city continues its hard line against some of its public employee labor groups, the Daily Review reports, the new City Council will again turn down a 2.6 percent cost of living increase and continue paying half the cost of its dental insurance premium.

During the recent city elections in Hayward, unhappy union officials charged the City Council with sweetening their own pot with pay raises and additional benefits while lowering those of city workers, but the allegations were totally false.

Conversely, many public officials in other East Bay cities were aghast to learn of Hayward's over-the-top gambit to impose a five percent wage cut on workers earlier this year. Although Hayward’s fiscal landscape is somewhat dreary, the economic hole it faced is no different than other city in the Bay Area, or even the state.

On Tuesday, the continuing hostility between management and labor in Hayward enters a new and hopefully equitable phase with the swearing–in of a new mayor and council member. Mayor-elect Barbara Halliday will officially become Hayward’s next leader, replacing Mayor Michael Sweeney, who retires after three non-consecutive terms. Councilmember-elect Sara Lamnin, who was heavily backed by labor, will also be sworn-in Tuesday night along with Councilmember Marvin Peixoto for his second term in office.

The council is also expected to lay the groundwork for appointing a candidate to fill the remaining two years on Halliday’s council term. The appointment will likely be made in the next few weeks.


Thank G-d for Marv Piexoto. He'll keep the union whores at bay!

Forgoing raises is probably a good thing if you don't do anything. Thanks Marvin for voting against the Mervyn's project that would have increased our tax base, removed an eyesore from downtown, created needed local jobs, brought in new downtown retail and helped provide a catalyst for positive economic growth activity along the Foothill corridor. Brilliant. 4 more years (OMG)

Marvin has apparently promised approval of a controversial plan to destroy the historic Green Shutter hotel and replace it with what he calls a major mixed use complex in the heart of downtown. Is this project included in the newly adopted general plan? What about traffic with one way streets and road capacity? Is this his way of offsetting his opposition to the Mevyn's project site which will remain a non-revenue producing eyesore? Hmmm!!! What promises has he made and to whom?

Tell me more about the demolition of the green shutter. This is the first I've heard of this idea.

Marvin will keep all promises made to Police & Fire unions. Take the money and play their way. Marvin campaigned the old fashioned way, but that old fossil didn't come to beg for votes in my neighborhood. Perhaps if I lived in a bar, he would have asked for my vote. Welcome Ms. Halliday--now actually do something to help our City & it's workers. Why welcome Halliday, since she's been on Council for ages & has done next to nothing. Status quo folks, same old same old. Council should not have the gall to accept a raise, since City Workers are without a contract & Hayward claims they don't have money. Settle for lifetime medical, because working people don't have that luxury.

Marv knows better than trolling for votes with union whores like you, who don't live in a bar but under it.

Also, 'its' does not contain an apostrophe to denote possession. Get an education while you're at it. In America we don't tolerate that shit.

2:24: good old Marv is a "union whore," by your own defintion. That "tacit" support of taking money from unions and voting "his own way" theory is pure b.s. Also, trolling is good description of how he went about getting votes.I may not be as educated as you are, but I wasn't dumb enough to vote for Marvin.

We like good old Marv. By all means, take the whores money and then throw them under the truck where they belong!

Marv for mayor next time around!

Marvin "Big Five" Peixoto won't have a chance at being mayor if current Mayor Ms. Dingbat decides to run again.

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Marv would put Haward on the map if he was mayor of Hayward. Instead of being know as "The Heart of The Bay," Hayward would be known as "Dinosaur Valley."

Hope they let the voters decide in November instead of the council members appointing an incompetent.

Out of touch Council Members who vote no on developing the former Mervyn'site and they vote yes to jam packed housing developments like The Cannery. A legacy of fumbling & bumbling. Given the chance, they will choose another crony of Mayor Mike.

Alfred E. Neuman" What, me worry?" Get rid of the old dirt with interests in financial gain.

These dirt bags are developers! They want to pad their wallet!

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