Monday, July 14, 2014

Shelia Young Won't Run for San Leandro Mayor; Will Seek Oro Loma Seat, Instead

SAN LEANDRO | MAYOR | Following San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy’s decision not to seek a re-election and an early list of unsatisfying candidate, Shelia Young, the city’s former mayor had been contemplating another run this year. However, she ruled against running for mayor Monday in favor of a third attempt at winning a seat on the Oro Loma Sanitary District Board of Directors.

“I will not be running for mayor, even though my heart is still there,” said Young, who served two terms as mayor. “I do not have the same conviction to run for mayor as I once did, although I still believe it is the most important and influential opportunity to bring detailed opportunities to San Leandro.”

Young first won election to mayor in 1998 and won re-election four years later. She still maintains the title, mayor emeritus. In both 2010 and 2012, Young narrowly missed winning a seat on the Oro Loma Sanitary District Board.

This year, the Oro Loma board, which is notable for being one of the oldest in the East Bay (a majority are in their late 80s and almost entirely white males), has three seats up for grabs this November. The special district oversees sewers, solid waste and recycling services for over 135,000 residents in San Leandro, Hayward and unincorporated Alameda County.

Meanwhile, the list of San Leandro mayoral candidates include Councilmembers Diana Souza, Pauline Cutter and local theater owner Dan Dillman.


Rose Padilla Johnson for Mayor!

She still owns her BonAire home where she grew up, and all the politicos are buzzng about the very public hour plus meeting she and Don Perata were having on the Cafe Sorriso patio last friday.

This rumor approved by The Gordon Galvan Stalking Horse Committee

the list continues to be "small." in the past, whenever the Mayor's seat was open, it brought out a lot of candidates. How come only three now? Rose johson might be a formidable candidate-Tony Santos

Rose does not live in the District. Forget about it. We love Rose and DSFRC but she has her hands full. Tony should run again. NOT!

Tony burned too many bridges after he lost last time. His day is over.

I voted for Tony Santos for Mayor last time, but felt he was a poor loser. I want to thank him for his time in office, but think the city of San Leandro showed it could prosper and move ahead after he was replaced. His time has passed, and my family would not vote for him again.

Sheila served the community very well. It's time to move on with new blood. She would not bring any new younger ideas or blood to the Ora Loma Board. She is about the same age as the current members. Suspect it's all about the money.

Three members of the Ora Loma board are legitimately old enough to be Shelia's father. Its not money. A mayor who takes all the intergovernmental committees can add $50-60 thousand a year to their base $24k-$36k salary. The most Ora Loma members can pick up on the side is maybe $1000/month for committee meetings.

Wish Gregory or Prola would run for Mayor but I understand they both spoke on behalf of Cutter at her campaign kickoff at Zocalo's.

Mike Katz knew that his wife Marga Lacabe was not a human rights lawyer but he still campaigned for her because he knew this lie would get his wife elected to the Democratic Central Committee. He lied to all voters in Alameda County and can never be trusted to hold office ever. BTW Marga Lacabe is a fact-twisted liar, no one trust her, some say she's legally crazy.

Ellen is going to Central America this week. Rose is going to Central America this week. Just a coincidence or meeting away from prying eyes? Too bad neither Rose nor Ellen met the 30 day deadline to reregister back in town,

marga pulled papers for her husband's school board seat, promises to campaign on christmas day.

http://www.acgov.org/rovrpt_app/cfsRptList.do page 11

Mayoral candidate Dan Dillman has lost 37 pounds in prison and is writing a diet book. It will be a mandatory $10 add-on to August's Eddie Griffin tickets, with money going to the campaign.

Shelia Young is looking for money. She wants the extra cash and medical insurance. She's an ignorant blabbering fool, and NO ONE wants her back in office. Rose Johnson? What kind of idiot would want a woman like that he LEFT San Leandro, but continued to make millions off a fake charity. You people are nuts if you think those two frail and elderly women should run for Mayor.

Shelia just might do it this time. Look who she's running against.

The sanitary board is what I'm referring in the above post.

Sheila could easily defeat one of the old men on the Oro Loma Board come November.

It's about time Oro Loma had a woman board member!

One thing that should be added to this conversation is that the current Oro Loma Board has served the residents very well. The District is out of debt, has the lowest rates in the County, zero violations, and almost no overflows. The rate payers should be proud of what they have accomplished by putting the right people into office. Too bad the rest of the state isn't run as efficiently.

Yet they don't do wet waste. What gives? There is much room for improvement on that Board!!!

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